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Are you looking for an on demand app development company to build on-demand app for your business, then you landed in the right place. We at JPLoft Solutions provides end-to-end on demand app solutions from ideation, designing to development, testing and final deployment in the app store. With us, you can develop native or hybrid on-demand apps like Uber for both iOS and Android platforms.

Top-Tier On Demand App Development Services

JPLoft Solutions is a leading on-demand delivery app development company. It has delivered numerous custom on-demand solutions to its global clientele, including agencies, ISVs, enterprises, start-ups, and SMEs. leverage JPLoft’s expertise in on-demand app development and get your hands on innovative solutions in budget pricing and a given timeframe.

Advanced features, encrypted in-app payment methods, fantastic user experience are some of the major highlights of our top-notch on-demand app development services. If you are also looking for such a complete package? Then what are you waiting for? Let’s discuss your business requirements and app ideas.

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Top-Tier On Demand App Development Services

Get On Demand App Like

Do you want instant on-demand applications for mobile to boost your business? Enhance your business experience with the professionally built mobile applications of your own business. Find the source of outgoing business potential on the global platform with the export developers of JPLoft. Get sufficient guidance and expertise on the different fields of on-demand mobile applications like:



Zomato is an online food delivery application that connects the user with the top restaurants nearby. Users can also get additional discounts and get quick deliveries on Zomato.



Tinder is an online dating platform where multiple individuals can choose a partner to date or spend time with. Users can also communicate on Tinder through a chat process.



Zillow is a trending real estate marketplace application that is used to find apartments and local places for rent. With the smooth interface and easy access to search and find nearby locations via the app.

Google Pay04

Google Pay

Google Pay is an online payment portal through which people can make payments on different accounts using the KYC process. Users can add multiple accounts on Google Pay to manage payment process smoother.



Duolingo is a multi-language learning application where any user can approach the domain to learn multiple languages with a simple subscription process.

Big Basket06

Big Basket

Big Basket is an online grocery Marketing portal through which users can order various products for their daily needs in abundance with an exclusive discount. Big Basket provides quick delivery service at users' doorstep.

On-demand Mobile App Development Solution Presented by JPLoft

Create your On Demand mobile application for your business to boost your company. Explore the different services and features that your admin and retailer can access through the on-demand mobile application. Experience the elements of an on-demand app:

On-Demand App Developed By JPLoft will provide:

Customers’ Panel

Customers can easily access the only-demand application via a quick signup process and create a profile. User can buy the product, make easy payments, and share their feedback.

Admin Panel

Admin can manage the stocks, user accounts, and availability of the products on their website. Moreover, the admin can also keep track of the retailer's credentials.

Retailer Panel

Retailers can manage the product demand of the user and fulfill the requirement through an easy delivery process and other necessary services.

On-Demand App Development Services we provide

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On-demand food delivery app

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On-demand dating app

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On-demand real estate app

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On-demand e-Wallet app

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On-demand education app

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On-demand grocery app

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Top Notch On-Demand App Development Solutions We Offer

Being a prominent on-demand app development company, we offer businesses belonging to different industry verticals with the robust, scalable, secure on-demand app solutions to bring their business online and target a larger audience base. Have a look at a few on-demand app solutions we offer.

Grocery Delivery App

Grocery Delivery

Nowadays, the trend of buying groceries and household necessities online has increased the demand of on-demand grocery apps. If you run a grocery business and are looking for an ideal on-demand app development partner, approach us. Our grocery delivery app developers will develop and deliver a sure to be successful, exceptionally advanced grocery app.

Food Delivery

Food Delivery

Give your restaurant business a boost with the launch of an on-demand food delivery application. No matter if you run a single restaurant or a chain of restaurants, you can easily manage their operations and serve the customers' demand for food delivery at their doorsteps effectively. Consult your food delivery app requirements with us.



If you are looking to venture into the world of dating business, it is the right time. There are millions of users across the world who prefer to browse dating apps to find friends, soulmates, and the love of their life. Hire our dating apps developers and mark your presence in the billion-dollar market with a feature-rich dating app solution.



Gone are the days when people used to hit the laundry stores to drop off and pick up their laundry. Now the time has changed, the emergence of dry-cleaning and laundry apps allows customers to get the laundry and dry-cleaning services from the comfort of their homes. If you belong to the laundry business and want an on-demand laundry app. Contact us.


Beauty Salon

On-demand app solution for beauty and spa services allows beauticians and spa centers to reach out more customers and book appointments all through an app. Share your requirements and get the delivery of an innovative, unique beauty salon app at optimum price and time.



An on-demand handyman app solution brings all local service providers under a roof to offer their services to the needy customers. It could be any service for maintaining proper home functioning. Be it plumbing, carpentry, appliance repair and servicing, home painting, electrical and more.

Medicine Delivery

Medicine Delivery

Online medicine ordering and delivery apps allows customers order medicines by uploading prescriptions or manual search following advanced search filters to get the hassle-free doorstep delivery of the required medicines. Build your pharmacy app with a noted on-demand medicine delivery app development company.

Flower Delivery

Flower Delivery

Bring your florist business online with the launch of an on-demand flower and bouquet delivery app. It will help grow your business to the newer heights of success. Not only you will be benefited with the expanded market reach but also the customers will be able to order and deliver flowers and bouquets to their loved ones following a few clicks.

Milk Delivery

Milk Delivery

You being an owner of a dairy business can bring your business online with the creation of a milk delivery app. It will help you expand your market reach and target a wider range of audience. Also, the users can order their milk and dairy essentials daily within a few taps on their smartphones.

On-Demand Apps Developed by JPLoft

Please look at some of our latest solutions for the on-demand app projects and get to know how your feature-enriched mobile application will look like.



A feature-rich, secure & easy-to-use on-demand app that serves users' diverse needs in Miami, Florida. Including the delivery of food, groceries, medicines, beauty items, etc.

Tap A Tradie

Tap A Tradie

A global marketplace to find a qualified professional with the needed skillset to get the job done in your local area.

Key Features of On-Demand App

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Booking System

The Booking System of an on-demand delivery app allows its users to make an order for their desired service. Whether it is a food delivery app or a ride-hailing app, booking can be done easily by following a few steps.

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Schedule module

The scheduling feature in an on-demand delivery app allows its users to book their desired service in advance. They need to enter the time and date of their requirement only and can be tension free of being late when needed delivery of the service.

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In-App Payment Merchant

This convenient feature leverages users with the integration ease of their debit/credit cards along with the availability of an e-wallet that provides a seamless transaction for the desired services directly from the app.

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Order History

This is one of the key features we offer as a part of our on-demand app development services. With this, users can check their order history and reconsider the order from the history. Whether it is an on-demand food delivery or a grocery shopping app.

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Tracking The Delivery Status

This feature provides users with real-time tracking and delivery status of their orders once they place their orders. They get the current location and an estimated time for the arrival of their service provider.

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Real-Time Communication

Being an important feature of on-demand app services, real-time communication enables users to connect with their service providers either via Message or Call to ensure the timely delivery of products or packages.

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Online Customer Service

Good customer service and support play a vital role in the success of any business. Our on-demand solutions leverage online customer service to enable consumers to get in touch with service providers for their queries and questions related to the service.

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Personalized Recommendations

We create AI-powered on-demand services apps, competent to recommend orders and services based on users' previous history. Similar to Spotify as it recommends songs as per the preferences and choices of the users.

Ready to Build an Exclusive On-Demand App for Your Business?

Develop world-class on-demand app solutions with industry-leading on-demand app development company in the USA and India and provide people an ease to order products or services following a few taps on their smartphones.

On-Demand App Development Cost Estimation

The overall cost to build an on-demand app solution depends on several factors that cumulatively control the final cost of app development. Therefore, don't forget to consider the following factors before estimating your on-demand app development cost.

Technologies Stack

Technologies Stack

Tools and technologies used to develop the frontend and backend of a robust, secure and scalable on-demand mobile app influence the app development cost since some tools are free, whereas some attract a great sum of money.

App Features

App Features

The number of features and their complexity impact the app development cost. The more features and advanced features, your on-demand business app will have, the more it will be helpful and useful for on-demand service seekers.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

The UI/UX of your on-demand app solution plays a vital role in attracting people and retaining them to the app. Therefore, it is must to create user-friendly and compelling UI/UX designs using paid tools available that adds to the app development cost.

App Platform

App Platform

The platform on which you want to develop an on-demand app solution affects the overall app development cost. Suppose you want to build an on-demand business app for Android. It will be more affordable than the on-demand app development solution for iOS.

Third-Party Integration

Third-Party Integration

This helps in improving the app's functionality. Consequently, the app appeals to and engages customers more effectively, affecting business growth and revenue. Therefore, always consider third-party integration costs with on-demand app development.

App Security

App Security

Privacy and data security are one of the major concerns in this digital world. Creating a secure on-demand app solution requires the implementation of security measures competent to handle data breaches and cyber-attacks, which affects the overall costs.



Request management and data handling have a major roleplay in an on-demand service providers app. That requires sufficient storage for seamless app operations. Either choose server installation or cloud storage subscription, both demand investment.

App Testing

App Testing

The market is flooded with free app testing tools, but these tools do not effectively find and eliminate bugs. Therefore, creating a bug-free, performance-oriented on-demand app requires paid tools, which increases development costs accordingly.

Our On-demand Service App Screens

How Does Our On-Demand App Development Platform Work?

Our On-demand app development platform provides businesses with a streamlined workflow that enables their users to complete their demands, conveniently with immediate effects. Given below is the workflow of our offered solutions that helps to deliver an excellent user experience across any locality of on-demand businesses.

  • 1

    Sign-Up/Log In

    Customer will register on the downloaded app and login via email and mobile number.

  • 2

    Browse Products/Services

    Customers will browse for orders or service requests they want to receive, through the app.

  • 3

    Payment Gateways

    Further, they have to checkout by paying the cumulative amount through any of the payment options available on the platform.

  • 4

    Doorstep Delivery

    Providers will receive the request on their separate app and complete the given task with the estimated time.The respective outlet/dispatcher will receive the request and assign providers to complete the task.

  • 5

    Review & Ratings

    Thereafter, stores/dispatchers, delivery men, and customers can post their reviews for the corresponding service they have received.

Why You Must Choose JPLoft for Mobile App Development

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  • Dedicated, accountable resources
  • Save up to 60% for your development cost
  • Quick team ramp-up & no contract lock-ins
  • Quickly increase or decrease your team size
  • Fixed cost, hourly or monthly engagements
  • 97%+ client retention rate
  • Strict non-disclosure agreement
  • Clear, concise and consistent communication
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JPLoft Solutions uses cutting-edge technologies to develop unique solutions for your business. Our team’s deep expertise covers a vast range of technologies, making us stand above other companies.


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Our Business Models

We offer three different yet effective partnership models to fulfil individuals' business requirements and multiply their profits. Clients can hire an individual developer or a dedicated team, considering their project requirements. Let's have a look at our set of engagement models.

Fixed Price
Fixed Price

This business model is best for small and medium-sized projects. If you choose this model, you have a fair idea of your project requirements, scope, and deadlines, along with a rough estimation of the budget since the fixed price model ensures the delivery of a complete solution under a fixed budget.

Dedicated Team
Dedicated Team

This model is best-suited if you have a long-term project. Herein you can hire a dedicated team remotely and completely control it without any infrastructure investment. In the meantime, you can extend and reduce the team based on the needed resources for the project. In terms of payment, you need to pay for the resources on a monthly basis.

Time and Material
Time and Material

Time & material is a flexible model as it supports the Agile development process. When the project's scope and features are unclear to you, it's best to choose the Time & Material model because it allows changes to project specifications at any time. And you need to pay only for the time and resources spent on the project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

An on-demand app can be understood as a platform for your smartphone that can be used for creating an online marketplace-especially for services. As the name suggests, the services offered through these apps are called on-demand. And you will receive these services either on the same day or within an hour, depending on the type of app and the service.

One of the major reasons behind the popularity of on-demand apps nowadays is that these apps enable users to get services easily without much effort. Besides, on-demand apps create a bridge between customers and businesses. Users can avail of desired services following a few steps on their smartphones, whether they are using a grocery shopping app or a taxi-booking app. This is the reason why on-demand apps are getting so popular across the world.

If any on-demand business approaches an on-demand app development company for the creation of an on-demand app. It automatically becomes liable for several associated benefits.

  • Improved market demand
  • More chances of getting funds, if your idea is revolutionary
  • Higher chances of getting at the centre of brand resonance

Quoting an exact amount for your on-demand mobile app development is not possible. As the on-demand mobile app development cost depends on several factors and we can give an estimated budget only after knowing your business requirements. So, if you want to know how much would it cost to develop your on-demand app? Feel free to contact our experts and share your business requirements.

On-demand app development can take around 8 months to a year based on the complexity of the app. This tenure includes the development of on-demand apps for almost all popular platforms.

The process of developing an on-demand clone app will initially require your association with a team of expert on-demand app programmers as they understand the nitty-gritty of on-demand app development. They will first identify the users' needs and then will tell you the process to convert those customers' needs into a working application.

At JPLoft Solutions, we don't offer white-label solutions. Therefore, any app solution we create remains fully customized as per your brand image and tone.

Well, the ultimate intent behind the creation of any mobile application always remains monetization. Your on-demand mobile app can be monetized following different monetization models popular in the market, considering your business idea.

Suppose your on-demand mobile app is similar to a cab booking app like Uber; you can charge money by passengers and through surge pricing. In case of a food delivery app like Zomato, you can advertise the restaurant in your app and make money. There are several other monetization models as well, which you can get to know by consulting with a renowned on-demand app development company like JPLoft. Contact Now!!

The future of on-demand apps, as we can anticipate, as an experienced on-demand app development company lies in the concept of finding itself in the different industry verticals. We anticipate that there will be a time when on-demand app development solutions will be adopted beyond commutation. In addition, we can witness the use of emerging technologies like Blockchain, AI, etc., in the on-demand domain to offer an improved, excellent user experience.

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