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Boost your electric scooter rental business with JPLoft. Having more than a decade of experience in the development sector, we engineer world class e-scooter app development solutions to help existing businesses in the industry thrive and allow startups to make their way in the sector through custom e-scooter rental applications.

Want to Build a Custom E-Scooter App?

The emergence of EVs has changed the way people used to travel and commute across the city. Now people prefer electric scooters, or e-bikes, if they want to commute within a limited range. Not due to the cost-effectiveness it offers as compared to fossil-fuel driven vehicles. But it also supports the great initiative of a greener environment. Global warming is increasing with each passing year, and cutting down one of the most common pollution sources with EVs can help slow it down.

We at JPLoft are contributing to this noble cause wholeheartedly by offering top-notch e-scooter app development services to existing businesses and newbies preparing to enter the e-scooter sharing and rental business. Develop a custom e-scooter mobile application with us and stand out from the competition.

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Get Customized E-scooter App Development Solutions Like

Looking to start your own e-scooter rental business? We can help you create a customized app similar to your favorite popular brands. Our expert e-scooter app developers will bring your idea to life on time and within budget. Don't wait, get started today!

App Like Spin01

App Like Spin

For a convenient and eco-friendly urban transport solution, creating an app like Spin is ideal. Users can locate, unlock, and ride nearby e-scooters easily. Don't forget to ensure a user-friendly interface, efficient fleet management, and local regulatory compliance for success.

App Like Lime02

App Like Lime

Considering an app like Lime is also a good option for urban e-scooter mobility, consider an app like Lime. It helps users locate, unlock, and ride scooters with ease. The inclusion of features like battery indicators and real-time traffic information is a plus, along with safety with helmet recommendations and road rule education.

App Like Circ03

App Like Circ

If you're all offering hassle-free city scooting, developing an app like Circ is an ideal choice. Such an app makes finding, renting, and riding scooters seamless for the users. Scooter quality and safety remain the key focus, along with the availability of multiple payment options and ride history.

Comprehensive Range of E-Scooter App Development Solutions Provided by JPLoft

JPLoft is a top-rated e-scooter mobile app development company known for its best-in-class, cost-effective e-scooter rental and sharing app development services. We offer Android, iOS and Cross-platform app development for global e-scooter rental businesses. If you want to start one or digitalize the existing one, you will get the following as our e-scooter app solution’s core part.

The Electric Scooter Apps developed by JPLoft include-

App for Users

It provides users with a host of handy features to simplify booking an e-scooter. Including sign-up and login, e-scooter search, nearby e-scooter rental station location, multiple payment options, reviews & ratings, and others.

App for Vendor

A handy tool for e-scooter fleet owners, enabling them to rent their vehicles, track their status, earn management and more.

Web Admin Panel

The admin app panel enables business owners to monitor all the activities conducted by users and vendors. The dashboard feature of this panel provides the admin with all the important information in one place to manage overall business activities.

Apart for this, you can ask for the following e-scooter app development solutions as per your business needs

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E-scooter Rental Android App

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E-scooter Rental iOS App

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Moped Rental App

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E-bike Ride Sharing App

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Scooter Sharing Software

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E-scooter Ride Booking App

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E-scooter Tracking App

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E-scooter Fleet Management App

On-demand e-scooter mobile apps developed by JPLoft

Have a look at some of our recent work on E-scooter app development and get to know what you will receive if you outsource your on-demand e-scooter app solution project with us.



EchoRider is your go-to on-demand E-scooter app, offering eco-friendly mobility solutions. Zip around town effortlessly, reduce your carbon footprint, and enjoy urban exploration.



SparkWatt revolutionizes urban commuting with its E-scooter app. Ignite your journey, access sustainable transportation, and experience the city's energy like never before.

Key Features of Our E-Scooter App Development Solutions

The following are the primary features of our Electric Scooter App development solutions, which are competent to fulfil the requirements of a diverse range of application users.

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It is a must have feature for any e-scooter app development project. Users can register themselves using this feature and access the application to book e-scooters on the go.

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GPS Integration

GPS integration in any on-demand e-scooter application allows users to find nearby available scooters and hire them all through the app.

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Live Tracking

This option provides users with the ease of locating e-scooters parked in parking areas. Also, it turns out to be helpful in finding e-scooters that need repair.

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QR Code Scanner

The integration of the QR Code Scanner feature in an e-scooter application enables users to lock or unlock the e-scooter by scanning the code. Also, they can simply start and end the ride.

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Payment Integration

Payment gateway integration in an application gives users the freedom to make payments for the services received through the app without any hassle.

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Cross-Platform Accessibility

If the users are provided with cross-platform accessibility, they can easily access your e-scooter application on any device. All they need are their login credentials, and access to the services is just a few taps away.

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Push Notification

The integration of the push notification feature into your e-scooter application will be highly beneficial for your business. It will help you stay connected with your users and notify them about the latest deals, offers, promotions and other events.

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Multi-Lingual Support

Having multi-lingual support for your e-scooter application will be a great help for the users. When booking and riding an e-scooter through the app, users may have queries and concerns. Since every person doesn’t speak the same language. It’s vital to avail multi-lingual support to resolve their queries quickly and easily.

Looking for a Mobile App Solution to propel your Business?

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Admin Panel Features

Web-Admin Panel Features
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It provides the admin with an overview of the activity taking place within the system, including ride statistics, user registrations, and revenue.

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User Management

The feature gives the admin the ease of managing user accounts, resolving their issues and verifying their identities if required.

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Scooter Management

The system provides the admin with the ease of adding, removing and maintaining the scooter fleet.

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Transaction Management

The admin can keep track of financial transactions, generate reports on them, and process refunds if necessary.

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Promotions and Discounts

With this, the admin can manage the ongoing discounts, promotions and loyalty programs as per their popularity among the customers.

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Support and Ticket System

This option is aimed at the management of customer support tickets, assigning support agents accordingly, and tracking whether the issue has been resolved or not.

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This tech-advanced feature permits the admin to create and adjust geofences for scooter operation areas and no parking zones.

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Analytics and Reporting

The features provide the admin with a comprehensive set of tools for analytics and reporting to get business insights.

User Panel Features



This feature enables users to create accounts or log in using their existing credentials or social media accounts.


Profile Management

With this feature, users can effortlessly change their personal information, add payment methods, and set preferences.


Find and Reserve Scooters

This option gives users the facility of locating nearby scooters, checking their status, and reserving those scooters.


Unlock/End Ride

This option provides users with an interface that allows the unlocking of a reserved scooter and ending the ride when it is completed.


Ride History

With this feature, users can trace back their previous rides and learn about information like time, distance, and cost.



This option enables users to manage their payment methods and view transaction histories.


Discounts and Offers

Through this tab, users can learn about the ongoing promotions and apply discount codes.


Support and Help

This is one of the essential features for users. It helps them get customer support, answers to their queries, and a way to report issues.

Customer App Features

Fleet Manager Panel Features

Washer App
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Scooter Fleet Management

This option provides the fleet manager with the current status of all scooters, including information like battery level, location, and maintenance needs.

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Maintenance and Repairs

With this feature, the fleet manager can schedule scooter maintenance, repairs, and recharging as well.

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Deployment and Redistribution

Thanks to this option, the fleet manager can efficiently optimize scooter deployment and redistribute them to high-demand areas.

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Performance Analytics

It provides data on the performance of the scooters, that can be utilized to optimize the fleet's efficiency.

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Geofencing Control

Helps make necessary adjustments to operational zones and geofencing in order to provide effective scooter management.

Want to Build an E-Scooter App for Your Two-Wheeler Rental Business?

As a prominent E-scooter app development company, we can help you build a custom E-scooter app development solution for your two-wheeler rental business. Our unique, innovative, robust and secure on-demand e-scooter application will help you stand out from the competition.

On-Demand E Scooter App Development Cost Estimation

It's impossible to tell the exact cost of on-demand e scooter app development since it depends on several factors. Here you will find all the factors that influence the E-Scooter App Development cost.

App Platform

App Platform

The app platform you choose for your e-scooter app development solution influences the cost accordingly. If you choose native app development over cross-platform app development, the development cost will surely be higher.

UI/UX Designing

App Design

A visually appealing app with an easy-to-navigate interface ensures your e-scooter rental and sharing app development is successful. However, the complex UI/UX design accordingly attracts a handsome amount that multiplies the overall e-scooter app development cost.

App Storage

App Storage

Large sized applications require more storage space, which translates into increased app development costs. Therefore, having optimized storage space for your e-scooter application will be cost efficient.

App Features

App Features

The number of features in any on-demand e-scooter application affects the overall development cost. Including essential features with limited advanced features will not only keep your app functional but also cost effective. Additional features will increase the budget.

Tech Stack

Tech Stack

The technology stack incorporated into any electric scooter app development project affects the overall cost. The incorporation of an industry-grade tech stack will be budget friendly whereas the selection of an advanced tech stack will be premium.

Third-Party Integration

Third-Party Integration

APIs or third party integrations act as app performance boosters. There are free and paid APIs available in the market that accordingly vary the electric scooter app development cost.

App Testing

App Testing

The top notch app testing ensures the development of a bug-free, performance oriented electric scooter renting app. However, this demands the use of premium testing tools, which correspondingly influence the app development cost.

Grocery App

App Security

The integration of security features in an E-scooter app development solution is crucial. The number of included app security features will automatically alter the e-scooter app development cost.

Our E-Scooter App Screens

Electric Scooter App screen
Electric Scooter App screen
Electric Scooter App screen
Electric Scooter App screen
Electric Scooter App screen
Electric Scooter App screen
Electric Scooter App screen
Electric Scooter App screen

How Does Our On-Demand e-Scooter App Work?

The E-scooter app development solution we provide to our esteemed clients packs a simple and easy-to-use interface crafted using cutting edge technology. So whenever a user wants to book a ride, he/she follows the process given below.

  • 1

    Search for rides

    The user signs in to the app with authorized credentials and looks for the e-scooter nearby.

  • 2

    Scan code

    The user scans the QR code of the scooter to unlock the ride

  • 3

    Make Payment

    The user makes the payment by choosing his/her preferred payment mode or making an initial deposit payment.

  • 4

    Vehicle Allotment

    Once the payment is done, the ride will be allocated to the user.

  • 5

    Live Tracking

    The admin can track the e-scooter and the user's location in real time soon after the ride begins.

  • 6

    Ratings and reviews

    Once the ride is completed, the users can rate and provide feedback about the service experience they had.

Why You Must Choose JPLoft for Mobile App Development

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  • Dedicated, accountable resources
  • Save up to 60% for your development cost
  • Quick team ramp-up & no contract lock-ins
  • Quickly increase or decrease your team size
  • Fixed cost, hourly or monthly engagements
  • 97%+ client retention rate
  • Strict non-disclosure agreement
  • Clear, concise and consistent communication
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JPLoft Solutions uses cutting-edge technologies to develop unique solutions for your business. Our team’s deep expertise covers a vast range of technologies, making us stand above other companies.


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We offer three different yet effective partnership models to fulfil individuals' business requirements and multiply their profits. Clients can hire an individual developer or a dedicated team, considering their project requirements. Let's have a look at our set of engagement models.

Fixed Price
Fixed Price

This business model is best for small and medium-sized projects. If you choose this model, you have a fair idea of your project requirements, scope, and deadlines, along with a rough estimation of the budget since the fixed price model ensures the delivery of a complete solution under a fixed budget.

Dedicated Team
Dedicated Team

This model is best-suited if you have a long-term project. Herein you can hire a dedicated team remotely and completely control it without any infrastructure investment. In the meantime, you can extend and reduce the team based on the needed resources for the project. In terms of payment, you need to pay for the resources on a monthly basis.

Time and Material
Time and Material

Time & material is a flexible model as it supports the Agile development process. When the project's scope and features are unclear to you, it's best to choose the Time & Material model because it allows changes to project specifications at any time. And you need to pay only for the time and resources spent on the project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are the reasons behind the popularity of E-scooter app development. E-scooters are enviornment-friendly, cost-effective and save roads from congestion.

Here are a few names that are highly popular in the E-scooter app industry, such as Spin, Skip, Bird, JUMP and Lime.

If we talk about the most impressive trends in E-scooter app development, app solutions like Lime and Bird garnered an increased download rate of 580% during the months of January and July. While in the United States only, the app downloads surpassed over 880,000, which is calculated to be seven times higher than the first 31 days of 2018.

Here are some essential features of an E-scooter application:
  • Locating nearby E-scooters
  • QR scanning
  • Real-time tracking
  • Multiple payment options
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Push notifications
  • Customer support

The E-scooter app development cost depends on several factors. Therefore, it's not easy to quote an exact cost for E-scooter app development. If you want to know the estimated cost of your E-scooter app development project, it is wise to consider the following factors.

  • The number of app features and their complexity
  • App platform you choose-Android, iOS or both
  • Development time
  • Development team and its location
  • UI/UX Design
  • Tech Stack, etc.

The timeframe for building an E-scooter app depends on several factors. If you want to get an estimate of your E-scooter app development idea, it is wise to share your requirements with a trusted e-scooter app development company and get an estimate accordingly.

Yeah, why not. With the arrival of new e-scooter models, it's possible to launch an e-scooter rental business in both small and large cities. These e-scooters offer considerable range, which enables a convenient and hassle free commute across the city. No matter if it's a smaller or bigger one.

JPLoft is a renowned E-scooter app development company with over a decade of experience in mobile app development. Our expert team of developers has hands-on experience in developing and deploying successful e-scooter app development solutions for our esteemed global clients. Hire e-scooter app developers from us and get a unique and customized E-scooter rental app as per your specific business requirements. We promise to deliver a bespoke, feature-rich and quality product within the given timeframe and estimated budget. Contact us now!

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