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Being the best POS development company, JPLoft takes pride in delivering the most innovative and user-centric POS development solutions. Our modern POS development services are infused with the latest technological solutions and tools, such as AI, AR, IoT, etc., catering to different industries. Hire a POS developer team or a service provider for your next project.

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POS Development Services Offered by JPLoft

Our primary goal is to resolve complex business problems with the help of technology. Our experts have designed elaborated POS development services with utmost consideration to aid businesses in growth, expansion, and sustenance. JPLoft has covered all POS evolution possibilities to provide a complete business solution.

Retail POS Development

Retail POS Development

Retail POS software is the demand for modern culture. Our custom POS development solution will help both parties and smoothen the workflow with the help of AI and other advanced technological solutions. Hire JPLoft for custom Retail POS development solutions to improve brand value and revenue.

Cloud Kitchen POS Software

Cloud Kitchen POS Software

Cloud kitchen is becoming a popular way to serve target audiences without the physical establishment. Our world-class and highly responsive applications using profitable POS development solutions help you reach your target audiences. Our Cloud Kitchen POS development services are a one-stop solution.

Restaurant POS Services

Restaurant POS Services

Our proficient restaurant POS development solutions help restaurants manage their orders, customize menus & reservations, schedule staff duties, inventory management, online payment systems, and more. Being a reliable POS development agency, our services smoothen the workflow for restaurant owners.

CRM Software Development

CRM Software Development

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of POS development solutions. Our POS software developers offer detailed analytics and descriptive reports in the CRM development solutions to understand the customers better. Choose error-free the best suitable POS development services for your business now.

Employee Management

Employee Management

Whether you offer grocery services, manage a retail business, work in a hospitable industry, or belong to any other industry, effective employee management is the fundamental requirement for the smooth workflow of every business, resulting in demand for employee management software development services.

Loyalty Software

Loyalty Software

Being a custom POS development company, JPLoft offers a wide range of loyalty software development services where the modern features will help you understand customer behavior, your most profitable services, etc. Consult our experts for your ingenious loyalty software development solution today.

Construct the Most Profitable and Sleek POS Application with Us

In the 21st century, every business and startup strives to stay ahead of the competition and does not hesitate to experiment with new technology. However, achieving this requires a proficient, personalized, and industry-grade POS software solution. With over a decade of experience, JPLoft has become one of the top POS development companies to assist you in attaining business goals and spreading brand vision among your target audiences. Our skilled POS developers are proficient in providing the industry's best POS development services.

Take benefits from our POS development solutions, which are a perfect mix of the latest technologies and trends. Obtain sales-driven, user-friendly, secure, and scalable POS softwares that fulfill all your POS business objectives. Our portfolio exhibits our track record of delivering world-class POS solutions to our esteemed global clients.

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POS Development Services

Salient Benefits of POS Development Solutions

POS development in today's time exhibits innumerable benefits in every industry, be it eCommerce, logistics, entertainment, grocery, or healthcare. Leverage the infinite possibilities offered by POS software.

Choose Your Ingenious
POS Software

Our skilled POS developers build well-optimized, efficient, and profitable POS software to attract target audiences to boost business reach. Our experienced developers at JPLoft opt for the new technologies to integrate into the POS software, resulting in solidifying brand value and enhanced user engagement.

  • Multi-store

  • 24/7 Access
    to Data

  • Simplification
    of Operations

  • Increased

  • Quick

  • Increased

  • Better User

  • Enhance Brand

We Work With Top Giants of the World

We have helped some renowned global business giants with sustainable and cutting-edge technology solutions.



A dedicated app solution for Whirlpool distributors and sellers to provide details of available stock in single platform.

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WFFA & RedbullWFFA & Redbull

WFFA & Red Bull

A platform to manage the global Red Bull Street Style tournaments for the WFFA (World Freestyle Football Association).

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A feature-rich, secure & easy-to-use on-demand app that serves users' diverse needs in Miami, Florida.

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It trains practitioners, asses participants and provides data/analytics of over 2.5 million children across the globe.

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A Glimpse of Our Unique, Trendy & Profitable Enterprise Solutions


Have a sneak peek into some of our recent works delivered to our esteemed global clients belonging to different industry verticals. and get to know how innovative, upscale and quality-rich product you will receive outsourcing your web and app development project with JPLoft, a most trusted technology partner.

Tap A Tradie


A marketplace to find and hire a qualified trade professional in Australia.

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Brainy wood


India's first e-learning platform equipped with innovative brain science concepts.

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Eternal Love Letter

Eternal Love Letter

A virtual keep space to nurture meaningful relationships with loved ones through written, photographic messages.

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A loving and cozy space for you and your loved ones that provides affordable accommodation plans anywhere, anytime.

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Temple Bliss

Temple Bliss

Know about the planets and stars' trajectories playing a key role in shaping your future & guiding you towards your destiny.

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An on-demand emergency service if your vehicle breaks down in a remote area & requires quick service.

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Open Bar

Open Bar

Find the honest reviews and ratings of Bourbon, Whiskey, and Scotch collections by people worldwide.

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Eye-catching POS Software Designs for Various Industries

Restaurant Industry

  • Faster User Management
  • Quick Booking System
  • Finer Menu Management

Retail Industry

  • Better Price Management
  • Attractive UI
  • Quick Online Payment

Hospitality Industry

  • Streamlined Booking System
  • Easy Customization
  • High User Satisfaction

Transportation Industry

  • Easy Location Tracking
  • Safety Management System
  • Swift Ordering System

Entertainment Industry

  • Hassle-free booking
  • Advance Search Option
  • Quick Payment System

Well-organized POS Development Process We Follow

As a dynamic POS application development company in the USA, the UK, and India, JPLoft pursues a well-crafted and streamlined POS development process with coherent steps to ensure effective development and on-time project launch. Let's take a look at that-

Analyzing Requirements & Wireframing01


Our business analysts will discuss your project and acquire the necessary data to initiate and assemble the POS development team. They will pursue a systematic approach and generate ideas with the POS development team. The brainstorming session will help outline the project and assign duties to respective departments & ensure a smooth workflow.


UI/UX Design

The UI/UX department will initiate the POS development process by designing the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX),keeping the business model and brand vision in mind. The design outcome will have wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to help developers visualize the final POS software layout, navigation system, and design.

Frontend and Backend Development03


After finalizing the POS software design, the developers' team starts building the code, keeping the client's requirements in mind. As an experienced POS application development company, we use a systematic approach to incorporate features, functions, API systems, etc., into the system and build scalable and high-performing POS software.


Quality Testing

When the POS software development stage gets completed, the quality analysts and test engineers take the matter into their hands. They select rigorous testing methods, use various platforms & devices to find bugs, errors, or discrepancies, and remove them from the system, ensuring effective & well-structured POS software delivery.



As a responsible POS application development company, we believe in keeping constant interaction with our clients. After the client's approval, the deployment of POS software starts. Our development team starts with setting up hosting, transferring web files, performing configuration processes, and more, ensuring a seamless transition.

API Integration04

Maintenance & Support

We, as a reliable and trusted POS development agency, offer after-launch POS software maintenance and support services. Our dedicated team of developers will stay in contact with you to enhance the POS software application as per user response and business requirements. You can directly contact our developers and take assistance.

Get Services Built with the Latest Robust Technologies

JPLoft Solutions uses cutting-edge technologies to develop unique solutions for your business. Our team’s deep expertise covers a vast range of technologies, making us stand above other companies.


Why Choose JPLoft for the POS Development Services

JPLoft offers a team of skillful POS developers who focus on developing effective POS architecture, user-centric interfaces, smooth payment processing, and implementing necessary safety measures to deliver robust POS software and enable business growth.

Custom Development

Reliable Tech Organization

We are a trusted POS development company providing the most innovative and well-optimized POS solutions to various business sectors.

Dedicated Developers

Finely Tuned Software Delivery

Our team of skilled developers and analysts always delivers error-free and well-structured POS solutions within a given timeframe & cost.

Support & Maintenance

Transparent Communication

Our POS development team maintains a transparent and honest interaction with clients and keeps them updated regarding the development.

On-time And In Budget

Dedicated Developers

Take advantage of our skilled POS software developers greatly efficient in developing the best POS system using new technologies and tools.

Excellent User Experience

Support and Maintenance

Our dependable POS developers can provide all the necessary maintenance and support assistance 24/7, even after the POS software launch.

Confidentiality & Security

Confidentiality & Security

We sign NDA with our clients for the safety and confidentiality of the project idea, development process, and other sensitive information.

Kickstart Your Dream Project With Us

We have worked with several world-best, innovative ideas, and brands across the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

POS refers to the ‘Point Of Sale’ system. It helps businesses accept payment offline or online in exchange for services or products while keeping track of sales.

In the POS system, the exchange of services and products takes place manually. It is made up of software and hardware. On the other hand, the EPOS system refers to the ‘Electronic POS.’ It’s a complete software system for payments, tracking sales, handling business accounts, etc.

The best POS system for small businesses can be categorized based on the type of business. Such as-

  • For Retail Business- Shopify
  • For No Transaction Fee- KORONA
  • For Restaurant Business- Toast
  • For No Monthly Fee- Paypal
  • For Next-day Payments- Aloha Cloud
  • For Businesses on Budget- Square
  • For Integrations- Clover
  • For Customer Loyalty- Lightspeed
  • For Omnichannel Business- eHopper
Though there is no fixed cost to mention regarding hiring a trusted POS development service. Still, we can tell you an approximate range on which most POS software expenses fall. It is US$30,000 to US$35,000.
Do consider a few trusted factors before hiring a POS development agency for your next project. These significantly important factors include portfolio, previous experience, client testimonials, developers' communication skills, versatility in POS services, etc.
The completion time of POS development solutions requires a significant time. It also depends on the business model, app platform, third-party integration, number of features, app complexity, etc. Usually, it takes about three to six months to complete the custom POS development process.
Yes, we do offer post-development services to our clients. Whatever you need, you can contact our POS development team and get the required assistance. For more information, contact our project management team.

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