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JPLoft is an expert taxi booking app development company with top-tier engineering capabilities and on-demand expertise, offering solutions designed to drive rapid growth for your apps without increasing costs or compromising quality. What sets our taxi booking app solution apart is its customizability, which ensures an exceptional user experience.

Want to Build a Custom Taxi Booking App

Recently, traditional taxi services have all but vanished due to a surge of innovative online taxi-booking apps that have overtaken the market. Taxi Hiring has become extremely common in many areas - particularly metropolitan cities. Not only is renting cheaper than owning your car, but it also frees you from jammed roads and repair hassles.

Make your taxi business profitable online - create your Taxi Apps like Uber and take it online with real-time tracking capabilities, dynamic pricing that takes into account traffic conditions, hours of availability or distance, rewards loyalty with discounts for customers who bring in friends as well as discounted rides based on any criteria of your choosing. Become the go-to expert for industry leaders in your region through our customized taxi app development solutions.

Taxi Booking Development Company

Get Customized Taxi Booking App Solutions Like

An experienced and dedicated team offers you the benefit of creating customized taxi app development services with features of your choosing. There are already successful on-demand taxi booking apps; why not incorporate their elements into your app?



Uber's clone app makes scheduling rides fast and simple with real-time vehicle tracking and multiple payment options.



Lyft offers convenient, safe, and trustworthy ride-hailing experiences by only accepting drivers who possess current driver's licenses and conducting DMV and criminal background checks. Allow users to split the fare via your app itself.



Gett is an app that allows users to book rides two weeks ahead, mitigating surge pricing. They hire only TLC-authorized and certified drivers to guarantee safety for users.

What are the Custom Taxi Booking Apps Services?

Our taxi app development services are fully compatible with iOS & Android platforms and deliver top performance. Below, we explore each panel in detail

The Taxi Bookings developed by JPLoft include-

User Panel

A taxi business app designed specifically to meet user needs features real-time location tracking, taxi bookings, user registration, ride cost estimation, and so forth in its user panel. Meanwhile, driver apps offer additional functionality, including driver panel registration.

Driver Panel

The driver panel includes features such as Driver Profile Registration, Accept/Reject Ride Requests, Rider Live Location Tracking, and In-App Billing/Payment to facilitate smooth operations for drivers.

Admin Panel

The admin panel of taxi booking solutions includes Fleet Management, Informative Dashboards, Revenue, Fare Rate Management, and Offer Creation features.

Our Taxi Booking Apps Service Offerings

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Taxi Booking Services

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Car Rentals/Hire Cabs

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VIP Corporate Taxis

check icon

Limousine & Chauffeur Services

check icon

Air Taxi Solutions

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Paratransit Taxis

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Carpooling Apps

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On-Demand Bikes

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RV Operators

Custom Taxi Booking Apps Developed by JPLoft

JPLoft taxi mobile app development solutions meet the needs of diverse business sectors, providing customized features and functionalities while expanding service offerings and creating exceptional customer experiences.



Welcome to CabStop, your ultimate destination for convenient and reliable online taxi services that always have you covered!



With RideFast, say goodbye to long waits and enjoy the convenience of booking a taxi whenever and wherever you need.

Key Features of our Custom Taxi Booking App

At JPLoft, we offer Custom Taxi Booking App Development Services tailored to the modern traveler. By incorporating advanced features to enhance interaction and streamline business operations, our solutions deliver optimal traveler experiences while streamlining business operations.

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Special Requests

What happens if riders need extra luggage space or require baby seats? Riders can request these features, or even female drivers for increased safety, through your app, allowing them to get what they want without compromising customer service standards.

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Save Destinations

In big cities, many commuters prefer taking taxis instead of driving themselves each day to their jobs. We can integrate a feature in your ride-sharing app that enables riders to save a destination and avoid repeatedly inputting its address, saving time and energy!

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Advance Booking

Your ride-sharing app should support booking to allow riders to easily reserve a cab ahead of time, eliminating stress for customers with early morning flights who require transportation on time. It could be especially handy for your customers with early flights who must reach the airport on time.

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Multiple stops

There may be times when multiple passengers aboard a car must be dropped off at various destinations along the way, or one rider must drop off items for work at different points along their journey. The multiple stops feature makes this easy without causing any hassles or disruption.

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ETA and status

Once a ride has been booked, this feature will give the rider an estimated arrival time from their taxi service to their location via a GPS tracking system. In addition, the screen will display other details, including the car's number and driver details such as phone number.

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Fare Calculator

By including this feature in your taxi app, once a passenger selects their vehicle type and destination, they will be shown an estimated cost for their trip - helping them plan within their budget and rest easy knowing they won't be overcharged when booking from you.

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Emergency Contacts

With this feature enabled in the app, riders and drivers can save a list of emergency contacts they wish to notify if something goes wrong in their ride or drive. When clicking the SOS button, an SMS text is sent with links for GPS tracking their location.

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Regeneration of Trip Invoice

Due to GPS or connectivity issues, sometimes an invoice generated automatically has discrepancies that the admin needs to correct themselves manually. We provide this feature so they can manually recalculate it and update their invoice.

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Multiple maps option

While Google Maps remains the dominant map app, other alternatives allow users to choose the one that best fits them and build trust for your business by offering this unique feature of multiple map apps for user selection. This creates greater customer comfort while building stronger customer relations for you!

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Admin App Features

Web-Admin Panel Features
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Rider Management

Administrators can add, delete, and manage different user profiles with information regarding preferences and communication details.

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Location Management

Administrators can add or delete locations on maps for service expansions, route addition, and optimized navigation.

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Business Analytics

Maintain your taxi booking services using advanced business intelligence delivered via top-of-the-line analytics in an intuitive admin panel, including

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Revenue Management Services

Administrators can easily track revenue for every ride taken and review historical revenue records to release partner commissions for aggregator businesses.

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Promotion Management

Administrators can add promo codes and create promotional campaigns directly from their dashboard to monitor the results of each campaign.

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Driver Management

Administrators can add drivers for taxi services and manage documents for verification and vetting procedures.

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Partner Management

Cab aggregators use this feature to manage partner profiles and facilitate dispatch functions efficiently.

Passenger App Features


Book a Ride

Users with access to an interactive interface can instantly book or schedule rides using instant ride-booking functionality.


Ride Estimations

They receive instant estimates of total ride cost and expected times for arrival, distance traveled, and coming to the destination.


Location Access

Customers can quickly add or modify pickup and drop points on maps using advanced map API integrations.


Real-Time Notifications

ETA, location, communication details of drivers, and live chat notifications are enabled for enhanced coordination.


Two-Step Verification

Booking rentals is made easier for users through SMS or email sent from the customer application with a passcode.


The Convenience of Payment

Payment can be completed using digital wallets, online banking, credit cards, cash payments, or Bitcoin - making the experience seamless and stress-free!


Booking Rentals

Customers can rent cars for an extended period, selecting from various vehicle types available in our catalog and packages.


Reviews & Ratings

Riders can share their ride experience by rating drivers based on different aspects such as their behavior, comfort level of the cab, etc.

Customer App Features

Driver App Features

Washer App
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Document Management

Verifying drivers is an integral component of taxi booking businesses, and this feature allows them to upload documents for the licensing and vetting process.

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One Tap Idle

Drivers can customize their working hours and status activation via an intuitive one-tap feature in their driver app according to their preferred schedule and preferences.

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Route Optimization

Drivers can access optimized routes during peak hours and easily navigate through traffic with state-of-the-art navigation features and interactive maps.

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Real-Time Updates

Stay informed of ride requests in real-time through your driver app, with the option of accepting or declining them as they come in.

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In-App Communication

With real-time calling and communication features integrated within it, drivers can quickly coordinate with customers before initiating trips.

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Monitoring Earnings

Automated fare estimation and earnings tracking allow drivers to understand revenue for the current trip, historical earnings, and monthly average earnings per trip.

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Trip Management

Drivers can mark each customer's beginning and end of a trip and cancel as per business policy.

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Rating Riders

Drivers have access to a feature called customer rating, which allows them to identify bad customers or rides that compromise business activities and flag them as such for evaluation by business staff.

Want to Start Building a Custom Taxi Booking App for Your Business?

As a premier Taxi App Development company, we continue to assist our clients with implementing smart analytics-driven solutions. Our Taxi App Developers specialize in next-gen cab booking app development solutions.

What Does Custom Taxi Booking App Development Cost?

Building a taxi booking app typically costs between $20,000 and $250,000, depending on several factors. We will examine some of these elements here.

App Platform

App Platform

Your final project costs may differ based on whether you choose iOS or Android app development services.

UI/UX Designing

UI/UX Designing

When developing taxi booking apps, there can be significant cost variance depending on which technologies are selected based on factors like UI/UX Design complexity and platform.



Complex apps cost more, while simpler apps come at reduced development costs.

App Features

App Features

In particular, taxi booking mobile app features can vary significantly, and their implementation could add costs - especially with complex apps.

Tech Stack

Tech Stack

Tech stack refers to technologies used for on-demand taxi booking app development, with costs depending on which technologies you select for development.

Third-Party Integration

Third-Party Integration

API or third-party integrations can make or break mobile app functioning and functionality. While some APIs may be free, others can be costlier.

App Testing

App Testing

Testing a mobile app is one of the key stages in its creation; unfortunately, many tools used are paid services, which adds costs.

Grocery App

App Security

Various technologies are used to protect apps against vulnerabilities; these costs significantly add to the total development cost.

Our Taxi Booking App Screen Layouts

Taxi Booking screen
Taxi Booking screen
Taxi Booking screen
Taxi Booking screen
Taxi Booking screen
Taxi Booking screen
Taxi Booking screen
Taxi Booking screen
Taxi Booking screen

Custom Taxi Booking App Working

A taxi booking app's success requires creating an intuitive user experience. As pioneering app builders, JPLoft excels in crafting such apps with user-friendly Uber-like applications that provide ease of use and wide acceptance. From our innovative platform comes an application built for ease of use - JPLoft.

  • 1

    Log In

    The first step to taxi booking app use is creating and registering their user profile or signing in.

  • 2

    Book A Ride

    Login is followed by booking rides to their preferred locations and cost estimation.

  • 3

    ETA & Cost Estimation

    After booking their ride, users receive an estimated arrival time and cost estimate from their taxi driver.

  • 4

    Enjoy the Ride

    Once there, they can enjoy their ride until arriving at their destination.

  • 5

    Rating & Review

    Once the ride has concluded, users can leave feedback regarding their ride experience and the driver.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Investing in taxi booking app development is a smart move. The taxi app market is flourishing and generates billions in revenue; with rising demand for more taxi services, you could build one to create millions in profit!

Unfortunately, there is only a one-size-fits-all price for taxi booking app development services once all requirements have been discussed with mobile app developers. On average, an app development project typically ranges between $20,000 and $250,000 depending on its nature of application and complexity level. For an accurate cost estimation, contact JPLoft Professionals immediately!

As an on-demand taxi app development company, we provide multilingual solutions. This solution can expand and internationalize your app globally while making it multi-language friendly on a smaller scale. Reach out to us for assistance today.

We ensure the security of your ride-hailing app by adhering to coding standards and taking measures to prevent data breaches in any form. For instance, we provide source code encryption services, make arrangements for server data security measures, and ensure the code is error-free to make your app as stable and secure as possible.

Our taxi app developers specialize in integrating various payment gateways, such as e-wallets, net banking, debit/credit cards, etc, into apps - let us know which ones you would like included, and we will have them!

Yes, once launched, we provide around-the-clock after-release maintenance and technical support services for mobile apps. So, if problems arise once they've gone live, our support services are here to assist!

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