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Have you got a unique dating app development idea and want to develop a digital solution? Hire JPloft Solutions, a globally recognized dating app development company, to capture this ever-growing market.

Want to Build A Unique Dating App?

With over ten years of core experience in website and mobile app development, JPloft is a reliable dating app development company. The company has a team of the best dating app developers with extensive experience and knowledge required to develop dating apps to stand out from their competitors.

Businesses (start-ups, entrepreneurs, established organizations) willing to enter the trillion-dollar industry must utilize our experience and expertise and receive exclusive dating apps jam-packed with attractive features and appealing UI/UX. JPLoft offers a full spectrum of dating app development services, including customized, ready-made, or white-label dating app development solutions that help you take your venture to new heights of success.

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Embark on your relationship journey with a touch of technology! We introduce our revolutionary dating app solutions that serve your unique requirements. We've covered everything from providing a vast user base to your target audiences to generating high revenue. Say goodbye to generic dating app ideas and experience the power of innovation. Let us present you with a chance to find a life partner to live a more fulfilling life. Join us now and unlock your real desire!

Bumble Clone01

Bumble Clone App

Bumble, a social networking site and dating app, is one of the top dating app platforms for singles to make new friends, meet new people, and find a life partner.

Tinder Clone02

Tinder Clone App

Tinder is one of the top dating apps to meet new people and start dating. The app allows you to meet your companions and chat with them, popular among all age groups.

eHarmony Clone03

eHarmony Clone App

It’s a unique dating app platform utilizing a compatibility matching system to find new partners online. Thus people can learn about each other before meeting.

Diverse Dating App Development Solutions Offered by JPLoft

With years of experience and a team of experts, JPLoft ensures enterprise-level dating app development solutions within a given budget and timeframe. Our multiplatform and high-functioning dating app development services help companies and startups capture the thriving market and reach their target audience. Our excellent dating app solutions guide companies to reach new heights of success and growth in record time.

The dating apps developed by JPLoft include-

App for Admin

The admin panel helps management oversee online dating app business, take care of customer needs, fulfill staff needs, and analyze business operations using app features and functions.

App for Users

Users create their profiles on the mobile app platform, fill in the required information, chat with potential matches, and visit other people's profiles using the mobile and web app.

Dating App Development Services We Offer

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Android Dating App Development

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iOS Dating App Development

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Match-Making Dating App Development

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Community-Based Dating App Development

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LGBTQ Dating App Development

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Astrology Dating App Development

Dating Apps Developed by JPLoft

Here's a rundown of some of our recent work that will help you understand how we handle different on-demand dating apps projects and their owners' unique business objectives and goals effectively.

Eternal Love Letter

Eternal Love Letter

A virtual keep space that allows nurturing meaningful relationships with your loved ones through written, photographic or video messages.



A trust, loyalty and honesty-based social discovery network let you find the love of your life among thousands of people.

Key Features of Our Dating Apps

The following are the primary features of our dating app development solutions, which are competent to fulfil the requirements of a diverse range of application users.

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Social Media Login

This enables users to log in to your application quickly and gracefully. Integrated Third-Party APIs end up with users needing to remember and enter credentials every time they log in to the profile.

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User Profile

This allows users to describe themselves so that others can easily know about their interests and hobbies.

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View/Upload images

facilitates uploading and viewing photos of themselves and others to know how they look.

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Location-Based Matches

Location-based algorithms help to find a perfect companion in your neighbourhood and start a conversation with people sharing the same interests and hobbies.

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Private Chat

Once the profiles are matched, users can chat to know about each other. Our secured, integrated chat allows them to have an interruption-free conversation without hesitation.

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Video/Voice Call

Our dating apps pack video chatting or voice chat features, allowing users to have HD video or voice calls with their matches without interruption.

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In-App Purchases

We integrate in-app purchases to monetize your application and allow users to make purchases which are interested in buying your plan, following the safe and secure payment options.

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Order Products

This feature allows users to send gifts to their matches through the app. Also, dating app owners can earn revenue with this feature as well.

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Facial Recognition

This feature allows the dating app to detect the person's real face while creating an account. It eliminates the chances of spamming by revealing the user's real identity.

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Push Notifications

We integrate your dating app with the push notification feature that lets users know about the matches, people in proximity, and your app updates.

Looking for a Mobile App Solution to propel your Business?

Engage our specialists to turn your idea into Reality!

Web-Admin Panel Features

Web-Admin Panel Features
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Centralized Administration

provides complete control of the dating app in a centralized dashboard to monitor any group or end users' activity in real time.

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User Management

Gives admin access to the user profiles to check them concerning security protocols.

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Notification Management

Admin lets the users know about the latest updates, profile matches, and people in proximities through SMS alerts.

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Ad Management

Facilitates in-app advertisement management through the application's admin panel.

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Feedback Management

This feature allows the admin to control the customers' feedback. App owners can get to know about the performance of the app.

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In-app Advertisement

This feature allows the app owner to advertise various products in its application. It's another source of making money with the mobile dating application.

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Subscription-based model

This allows users to enjoy extra features of the application and other sources by paying the subscription amount of a particular plan.

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Reporting & Analytics

This feature gives the admin insights into the application, which helps make the right decision to grow the business with an improved brand promotion strategy.

Customer App Features


User profile creation

Allow users to create profiles by providing the needed information to proceed further for match-making with interested users.


In-app search feature

This feature allows users to look for their preferred things or elements within the app using the advanced search feature.


Find Nearby Matches

Facilitates users to find an ideal companion based on their interests and hobbies in nearby locations.


Real-time alerts

This feature allows users to manage real-time and in-app notifications at their convenience easily.



Many people don't know how to initiate a conversation or become underconfident; therefore, to help them out, the icebreakers are there to kickstart a conversation.


Verified Profiles

Verify profiles of the users following dating industry standards to ensure the security of others against increasing cyberattacks.


Numerous Subscriptions

Provides users with several offers regarding purchases and buy subscriptions to unlock many app features.

Customer App Features

Ready to Build an Exclusive Online Dating Mobile App for Your Business?

Develop best tailored dating app solution with top-notch dating app development company in the USA and India and provide people with an ease to find love of their life, soulmates and friends within a few taps on their smartphones.

Dating App Development Cost Estimation

Dating mobile app development cost depends on several factors, which may vary from project to project. You should consider the following factors before determining the cost of the dating app development solution.

App Platform

App Platform

Android and iOS are the most popular platforms businesses opt for their app development project. The app development cost for both platforms differs accordingly. However, iOS dating app development is comparatively costlier than Android app development.

UI/UX Designing

UI/UX Designing

The user interface of a dating app plays a crucial role in attracting and engaging users. Whereas the creation of an appealing & intuitive app design requires best-paid tools like Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, etc., which consequently affect the overall cost.



The online dating industry has a large audience base with millions of users worldwide. Catering to such a huge volume requires strong storage. Therefore, paying attention to the app storage is a must before starting dating app development.

App Features

App Features

The cost to build a dating app with basic features won't be high. But every second app in the competition packs the same features. Therefore, custom dating app development with unique features can help you stand apart yet be a little costlier.

Tech Stack

Tech Stack

It comprises tools for frontend, backend & database development. Tech stack highly influences the cost of dating app development due to the limited availability of these tools that enhances development difficulty.

Third-Party Integration

Third-Party Integration

This helps in improving the app's functionality. Consequently, the app appeals to and engages customers more effectively, affecting business growth and revenue. Therefore, always consider third-party integration costs with dating app development.

App Testing

App Testing

The market is flooded with free app testing tools, but these tools do not effectively find and eliminate bugs. Therefore, creating a bug-free, performance-oriented dating app requires paid tools, which increases development costs accordingly.

Grocery App

App Security

Maintaining the privacy and security of users' data is a must in this digital era, and with dating apps, it becomes mandatory. Therefore, paying attention to including a strong app security mechanism and its cost is necessary with dating app development projects.

Our Dating App Screens

Dating App screen
Dating App screen
Dating App screen
Dating App screen
Dating App screen
Dating App screen
Dating App screen
Dating App screen
Dating App screen

How Does Dating App Work?

We provide our clients customized, white-label, or readymade dating app solutions depending on their business objectives and goals. Here you can find out how our provided dating app solutions like Tinder work.

  • 1

    Sign-Up/Log In

    Users can signup/log in to the application through their social media credentials or via email and phone number.

  • 2

    My Profile

    Users can manage their profiles according to their personalities: set profile theme, profile name, pictures, DOB, age, and other information.

  • 3


    It allows users to swipe profiles left or right. Right swipe means a like or left one considered dislike. If both users swipe right, it will be a match.

  • 4

    In-App Communication

    This feature activates when two profiles match. Matched profiles can now communicate with each other either via messages, audio, or video call.

  • 5

    Location-Based Search

    With this, users can look for their perfect match based on their location, which boosts their search for a suitable partner.

  • 6

    Security & Privacy

    Our dating app solutions are equipped with the security mechanism following industry standards. It allows only matched profiles to chat or talk to each other.

Why You Must Choose JPLoft for Mobile App Development

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  • Dedicated, accountable resources
  • Save up to 60% for your development cost
  • Quick team ramp-up & no contract lock-ins
  • Quickly increase or decrease your team size
  • Fixed cost, hourly or monthly engagements
  • 97%+ client retention rate
  • Strict non-disclosure agreement
  • Clear, concise and consistent communication
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JPLoft Solutions uses cutting-edge technologies to develop unique solutions for your business. Our team’s deep expertise covers a vast range of technologies, making us stand above other companies.


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4.9 out of 5.0 by 1000+ clients globally for Web & Mobile App Development and Digital Marketing projects.

Our Business Models

We offer three different yet effective partnership models to fulfil individuals' business requirements and multiply their profits. Clients can hire an individual developer or a dedicated team, considering their project requirements. Let's have a look at our set of engagement models.

Fixed Price
Fixed Price

This business model is best for small and medium-sized projects. If you choose this model, you have a fair idea of your project requirements, scope, and deadlines, along with a rough estimation of the budget since the fixed price model ensures the delivery of a complete solution under a fixed budget.

Dedicated Team
Dedicated Team

This model is best-suited if you have a long-term project. Herein you can hire a dedicated team remotely and completely control it without any infrastructure investment. In the meantime, you can extend and reduce the team based on the needed resources for the project. In terms of payment, you need to pay for the resources on a monthly basis.

Time and Material
Time and Material

Time & material is a flexible model as it supports the Agile development process. When the project's scope and features are unclear to you, it's best to choose the Time & Material model because it allows changes to project specifications at any time. And you need to pay only for the time and resources spent on the project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To build a dating app, you should follow the following steps for your dating mobile app development project.
  1. Understand your target audience.
  2. Market research and analysis to know your competition
  3. Decide the required set of features
  4. Prototyping and wireframing of the app
  5. Create UI/UX designs
Choose the platform and technology stack on which you want to build your dating app. Develop and launch an MVP.
If we talk about the technology stack utilized for dating app development, it encompasses frameworks like SwiftUI, WebKit for iOS, Xamarin, and Flutter for Android. The databases used by both platforms are the same- PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB. On the other hand, cloud storage can be Google cloud, Amazon S3, Heroku, azure, and the web server Apache and Nginx.
Dating apps make money by running ads in the free version of the app. Whereas the app business models like the premium, in-app, and subscription-based plays a vital role in generating great revenue. Besides, dating apps allow users to purchase some premium features in the app that adds to the revenue.
As a reputed dating app development company, we try our best to deliver completed app solutions to our clients as soon as possible. If the timeline is concerned, we took around three to four months to develop the app solution but sometimes, owing to the number of app features and their complexity; time may exceed.
Before we start working on your dating app, we will provide you with a work plan, and accordingly, we will update you about the project's progress from time to time. Still, if you have any queries or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us via email or phone. Our customer care executives will provide you with feedback on your questions.

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