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JPLoft aims to make tracking shipments easier for all supply chain stakeholders with GPS tracking app development services. Our GPS tracking solutions enable suppliers, retailers, and manufacturers to get real-time information about the whereabouts of vehicles/individuals. Location tracking solutions we create allow full fleet management, whether delivering raw materials from/to warehouses or transporting products and services to different destinations. As a renowned GPS tracking app development company, we simplify visualizing and sharing location data by integrating ERP/CRM applications with GPS tracking software.

Monitor Vehicle’s Activity in a Click with Our GPS Tracking Solutions

It is vital to have a GPS tracking application that suits your unique business needs in an ever-competitive market. JPLoft allows you to harness the full power of GPS technology and achieve unparalleled operational excellence. Our cutting-edge GPS tracker solutions will help you to monitor your vehicle's activity easily. We craft feature-rich GPS tracking solutions that integrate seamlessly with your operations. Our solutions give you complete control over your fleet's movements, asset security, and data analysis.

Our GPS tracking solutions offer real-time tracking with powerful data analytics. You can use this information to optimize routes, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency. We protect your sensitive data with the latest encryption and authentication technologies. Our team of dedicated GPS app developers ensures you get the GPS tracking app development services you need, whether fleet management, asset tracker, or location-based services.

GPS Tracking App Development Company

Hire GPS Tracking App Developers to Create Solutions Like

Want to harness the power and effectiveness of GPS tracking solutions tailored to your needs? Our GPS tracking developers are experts in creating cutting-edge solutions to revolutionize location-based tracking. JPLoft, as your GPS tracking app development company can help you explore the endless possibilities of GPS technology and develop solutions tailored to your needs.

Life360 Clone01

Life360 Clone

Life360 Clone provides a complete family and friend tracking app. Users can create private circles to enable real-time sharing of location, driving safety analyses, and emergency alerts. Location history tracking, geofencing and the integration of IoT devices are some of the advanced features.

Waze Clone02

Waze Clone

Our Waze Clone is a crowdsourced traffic and navigation app that helps users navigate more efficiently. It features real-time traffic information, road closures, accident alerts, and more. The clone contains advanced features, such as voice-guided navigating, user-generated content, and a machine learning algorithm for predictive traffic analysis.

FamiSafe Clone03

FamiSafe Clone

FamiSafe Clone, a parental control app with advanced safety and tracking features, is designed to empower parents. It comprehensively controls children's device use, location tracking, and app monitoring. Our clone offers peace of mind for parents by providing state-of-the-art GPS tracking and monitoring.

Business-Centric Location Based App Development Solutions

GPS tracking app developers at JPLoft has experience in creating location-based applications. Our team of location-based app developers offers GPS tracking app development services. They have hands-on experience in creating location-based apps for fitness, games, AR/VR, and more.

The GPS tracking apps developed by JPLoft include-

Point of Interest Locating

Location-based features are a must in the modern world. Customers should be able to use GPS tracking to locate the nearest stores. Our team is experienced in developing apps that include GPS tracking modules. These apps will help you target customers to find the nearest store, get directions, and estimate driving distances.

Navigation and GPS Applications

Our team of location-based app developers offers GPS-based applications that can be seamlessly integrated with third-party apps like weather and traffic apps. JPLoft excels in offering real-time route software solutions integrated with GPS tracking. It can be used to manage fleets and for logistics.

Technology to Track Assets

Asset visibility is crucial for streamlining operations and generating revenue. We integrate technologies such as RFID trackers and NFC tags in asset tracking applications to update the location of assets in a central database. The location of assets is updated automatically in real-time when assets are moved.

Integrate Advanced Tech with Our Varied On-Demand GPS Tracking Applications

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Vehicle Tracking App

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Driver Tracking Application

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Asset Management Application

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Fleet Optimization Application

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Geofencing Location Based Services

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Car Tracking Application

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Custom GPS Software Development

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Driver Behavior Management

Future-Ready GPS Tracking We Have Delivered to Our Global Clients

Have a look at our rich portfolio of custom GPS tracking solutions we have delivered to our clients.

Path Trail

Path Trail

Path Trail is a cutting-edge GPS tracking app that empowers users to effortlessly monitor and record their journeys. With intuitive features and real-time location updates it enhance the customers' experience.

Route Hunt

Route Hunt

Route Hunt is your ultimate GPS tracking app, perfect for adventure seekers and travelers. Discover new paths, track your routes, and share your journey with precision.

Achieve Winning Edge with Top GPS Tracking App Features We Integrate

The GPS tracking app we develop offers advanced features that give you a competitive edge. Our technological prowess allows us to provide cutting-edge solutions that offer precision, real-time insight, and unparalleled control over assets and operations. Discover the top features, we as best GPS tracking app development company integrate into GPS software solutions. It will elevate your business at the forefront of GPS technology.

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Real-Time Location Tracking

With our GPS tracking app, you can track vehicles or assets in real-time with an unmatched level of accuracy and precision. It allows you to stay up-to date with the exact location of your assets, which will help you make quick decisions and improve operational efficiency.

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Geofencing and Alerts

Our integrated geofencing capability allows you to create virtual boundaries in specific geographical areas. You will receive an instant notification when assets enter and exit predefined zones. Geofencing enhances asset utilization and security.

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Predictive Analytics

Predict future movements with our GPS tracking app integrated with cutting-edge algorithms. Our system analyzes historical data and real-time information to provide valuable insights. This allows you to make informed decisions and plans.

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Route Optimization

Our GPS tracking solutions optimize vehicle routes to reduce fuel consumption and travel time. Our GPS tracking applications consider various parameters, such as traffic, road closures, and vehicle capabilities, to ensure your assets take the most efficient path.

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Historical Location Data

Our GPS tracking app gives you access to historical location data. This resource is invaluable as it allows you to dig deep into past behaviors and routes of your assets. This historical data can give you the information needed to make informed decisions and plan for the future.

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Multi-Platform Compatibility

Our app is fully compatible across multiple platforms. You can use it on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer to access important tracking information. This cross-device functionality ensures you are always informed and connected, no matter your chosen platform.

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Customizable Reporting

Our app has robust reporting capabilities that can be customized to your needs. Create customized reports that give you in-depth metrics, insights, and data about your business. This makes it easier to evaluate performance and identify improvement areas.

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Integration with IoT Devices

Our developers integrate GPS tracking application with Internet of Things devices (IoT),to improve tracking capabilities. Connecting to sensors and IoT devices can provide you with a wealth additional data. This can help refine asset tracking and management.

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Driver Behavior Monitoring

Our app goes beyond simple location tracking by providing detailed data on driver behavior. Monitor factors such as speed, braking, and acceleration to promote safer driving practices and increase overall operational efficiency.

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Fuel Consumption Analysis

With our advanced tracking features, you can closely monitor your fuel consumption. You can save money by identifying fuel consumption patterns and choosing fuel-efficient driving habits.

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Asset Maintenance Reminders

Say goodbye to unplanned downtime and expensive repairs. Our GPS tracking app features automated maintenance reminders to inform you about scheduled maintenance tasks. This helps you manage your assets more effectively and reduces operational disruptions.

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Security Features

Security is of paramount importance. Our app is equipped with an extensive set of security features, including anti-theft alerts and tampering alerts. These features give you peace of mind, as they help protect your valuable assets against potential threats and unauthorized entry.

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Features for Admin Panel

Web-Admin Panel Features
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User Access Control

Using our advanced admin panel, you can precisely define and manage roles and permissions for users. Assure that only the correct individuals have access to the data and security.

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Real-Time Analytics Dashboard

A dynamic analytics dashboard provides real-time insight into the performance of your system and user behavior. Monitor key metrics, system health, and user interactions to optimize services and make informed decisions.

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Automated Task Scheduling

Automated task scheduling streamlines operations. Manage complex workflows and routine tasks and save time.

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Customizable Data Visualization

Adapt data visualization tools to your needs. Using our admin panel, you can create custom reports, charts, and graphs. This allows you to extract valuable information from your data.

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API Integration

Integrate third-party APIs seamlessly to extend your system's functionality. Our admin panel lets you connect easily with APIs to enhance your service using external data sources and tools.

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Security and Compliance Management

Our comprehensive admin features ensure the highest levels of security and regulatory compliance. Implement encryption, auditing, and access controls to protect sensitive information and meet industry standards.

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Resource Monitoring and Scaling

Keep an eye on the system's resources and performance. Our admin panel allows real-time monitoring and resource allocation to meet changing demand.

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Notification and Alerting System

Stay informed using a sophisticated alerting and notification system. Configure alerts to notify you of critical events, anomalies, or performance thresholds. This will help you respond quickly to problems and maintain optimal performance.

User Panel Features


Intuitive User Interface

Enjoy a user-friendly, intuitive interface that makes navigation easy and task execution efficient. The user panel has an intuitive interface to ensure a smooth experience.


Personalized Dashboards

Customize your dashboard according to your needs. Create widgets and data displays to give users a personalized view of critical metrics and information.


Advanced Search and Filtering

Users can be empowered with advanced filtering and search options. Save time by locating and retrieving specific data from large datasets.


Multi-Platform Access

You can access your user panel from any platform, including mobile devices, desktop applications, and web browsers. On the move, you can enjoy consistent data and functionality.


Collaboration Tools

Integrated collaboration tools can improve teamwork and communication. Users can work together in real-time, share documents, and discuss projects from the user panel.


Smart Notifications

Stay informed with intelligent notifications. Smart notifications are available in our user panel. These deliver real-time alerts and updates based on the user's preferences and system events.


Data Visualization and Insights

Leverage advanced data visualization tools to gain actionable insights. Users can create interactive charts, graphs, and reports to analyze data trends and make data-driven decisions.


Integration Hub

Integrate seamlessly with third-party services and applications through our integration hub. This feature allows users to enhance productivity by connecting with external tools and extending the functionality of their user panel.

Customer App Features

Driver Panel Features

Driver Panel
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Real-Time Fleet Monitoring

Stay connected with your fleet. Our driver panel allows drivers to monitor and track vehicle locations in real-time to make informed decisions about routes and schedules.

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Dynamic Route Optimization

Access advanced route-optimization tools that adapt to changing traffic conditions and help drivers find the fastest, most efficient routes. Travel time, fuel consumption, and delivery delays can be reduced.

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Smart Vehicle Diagnostics

Real-time diagnostics allow you to monitor the health of your vehicle. The driver can get alerts about maintenance requirements, which allows for proactive service and minimizes breakdowns.

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Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)

Electronic proof of delivery streamlines delivery processes. Take digital signatures and photos to confirm delivery in real-time.

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Two-Way Communication

Facilitate seamless communication among drivers and dispatchers. The driver panel provides voice and two-way messages for instant updates.

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Safety and Compliance Features

Integrated features ensure driver safety and regulatory conformity. Drivers can log their hours of service and conduct pre-trip checks. They will also receive alerts for compliance with industry standards.

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Performance Analytics

Performance analytics allows you to monitor driver behavior, efficiency, and performance. Monitoring driving habits, fuel consumption, and productivity can improve driver safety and performance.

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Mobile Integration

Our driver panel integrates seamlessly with mobile devices and provides access to essential features for smartphones and tablets. Drivers can stay connected while driving and have access to critical information.

Ready to Build an Exclusive Online GPS Tracking Mobile App for Your Business?

Develop best tailored GPS Tracking App solution with top-notch GPS Tracking App development company in the USA and India and provide people with an ease to find love of their life, soulmates and friends within a few taps on their smartphones.

GPS Tracking App Development Cost Estimation

A custom GPS tracking application can unlock the full potential of modern technologies for your business. Learn about the investment strategies to consider for developing a GPS-tracking app.

App Platform

App Platform

GPS tracking app is available for both Android and iOS. It completely depends on the framework used to develop the application. GPS tracking apps would be slightly costlier in iOS.

UI/UX Designing

UI/UX Designing

The integrated UX/UI design of the GPS tracking application will affect the client's budget, depending on the amount of time taken by the developer in creating the design and the value-added purchase of the plugins.



Purchasing the cloud storage for systematic performance and maintenance of the GPS tracking app requires the necessary storage volume so that the application can perform smoothly.

App Features

App Features

The Advanced features integration in the GPS tracking app will not only improve the application's quality but also impact the app development budget.

Tech Stack

Tech Stack

The technology stack is one of the price-holding factors of GPS tracking apps. It includes front-end and back-end developers' programming, which can bring major differences in the investment.

App Testing

App Testing

App Testing is an important process of identifying the bugs and errors in the GPS tracking app. This process may take time in several projects, which involve a slight increase in the app cost.

Grocery App

App Security

Users find GPS tracking apps safe and secure if an advanced security system is integrated into the application. With the proper encryption and security check, people can feel safe regarding their data and live location access.

Our GPS Tracking App Screens

GPS Tracking App screen
GPS Tracking App screen
GPS Tracking App screen
GPS Tracking App screen
GPS Tracking App screen
GPS Tracking App screen
GPS Tracking App screen
GPS Tracking App screen
GPS Tracking App screen

Working Process of GPS Tracking Application

Learn how our GPS tracking software works. Discover the working process behind efficient asset management, including real-time tracking.

  • 1

    Data Collection and GPS Signals

    GPS tracking begins by collecting data via satellites. The GPS tracking application receives signals from several satellites to pinpoint the exact location of the tracked vehicle or asset.

  • 2

    Data Processing and Fusion

    The application then processes the GPS data and merges it with other information, such as maps and traffic data. This fusion improves accuracy and gives a complete view of an asset's condition.

  • 3

    Real-Time Data Transmission

    Secure communication protocols transmit real-time data from the application to the central server. The data transmitted includes the location, speed, and direction of assets or sensors, as well as any custom telemetry.

  • 4

    Data Storage and Historical Tracking

    The application stores historical tracking information securely, giving users access to past routes, events, and stops. These data are invaluable for analytics and compliance. They can also be used to improve future operations.

  • 5

    Alert Generation and Notifications

    The application uses advanced algorithms to analyze real-time information and trigger alerts based on rules. These alerts may include speeding, geofencing, maintenance reminders, or critical events.

  • 6

    User Interface and Reporting

    Users can easily access historical data, reports, and analytics through the application's user-friendly interface. Dashboards and information give users the insights they need to make informed decisions and optimize routes.

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Dedicated Team

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Time and Material

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

GPS app development can provide benefits like enhanced fleet management, tracking of assets in real-time, and better customer service. It can optimize routes and streamline operations.

GPS application uses GPS/GNSS receivers and geofencing to ensure accurate location tracking.

GPS apps places a high priority on data security. Data is protected by advanced encryption, authentication, and authorization protocols during data collection, transmission, and storage.

Apps for GPS are compatible with a variety of platforms, including iOS, Android, and web browsers. They are compatible with smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

GPS app developers adhere to industry-specific privacy regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA. They implement features such as user consent, data anonymization, and secure data handling to protect privacy.

The cost and timeline for developing a GPS application can vary depending on complexity, features, and customization. The typical project can take several months, and a budget tailored to your needs will be required. A more accurate estimate can be obtained by discussing your project with the development team.

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