Guide to Develop an App Like Onlyfans in 2024

Guide to Develop an App Like Onlyfans in 2024

In the digital age, it is possible to find a myriad of content-sharing platforms that transcend the boundaries of entertainment to make money for users. In all, OnlyFans has been the one with the most controversy because of its long-running practice of allowing creators to publish any content that connects with viewers, even adult content.

The time has ended when the platforms restricted creators' ability to share curated fragments of their daily lives. The result was the launch of OnlyFans due to an urge to connect with people who want authentic connections. OnlyFans' app and website have made it possible to create content without restrictions for content creators and artists to share their work with their creativity in any way they can and interact with their fans.

The app's popularity proves that the Like-to-OnlyFans app is highly sought-after and has enormous potential for business growth for businesses shortly. You could boost your performance to be competitive by create an app like OnlyFans with an established app development firm for mobile devices.

This is why many businesses have been requesting the creation of an application similar to OnlyFans. If you're, read this article. It'll guide you through the entire process of 'How do I create websites similar to those of OnlyFans?' which includes options, costs, technology stacks, and more.

What Is OnlyFans?

The platform is a web-based application that was launched in 2016. It's a popular social media site with a model of membership that allows content creators to upload their videos and photos with their followers. While it has been used by stars such as Cardi B and Bella Thorne, the app is most well-known for being utilized by sexually active people.

The main difference between OnlyFans and other social media platforms, like Facebook or YouTube, is that the content is encrypted behind a paywall. This OnlyFans platform has expanded significantly in the past few years, with a massive and varied fan base of more than 187 countries. It is estimated that only 10 percent of the users who use OnlyFans are females, 87% are males, and the remaining 3 percent need a profile.

In light of the OnlyFans app's popularity, other companies hire the most reliable mobile application development company to develop apps similar to OnlyFans.

When creating digital content, OnlyFans has emerged as an innovator. Since it was founded in 2016, the platform has expanded rapidly, offering a distinct platform for creators of content and their followers to interact more intimately.

According to Quantammarketer, in 2024, OnlyFans boasts more than 200 million users2.1 million of whom are content creators. This increase is a testament to the user-friendly interface and its innovative features that let creators monetize their work effectively.

The creators of OnlyFans have many methods to earn money via subscriptions, tips, or pay-per-view video content. The cost of a subscription on the platform is about $7.20. But it's vital to remember that income can differ widely between creators. Although the most successful creators earn substantial income, most accounts make just $150 a month.

As far as revenue is concerned, OnlyFans has seen remarkable expansion. The platform in 2022 produced $2.5 billion in revenues. In 2024, OnlyFans was valued at about 18,000 billion, an eightfold increase since 2020.

The data highlights the possibilities of OnlyFans and other similar platforms in the digital age. More and more people are turning to social media platforms to express their creative ideas and network with other people. OnlyFans is poised to be at the forefront of the digital age.

How Does OnlyFans App Work?

The subscription-based platform allows content creators to earn money for their work, usually via adult-oriented content. Below is a breakdown of how apps similar to OnlyFans operate:

Registration and Profile Configuration:

Creators start by registering on OnlyFans and establishing their profile, providing the necessary details and information.

Subscription and Transactions:

Members can browse creators' profiles and decide to join by paying the agreed-upon subscription cost. The subscriptions typically renew every month.

Income Generation and Disbursements:

Creators make money from subscription charges paid by their clients, and OnlyFans receives a share of the profits. Creators typically earn their money in a regular method using secured payment processors.

Content Origination and Dispensation:

After registration, creators can make and upload exclusive content. They can also establish an annual subscription fee that users must cover to get access.

Interaction and Participation:

Subscribers are granted access to specific content of the creators that they follow. Users can comment, engage, and communicate with creators in person, creating a community feeling.

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How to Use an App Like OnlyFans?

Here are some suggestions on how to use an app like OnlyFans:

User Registration:

The user must create an account by submitting the necessary details and accepting the terms and conditions of the application. Verifying their identity and age is also possible, especially on platforms with adult-oriented content.

Engaging Content Creators

The users can interact with content creators via liking, commenting, or sharing their work. Certain apps allow private messages and live streaming for enhanced interaction with users.

Browsing and Subscribing:

The users can look through content creators' profile pages, peruse their work, and then choose to join the service to gain access to exclusive material. Subscribers generally pay a recurring fee for ongoing news and updates to their content.

Payment and Transactions:

The app allows users to pay creators through the integrated gateway to pay. It can offer various payment options, such as credit cards, e-wallets, or cryptocurrencies, which can be easily used.

Content Customization:

Content creators can tailor their feed by deciding on their preferred types of categories, creators of content, or the specific kinds of content they would like to explore more.

What's the Potential for the Business of Apps Such as OnlyFans?

Today, the popularity of OnlyFan's app knows no bounds and can also be a catalyst for several companies to design Similar apps to OnlyFans, which enable every artist and creator across the globe.

If you want to join the platform, invest time, energy, and funds to develop an outstanding OnlyFans similar app from an On-demand App Development company to propel your business to achievement. These benefits will fuel your passion and inspire you to act more.

  • Monetization Opportunities

  • Direct interaction with fans

  • Customized Content Creation

  • High Userbase

  • Higher-income

1. Monetization Opportunities

In discussing the business model for monetization, some entrepreneurs feel apprehensive since it takes much work to design. However, the monetization possibilities on OnlyFans are incredibly lucrative and have substantial business possibilities that have helped them earn income and recoup the money to pay OnlyFans Application Development Costs.

OnlyFans as an app could create a subscription-based model in which customers can access only exclusive content from their preferred celebrities after paying an amount for a subscription.

It is possible to make pay-per-view easier on the app, allowing users to purchase specific photos or posts, increasing engagement and more revenue for the developer and the application. The more options for monetization that your app offers, the greater chance your app will be to earn revenue.

2. Direct interaction with fans

Direct contact with your fans can be made by using the chat feature. Users can send their customized demands to their preferred creators for birthday wishes, such as birthday messages with customized content. Creators can respond to the request in exchange for a specified suggestion. It can create a more robust and closer relationship between users and their subscribers and result in continued growth for the app.

3. Customized Content Creation

With the changing times, the way we consume entertainment has also changed. The application can help promote content centered around the user through custom content production, including exclusive pictures or videos and personalized messages.

Creators can also offer one-on-one chats, personal shoutouts, specific messages, advice, and more. These help build a stronger bond between their users and creators and increase the number of people who use the application.

By creating content that is personalized, Your app will be able to earn more excellent subscriptions, resulting in steady revenue growth for the platform. By focusing more on creating content specifically for you, OnlyFans has created a winning situation for creators and customers, ensuring long-term growth and success.

4. High Userbase

The future of the business can be seen in the users. To increase the number of users by acquiring the OnlyFans copy-paste app is the ideal choice for you since it can allow you to build a more extensive user base thanks to the quality and diversity of content, which comprises sexual, non-sexual as well as behind-the-scenes, customized request, live streaming as well as many other. The platform is attractive to a larger crowd and could attract new users, increase user retention, and develop fans who will remain loyal to their application.

It is getting more well-liked by users. It can also attract customers, partners and others which will help to maintain an ongoing and sustainable business model. A large audience means increased subscriptions and revenue, making the platform profitable over the long term.

5. High-Income

OnlyFans, such as the app, has more significant potential for businesses and creators, resulting in increased user engagement and more subscribers for the application. Increased engagement and interaction of users with their subscribers could improve revenue.

While you are growing as a business, this ultimately creates an ideal advertisement platform for both brands and collaborations. This leads to an increase in the viability of finances and sustainability of the app, which will further boost expansion and growth.

How can I Create an Application Similar to OnlyFans?

Here are the steps you must follow to build an app that resembles OnlyFans.

1. Define Your App's Concept and Audience

Before you begin creation, establish the app's intention and purpose. Find your intended audience, including influential people, artists, or other interest groups. Knowing your target audience can aid in tailoring the features and style of the app to their specific needs.

2. Determine Key Features

These are the most important features the app is expected to provide. This could include user profile profiles, uploading content and management, subscription options, messaging platforms, payment integration, and social interaction options. Choose features that match the interests of your audience.

3. Conduct Market Research

Conduct thorough market research to discover the demand for an online platform similar to OnlyFans. Examine existing competitors and their strengths and their weaknesses. Find areas of opportunity that your application can fill and create unique functions or enhancements.

4. Choose an App Development Platform

Once your ideas are clear, select the platform on which you'd like to run the app. It could comprise Android, iOS, or the hybrid.

5. Design the User Interface

Develop a user-friendly and appealing User Interface (UI) that improves users' experience. In collaboration with designers for UI/UX, come up with a style that matches the brand of your application and allows for an easy way to navigate. Guarantee a responsive design across different devices.

6. Content Management System

Develop a solid content management system (CMS) that enables content creators to manage and upload their content. Use features such as tag and categorization or search functions and modes of content management to increase access to content and ensure compliance.

7. Develop User Registration and Authentication

Create a safe user login and authorization system to safeguard user data and protect security. Provide options for email verification, login to social media, and encryption of passwords. Be sure to comply with privacy rules and guarantee users' privacy of private information.

8. Monetization Options

Offer a variety of monetization options to content creators. This includes the subscription model, pay-per-view videos and tipping, sales on merchandise, and brand partnership. Provide flexible pricing plans that meet the needs of different creators as well as the preferences of the user.

9. Secure Payment Integration

Secure payment gateways should be integrated for seamless payments between content creators and their users. Use robust security measures to guard financial information and comply with pertinent economic laws. Give multiple payment options for a broader customer base.

10. Implement Content Moderation

Create a secure and respectful atmosphere by using moderators for content. Use AI-powered algorithmic algorithms and human-powered moderation to find and block inappropriate or threatening content. Set clear guidelines for the community and an online reporting system allowing users to signal problems.

11. Community and Social Interaction

Integrate community-building functions that facilitate the participation and engagement of users. Users can share, comment on, or share their content. Set up messaging platforms, including private chats, a secure messaging system, and live streams with interactive features to build a sense of community among users and increase user retention.

12. Testing and Quality Assurance

Test your application thoroughly to verify its function, usability, and performance. Test your app thoroughly on various platforms and devices to find and correct any bugs or problems. Enhance the loading speed and user experience to ensure an efficient and stable app.

13. User Feedback and Iteration

Engage users in feedback and pay attention to user's suggestions and complaints. Continuously improve and tweak your application based on users' feedback. Release updates regularly to fix problems, add new features and increase the overall user experience.

14. Launch and Marketing Strategy

Develop a marketing plan before the launch to create awareness and attract people who create content and consumers. Make use of the power of social media, influencer partnerships, content marketing, and targeted ads to connect with the right users. The unique characteristics and advantages of your application to distinguish it from your competitors.

15. Maintain and Scale

After your application is up and running, maintain its functionality and stability. Examine server load, user-user interaction metrics, and feedback to pinpoint improvement areas. Create a plan for scaling to meet the growing number of users and volume of content requirements.

Must-Have OnlyFans App Features

The features are essential for making an app successful. The OnlyFans application constantly adds new features daily to satisfy the ever-changing demands of fans and creators. Some new features have contributed to the popularity of the application.

To create the OnlyFans program, let's examine the incredible characteristics that have made OnlyFans an industry leader in the current world. Be prepared to be awestruck.

#User Panel

We have listed all functions of the user interface In the OnlyFans app clone, which can be found as follows:

  • User Profile

The user profile acts as a digital account that displays your personal information, biographical details, photographs, a distinctive username, and much more to build a relationship and show your uniqueness. Personalize your profile and keep it up to date with patterns to gain the maximum of your profile.

  • Chat

The chat function within the profile page of users is vital as it aids in facilitating seamless communication between the creators and their fans.

  • Content Purchase

Change the mechanism for purchasing content that allows users to buy certain customized content, for example, which enhances their experience overall.

  • Suggestions

To create an app similar to OnlyFans, it is possible to alter the recommendations to suit your individual preferences and preferences, ensuring that the app provides better-quality content that will improve users' engagement in the app.

  • Notifications

Be sure to inform your customers of the latest updates or news, make sure they are aware of any changes, and distribute critical information as quickly as possible.

  • Payment

Integrating different payment methods to offer them payment options using a credit card, a payment application, or any other is better. It doesn't matter if it's integration with payment or other functions that will transform the idea of your app into the real world; it's essential to offer the user comfort and ease by ensuring seamless user experiences can keep users coming back in the future.

#Content Creator Panel

We'll look at the essential elements required by the creator panel to create an app similar to OnlyFans, which encourages a variety of content creators to become part of your community. When familiar with them, hiring mobile app developers and communicating your needs is easy.

  • Creator Registration and Profile Setup

Within the app, creators must submit their information and the kind of content they wish to share with their readers with complete details to make it easier for new creators.

  • Subscription Management

To allow subscribers unlimited access to the content they want, It is now essential to let creators create subscription plans that are flexible for users.

  • Communication and Interaction

To create an app similar to OnlyFans that allows for interaction between the creators and their subscribers via chats or phone calls. This allows the creators to respond to any suggestions made by customers by offering them a personal service.

  • Real-Time Analytics

The instant data about user engagement in the form of content, performance, and earnings help creators monitor their income, understand their audiences, and enhance their content strategies using the platform.

  • Receive Payment

When the customer pays for the material they access, the service cuts its fee and transfers all the money to the author.

  • Share Content

Let creators fulfill their subscribers' requests by sharing images or videos of their preferences to strengthen bonds with their subscribers. It also improves the user experience by ensuring an interactive and enjoyable experience.

  • Request Status

Content creators can access the request list submitted by their readers; in this way, they know which is in process and which has been completed, as well as the status of each.

#Admin Panel

These are some admin features that will allow you to be in complete control of your application. Choose them from your mobile application development company and control your application.

  • Content Moderation

The administrator has the authority to look at users' content as well as the creators who wish to be on the platform and be sure that they remove any materials that are illegal or aren't in line with the policy of the application to guarantee an open and safe community.

  • Analytics & Insights

Access valuable data and information through the administration panel, which can assist users in understanding the behavior of users and develop more effective strategies for increasing participation in the community.

  • Revenue Management and Payouts

The revenue management system and the admin panel payouts allow monitoring and analyzing the revenue generated by the platform. The payouts, on the other hand, are based on payout schedules and reviews of historical transactions and process the financial transactions securely to ensure that the payouts are distributed to all users seamlessly.

  • Manage content profiles

There are rules and regulations for the platform. If the person who created it or its works doesn't conform to those rules and regulations, admin panel members can initiate responsibility against them.

  • Set the commission percentage.

Administrators can charge the platform's share, considering various aspects of their preferences and demands.

  • Manage advertisements

If you're wondering how the free app makes money in promotional advertisements, they can help. The admin panel can generate advertisements from third parties and provide an income stream to the site. But, it's essential to keep balance and not over-advertise for a better user experience.

  • Manage alerts

As the administrator is in charge of the notifications to customers, it falls within their accountability to the admin. Administrators are responsible for regulating all notifications that are shared with customers to make sure that they receive proper communications as well as more personalized updates.

  • Manage User Profile

Administrators have the power to gain access to user profiles and take action, like removing user accounts of those who do not follow the rules and regulations of the application.

How Do You Earn Profits from an App Similar to OnlyFans?

At present, the app is a popular and hot topic worldwide. Companies are interested in learning more about OnlyFans and ways to build an app similar to it.

However, before you move on to develop an app similar to OnlyFans, it's essential to be aware of how the app earns money, which leads us to various monetization strategies. These strategies allow you to make additional money and pay off the costs of OnlyFans, like app development.

Here are a few monetization models apps like OnlyFans can use to generate revenue.

  • Premium subscriptions

  • Live streaming

  • Premium Messaging

  • Referral program

  • Charges for verified profile

  • Commission

  • Advertisement

1. Premium Subscription Model

A premium subscription is one of the most effective ways to earn cash that allows users an opportunity to use the platform in exchange for a small amount.

In the OnlyFans application, creators can choose whether to share their content for free or charge a fee. Anyone who wants to access their content pays a fee, and the platform will charge an amount of commission.

The primary source of income for OnlyFans comes from monthly subscriptions because the content offered on OnlyFans is only available to subscribers, and users will spend money on it. Utilizing the same monetization model, making money, and even paying the costs of creating an app similar to Onlyfans is possible.

2. Live Streaming Model

Recently, engaging with followers is a trend that has taken over the world. Live streaming allows celebrities to interact with followers and provide personalized advice or content during these live broadcasts.

If the creator earns a profit through an influx of money from their loyal customers, the platform's administrators and stars keep a percentage of income from the commission as part of their commission. So both parties make money and also enjoy

After you create a mobile app like OnlyFans, you can incorporate revenue models such as live streaming, making it an excellent source of revenue for creators and your platform.

3. Premium Messaging Model

The premium messaging model pays subscribers a per-message fee for access to private messages to receive customized content from their preferred creators. This model allows content creators to profit from their messages, establish closer relationships with followers, and provide more personal and intimate experiences.

4. Referral Program Model

A subscription program called the Referral Program offered by OnlyFans encourages content creators to invite their fellow creators, too.

There are a variety of ways through which you can make a decent percent of the sales generated by your customers, just as OnlyFans did in the following strategies:

  • You can recommend your friends and invite them to sign up for your app by referring them to it using your referral links.

  • Please create your unique referral code and share it with your family and friends.

  • Using referral codes to receive a portion of the profits when your customers purchase products using the referral codes is possible.

5. Verified Profile Model

If you've been to any social media site, you'll know that each app comes with verification badges. They are by the quality of content, popularity, and other elements.

The cost of a verified profile within an OnlyFans similar application could be used as a revenue model in which the creators of your platform can pay a fee to be confirmed.

The creator is well-known to the public on this platform. It also assists in increasing their visibility and improves participation on the platform.

6. Commission Model

Commissions are indeed an old method of earning money. But the best part is that it's being shifted to social media sites such as OnlyFans. Commission can be utilized as an excellent monetization strategy to generate more income.

In essence, creators can earn money through the platform via subscriptions and tips or by offering access to additional content.

However, the platform charges the user 20 percent on earnings that provide support to customers, the platform's usage, security measures, and further enhancements and development of the platform.

It is also possible to use the commission-based model for your app. When the number of people using your app grows and expands, this commission model will become a significant source of revenue for your app.

This can also help your platform attract additional subscribers while also generating revenue for the platform. This model of commissions ensures a reciprocal relationship between the creator and the platform, which allows a sustainable environment for both sides to flourish.

7. Advertisement Model

Advertising is a crucial factor in boosting the profits of the app. If you're spending significant expenses to develop an app similar to OnlyFans, there are many ways to monetize your app. However, in-app advertising is a straightforward and standard method.

In addition, the advertising model is also utilized by platforms that have integrated other models, generating additional revenue streams through partnerships with various companies.

In the end, there are various ways to monetize your app on the market to generate revenue for your app. It is possible to employ multiple methods of earning income simultaneously to allow your app to make more profits, including subscription-based models, advertising, and partnerships.

The decision is based on your app's goals, requirements, audience, and much more. You can alter the monetization method according to your needs.

Things To Consider Before Developing an Alternative Of OnlyFans App

If you plan to develop an app similar to OnlyFans, note the tips listed below. In this article, you will understand how to create an app more effective than Only Fans.

Better Idea

First of all, you must be able to think of a better idea than OnlyFans to ensure that you can attract more viewers than other video streaming apps

To do this, you have to know users' level of interest and then prepare in line with their interests. Your app should be packed with top-of-the-line features to ensure that the users don't hinder themselves from using your application.

The motivation behind bringing up the unique app creation is evident as we want to reach an enormous number of users. If our app turns out to be similar to any other standard app, no one will be interested in using it. This is why you should always consider an innovative and new approach when developing mobile apps.

Learn about the market demand.

In this case, from the market, we are talking about keeping users' interest and keeping up with the app development trends. Ultimately, you plan to invest an enormous amount of money into app development. So, you need to be aware of your intended users. Suppose you need to be more focused or think about your market.

The app could fail to make a splash. Stay focused when you select the audience you want to target for your app. You should know the age group or nation where you should start your app to reap more profit.

Learn about the necessary attributes of the application

Once you have decided on your audience, you will need to think about the characteristics of your application. In the previous paragraph, we've reviewed all of the features relevant to your app. If you have an idea, discuss it with your smartphone app design firm, who you intend to engage to develop an app similar to OneFans.

Eliminate all unnecessary things.

You should eliminate the unnecessary items from your development strategy. To ensure that everything stays within your budget and in the right direction. Knowing what was challenging or wrong might be difficult if you're an entrepreneur. If you've been developing apps for over five or six years, it should be easy to take care of issues.

However, a few mobile app development companies are always willing to help clients anytime. They also provide massive satisfaction to their customers.

Designing and developing

The next step is designing. The app developers will create an original design for your app, similar to OnlyFans.

Formats and layouts will be created in this stage. All features and aspects will be made to create a distinctive appearance. To hire a experienced UI/UX designer is crucial to ensure you do not have to deal with any issues arising from your app's design.

Front-end Development

The front-end development is now in progress. Developers must develop the design and features of the application. Things that users can observe. So, front-end developers have to be able to create a product similar to OnlyFans.

Backend Development

Backend development, where the developers will manage all the programming and ensure users have no problems using the program.

People are annoyed when the application is running slow. The backend developers must be informed of the most recent software that will help with every application performance issue.


When all the work is completed, the testers will present the final report on how the app works. They will then test the app and ensure there aren't any issues and it is available for release.


After all the testing and development, now is the time to release the app to the public. You can use advertisements and different strategies to market your app so that most users will see your application.


Finally, the support team. After the grand launch of the app, at a later time, it is possible to request a modification or update to the application. There is an assistance team. They will assist you in overcoming any technical issues in the future.

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An Overview of OnlyFans App Development Cost

A typical OnlyFans development costs range between 10,000 and $ 25,000 and even. The cost of creating an app like OnlyFans depends on various factors, including the complexity of the app, its capabilities and features, technology stack, design needs, team size, geographical area, and many other factors.

The cost of building an app similar to OnlyFans is dependent on many variables, including:

Development Team:

 Hiring experienced designers, developers, and testers will result in charges according to their hourly rate or project-based charges.

Features and Complexity:

The more features and complexity you wish to integrate into your application, the more expensive the development costs will be. Consider user profiles, content management systems, payment integrations, and messaging capabilities.

Platform and Technology:

The choice of the development platform (native or hybrid) and the technologies used affect the price. App development native to iOS and Android might require more resources than cross-platform development frameworks such as React Native or Flutter.

Design and User Interface:

An attractive and user-friendly layout increases engagement. However, it may require additional design and UI/UX costs.

Backend and Infrastructure Development The development of scalable and secure infrastructure, which includes databases and servers, as well as developing backends, will increase the total cost of the application.

Testing and Quality Assurance:

The allocation of resources to ensure thorough testing and quality control ensures that users have a seamless and bug-free experience. This includes testing on various platforms, devices, and conditions on the network.

Legal and Compliance:

Consider legal issues such as copyright laws, privacy laws, age verification, and content moderating. The cost of legal counsel and compliance procedures can increase the overall cost.


OnlyFans offers a platform for individuals to manage their content and allows creators to make money from their work directly. It is viewed as empowering, particularly for those who can't access traditional channels within the entertainment world. Some criticize the platform as it could lead to the commodification of self-worth and personal relationships and could result in the exploitation and objectification of people.

OnlyFans has seen a tremendous increase, and its valuation has reached $1.8 billion, which is eight times greater than its worth when it was founded in 2020. The increase can be traced to the ever-changing customer demands, constantly growing technological advances, and the speed at which they are made.

Apps such as Instagram, Reddit, and others aren't able to keep up with the ever-changing demands for various entertainment needs, which led to the creation of fans loyal to OnlyFans. The site's popularity is increasing annually to 4.2 million daily users.

People seek freedom from censorship and closer relationships with their favorite creators or artists. For these reasons, launching an OnlyFans app that is a clone of the original becomes more appealing since there is an increase in interest for these platforms.


Q1. What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a platform on which creators can publish original content with their audience by paying a monthly subscription.

Q2. Is OnlyFans Only for Adult Content?

Yes, although OnlyFans is a popular site hosting adult-oriented content, it's not restricted to that. Content creators can share various media, from music and art to lifestyle and fitness content.

Q3. How Much Does OnlyFans App Development Cost?

The price to create an OnlyFans application with essential functions and features can be as low as $25,000. If you wish to include advanced features and functions during OnlyFans application development, it'll cost you about $45,000 or more, based on the specifications.

Q4. What Are the Top OnlyFans App Alternatives?

There are a variety of alternatives to OnlyFans available for content creators as well as consumers. The most popular are Patreon, ManyVids, FanCentro, and JustForFans.

Q5. How Does OnlyFans Work?

Content creators sign up for accounts on OnlyFans and upload videos, photos, livestreams, and other kinds of content. Subscribers pay monthly to access the content, and creators can set their subscription fees.