How To Build An App Like KFC UAE in 2024

How To Build An App Like KFC UAE in 2024

The food delivery application trend is growing exponentially globally, with companies capturing a large market share by offering and catering food delivery services to their customers. According to a market report, the food delivery app market increased by $610.66 billion at the end of 2022 and $652.73 billion by 2023. It will likely hit $772.17 billion in 2027. 

A robust mobile application is vital in taking advantage of this growing trend, boosting sales and customer interaction. A food delivery app like KFC is a perfect example of this trend, letting customers make orders, pay for their meals, and access various other functions with just a few taps on their phones.

KFC is a tech giant globally. Its mobile app lets its customers order their fried chicken favorites and other delicious finger-licking food items with just a few taps. This encourages other food-related businesses to build apps similar to KFC. 

What are the benefits of food delivery services like KFC?

The food and industry sector is surging rapidly by providing customers with what they want. The following are the benefits of the food delivery app:- 

Convenience at Your Doorstep

In the modern world of speed and pace, efficiency is essential. With food delivery services such as KFC, eating your favorite meals has never been more convenient. Instead of fighting traffic or standing in long lines, you can easily place your order from the comfort of your office or home and deliver it to your doorstep. This will save lots of time, effort, money, and effort, allowing you to concentrate on what is most important to you.

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Variety to Satisfy Every Craving

One of the advantages of food delivery services is that they offer a wide range of food options: hamburgers, fried chicken, or even sides such as coleslaw and mashed potatoes. There's something to please every person available. Furthermore, many delivery services let you personalize the order to meet your preferences. 

Get money back with Deals and Coupons

Food delivery services also offer special deals and discounts that allow you to save cash on your most-loved meals. From discounts on buy-one-get-one-free offers to deals on meals in combos, there are plenty of ways to increase your spending and enjoy tasty food without breaking the bank. Furthermore, many delivery apps offer a program for loyal customers that rewards regular customers with incentives and rewards.

Healthy Options for Every Lifestyle

People often believe that food delivery services such as KFC aren't only about pleasure—they also provide nutritious options that can be adapted to any way of life. There are plenty of healthy choices, whether vegan, gluten-free, or trying to cut down on calories. From grilled chicken and salads to bowls and wraps, you can have a tasty and filling meal without sacrificing your fitness objectives.

Stay Safe and Comfortable

In these uncertain times, security is the top concern for most people. Food delivery services such as KFC provide a safe and convenient way to enjoy high-end restaurant meals without leaving home. With the option of delivery via contactless and strict hygiene standards implemented. You can be assured that food items will be delivered securely and safely, and you have peace of mind at every bite.

Support Local Businesses

If you purchase food from delivery services such as KFC, you're satisfying your appetite and helping local restaurants grow their business. Many delivery apps work with small and intimate independent restaurants to help them get more attention and succeed in a competitive marketplace. If you opt to use local delivery and deliver to your local area, you're helping stimulate the economy and generate jobs in your local area.

24/7 Access to Delicious Food

If you're in the mood for a late-night snack or want to order an urgent lunch, food delivery services such as KFC are available 24/7 to satiate people's hunger. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can order food at any time, from anywhere, and get it delivered to your door.

Process of Food Delivery Application

A food delivery application's mobile app development process is categorized into five stages. Let's discuss one by one:- 

 Stage 1: Research and Planning

The journey starts with market research, which helps understand customer preferences and identify the app's uniqueness. This is essential for developing the app's value-added proposition, which includes an easy-to-use design, payment options, and monitoring.

 Stage 2: Design and Prototyping

Following the research phase After research, the KFC development process shifts to the design phase. This involves creating precise wireframes and interactive mockups to establish the design, visual identity, and user experience before starting coding. 

  Stage 3: Technical Development

The choice of the best tech framework and programming of the app happens during this stage. Developers should choose the right tech stack to ensure the app's performance is high and expandable.

  Stage 4: Testing and Quality Assurance

Testing is an integral part of the development of KFC-like applications. Quality assurance teams strive to detect and correct issues to ensure the app provides users with a seamless and enjoyable experience on all devices.

 Stage 5: Launch and Maintenance

Once you've completed the other steps and are confident about the app's smooth performance, it's time to upload the app to the appropriate platform. After the deployment,  monitor the app's performance regularly to ensure it's from glitches or bugs.

These five phases summarize the core of the KFC App development. Each contributes to the final aim of launching a thriving food-ordering app. Each step is vital to the app's success in the current competitive environment, from the initial plan to the final launch.

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Essential Features for a Successful Fast-Food Ordering App

Here are the indispensable functionalities that contribute to the efficacy of a fast-food ordering platform. These features are vital for success and customer satisfaction when building an app like KFC.

From creating delicious chicken recipes to crafting world-class dedicated online food ordering apps with top-notch features, KFC understands what its customers need. Taking the inspiration, your restaurant apps  like KFC must have these features apart from necessary features like user login/sign up:

Start Your Order Window Feature

KFC knows which categories of customers they get. Some enter the store for dine-in, some for order Pick up, and others call the outlet for home delivery. To serve all sorts of customers, in the app, KFC included three options for app customers asking how they would like to receive their orders on the first screen when they open the app: Delivery, Pick Up, or Dine In.

This feature lets users earn reward points for ordering food delivery and placing orders from the app for dine-in or pick-up.

Advanced Browse Menu

After the customer selects the order category, they are redirected to the browse menu/category. By doing this, they should be able to explore the food items they may like to order.

For example, the KFC app has categories like chicken rolls, burgers, snacks, beverages, and meal combos, which can have different items of different flavors and meal plans.

User-Friendly Interface with Intuitive Navigation

A critical feature when building an app like KFC is a user-friendly interface. It should guide customers smoothly when browsing the app to place an order. The navigation must be intuitive, allowing for accessible item locations and leading to a hassle-free ordering process. Accessibility features, such as voice commands or large text options, which cater to all users, potentially increase your customer base. An app's success hinges on how effortlessly a user can move through the ordering steps, making this aspect a top priority in development.

Augmented Reality Menu Viewing

Augmented reality is revolutionizing the way consumers engage with food-ordering apps. When entrepreneurs set out to create an app like KFC, they're not just providing a service but also delivering an experience. By utilizing AR, users can view how a Zinger Burger or a bucket of wings will look on their table, giving them a taste of the experience before the food arrives. 

This feature can significantly boost consumer confidence in order choices and provide a fun and useful interactive element. Adding such advanced technology may increase the cost of developing a KFC food delivery app. However, the investment will pay off by differentiating the app in a crowded market and attracting a tech-savvy audience.

Secure and Diverse Payment Gateway Integration

Integrating various secure payment options is an indispensable feature of the KFC app. These features allow flexibility to use credit/debit cards, digital wallets, or loyalty points. Gateways must uphold the highest security standards to protect user data and build trust. Multiple payment options can also help expand the customer base by catering to different preferences.

The security of these gateways is paramount, as they handle sensitive financial information. Ensuring robust security protocols can influence the development cost. However, ensuring an app's success and credibility in the competitive market is critical.

Real-Time Order Tracking and Delivery Updates

An essential KFC app feature is real-time tracking. This feature is absolutely necessary if you want to start your own food delivery business. By integrating this feature into an app similar to KFC, customers can monitor their order's journey from preparation to delivery. For instance, they could receive notifications when their meal is being cooked. They could also be alerted when they leave the restaurant and are about to arrive.

This level of detail empowers users and improves their ordering experience. For businesses, making apps like KFC, including GPS tracking, can significantly reduce customer calls and queries regarding order status, streamlining the process for both the company and the customers.

Push Notifications for Promotions and Order Status

Effective push notifications are like personal assistants for app users, providing updates on current deals and order progress. They're a direct line to the consumer, offering tailored alerts about discounts or new menu items. Notifications can nudge users to take advantage of limited-time offers, enhancing the KFC app features suite.

Consider how a notification could inform users that their favorite bucket is now discounted. Thus increasing immediate app engagement. This strategy is not just about customer service; it's a smart marketing move, too. Thoughtfully executed, this feature can balance user convenience with strategic business goals.

Voice-Activated Ordering System

Voice ordering is akin to having a conversation with the app. Users can place their orders by simply speaking to their device. When you think about making an app like KFC, do include this feature in your app.

Imagine the ease with which a user could reorder their last meal, "Hey App, reorder my last meal," and it's done. This hands-free ordering method aligns with the growing use of voice assistants for daily tasks.

While integrating such a system may increase the cost of developing a KFC food delivery app, the investment could significantly boost user retention and appeal to a tech-savvy market. The capability to order a 'Family Fill Up' with just a voice command could be the deciding factor in the success of an app similar to KFC.

Multi-Language Support

Providing multi-language support is essential in catering to global customers from different linguistic backgrounds, breaking down barriers to app accessibility.

For instance, users in Spain might prefer ordering their meals in Spanish, and in China, in Mandarin. This versatility can transform a regional app into a global one, enhancing its appeal and expanding its user base. Multi-language functionality demonstrates a brand's commitment to diversity and accessibility, which can drive international growth and brand loyalty. Although it may add to the KFC app development cost, it is an investment in customer inclusivity.

As fast-food businesses aspire to create an app like KFC, integrating these essential features can help ensure a seamless user experience and the app's success. They are the backbone of a thriving digital presence in the competitive food service industry.

AI-assisted and Live Customer Support Channel

Sometimes, people face technical issues and want to contact a customer care executive for further assistance. That's where this AI-assisted and live customer support chatbot can greatly help. AI-assistant and Live Customer Support allow customers to resolve their queries or doubts about ordering food, delivery, and more. 

How Much Does It Cost To Create a mobile app like KFC? 

Costs for food delivery app development depend on multiple factors, such as features, UI/UX design, complexity, developer experience, and many more. The simplest apps cost between $10,000 and $20,000, whereas more advanced apps may go beyond $100,000.Moreover, integrations, customization, and ongoing maintenance can impact the food application's costs. However, investing smartly will result in a user-friendly and efficient application providing long-term advantages. It is worth noting that the cost of developing food delivery may vary depending on specific requirements, as stated in the figures mentioned in this paragraph. 

Why Hire Food Delivery App Developers?

In today's fast-paced world, more people prefer ordering food online. Companies are realizing the necessity of investing in durable and reliable mobile applications. However, creating an app that successfully delivers food requires knowledge, resources, and understanding of the user's needs. That's why hiring a reputable food delivery app development company can be of great help. Here are some compelling reasons to partner with reputable mobile app development companies to achieve business success. 

Expertise and Experience

Food app developers have a vast knowledge of the industry and are aware of the latest developments in technologies, techniques, and best practices. With their expertise and experience, you can ensure that your app is designed and built to the highest standard, providing a premium user experience that differentiates you from the crowd. 

Customized Solutions

Each business is different, and your app for food delivery relies on the same principle. A professional development company will work closely with developers and testers and discuss with clients to learn about their requirements and goals behind developing food applications. Then, they create a custom solution that fits your requirements and aligns with the brand's image. Whether you need the most sophisticated capabilities, seamless integrations, and a simple interface, an experienced development team will provide an experience that surpasses your expectations.


Hiring a company for development might seem like a substantial cost upfront, but it can reduce costs in the end. Professional developers possess the knowledge and resources to simplify processes for development, which means reducing the time to market and avoiding costly mistakes and delays. Development companies will help clients avoid the high expenses associated with recruiting and managing an internal team, which is an affordable option for businesses of any size. 

Focus on Core Competencies

As an entrepreneur, your time and resources are vital for running a business. When you outsource the development of food delivery apps to a reputable business, your team members are free to focus on what they excel at - managing and expanding your company. With the help of experts who handle all aspects of technical application development, you'll be able to devote your time to strategic decisions, marketing strategies, and customer interaction to ensure overall success for your business.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

The debut of your app for food delivery is only the beginning. To ensure its longevity, continuous support and maintenance are essential to resolve bugs, make updates, and add new features. A reputable development company can offer a wide range of support and ensure that your app remains secure, reliable, and up-to-date throughout the day. With their knowledge and expertise, you will be able to overcome any difficulties and continue to impress your clients with a superior user experience.

Final Thoughts

Making a fast-food ordering service like KFC requires more than copying a successful formula. It's about delving into the specifics of customer behavior, technological trends, and the culinary industry. Let's look at the key steps in this KFC application development procedure.

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