On-demand Handyman App Development: An Ultimate Guide 2024

On-demand Handyman App Development: An Ultimate Guide 2024

Making your Handyman's business available online could be the most beneficial move for 2024. People require help repairing leaks and moving furniture daily, having a thorough house cleaning service, or fixing the appliance.

If they are in a precarious situation when they are in a tense situation, they don't search for a reliable service; instead, they pick up their telephone, launch the handyman app, and then book an expert to get the job accomplished. From finding a handyman service provider to making payments, feedback is achieved through the app.

The ease of access and use has been why apps are so popular; users are quick to engage in these apps. Consider handyman application development services if you are in the home service industry and looking to target an even wider audience with handyman app development.

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Understanding How Handyman App Influences the Target Market?

Most of us are familiar with Uber the Handyman's services. It's a massive hit across the globe and is recognized for the incredible range of features that it has to offer. If you're looking for an app to help you with your handyman tasks that are different from the others, choose a handyman application firm that will assist you in simply defining the method of business.

In discussing Handyman App development, it's essential to make sure that the products you present to the market are engaging and interesting—one crucial aspect to consider when it comes to time. Handyman's apps can assist users in managing their energy and time effectively. You will earn customers' trust and create a winning position if you provide consistent customer service.

The product you're offering to customers must not just solve the challenges that your clients face but assist you in establishing a powerful position in the marketplace that will be evident through your strong presence and outstanding services.

There are a lot of great solutions that make life simpler and will be offered according to the market. From faucet repair to pampering sessions for self-care, a beauty therapist can be provided quickly through the Handyman app. This ensures that the client is happy with the service they need.

It's okay to lose time as we create an app to do handyman tasks and assist you in getting ahead of your game. Handyman's On-Demand App Development is an excellent opportunity to generate tremendous profit and establish a solid brand in the market.

  • Smartphones are now everyone's favorite partner. The App Store has 1.96 million applications accessible for download from the App Store, as well as 2.87 million apps available on the Play Store. Companies have realized the app's significance and have started to get online.

  • Currently focusing on the Handyman on-demand market, It is anticipated to increase to USD 1.65 billion in 2032, up from a figure of USD 339.0 million by 2022.

Handyman services are predicted to increase 36.5 percent for the North American market. Furthermore, studies show that even in the aftermath of the pandemic, key drivers for growth in handyman services continue to be active. If you plan to develop a handyman application, learning the different types of models is essential.

What is a Handyman App?

In simple terms, the handyman applications are a way to connect those who are looking for handyman solutions and those who can offer the services.

The apps offer many different solutions, like cleaning the plumbing, pest management, painting, etc. Each service can be obtained with just a few clicks.

Homeowners will benefit from the advantages these applications provide, and handy businesses can benefit from them, too.

This platform lets businesses sign up on the platform to connect with more clients via the network.

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Types of On-Demand Handyman Booking Mobile Apps

About dedicated services, handyman mobile apps can be classified into two types in the table below:

1. Single Service Aggregator Mobile App

The name implies that the apps are devoted exclusively to a single task or service. As an example, GoMechanic focuses on car repair and maintenance. In terms of beauty, we have MyGlamm as well as BeYou.

Controlling these apps is straightforward because they concentrate exclusively on one particular service, which means you have to work with experts from one area of expertise. Additionally, because these apps have been designed for one specific product, they can reach the right target market.

2. Multiple Service Aggregator Mobile Apps

TaskRabbit and Urban Company are the best examples of such apps. These apps focus on various service offerings, not just home chores, construction, or beauty and grooming services. Lots more.

Managing these apps can be tricky since you must collaborate with a team of professionals with different skills. However, because the apps provide a variety of other services and have an increased number of users and, therefore, higher profits,

Why Should You Invest in Handyman App Development?

Handyman App development involves various phases, i.e., researching and planning, UI/UX designs, backend development, and other steps for Handyman App Development. Each of these steps comes with an incredibly high degree of difficulty and can impact the budget, too. Studying whether you should put money into handyman application development is essential.

We have listed some of the reasons you should consider investing in handyman app development

1. Growing Need for Handyman Apps

At present, all things are online. People are checking out handyman apps like Uber to locate specialists to help them with their house tasks.

According to Data, the world handyman app market is estimated to reach $2,638.8 million by 2021 for Handyman App Development. In addition, with a stable CAGR of 9.4 percent, that market is predicted to be $5,445 in 2030.

Handyman on-demand apps are an increasing market, and this suggests you've got a massive market and reap incredible benefits.

2. Enhancing Customer Experience & Convenience

In handyman app development, home services apps allow clients to have Handyman experts within their reach. This will ultimately bring about a higher degree of satisfaction for the customers.

Furthermore, mobile applications can analyze users' behavior, preferences, and interests. This results in a better user experience customized to each user's preferences.

3. Proliferation of Smartphone Users

With the growing amount of people using smartphones and the rise of smartphones, it is now an extremely profitable and lucrative company decision to create an online profile for your organization.

The total number of smartphone users is believed to be 5 billion by 2022. The estimates suggest that smartphones will be used by 6.2 billion in 2028 due to the 23.1 percent rise so this time need to handyman app development.

Why Handyman On-Demand Services Are Increasing Their Demand?

On-demand handyman services are flourishing on the market. Many factors explain why this handyman service is growing in demand.

1. Repair and Maintenance at Home

With the help of instant handyman service, customers can engage tradespeople and then ask for repairs and maintenance on the items. Whatever it may be, an appliance at home or in your house, the Handyman can fix and maintain all things.

2. Cost-Effective Solutions

In Handyman App Development you know that employing a handyman via on-demand services can be cost-effective? The Handyman has experience with every residential and commercial service; they're experts and professionals. Thus, whatever they accomplish, the procedure will be professional and high-quality. An experienced handyman will be able to perform the task more precisely and in the most cost-effective manner.

3. Special Ability

For the handyman app development, tradespeople on Handyman on-demand apps are skilled, well-trained experts and other quality-assurance professionals. So, the professionals on Handyman applications are experienced and equipped to provide top-quality service.

4. Time Limit

The Handyman can assist customers within a short to no-longer time. Customers must book the services of a handyman to get specific work or services. Then, they'll be at your address to meet customers quickly.

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Business Model for Your On-Demand Handyman App Services

If you can enter the market by launching an app on demand, it is vital to ensure that your business model aligns with the vision of your company and mission and serves your targeted users most effectively. Handyman's target market for service applications can be categorized into three groups.

Business to Consumer (B2C)

Many apps cater to the requirements of users' services. Consumer-to-business applications permit users to interact directly with service providers without third-party involvement. This can be any food delivery app service, grocery store, restaurant booking service, ticket booking service, etc.

Making a handyman application that can connect directly with clients is an excellent option. At first, it might require some time, but once the system is in place and the app can make money, you'll reap profits.

Client-to-client (C2C)

In handyman app development, customer-to-customer services cover people who provide services to other people. The application of a babysitter or nursing applications can make life more convenient for those who provide services. C2C is becoming an increasingly important aspect of the delivery industry, and startups across the globe are increasing at a rapid rate. 

Since this business model encourages interaction between people, the feeling of security and trust is built upon the customer.

Choose the most suitable strategy for your business to ease your work and help you maximize profits in the marketplace.

Business to Business (B2B)

In this case, instead of connecting with people, you connect directly to someone who will use the Handyman gig application to help self-employed handymans run their primary business. It is a white-label service in this case. You can modify your solutions according to the customer's requirements and brand the solutions to match their brand. 

The estimated market value for the B2B on-demand application market will reach $1.8 trillion in 2023. This means that developing an online-only app is an excellent way to grab an enviable slice of the market.

Best on Demand App Development Ideas For 2024

As we see the emergence of new technologies each and then, consumers' expectations are continually increasing. This makes on-demand delivery applications more than food delivery. They are setting high standards for a better user experience. We have gathered these experts from our professional repository of entrepreneurs seeking to revolutionize the marketplace through their next move in innovation.

On-Demand App for Healthcare Delivery

App development on demand to deliver healthcare has been increasing since the outbreak began and won't stop any time soon. In the field of on-demand healthcare app development is among the fastest-growing and most beneficial areas where the population uses apps on demand quickly at any stage of life. The apps available within the health sector allow physicians and patients to communicate anytime and from anywhere. Their enormous user base will enable patients to seek medical attention anytime with a mouse click from their mobiles.

Healthcare app development on-demand services such as

  • Telemedicine

  • Reservations for appointments

  • Fitness

  • EHM

  • Telehealth

  • Diet tracking services.

Healthcare apps that are on-demand are a hit with us

  • GoodRx

  • Doctor On Demand

  • ZocDoc

On-Demand App For Courier Delivery

Delivery apps on demand for post and courier services provide customers with delivery services with real-time updates. The app is famous for its convenience and cost-effective method of delivering and collecting packages. These apps have gained the trust of customers in recent times. 

On-demand courier delivery app development operates on a basis that allows the user to create an order for delivery in the app and specify the exact pick-up and delivery address. The application then compares the requested information with the courier in the region, who takes the parcel and delivers it to its recipient.

Applications that are gaining popularity for courier delivery

  • Postmates

  • DoorDash

  • Caviar

On-Demand App For Household Needs

Finding reliable services for your home with the click of a button is yet another inventive idea for demand delivery apps. There was a time when people needed help finding reliable and quick household services such as cleaning, plumbing, electrical service, and home maintenance; the on-demand apps that cater to household needs provide an all-in-one solution for these issues.

A seasoned mobile app development company can help you create an innovative application with the latest technology, allowing users to locate everything they require for home-related services in one platform.

The customer selects the services they want from the choices, including cleaning the house, electrician, plumbing, handyman, or other types of services, and then can reserve the service by adding location, availability, and the cost of service. When the reservation has been confirmed, an individual service visits the residence to perform the task.

For instance, Taskrabbit is among the most renowned on-demand services for homes that connect customers with experts who can assist them in meeting their daily requirements.

Other apps are available on demand to help with household chores.

  • Merrymaids

  • HouseJoy

  • Family Handyman

On-Demand App for Food and Drinks Delivery

The most well-known and widely used concept for apps that offer on-demand delivery development is in the food and drink industry. It is designed with an interactive user interface, simple navigation, and even on-the-spot delivery, generating significant revenue since it meets the increasing demand for efficient and convenient delivery solutions. 

There's plenty of room for innovation in this sector. From apps for on-demand delivery catering to cooked meals and applications for on-demand delivery of food items and everyday needs, These apps offer a seamless service to the customers.

On-demand applications that dominate this market:

  • Uber Eats

  • Grubhub

  • Instagram

On-Demand Travel App

On demand Travel apps development are top-rated because they help people arrange a vacation to Miami, located in an area of Asia. Making travel simpler and reducing costs are two USPs of an on-demand travel app that enables users to reserve various travel options like hotel rooms, flights, rentals, tours, and more at any time. 

The apps offer a massive potential for business as people are looking to book relaxation without the inconvenience, and these applications provide a fast and easy method of securing travel plans.

On demand apps for travel have become popular with our customers.

  • Booking.com

  • Agoda

  • Trivago

Features of On-Demand Handyman App to Let Users Get Things Done!

If we talk about the functions of the handyman app on demand, it is easy for developers to give precisely what you require when you know that the application will function.

For a better idea of the mobile app development process, here is the set of features based on the type of users using the app.

Customers, Service Providers, and the Admin Panel are three service applications integrated into the same umbrella. While each is distinct, the basic features are the same.

We'll review the highlights in each section to help you build a successful handyman application such as Uber.

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Customer Panel

This section focuses on people who use Your Handyman Application. The features included in this section will make your application for self-employed handymans simple to communicate and interact with to prove that you are above your competitors and ensure that customers can quickly navigate the app and incorporate exemplary features into this section.

1. The Profile of the User

Allow users to register for the app and create profiles with all required details. Ensure that onboarding is simple and takes little time for the clients. Include additional information to make it simpler to engage the service and when they can communicate with the supplier.

The features included include:

  • Login & Email Registration

  • Social Media Integration

  • Customized User Profile

  • Notifications and Alerts

  • Recommendations

2. Maps integration

Integrating maps into the app will make it simpler for service providers and clients to find each other. If you do not incorporate this function, you'll face numerous issues the two parties would have to face. The Zomato and the Uber map are evidence of how the power of a map determines the level of engagement among users.

Handyman-specific apps would only have seen the light of day with this dynamic and interactive map. Maps are the most efficient method for customers to interact with your app for self-employed handymans.

The features included include:

  • Show the Arrival Time Estimate

  • Find the most current Service location.

  • Find the most efficient route.

3. The List of the Services

The feed would show users talking about the features offered by the app. Users can pick the service they require and choose the best results by adding the cost, location, and other choices. If you are talking about the app, it is possible to go through the options with fantastic discount offers on your goods, including their price, estimated delivery date, and written reviews.

The features included include:

  • Lists of services and products

  • Specifications for the product or the service (Product Description)

  • Filters and Search Options

4. Chat in the application

Incorporating a chatbot into your app is essential to ensure that it is more straightforward for users to communicate with customers and service providers in addition to the seamless functioning of the company. 

Chatbots are an excellent solution to successfully operating an application for services on-demand. It is essential to resolve any issues that arise between the parties. For instance, if there is a situation event that is urgent or a cancellation occasion, or in the event of specific changes to the event, then both the customer and service provider could communicate and arrive at an agreement in full.

The function removes any uncertainty for both parties, as the purchaser and the provider can communicate with one another in case of unexpected cancellation, emergency, or any doubt. Additionally, an SDK to talk can be added to the software.

The features included include:

  • Chat option for simple conversation

  • The feature of attachments (Images or videos, Documents, and more.)

  • Option to Block

5. Preferences and Other Optional Features

Other features and options are the possibility to reset passwords or change contact details, make e-wallets available, pick dark or light themes, etc.

Handyman Panel

Service providers can use their dashboards to communicate with the app. They can quickly organize and manage the situation so the Handyman can get all pertinent information from one place. The seller must know their products and the peace they wish to keep. They are both equally important. 

Mobile app developers understand the significance of the app's users and service suppliers. If you are creating the version for service providers of the app for on-demand services, ensure that it includes all the necessary unique features to ensure that the provider has an enjoyable experience.

Below is a listing of services that accounts of service providers will get.

1. Create an account

This is a dashboard for those who provide handyman service to their customers. There, they can sign up to create a profile that displays all their services and fill in information like their name, age, and a quick description of their work. Customers can also utilize this tool to get a summary of the provider and their reviews.

Features included:

  • Login & Email Registration

  • Login and Registration for Social Media

  • Invitations and Referrals

  • Access to all profiles

2. Chat inside the application

Chat was previously discussed as a function of on-demand services that allow for accessible communication between the purchaser and the vendor.

As we already have chat features for our client's version, which is the one that vendors offer, their version will likely include the feature. If you need an extremely complex and technologically advanced in-app chat option, a straightforward feature that allows users to send text, images, or files is sufficient.

Features included:

  • This Service Provider side Chat Features is similar to the customer side Chat feature.

  • Personalization

3. Approve or Deny the Request

If service providers get an inquiry related to service from the client, they can accept or deny the request. Assuming that the client's address is far from the service provider's premises, they may decline to offer services to that location or provide additional charges. They can take the request if they're available and have the funds. This is important as it allows the provider to accept and process requests quickly and efficiently.

The features included include:

  • Request Acceptance

  • Request Rejected

  • Notifications by Push

4. History of Orders

This permits the service provider and the service provider to view every single one of their past and ongoing service reservations. It allows service providers to monitor their staff, service delivery, and payment schedules. In addition, it provides

Features included:

  • Request Acceptance

  • Request Rejected

  • Notifications by Push

5. Miscellaneous Features and Settings

The diverse features available to service providers are comparable to those available to customers.

Admin Panel

It is where you interact with the app. "managing" refers to controlling and altering the fundamentals of the program. For example, if you can identify a deal you would like to showcase within the application, it is possible to utilize the admin panel to define it and then do so. 

Additionally, you can get an instant overview of your clients' profiles and communicate with them through the integrated tools. In the end, the handyman app will be identified and operated by the administration panel. It.

Features included:

  • Dashboard

  • Service Provider Management

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Set your prices and commissions.

We will ensure that you incorporate features and functions into the application to make it simpler to comprehend and interact with. We've developed solutions that are simple to work with and assist you in achieving impressive outcomes.

Features To Consider in Handyman on Demand App Development

Here are a few features to think about in an application creation

1. Find a Nearby Handyman

It is an essential feature for every app that caters to the Handyman. As most of the options listed in these apps demand immediate actions, users can find a handyman nearby to use the services whenever available.

2. Push Notification & Alerts

The order is placed, and the confirmation comes from the Handyman and the task's completion and payment status. Discount promotions and offers the users must be up-to-date on the latest happenings in the app and receive push notifications, which will serve their function well.

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3. Real-Time Tracking

It will also keep the user interested in the application as the user will be able to monitor the current location of the Handyman or the status of an inquiry. The app also allows users to prepare in advance (like preparing the required items) before the Handyman arrives.

4. In-App Chat

It allows both the customer and Handyman to talk to each other about the task's current status, the Handyman's location, and the need for any materials for the work. Additionally, it allows Handyman and customers to talk with the help desk when they need assistance.

5. Arrival Time Estimate

The ability to send a handyman's estimated arrival time to the user is beneficial for multiple reasons. The first is that the user stays in contact with the app, and thirdly, the user can make any pre-planned preparations to accomplish the job.

6. In-App Camera

The camera in the app allows users and handymans to connect via video calls and upload pictures of the damaged object, home, or office they want to fix. This increases the efficiency of communication as well as the quality of service.

7. Contact Masking

Contact masking is employed to disguise information about the Handyman and the customer from one another. It serves a variety of purposes. Considering it from a commercial perspective, it avoids situations where the client hires the Handyman directly rather than using the app. Additionally, it helps keep the data of users secure as individuals aren't able to communicate in a way that is not useful.

8. Panic Button

It is possible to find yourself in a situation where the Handyman or person using the service is in a position of threat due to others. Unbehaved customers can cause difficulties for the Handyman, or a non-professional handyman could make the situation worse for the client. The panic button in your app protects both the company and the client from these issues.

9. SMS Authentication

An SMS verification is mandatory during registration by the client along with the Handyman. Additionally, it validates bookings and job completion. When booking a service, customers must confirm the password once, and then the Handyman must enter the code required to initiate and end the work.

10. Different payment choices

Various payment options within your app allow users to make payments using Internet banking, credit cards, debit cards, electronic wallets, cash, UPI, and many other payment options.

11. Schedule Service

In the event of an issue or a lack of availability for the client or Handyman, the app permits customers and handymans to request the service at a later date or at a later time.

12. Effective CRM System

The CRM software allows administrators to be more responsive to customers and maintain an improved relationship with people who use their services and customers. It provides for the various entities to interact with one another quickly.

13. In-App Document Management

Customers, as well as handymans, can manage their paperwork through the application, including documents like invoices and licenses as well as certificates, expert-level documentation, etc.

14. Efficient CMS system

CMS system is used to manage the CMS platform and is utilized to control the services, content, and users of the platform and permit administrators users, handymans, and admins to manage their accounts.

15. Real-Time Analytics & Dashboard

Handymen, administrators, and customers have access to a specific dashboard from which they can view real-time data like jobs available or completed, the spending/earnings total, reviews, and ratings, among others.

16. Loyalty Program Integration

Additionally, we offer loyalty programs for loyal and frequent app users, giving incentives, discounts.

17. Behavior Tracking.

A powerful marketing tool is user behavior monitoring, which allows admins to determine their offerings and services by the most popular products, the preferences of users, and so on. This helps to improve the marketing of the application.

Things to Consider Before Handyman App Development

Here are some crucial points to consider before Handyman application creation.

1. Be prepared and get set for the plan you want to follow

Each application begins by establishing a clear plan. The Handyman app is not an exception. When you first get in touch with the handyman app development firm, ensure you have expectations, a features list, and a comprehensive plan outline. 

2. What Does The Development Process Include?

A brief understanding of developing an app will help you build your app smoothly and in line with your needs. Contact your handyman app development company and speak to them about how to develop your app in the best way to prevent confusion in the future.

3. Is security a factor that affects both the customer and Handyman?

As your handymans is likely to go from one location to another and meet your clients in person, it's essential that you consider the security aspects of each of them. Create a fake panic button, conduct a background investigation, and then take critical safety precautions to ensure nobody is at risk of being injured.

4. Handyman License & Certification Requirements

Some jobs and tasks require certificates and licenses for handymans. As the app's owner, you must confirm that you can delegate and finish these jobs. Be sure to have all your certificates and authority documents ready in advance.

5. Competitor Research and Analysis

When preparing to enter the market, you must understand your rivals and market. This can help you design the features you will offer - specific characteristics that competitors provide should be included on your handyman application, such as Uber, and some features the competitors don't offer can give you an advantage against them.

6. It is essential to set prices wisely.

Making sure you set the price correctly is essential. Consider three key factors, namely, what your competition charges for a specific service, what the handymans are charging for that particular service, and the amount of the commission you wish to keep for your own. When you've analyzed these elements, determine the price for each service.

7. Pick Services Only After Market Study

There are a few services that can be sold through the Handyman application. Some services will have higher sales, and certain services will be sold less. Only a thorough market study will tell you which options and features you need to incorporate in your handyman app, similar to Uber. It is, therefore, essential to conducting this study before the launch.

8. Work on a Robust Marketing Strategy

Making an app for a handyman's needs is just the start of your venture. The majority of applications developed do not pay for the development cost. The reason is that they need to be well-marketed. Make a plan for your marketing. Do some research on the market, and create a list of strategies that have worked but have yet to.

Step-by-step Process to Build A Handyman App

To develop the App, it is necessary to have a plan that aligns with business requirements. From the initial planning phase until the development time, you should be aware of the App's function and purpose. Create it, and then launch it.

Here are the steps to make an app successful for handymans.

1. Identify the Target Audience

Finding the ideal target group is among the first steps in building an app for handymans. Write down the services you plan to offer and then search for your Audience based on your chosen criteria.

Think about whether you offer low-cost solutions or are intended for a specific audience. What services specifically would you want to provide through your application? What particular areas will your app be functional in? The answers to these questions will help you find the ideal people to market your App and reach.

The users of a handyman app are homeowners, renters, and small business owners who require repair, maintenance, and installation for their homes. This group is usually active, seeks convenience and value, and is willing to use technology to locate and employ an expert handyman service provider.

This segment of the population is between the ages of 25- 55. They have an average to high household income. They are also renting or owning a home or a small business property.

By understanding the requirements and preferences of the target user group, the Handyman application can meet the needs of this group and provide an enjoyable and seamless user experience.

2. Build a Solid Business Plan

An app successful in on-demand handyman development begins with a well-thought-out plan. Without a strategy, it's as if you were on a journey with no destination. It could be entertaining but ultimately take you in the wrong direction.

Thus, having a solid plan is essential.

Start by determining what you're hoping to accomplish by using the handyman app on demand. What are the objectives, and how can they improve your user's journey?

You will need to complete the questions below before you can start the program:

  • What's the goal of creating the Handyman App?

  • How much will Handyman App Development cost you?

  • What Target Audience Am I Supposed to Achieve?

  • What type of work should I Do on this platform?

  • Ultimately, how much time will I invest in developing the app?

After you have answered these questions, it is time to examine your business plan. Be aware that there's always room for adjusting these plans (except for the core idea of the business).

3. Competitor Research and Analysis

When you've got the strategy, you must examine how your competitors operate. What strategies are they using, and how do they keep up with the current trends? Begin your research on competition and thoroughly study the market.

You should study the following information regarding your competitors:

  • What are the services they provide?

  • What is the cost they charge for the various services?

  • What is their field of operation?

  • Who are their clients?

  • How do they promote their company?

  • What is it that makes them distinct and superior?

Armed with this knowledge of the competition and market and competitors, you can create an effective strategy to run your business.

4. Understand the Legislation of Your Area

You don't want to harm your company's reputation, Do you? So, knowing what services require certificates or permits to run without interruption is crucial.

Find out the limitations regarding the price you can charge as a handyman. Ultimately, it's important to know that laws affect companies, and it is essential to be aware of the laws that apply to your particular area of business.

5. Pick Services After a Thorough Market Study

The fourth step in creating the handyman app is choosing the features. In the beginning, however, you must research the latest popular market developments.

You could even choose one of the distinctive niches in that specific business.

Additionally, you may be a pro at a sure thing; however, focusing on one is the best way to go. When you've built enough customers to support your core service, starting a few new services and making a good revenue will be simple.

6. Setting up Service Pricing

This is, without doubt, the most crucial decision for any businessman. When creating a handyman app, you must decide what prices will suit your customers and you.

But these numbers will change from time to time. They are often fixed for a minimum of six months, but you can alter the prices. You can also remain the same as it was in the beginning. It's up to you.

Many handymen and businessmen choose to pay hourly rates for specific tasks. Here are a few points to think about:

  • Think about how long is required to complete the job, including other activities and traveling.

  • Keep in mind the capabilities. Keep your standards up for any job that requires specific capabilities.

  • If equipment, tools, or the cost of training is costly, we suggest that you keep the costs high for these services.

  • Suppose the service involves making preparations like moving furniture and preparing the area for work or even purchasing items. Take all of this into the time you billable.

  • Do you require any permit to perform the task? If so, you may be required to pay an annual cost. Therefore, think about the expense of keeping your credentials.

7. Choosing A Revenue Model

After you've developed a solid price strategy, your next stage is choosing the suitable revenue model for your handyman app startups. The revenue model you choose determines how much you make but also the sustainability of your company.

  • Commission-Based Model

  • Subscription-Based Model

  • Freemium Model

  • Lead Generation Model

  • Featured Listings and Ads

  • Licensing or Subscription Fees

  • Referral Programs

  • In-App Purchases

The suitable revenue model requires an in-depth understanding of your customers, market dynamics, and the benefits your Handyman app can bring to users and service providers.

Top 15 Best Handyman Apps For All Your Home Repair & Maintenance Needs

We have put together an extensive list of 15best Handyman apps that offer an array of home repair and maintenance solutions:

1. TaskRabbit - Same Day Handyman

TaskRabbit offers an American on-demand application for handymans that helps users find competent and trustworthy professionals to perform tasks like furniture assembly, home repair cleaning, painting, gardening, plumbing, and much more.

In 2008, TaskRabbit was founded. TaskRabbit is now operating across more than 45 locations in various countries, including those of the United States, Canada, Britain, and many more. (Wikipedia)

This intuitive App allows you to select skilled professionals with just three steps. The first step is to describe the task you want, browse through the expert professional's team, and choose the one that best suits your needs. The job was completed.

To further prove the success of TaskRabbit, The number of users is very high. It will be home to over 140,000 customers by 2022. (Taskrabbit)

More than $81.5M was generated in 2022 through TaskRabbit, and was home to more than 100,000 downloads through the Google Play Store as of 2022.

Features of TaskRabbit:

  • One platform that makes it easier for end-users and tradespeople quickly.

  • Push Notifications are available for both service providers as well as users

  • Real-time tracking system

  • In-app invoice services and an in-app option

  • Customer Support comes in many forms, like chatting telephone calls, emails, chat

  • Many forms of secured payment, including cash and cash-free payments

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