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JPLoft is an established tourism and travel app development company that provides profitable Tours & Travel app development solutions. Our skilled developers offer unique and user-friendly Travel app solutions for you to receive a better user experience and increased revenue.

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Our customized Travel mobile application development services provide an efficient and customer-oriented travel application for people to ease their travel journey and find new places to visit. Join hands with JPLoft and get unrivaled on-demand travel app solutions with faster time-to-market, enterprise-level quality, high scalability, and cost-effective prices.

JPLoft is a well-established Travel app development company in the industry. Since its inception, the company has been facilitating on-demand Travel app business owners across the globe with quick and convenient business management through its diverse set of next-gen custom Travel app development services and developing one-of-a-kind Travel apps.

Tour and Travel App Development Company

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Embark on your next trip with technology as your trusted companion! We introduce our revolutionary Travel app design & development services that suit your business model. We pay attention to your needs and offer personalized Tours and Travel app development services with intuitive tracking features. Leave outdated Travel apps in the past and experience the power of personalization for a better future. Join the talented team at JPLoft today and unlock numerous opportunities to grow!

Hopper Clone App01

Hopper Clone App

An app like Hopper helps people even before buying tickets. It tells about flight trips, the best time to buy tickets, discounts, and commission fees on the tickets, and more.

TripIt Clone App02

TripIt Clone App

An app like TripIt assists people with organized itineraries, including hotel bookings and other arrangements. It uses necessary information through Email to manage trips.

Booking.com Clone App03

Booking.com Clone App

An app like Booking.com helps people manage and control trip arrangements through the mobile travel app. It includes hotel bookings, taxis, meals, rentals, attractions, etc.

On-demand Travel App Development Solutions Offered by JPLoft

Take a glimpse of our recent work on on-demand Travel apps that will give you an idea of how your finished product will look and pack bespoke features and functionalities.

Tour and Travel Apps Developed by JPLoft Include-

App for Service Providers

The app service providers can promote their travel packages & services, offer discounts & sales, market their businesses on the travel app, and reach global customers.

App for Customers

This app panel in the travel app provides customers with different in-app features, including travel service providers’ profiles, booking systems, payment gateways, etc.

Web Admin Panel

The web admin panel includes profiles of users and service providers, such as hotels and other travel agencies. The travel app company manages and supervises businesses.

Our Unparalleled Travel App Solutions Cover Every Business Aspect

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Travel Planning App

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Itinerary Management Platform

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Ticket & Hotel Booking App

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Travel CRM Software

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Hotel Management App

check icon

Vacation Rental App

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Travel Agent Software

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Travel Guide App

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Vehicle Rental Solution

On-demand Travel Apps Developed by JPLoft

Take a glimpse of our recent work on Travel apps that will give you an idea of how your finished product will look and pack bespoke features and functionalities.



The possibilities are endless, from renting a tennis court for your next private tournament or booking a place to celebrate your special memories.



A feature-rich, secure & easy-to-use on-demand app that serves users' diverse needs in Miami, Florida. Including the delivery of food, groceries, medicines, beauty items, etc.

Key Features of Our Dynamic Tour and Travel App

Look at our must-have feature sets that handle every Travel app business model and enrich the experience of enjoying Travel app design & development services.

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Travel Itinerary Generator

A travel itinerary generator is one of the most purposeful and popular features in the Tours & Travels app development solutions for generating instant travel plans based on a given location.

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Geo Tracking

GPS-based location tracking services are vital in the custom Travel app development services. It is one of the most beneficial for travelers to enjoy in-app solutions and get the desired results.

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Weather Forecasting

A weather forecasting feature in the travel app enables people to plan their trips accordingly to prevent them from canceling their plans due to unknown weather conditions or natural hindrances.

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In-app Language Translator

Language barriers can cause many hindrances in foreign countries during the trip. The in-app language translator helps people understand the local language and convey their thoughts to natives.

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Currency Converter

Currency exchange issue is one of the most common problems travelers encounter. The in-app currency rate converter feature helps travelers maintain their travel budget and track expenses.

check icon

Timezone Converter

When people travel to other countries, they may have different time zones. An in-app time zone converter helps people stay up-to-date with dates and times in that country.

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Emergency Services

Including emergency services information in the traveling country is essential for the safety of travelers. The app categorizes every piece of information according to specific locations.

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Transport Management

Vehicle management is essential for tourists to enjoy local attractions when they have a limited budget. Apart from this, trusted cab services and airport vehicle services are a must.

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Trip Reviews & Ratings

A good review can make a particular service, country, or service provider popular among global travelers. Since the app has a global reach, online reviews help people choose the best services.

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Admin App Features

Admin App Features
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After the Travel app development company hands over the software, the admin gets access and logs in to the app software.

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The database stores all the Travel app's business-related information, including staff, finances, inventory, bookings, etc.

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Booking Management

The admin can oversee the online booking system, the number of users on the app, service delivery, and systematic scheduling.

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Staff Management

The admin manages scheduling, new service providers’ operation, customer interactions, and queries utilizing app functions.

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Communication Channel

Robust in-app communication mediums are essential. It includes audio/video calling, chats, media sharing, and emergency calls.

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Customer Feedback

User feedback, reviews, and ratings help tour and travel companies provide quality travel services and fulfill user demands.

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Finance Management

In-app wealth management in the admin panel includes staff salary, generating revenue and profit data, managing loans, etc.

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Push Notifications

Push notifications are the fastest way to reach the global audience for marketing offers and receiving in-app activity alerts.

Service Providers App Features



Hotels, tour & travel companies, and travel agents must register using the Email ID on the app and complete the verification process.


Booking Management

Traveling agencies manage bookings with the help of in-app features, accept reservations, and accept or reject reservations in a few taps.


Location Tracking

Location tracking is a crucial feature in the Tours and Travel app development services. Hotels can include map locations for travelers.


Multilingual Support

In-app language translators help foreigners understand service providers' policies, prices, and other vital information before booking.


Vehicle Selection & Booking

A few hotels provide vehicle booking to their customers. It helps people book their chosen vehicles before arriving at the location.


In-app Communication

In-app communication helps converse with their clients regarding hotel booking, vehicle booking, location, accommodation price, etc.


Accommodation Facilities

The Travel app development company incorporates features that assist hotels in showcasing facilities by uploading images or videos.


Loyalty Programs

Tour and Travel service providers can attract more clients by releasing various marketing plans, loyalty programs, and other offers.


Price Details and Offers

One of the most critical features in the Travel mobile application development services is pricing and value offers to attract global customers.

Service Providers App

Traveler App Features

Traveler App Features
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It’s a vital feature of the on-demand Tours and Travel app development services, users create app accounts via Email ID or mobile number.

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User Profile

The user profile includes details about the user, including name, location, budget, travel interests, and other vital information.

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In-app communication

Users can talk to Travel service providers or travel agents through in-app media, such as calls, texts, live chats, and emergency calls.

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Travel Planner

The itinerary planner helps people plan their complete trip using necessary information like budget and locations online within a few minutes.

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Emergency Calling

The emergency calling feature in the tours and travel app solutions helps users get quick aid by contacting nearby authorities and NGOs.

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Easy Booking

It is an essential feature in the custom Travel app development services for users to set travel plans and arrange vehicles & hotels.

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Payment Gateways

The Travel app development company incorporates in-app payment options, such as eWallet, Net banking, etc., including currency converter.

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Advanced Search

An advanced search option lets users find preferred traveling opportunities within their budget, time, and preferred location.

Ready to Develop A Feature-rich Travel Application to Transform Your Tour and Travel Business?

Give travelers a convenient way to plan their trips to their preferred locations from their homes! Talk to our experts and boost your Travel business by bringing it online with our robust, easy-to-access Travel app solutions.

Custom Travel App Development Cost Estimation

The overall cost of building a travel app depends on several factors that control the budget. Therefore, don't forget to consider the following factors before estimating your Tour and Travel app development cost.

App Platform

App Platform

The platform on which you want to develop travel app solutions affects the overall app development cost. Suppose you want to build a travel app for Android. It will be more affordable than the travel app development for iOS.

UI/UX Designing

UI/UX Designing

The UI/UX of your travel app solutions plays a vital role in attracting the target audience and retaining them with the app. Therefore, creating user-friendly and compelling UI/UX designs using paid tools that add to the travel app development cost is a must.

App Storage

App Storage

Request management and data handling have a significant role play in a travel service provider's app. It requires sufficient storage space for seamless in-app operations. Whether you select server installation or cloud storage subscription, they demand significant investment.

App Features

App Features

The number of features and their complexity impact the travel app development budget. The more additional features and functions your tour and travel app will have, the more it will be helpful and useful for travelers.

Technology Stack

Technology Stack

Tools and technologies used to develop the front-end and back-end of a robust, secure, and scalable online travel mobile app influence the app development cost since some tools are free. Whereas some software implements demand a considerable amount.

Third-Party Integration

Third-Party Integration

Third-party integration helps in improving the travel app's performance. The travel app engages customers efficiently, improving significant business popularity and revenue. Therefore, always consider third-party integration expenses with travel app development.

App Testing

App Testing

The tour and travel app development market is filled with free app testing tools, but these tools do not effectively eliminate bugs. Therefore, creating a bug-free, high-performing travel app requires paid tools, which increases development costs accordingly.

Grocery App

App Security

Privacy and data security are major concerns in this fast-paced travel industry. Creating secure custom travel app solutions requires implementing diverse security measures capable of addressing data breaches and cyber-attacks, affecting the overall budget.

Our Tour and Travel App Screens

Tour and Travel App screen
Tour and Travel App screen
Tour and Travel App screen
Tour and Travel App screen
Tour and Travel App screen
Tour and Travel App screen
Tour and Travel App screen
Tour and Travel App screen

How Does Travel App Work?

Our custom tour and travel app development solutions provide startups in the travel business with streamlined workflows and complete user demands. Below is the workflow of our offered travel app solutions that help deliver an excellent user experience.

  • 1


    Customers can register on the Travel app and log in using their email ID, mobile number, and social accounts.

  • 2

    Advanced Search

    According to their preferred location, time, and budget, travelers can find a place to travel and generate itineraries.

  • 3

    In-app Booking

    Travelers can find suitable hotels, vehicles, and other necessary things by making reservations and receiving travel discounts.

  • 4

    Online Payment

    In-app payment systems, such as bank cards, net banking, eWallet, etc., help travelers make instant payments during reservations.

  • 5

    Push Notifications

    Push notifications help travel app users stay aware of the in-app activity and enjoy marketing offers and discounts.

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  • Clear, concise and consistent communication
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We offer three different yet effective partnership models to fulfil individuals' business requirements and multiply their profits. Clients can hire an individual developer or a dedicated team, considering their project requirements. Let's have a look at our set of engagement models.

Fixed Price
Fixed Price

This business model is best for small and medium-sized projects. If you choose this model, you have a fair idea of your project requirements, scope, and deadlines, along with a rough estimation of the budget since the fixed price model ensures the delivery of a complete solution under a fixed budget.

Dedicated Team
Dedicated Team

This model is best-suited if you have a long-term project. Herein you can hire a dedicated team remotely and completely control it without any infrastructure investment. In the meantime, you can extend and reduce the team based on the needed resources for the project. In terms of payment, you need to pay for the resources on a monthly basis.

Time and Material
Time and Material

Time & material is a flexible model as it supports the Agile development process. When the project's scope and features are unclear to you, it's best to choose the Time & Material model because it allows changes to project specifications at any time. And you need to pay only for the time and resources spent on the project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

JPLoft offers a multitude of facilities through our Travel app design & development services to the Travel industry. A few of them are as follows-
  1. Enterprise Systems
  2. Legacy Modernization
  3. Navigation Systems
  4. GPS Systems
  5. Travel Process re-engineering
  6. Improved Flight Systems
  7. Transaction Processing Systems
JPLoft offers its core expertise in aligning the initiatives and creating IT strategy toward fulfilling the craved business goals of its clients from this industry. In the run, the company take due responsibility to:
  1. Implement a foolproof strategy
  2. Deliver quality results
  3. Reduces expenses in IT operations
  4. Create innovative travel and hospitality solutions
  5. Maintain cross-browser and cross-platform product usability
  6. Increase ROI
From finding travelers to reaching out to partners, travel and tourism apps have made the jobs of tourism service providers easier.
  1. Seamless data flow
  2. Direct tour management
  3. Enhance systems' efficiency
  4. Increases workflow accuracy
  5. Point-of-care coordination
  6. Convenience and accessibility
  7. Real-time communication
  8. Better Customer Care
  9. Benefits For Service Providers

A good tour and travel app provides a few essential features and functionalities functioning without an internet connection or without creating an account on a travel app, such as maps and travel guides.

Yes. Tours and Travel apps are still relevant and beneficial. In the last few years, several startups have launched to offer seamless trip planning according to the budget and time. Therefore, you should advance your business services by hiring a trusted travel app development company and selecting suitable tour and travel app development services.

Every travel company must consider a few factors while developing and offering tour packages to stay ahead of the competition and be successful-

  1. Sensible use of digital technology
  2. Millennials' needs while traveling
  3. Market trends in the travel industry
  4. Solo traveler packages
  5. Sustainable traveling options, etc.

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