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JPLoft is a renowned web development company. We have been offering world-class web design and development services for more than 10 years. Businesses looking to mark their strong online presence, can trust our team of experienced and professional web developers for user-friendly, highly responsive and performance oriented websites and web applications at affordable pricing.

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An Array of Website Development Services We Offer

We offer a comprehensive range of web development services concerning versatile website and web application development requirements of global brands. Choose your best suited one out of the following.

Custom Software Consultation

Custom Website Development

We offer custom website design and development services to leverage our client business with a whole new brand identity on the web. Our team of web designers and developers is highly proficient in creating professional websites for your business.

WordPress Development

WordPress Development

WordPress is the most preferred open source CMS for custom web development. It enables creating Blog, Magazine, E-Commerce and other web development projects. JPLoft has expertise in WordPress Development, thanks to our experienced team of WordPress developers.

eCommerce Web Development

eCommerce Web Development

We at JPLoft create B2B and B2C websites for our clients’ eCommerce web development needs. Hire our highly proficient eCommerce web developers to create fully responsive eCommerce websites, accessible on different platforms like mobile, tablets, desktops and laptops.

CMS or SaaS Development

CMS or SaaS Development

If your business requires custom CMS or SaaS development needs, our web developers can build tailored CMS & SaaS web solutions as per your business requirements. Our web programmers have expertise in technologies like PHP, ASP.NET, JAVA and Python.

Web App Development

Web App Development

Our web application developers are competent to build apps on the web to empower your business. They have immense experience and technical expertise in creating web applications for real estate, travel, eCommerce and social media industries.

Software Mobile Development Services

ERP Development

We develop ERP software for our global clients irrespective of what industry they belong to. Our web developers build Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to help businesses manage planning, inventory, human resource management and finance management.

One Stop Shop for Absolute Web Development Solutions

As a leading website development company, JPLoft is providing web development solutions to empower businesses globally and help them attain their business objectives. Our team of web designers and developers has hands-on experience working on web development projects for Education, E-Commerce, Real Estate, Fashion, Hospitality, Automobile, and Finance industry. We have successfully delivered 1000+ projects whether custom website development, eCommerce development or web app development for different industry global clients.

With our operational sales offices in 5 countries including the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and India, our team efficiently delivers web development projects to respective clients across the globe. Other than this, we are a popular name in mobile app development and digital marketing services, for any of such requirements.

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eCommerce Development Services

Key Features of Our Web Development Solutions

Discover our comprehensive range of web development features, empowering you with cutting-edge technologies, responsive design, seamless integration, and robust functionality.

Web Compatibility

Web development solutions we deliver are compatible with any platform, devices and browsers. Our web applications, websites and softwares are highly responsive, performance oriented and user-friendly that makes them rank higher on search engines.

Easy Navigation

According to the 94% users, good navigation is a key feature of the website. We keep such high expectations in mind and build websites with easy to use navigation features to enhance user experience and usability of your website.

Blog Integration

With our web development services we provide a feature of blog integration to websites and web apps to enable customers to learn about your product and services. It also helps in optimising websites and web apps for search engines.

Product and Content Visuality

Our web developers built websites that improve the visibility of your products and their data to increase the sales of products or services. Besides, it helps in generating more revenue by increasing the conversion rate.

Fast Loading Speed

The websites and applications we develop packs a fast loading time feature to engage more users. Our web developers and programmers write light and bug-free code to offer web solutions a fast loading speed online at any browser.

Usable Forms

Forms are the most appropriate way for the users to interact with the website. We add forms to websites to enable users to fill information easily and allow business owners to collect useful information to build a client base and further contact interested users.

Benefits of Web Development Services for Business

Web development services whether website or web app development offers numerous benefits for businesses and individuals alike. In terms of enabling growth, customer engagement, and operational efficiency.

Expand Your Reach & Build
Strong Online Presence

Our expert web designers and developers craft captivating, responsive, and immersive websites and web applications that entice and engage new customers. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we infuse your web solution with innovative features and functionalities, elevating it to extraordinary levels and delivering exceptional results for your business.

  • Enhanced Online

  • Improved

  • Increased Customer

  • Cost

  • Competitive

  • Data-driven

  • Enhanced Online

  • Scalability and

We Work With Top Giants of the World

We have helped some renowned global business giants with sustainable and cutting-edge technology solutions.



A dedicated app solution for Whirlpool distributors and sellers to provide details of available stock in single platform.

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WFFA & RedbullWFFA & Redbull

WFFA & Red Bull

A platform to manage the global Red Bull Street Style tournaments for the WFFA (World Freestyle Football Association).

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A feature-rich, secure & easy-to-use on-demand app that serves users' diverse needs in Miami, Florida.

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It trains practitioners, asses participants and provides data/analytics of over 2.5 million children across the globe.

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A Glimpse of Our Unique, Trendy & Profitable Enterprise Solutions


Have a sneak peek into some of our recent works delivered to our esteemed global clients belonging to different industry verticals. and get to know how innovative, upscale and quality-rich product you will receive outsourcing your web and app development project with JPLoft, a most trusted technology partner.

Tap A Tradie


A marketplace to find and hire a qualified trade professional in Australia.

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Brainy wood


India's first e-learning platform equipped with innovative brain science concepts.

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Eternal Love Letter

Eternal Love Letter

A virtual keep space to nurture meaningful relationships with loved ones through written, photographic messages.

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A loving and cozy space for you and your loved ones that provides affordable accommodation plans anywhere, anytime.

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Temple Bliss

Temple Bliss

Know about the planets and stars' trajectories playing a key role in shaping your future & guiding you towards your destiny.

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An on-demand emergency service if your vehicle breaks down in a remote area & requires quick service.

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Open Bar

Open Bar

Find the honest reviews and ratings of Bourbon, Whiskey, and Scotch collections by people worldwide.



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Result-Oriented Web Development Process We Follow

At JPLoft, we follow a pre-defined, comprehensive web development process to deliver exceptional results. Our process involves following steps.

Analyzing Requirements & Wireframing01

Requirement Gathering & Analysis

Initially, our business analysts will collect requirements of your website or web app development project. They will conduct requirement analysis and will come up with a blueprint/roadmap of the web development project. Demonstrating each phase thoroughly, timeline, involved resources and other important information.



In the design phase, our UI/UX team creates an engaging user interface for your website or web app. They use diverse color schemes, functions, special features, graphics, and videos, while also developing wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to visually depict the layout, navigation, and overall aesthetic.

Frontend and Backend Development03


Once the design is approved by the client, the actual development of the web app solutions starts. Our team of developers manages everything from coding to setting up server and database, integrating APIs and other associated tasks to bring the web app solution in the working state.



Upon completion of development, our dedicated QA and testing team conducts comprehensive testing, including functional, compatibility, performance, and security testing. This ensures the delivery of a high-performing and error-free web app solution across different browsers and devices.



In the deployment phase, our team carefully manages the launch of a web app. They ensure a smooth transition of web apps from development to the live environment. They handle each and everything from server configuration, database setup to final optimizations, guaranteeing a seamless and successful deployment of your web solution.

API Integration04

Maintenance & Support

We have a dedicated support and maintenance team, which provides needed support during and after the development process. However, you will get the support & maintenance services without any additional cost for a limited period of time. Thereafter, you need to pay charges as per your support and maintenance needs.

Get Services Built with the Latest Robust Technologies

JPLoft Solutions uses cutting-edge technologies to develop unique solutions for your business. Our team’s deep expertise covers a vast range of technologies, making us stand above other companies.


Why JPLoft for Web Development Services?

We at JPLoft have a robust team of web designers and developers who are highly proficient in developing web development solutions whether website or web applications as per client requirements and business objectives.

Custom Development

Custom Development

We offer custom web development services going beyond our client's expectation to deliver visually appealing, easy to use and performance oriented website and web applications.

Dedicated Developers

Dedicated Developers

Leverage expertise of our dedicated web designers and developers to bring your web development project into reality with a world-class web solution competent to generate more sales.

Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

We have a dedicated team of support engineers who stay proactive 24*7 of the day to listen to your web development solutions related queries and provide the needed support and maintenance.

On-time And In Budget

On-time and In-Budget

Our highly skilled team of web developers ensure the delivery of finished web development solutions whether custom or pre-built templates within the promised timeline and budget.

Excellent User Experience

Excellent User Experience

Seamless user experience is the key that ensures the success of any website and web app solution. Therefore, we ensure the delivery of web development solutions with excellent user experience.

Confidentiality & Security

Confidentiality & Security

We sign NDA with our clients for any of their web development projects to ensure the confidentiality and security of their unique web app idea and personal information.

Kickstart Your Dream Project With Us

We have worked with several world-best, innovative ideas, and brands across the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Finding the best web design company would be difficult, if you didn’t approach it in the right way. The market is flooded with thousands of companies, which claim to be the best in the arena. But it’s up to you to do proper research about the company you are considering to collaborate for your web design and development project. You can start with reviewing their previous works, their credentials, their clients, etc and comparing the asked price based on it. Almost every company charges a reasonable amount so you don’t need to go with the cheapest one and compromise on all the important aspects associated with the web designing project.

At JPLoft, we charge optimum pricing concerning your project requirements and try to give our best to deliver world-class quality work. This is what makes us stand apart among our competitors.

JPLoft is a leading web design company with 10+ years of industry experience. During this tenure, the company has worked with several global brands for their web design and development projects. JPLoft operates from its 5 offices across the globe including countries like the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and India. And have worked upon 1000+ web design projects for our global clients from more than 70 countries.

JPLoft strives to deliver the best-in-class quality projects that has helped us garner a name for us in the web development sector. And we give our heart and soul to continue this legacy with our dedicated efforts in the most professional manner.

We are a globally acknowledged website design and development company that’s prompt to offer custom website design services to our global clients. We have a dedicated team of creative web designers who go beyond expectations to deliver visually appealing custom designed websites based on our customers business requirements, objectives and target audience. Since our inception, we have successfully delivered 1000+ custom-designed websites, which are adding value to our clients’ businesses and helping them garner more sales and revenue. In our opinion, custom built websites are the best option one should opt for. However, if you are tight on budget and time, we suggest you to go with our pre-built templates with necessary customization as per your business requirements and goals.

If you are still confused between choosing a custom web design or a template option, we suggest you book a free consultation with our website design experts, they will help you opt the best option possible concerning your project requirements.

The selection of technology for your web design and development projects completely depends on the type of the project.

As a leading web development company, we have expertise working on various technologies. A few of them we have recommended here.

For the development of an informational website, you can go with any leading CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla. Whereas eCommerce development would be best with Magento or WooCommerce. For custom web app development, latest trending technologies like MERN stack or MEAN stack should be your choices. There are other technologies as well like Kotlin for Android, Swift for iOS for native mobile apps. Flutter and React Native for cross platform and hybrid app development.

Already stated that technology selection totally depends on project requirements and targeted audience. Still, if you are indecisive and not being able to decide, we offer free primary consultation to suggest which technology stack would be best for your web designing and development requirement. Feel free to connect with our tech experts.

Yes, JPLoft will do custom web development to meet your unique requirements and business goals & objectives. We will work closely with you to determine and devise the best customised solutions for your business. Doesn’t matter, you want to build a whole new solution or customize the existing one, JPLoft is here to help you attain your business goals with a personalised web app solution.

Top web development companies come in different shapes and sizes. Some offer web development services only while others have specialization in other domains as well. JPLoft has expertise in mobile app development and digital marketing other than web development. Some specialise in certain types of websites or web applications, such as custom solutions, CMS development, enterprise products, eCommerce and others including maintenance and upgrades.

A web development agency specializes in several services. From building, designing, deploying, updating to maintaining websites and web applications. To successfully offer these web development services, a web development company employs UI/UX designers, front-end and back developers, QA testers, and project managers so that they can ensure the delivery of attractive, functional and high-performance web products.

If you are looking to optimize your web app for SEO, the content you include on your web page plays a vital role. Besides there are several technical aspects, which you need to look out such as the title tag, alt tag for images, subpages naming, domain and others.

A web app development company can help you with this by increasing your page speed, assigning proper title and meta tags and implementing a secure SSL certificate. Other ways, you can get web development company’s assistance to improve your SERPs ranking are using server-side rendering for single page apps and making use of Google Search Console.

You can follow the steps given below to get prepared for your web app project before collaborating with a web development company.

Prepare a project description

Define your idea, either by providing the documentation for an existing project or putting together a brief of a new idea.

Decide on a tech stack

Do you need front-end or back-end services or both? What web technologies do you want to incorporate for your web app project? Web development companies have expertise in a multitude of technologies, tools and frameworks. They can offer the best of their web development services in technologies you would ask for. Nevertheless, it is best to consider the tech stack before partnering with a web development company.

Define your budget

The budget allocated for the project plays a vital role in various key aspects associated with the web app development. From the development team your web development company will deploy to the project timeline, technologies involved and other things. Therefore, it is necessary to have clarity about the budget allocation for the project. This will induce consistent project management strategy and avoidance of issues further in the process.

The web development time for any project entirely depends on the type and its complexity. First 1-2 weeks are purely dedicated to planning and organisation. Later, this is followed by the graphic design phase, which involves another two weeks.

Then, there’s coding, development, testing, launch and maintenance/marketing. The web development process we follow is segregated into different phases. It will let you track the progress of your web application and manage the project timeline in detail.

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