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Augmented Reality (AR) Game and App Development

Augmented reality has huge potential to create path-breaking experiences in gaming and entertainment. As one of the best AR game development company with an immense experience in reality technologies, JPLOFT designs and develops stimulating and fun AR games for smart glasses, headsets and mobiles. Our expert team of AR game developers have extra ordinary experience in creating AR products for various platforms starting from uncomplicated geo-location based games for mobile devices to high-end FPSs with smart glasses support.

Since we are one of the best augmented reality game companies in the industry, we develop exciting games for a range of AR platforms.

AR Game Design For Multiple Platforms

The fast advancement of web based business has made another business channel for retailers that is giving physical stores a kept running for their cash. The essential disadvantage to web based shopping is that a significant number of the tangible components that clients use to settle on their buying choices are frequently lost. When shopping on the web, a client can't contact or feel a thing, perceive how it works, or skill it will fit in their home.

Geo-Area Recreations

A storyboard is a series of sketches that represent the individual shots planned for a video, film, or commercial. They often include directions for camera angle, lighting, and transitions, along with dialogue and other notes.


Sports oriented Games

How an audience reacts to a film is as important as how a potential customer reacts to a business, making the two mediums the perfect bedfellows.


AR-based RPGs

Video has turned into the most brand or business can share over its online networking channels, presenting to multiple times more prominent natural over Facebook, Twitter or Instagram than pictures or content alone.


Augmented Shopping

The rapid evolution of e-commerce has created a new sales channel for retailers that is giving brick and mortar stores a run for their money. The primary drawback to online shopping is that many of the sensory elements that customers use to make their purchasing decisions are often lost. When shopping online, a customer cannot touch or feel an item, see how it works, or know how it will fit in their home. The loss of this interactivity and presence in the shopping experience leads to uncertain buyers and more abandoned carts.

AR is allowing shoppers to trigger animations to show how complex products like appliances or electronics work and function.

The future in retail will consider Augmented Reality SDKs like Augment’s SDK that allows retailers to leverage AR through their own, branded platforms. Online retailers must realize that there is more to VR and AR than mere gaming. As futuristic as these “Realities” feel, it’s all old school again he touch-and-try charm, just virtually!

Architectural Visualization

Architecture- The word itself has the huge power of DESIGN. It has been over unextinguashable decades and in future also it will be. From Ancient ages until now, Only the Blueprint and Maps have been proved until this New technology came in. Most of the Architects are satisfied with these technologies. Its been getting proved and the Complex problems are getting solved by these technologies.

An Architect can visualize what will happen if he uses what he thought More Safety Features Can be Built Should follow good exercises and knowledge Understanding of different procedures encompassing the projects Invests time in explore and development Pliable to change Has a exhaustive testing process, including automated tests Apply source control


The future of Gaming is here!

Augmented Reality (AR) technology aims to enhance a user’s experience with their surroundings by adding to the end user’s sense of sound, sight, smell, and haptic responses. Augmented Reality (AR) Games have blurred the line between what is real and what is computer generated by enhancing and creating rich interactive platforms for gamers to interact with. This technology has taken leaps and bounds over the past decade, trickling down into mainstream gaming platforms on console and mobile.

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