Develop An App Like Airbnb and its Cost

Develop An App Like Airbnb and its Cost

We all want an exciting travel experience at affordable costs. That is why the rise of E-hospitality with new advanced technologies is on the rise. Many companies have started to take advantage of it and Airbnb is one of them. So they are going with an app like Airbnb.   Airbnb is a property rental and travels mobile app which provides its services all over the world at an affordable cost. Travellers can easily find the best properties on Airbnb at a very cheap price.    The people who are also looking to rent their property to the guests and want to earn some money then owners can easily do that with the help of Airbnb.    Its affordability and quality services make it one of the biggest property rental companies in the global market.    So Before we talk about the cost to develop an app like Airbnb first we will understand the features, revenue model, and the target audience of Airbnb.   

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How Airbnb Makes Money? 

  • The host (Property owners): When a Host lists their property on Airbnb they have to pay nothing. But when they receive a booking from the user then Airbnb will charge a fee from the hosts. The fee is around 3 percent. 
  • Guest (customers):  If anyone is going for a vacation or some official work then they can easily book an affordable property on Airbnb. Airbnb receives a commission from the guests on every booking. 

  There are also other income sources of Airbnb like investments in other companies or properties but these two are one of the major revenue sources of Airbnb.   

The Target Audience Of Airbnb

  • Travel enthusiasts who need a great stay at affordable prices. 
  • The people who are traveling for some business work.
  • Persons who want to earn money by renting their house or apartment. 
  • The families who are looking for a homestay for their vacation. 
  • People who love to explore new places and locations.

Features To Be Included In An App Like Airbnb 

1. Guest:

A. Signup And Login Page

  This is one of the basic features of an application to be included. With the help of this feature, users can easily create their account with an email id or phone number. You can also include the option of social media login within the application so users can easily login with their different social media account.  

B. Manage Account Feature

  Users of the application should be able to edit and update their account details like name, phone number, email id, date of birth, gender, address, etc. The password of the account can also be changed if the user wants.   

C. The Option Of Search Filter

  Users can also be able to check the properties according to their needs by filtering the date, price range, location, the type of house or apartment they needed.   

D. Payment

  This is one of the most important features of the application. Users should be able to select their payment method according to their needs. They can also see the recent transaction which they have done in the past.  

E. Communicate With The Host

  Users can also connect with the hosts via messages before booking their stay so they can get more details of the particular house or apartment.   

F. Help Section

  If Any user is facing some kind of error or problem in the application so they can ask for help under this section.   

G. Rate And Review The Hosts

  The application users can share their experience by giving reviews and ratings to the hosts.   

H. Create A Wishlist Of The Property

  If the property is unavailable or has high costs so don't worry users can create a wishlist of these properties. They can check these properties when they are available at a low cost.  

I. SMS Notifications

  In this feature, Users can receive a message to notify them about promotional offers and their booking status.   

J. Multiple Payment Gateways

  Users will not face any problem while doing payment if you add multiple payment gateways. They will have different options to do the transaction.   

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2. Hosts app: 

a. Registration

  Hosts can register with their respective email id or phone number in the application to list their properties.  

b. Manage Property Listings

  The details of the property can be managed under this option like price, amenities, and can add new photos of the property.  

c. Manage Personal Profile

  Under this section, hosts can edit their information like phone number, name, address, email id, and the password can also be changed.   

d. Requests of Guests

  This section helps the hosts to accept or decline the request of guests for their space.  

e. Chat with Guests

  This feature will allow the hosts to connect with the guests via the chat feature. They can easily solve any doubt regarding the property before the booking.  

f. Bookings

  In this feature, hosts can see their upcoming bookings of guests. They will able to see how many bookings they will receive in a particular month. Hosts will also able to see the past bookings.    

g. Rate and Review the Guest

  Hosts can review and rate according to the behaviors and manner of guests.   

h. Payment and Transaction History

  Hosts can easily see their payments and the history of transactions under this feature.  

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Cost To Develop An App Like Airbnb

  So finally we will talk about the cost of mobile applications like Airbnb. First, you need to know that the cost of a mobile application depends on many things like mobile app features, functionalities, design, Mobile app platform, etc.    If you want to create your mobile application for both iOS and android then the cost will go much higher. The design of your application will also decide the cost of your application like if you want a user attractive and greater design then companies will charge you more amount. So the estimated cost of an application like Airbnb is around $10000 to $15000.  


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