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Quality Video Streaming App Development from Industry Experts. Expand your entertainment business globally with certified developers at JPLoft's comprehensive on-demand video streaming app development solutions like Amazon Prime Video Store. Leverage our customized solutions for live sports streaming, TV series streaming, web series viewing, and other interactive media tools with our customized streaming apps!

Build an On-demand Video Streaming App

Video provides unparalleled digital engagement, making delivering your information directly to those who need it easier. JPLoft can develop custom apps with live streaming, VOD solutions, eCommerce-related videos, and interactive elements - capable of streaming high-quality videos onto desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices alike - providing an unforgettable user experience and positioning your business ahead of the competition.

JPLoft provides app development services and a platform that connects our clients to the world of technology. Recognizing media streaming's growth potential, we have a dedicated part of our team solely to streaming app development.

Video Streaming App Development Company

Get Customized Video Streaming App Solutions Like

At JPLoft, our team of experts has designed an incredible platform that will elevate your streaming experience to new heights. Get ready to unleash the potential of your screen and explore an expansive universe of captivating content; transcend boundaries and embark on an extraordinary streaming adventure using our pioneering app solutions!

Netflix Clone App01

Netflix Clone App

Create an immersive streaming experience like Netflix with our app development expertise. Create an app like Netflix that provides users with movies, TV shows, and original content - let's revolutionize how people access on-demand entertainment and forge the future of digital storytelling together!

AmazonPrime Clone App02

AmazonPrime Clone App

Reach new heights of success for your business with our app development expertise. Build an Amazon Prime like app, offering convenience, extensive product offerings, and superior customer experiences. Join industry giants' ranks and change how people shop, stream media content, or enjoy premium services.

YouTube Clone App03

YouTube Clone App

Are you ready to embark on the path to video-sharing greatness? Our app development expertise can help you develop an app like YouTube that revolutionizes how content is consumed and shared online - from user-generated videos to captivating channels. We will revolutionize the digital landscape and empower millions to become viral sensations!

On-demand Video Streaming App Development by JPLoft

Video streaming apps became the entertainment partner of the users. Worldwide, multiple popular OTT platforms are gaining public interest and providing good value to the Admin. Learn about the key components the Admin will get in their video streaming app.

The Video Streaming App by JPLoft includes:

User Panel

It comprises Login, Language Filter, Playlist, Favourites, offline downloading, searching option, Genre Filter, in-app purchase, and multiple other facilities to enjoy smooth movie or show streaming.

Admin Panel

It comprises subscription offers, discounts, festival coupon codes, referral coupon discounts, user profile management, featuring demanding movies online, and getting customer reviews.

Live TV

The most engaging section of the video streaming app is the live show on the program streaming section. Users can enjoy their favourite shows and live events in this section.

Why Choose Us for Live Streaming App Solution?

You can ask us for the following solutions, including the core components. We will be delighted to customize your next video streaming application.

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TV Streaming App Development

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Media Player App Development

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Streaming Software Development

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Short Video Streaming App

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Video Conferencing App Development

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Education & Training (VOD) Development

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Movie Streaming App Development

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E-commerce Live Streaming App Development

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OTT Platform App Development

On Demand Video Streaming App Development Portfolio

Explore our portfolio of on demand video streaming solutions we have delivered to our clients.



No need to subscribe the whole screen anymore. Purchase your favorite movie and enjoy streaming it.



KlubHub is your platform to create and share video content with your friends and family.

Key Features of Our Dynamic Video Streaming App

All our live video streaming app solutions boast exceptional features designed to ensure maximum engagement and user retention.

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Design-Driven Solutions

We design intuitive designs when developing Android video streaming app development and iOS streaming app development solutions.

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Various Categories

Our video streaming app contains thousands of categories for users to easily find their ideal video and enjoy watching it.

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Advanced Settings

JPLoft provides users with access to an advanced settings menu, which enables them to tailor and configure app settings according to their individual preferences and settings preferences.

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Push Notifications

Push notifications can be an extremely useful way of increasing user engagement within an application by creating a habit among its users to check in regularly for what is new.

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Add Videos

Allowing users to save and watch their favorite videos at a later time is an invaluable feature in your app.

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Offering Discounts and Promotions

Offering your users promotions and discounts as part of your media streaming software development is an essential feature.

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Cloud Computing Integration Services available

For your app to run smoothly and faster, data storage needs to be addressed - what better solution than cloud computing solutions?

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Template Customization

Users enjoy personalizing their app according to their tastes, making this an essential feature in a streaming video app.

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Child Lock: Today's Must Have

Today, child protection features are becoming necessary, with so much online content that users may not wish for their children to view.

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Advanced Filters

Allowing viewers to search their favorite shows and videos by name of artist, genre, or music is an amazing feature to offer users.

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Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing is an incredible feature that simplifies video streaming, making online learning or tutorial videos much easier to access.

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Comments Section

Our video streaming app development solutions feature a comment section where viewers can voice their opinion on what they watched.

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Admin App Features

Web-Admin Panel Features
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Uploading Video

Admin can frequently upload multiple new shows and movies per the user’s requirements to maintain engagement on the video streaming app.

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User Management

Admin get the user's interest information by which they can filter and segregate their interest. Admin also gets profile information through which they can restrict the age restriction content.

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Membership Management

Admin can update the membership plan as per customers' engagement on the video streaming app based on the subscription frequency. Additionally, Admin can also provide free membership to build a customer base.

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Push Notifications

Managing the push notifications alert can bring more attention to video streaming app. Users can receive these notifications via SMS, email, and app notifications.

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Running Ads

Running promotional ads on the live video streaming app will benefit the Admin. When an application has more engagement, Multiple brands will offer an approach for promotion.

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Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on the Video Streaming App will inform the customer's requirements and help identify their needs. It will help resolve the queries of the customers.

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Editing Albums

Adding multiple genres in the on-demand video streaming app will help users find the relevant movie of their choice.

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Filter Videos

Adding different movies according to their genre will be an approaching move for the Admin to support their users in finding their favourite film with the filter options.

User App Features



Users can easily log in with basic live video streaming app credentials. It is necessary to save the previous data and downloads.


Creating Profile

Creating a profile will help the video streaming app development company understand the user's needs and choices so that they can provide more relevant content to watch on the app.


Binge Watching

On-demand live streaming apps provide binge-watching features from which users can constantly watch multiple episodes for or without breaks.


Creating playlist

Creating a playlist on a video streaming app helps users save their favourite movies for future streaming. It also enhances the AI detection ability of apps to serve users with similar content.


Offline Downloads

On-demand video streaming app lets users download their favourite movies to watch Offline. This feature is very helpful in case the network connection is poor.


In-app purchase

Users can manage their in-app purchases according to their requirements. Users can take any membership plan according to their choice to get full access to the video streaming application.


Managing Push Notifications

Users can manage their push notification alerts according to their choice. Users who don’t want to get distance from the video streaming app can turn off the notification.


Language Selection

Language selection in the video streaming app will help users find and watch the movie in their favourite language. It will help the video streaming app development company track users' choices.

Customer App Features

Ready to Build an Exclusive Online Video Streaming Mobile App for Your Business?

Develop best tailored Video Streaming App solution with top-notch Video Streaming App development company in the USA and India and provide people with an ease to find love of their life, soulmates and friends within a few taps on their smartphones.

Video Streaming App Development Cost Estimation

Several components estimate the cost of video streaming apps. The cost of each member is still included in the total price for video-on-demand app development. We'll look at the factors influencing VOD streaming apps' prices.



Content Delivery Networks (CDN) are necessary for any live-streaming application, including video and music. Budget is a key factor when selecting a distribution network. The cost of the CDN will be estimated based on your choice.

UI/UX Components

UI/UX Components

The UI/UX of the app is what makes it interesting and entertaining. Developing these components takes time, effort, and the right tools. Professional tools are expensive, but they produce the best results.



Users of all ages worldwide use the video streaming app. You need to have enough storage space for the ever-growing user database. You can choose from a variety of cloud hosting services.

App Features

App Features

Features are important for a video streaming application from the point of view of user engagement. This is a challenging task, requiring a lot of programming and technology. This also affects the cost.

Video Hosting

Video Hosting

Video hosting is necessary for the perfect and timely broadcasting of your content. The subscription fee for this service affects the app development cost.

Third-Party APIs

Third-Party APIs

Third-party APIs provide the app with additional functionality that it lacks. Basic APIs are free. However, you will need to integrate a paid API for more advanced features.

Our Video Streaming App Screens

Video Streaming App screen
Video Streaming App screen
Video Streaming App screen
Video Streaming App screen
Video Streaming App screen
Video Streaming App screen
Video Streaming App screen
Video Streaming App screen
Video Streaming App screen

Working Process of Video Streaming Application

JPLoft follows a strict Software Development Model to ensure unimaginable success. To develop intuitive UI/UX, we begin with a detailed analysis and research of your idea. The expert team will then build a robust, scalable solution. QA will test this to ensure that you receive a high-quality product.

  • 1

    Research & Planning

    Before moving forward with the development, JPLoft experts conduct extensive research and brainstorming. They will then determine if your idea for an app is feasible.

  • 2

    Design Phase

    The developers then move to the design phase. First, they create a wireframe and document the app to understand its future potential better. They then create a prototype.

  • 3


    The core development of an app begins after the design team has completed the app. Next, the backend developers get to work on the app. Then, they start with bug fixes & light testing.

  • 4


    The QA team will perform thorough testing after the app has been developed. The testing is done in three stages. This process ensures that your app is free of bugs.

  • 5


    The deployment is the final step. JPLoft experts prepare the best product for submission of the app. They then publish and launch the application on the various app stores.

  • 6

    Ongoing Support

    JPLoft offers support after deployment. JPLoft provides ongoing support for mobile app development, including SLA and Maintenance.

Why You Must Choose JPLoft for Mobile App Development

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  • Dedicated, accountable resources
  • Save up to 60% for your development cost
  • Quick team ramp-up & no contract lock-ins
  • Quickly increase or decrease your team size
  • Fixed cost, hourly or monthly engagements
  • 97%+ client retention rate
  • Strict non-disclosure agreement
  • Clear, concise and consistent communication
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JPLoft Solutions uses cutting-edge technologies to develop unique solutions for your business. Our team’s deep expertise covers a vast range of technologies, making us stand above other companies.


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Our Business Models

We offer three different yet effective partnership models to fulfil individuals' business requirements and multiply their profits. Clients can hire an individual developer or a dedicated team, considering their project requirements. Let's have a look at our set of engagement models.

Fixed Price
Fixed Price

This business model is best for small and medium-sized projects. If you choose this model, you have a fair idea of your project requirements, scope, and deadlines, along with a rough estimation of the budget since the fixed price model ensures the delivery of a complete solution under a fixed budget.

Dedicated Team
Dedicated Team

This model is best-suited if you have a long-term project. Herein you can hire a dedicated team remotely and completely control it without any infrastructure investment. In the meantime, you can extend and reduce the team based on the needed resources for the project. In terms of payment, you need to pay for the resources on a monthly basis.

Time and Material
Time and Material

Time & material is a flexible model as it supports the Agile development process. When the project's scope and features are unclear to you, it's best to choose the Time & Material model because it allows changes to project specifications at any time. And you need to pay only for the time and resources spent on the project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Developing a live-streaming app requires creating multiple revenue streams; third-party advertisements and paid commercials can generate additional revenues for your app. We can assist in developing any monetization models you have in mind.

Our mobile app developers specialize in developing live streaming apps from scratch, custom-tailored to meet the requirements of each client. Choose your features of interest, and we will create a UI/UX that best reflects the specific ideology behind your app, making yours stand out amongst competitors.

At first glance, video streaming apps may seem straightforward. But the best streaming apps offer robust performance and an engaging user experience through features like intelligent AI recommendations and more features. Hiring an expert video streaming app development team will make your app competitive with others on the market.

JPLoft ensures the scalability and performance of their live streaming apps by employing innovative technologies like adaptive bitrate streaming, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs),and cloud infrastructure. These advanced techniques allow the apps to support many concurrent users while minimizing buffering for an enjoyable streaming experience. JPLoft continuously optimizes its apps to meet modern users' evolving demands.

JPLoft takes great care in prioritizing security and privacy throughout its app development process. They do this by employing multiple layers of protection - data encryption, secure APIs, and user authentication - to protect sensitive user data and information. Furthermore, JPLoft adheres to industry best practices and pertinent data protection regulations, such as GDPR, to protect app users while safeguarding client interests.

Your choice of platform for launching a video streaming app is up to you, although Android and iOS are two great platforms on which to focus. They both make excellent choices; it would be wiser for US users to go with iOS app development or an Apple TV-related product.

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