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Why Node.js is the Best Choice

This open source cross-platform runtime environment has been written in JavaScript, which makes it an outstanding choice for real-time applications. Node.js is packed with features which have helped it become a top choice for developers when they consider web application development. Better efficiency and overall developer productivity, Code sharing and reuse, speed and performance, Easy knowledge sharing within a team, huge number of free tools.

An ever-growing number of projects are choosing Android to build custom mobile apps to boost their revenues and attain tremendous business increase considerably.

Cross-Platform JavaScript

One of the greatest favourable circumstances that Node.js offer is that goes about as a cross-stage improvement stage. In the vast majority of the cases, the designers need the learning about two or three programming dialects in any event for the coding yet Node.js is said to be a special case.

Optimum Performance

What's admirable about Node.js to more help to the web based business stages is the ideal execution. It is known to offer better outcomes at a much lower cost in contrast with different dialects, for example, PHP.


The Node.js I/O model is very effective and it does not obstruct the I/O operations despite the fact that it is working in real-time. The website application can get updated at faster pace.


The web based business stage is an intricate structure to plan with various highlights, functionaries, and structure and so on. Accordingly, now and again, the designers may require useful help and assistance from the network individuals in the event that they need a particular answer for an issue.

Optimal Speed

We already know that Node.js makes use of the Chrome V8 engine offering the efficient speed while running the web-based applications. And we also have told earlier that I/O model being effective; it does not block the I/O operations enhancing the seed of the performance.

Benefit of the Open-Source

The greatest advantage of Node.js being an open-source JavaScript stage is that gets the entrance of expert and all around experienced designers, who can help you in code correction and include greater usefulness or highlight in the online business site.

Reason Node.js is your Express Ticket to

  • Run an event-driven IO model
  • Using the same JS
  • Rest is Native to Node.js
  • Build in Package Magnager
  • Shared Server Hosting


Ben O'HaraCo-Founder, The Business Creative

Very impressed with the process and quality of work from JPLoft. I would wholeheartedly recommend them and will certainly be using them for more projects.

Reviewed on
Budget - $50,000 to $199,999

Nicolla EagarCo-Founder, Eagar People

My experience with this company so far has been very favourable. What I particularly like about this company, is that they are proactive in clarifying what is needed and ensuring a good understanding of the problem at hand. In the past, I have experienced other developers who have said they understand what is wanted but in truth they did not fully grasp the scope of the issues. But these guys are different in that they have excellent verbal English, so are happy to initiate a phone call via skype to ensure we are all on the same page. Friendly, reliable and trustworthy. I would certainly recommend.

Reviewed on
Budget - $5000 to $10000

James WarrinerFounder & CEO, Green Brick Digital

They have done great work with my website, definitely recommend.

Reviewed on
Budget - $10,001 to $25,000

Falak AgarwalDirector, GpsIndia

I wanted to thank JPLoft team for a 5-star job they did on my mobile app development project. They are working with us nearly 2 years. Their team is easy to work with and helped me make a terrific Mobile apps for iOS, Android and web admin in a short amount of time and because of their great work I extended their contract. I can without any doubt recommend this team for your next project. The company has very high standards and did an incredible job.

Reviewed on
Budget - $25,001 to $50,000

Vijay YadavFounder & CEO, Times India Travels

We've been using the expertise of Jploft Solutions for years to develop, customize and maintain our website, mobile app, CRM and digital marketing. Jploft is a one stop solution for all your needs at affordable rates. The project manager was a great chap and he kept me updated about the progress on a daily basis. The team assisting us on all our projects is highly qualified and experienced while being reliable, friendly and flexible in its approach. Highly recommended.

Reviewed on
Budget - $10,000 to $49,999

Rajeev KashyapGeneral Manager, Quality Flavours Export

Jploft Solutions delivered high-quality work within allotted budgets and time frames for our mobile apps and web admin. Their efficient processes and professional team ensured outstanding project management. Jploft Designs excelled in the areas of transparency, responsiveness, and technical expertise. All the best for your future ventures. Recommended….

Reviewed on
Budget - $25,001 to $50,000

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