On-demand Handyman Mobile App Development: A Complete Overview

On-demand Handyman Mobile App Development: A Complete Overview

On-demand handyman mobile app development has been in trend for the past few years. Just like food delivery, medicine delivery, and home service apps, people are enjoying such quick services as well. As a result, dominating the service industry fervently. 

As we know, the handyman and home service businesses have always been a part of our society. People also used to do almost every task themselves. Nowadays, they prefer professional help for several reasons. Thus, people hire local handyman service providers to do repair services including home service work. 

Therefore, the home service and handyman mobile app industry is thriving. The tasks they handle include cleaning, home repair services, installing appliances, gardening, interior designing, plumbing services, and a salon at home. To say the least, these are a few of the numerous different services in the on-demand industry.

Further, an on-demand handyman mobile app development company plays a huge role in its success. We have many handyman applications like Handy, Homee, TaskRabbit, etc. 

Let’s understand on-demand handyman applications in detail -

What is an On-demand Handyman Mobile App?

An on-demand handyman app consists of various home services and manifold laborious tasks requiring expert-level skills. A handyman professional has expertise in cleaning, maintaining, appliance repairing, and various home tasks. 

Investors and entrepreneurs get professional services by spending a few bucks. Thus, an on-demand handyman mobile app development has prolonged benefits including saving time, better management, and avoiding unforeseen hassles. When the app brings all professionals to one place, users don’t need to search their local area.

Further, interior designing, painting, electrical wiring, flooring, renovation & demolition, and deck construction & repair are a few of the large projects. And, they demand professional assistance. Therefore, only an experienced service provider can provide an expert team in your locale. 

So, a handyman app brings all the local handyman service providers on one platform. Users can choose their preferred service provider and send a request. 

Then, after ordering services, users can sit and the handyman team will handle everything. You can also track the project cycle using the in-app tracking feature.

Industry and Market Size – Online Handyman Services Market

Before diving deep into the on-demand handyman mobile app industry, it is wise to conduct a deep analysis. Intense market research always helps get market insights and make better business strategies. 

Let’s look at some market statistics- 

  • According to the survey on Statista, the repair and maintenance industry in the personal and household goods repair segment is thriving. The revenue in the market was about US$3.98 billion in 2021. It is estimated that it can reach about US$4.45 billion by the end of 2024. 

  •  According to a recent survey, the on-demand handyman service franchises in the US industry hold a market size of about US$5 billion in 2023. Also, it will grow at a rate of 0.8% in 2023 alone. 
  • The data report focusing on the last five-year growth in the handyman mobile app services franchises displays positive growth. The industry has grown at a 2.6% per year growth rate. 

Hence, it is clear that on-demand handyman app services offer many profitable business opportunities. 

What Are the Types of On-demand Handyman Services

1. Business to Business (B2B)

Sure, on-demand B2B services are famous for quick services and easy navigation systems.  Services like food delivery, grocery delivery, cab booking, laundry, salon services, and dog walking require association with local service providers and professionals. 

The on-demand handyman services provide instant solutions and comfort to people. Thus, local home services and handyman businesses opt to expand their businesses on these platforms. 

Thus, they upscale their business, release various marketing campaigns such as loyalty programs, and oftentimes, offer heavy discounts. In return, the On-demand handyman app platform generates revenue via various methodologies. 

2. Business to Customer (B2C)

The B2C approach functions when the handyman business directly approaches customers with their services. For example, on-demand service works as both B2B and B2C services. 

Here, they provide an online presence to local businesses and exposure to a versatile user base. Simultaneously, they also work on user engagement and offer the best user-centric services. Such third-party aggregator businesses are- grocery delivery, milk delivery, salon services, home service app, alcohol delivery, etc. 

3. Customer to Customer (C2C)

If a person offers services to another person/people, it is called customer-to-customer services. This type of on-demand service can generate a considerable amount of revenue for individuals. Such services are lawn mowing, selling art and craft items, etc.

Some of the mobile apps that fall under this category are- eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Airbnb, Craigslist, Shopify, and Flipkart.

How Does an On-demand Handyman App Work?

The whole process of handyman services delivery depends on the business model of the handyman mobile app. For an individual business model where the established business has released its mobile application. They handle every part of the on-demand handyman services delivery procedure. It includes booking, scheduling orders, and assigning teams to complete the tasks.

The on-demand handyman app service delivery is quite different when it comes to the integrated business model. Here, the app platform works as a third-party service platform. They charge a percentage of commission from handyman service businesses on its platform.

Let’s understand the fundamental working process of the on-demand handyman mobile app-

  • Users register on the app and fill in the exact location of the work field.
  • They navigate through the various local service providers list and choose the best-suited one according to the nature of the task.
  • On-demand services provide a list of services, users choose them and send the request.
  • The handyman app platform navigates the request to the service provider.
  • After users make the payments using the in-app payment gateway, the app company confirms their request.
  • The service provider schedules their request.
  • The app company cuts the commission and sends a share of the payment to the handyman service providers.
  • The service provider sends the professionals to finish the task at the scheduled time and keeps the users updated throughout the process. 
  • In the end, users rate the services and leave feedback.

Business Models for On-demand Handyman Apps

1. Single Service Aggregator

The single-service aggregator model is suitable for those handyman businesses that are focused on one particular service. It can be carpentering, home painting, repair services and maintenance, cleaning services, plumbing services, pest control, etc.

These individual services can help businesses grow as people need them periodically. You can hire handyman professionals and provide services related to it. Thus, the handyman mobile app will have all the service providers and professionals related to one field. 

2. Multiple Service Aggregator

The multiple service aggregator apps include businesses with versatile services in their portfolio. For example, Homee, TaskRabbit, and Handy are multiple service aggregator apps. Since they offer multiple services on one platform, users don’t need to download another handyman app. 

The other important fact worth mentioning is competition. When a handyman mobile app company in the market provides multiple services, it increases the level of competition. Thus, you must have a unique idea before starting an on-demand handyman mobile app development process. 

Also, an app idea must be remarkable as well as user-centric. When you decide to go to a local handyman mobile app development company to build an app, it is necessary to do research first. 

3. Home Service Business Model

In both the above business models, the app company works as a third-party platform or individual business entity. However, if you have your own established business, then, the mobile app will upscale your business. You can generate more revenue and earn the trust of many users. You don’t need to limit yourself to your local area.

In this business model, your specific business mobile app can have a global reach. Handyman mobile app is the best decision to expand the business. Users can get a personalized experience via various in-app features. App owners also strategize their business plans according to users’ needs.

Determining Revenue Model For Handyman Mobile App Company

Revenue model for Handyman Mobile App

Undoubtedly, you need a revenue model to sustain and thrive in the competitive market. The on-demand handyman app industry is one of the most profitable industries of the 21st Century. 

You can find many ways to earn revenue and profit. Let’s look at some of the sure ways to earn revenues via the on-demand handyman mobile application.

  • Listing Fee

An on-demand handyman app associates with many service providers and gives them an online platform. The online presence exposes their handyman businesses to a broader and larger audience. Thus, you can charge for unlimited the number of products or services listed by handyman businesses. 

You can offer a premium version in the professional app panel. So, businesses can subscribe to it and list more items and services to attract users. This way, you can get a fair amount of revenue. 

  • Payment Gateway Commission

An on-demand app platform that handles thousands of transactions every day. Hence, they charge a small amount of the transaction fee from the third-party software company. Payment gateways like eWallets, GPay, Paypal, etc. associate with multiple on-demand app platforms to provide encrypted online payment service to users. 

Hence, As an owner, you get a fraction of the transaction fee with every transaction occurred on the platform. It is a legal and practical revenue scheme many online handyman app service platforms use.

  • Commission from local handyman Service Providers

When the handyman mobile app company provides a platform for local service providers to conduct business, it gives them access to a broader audience. Thus, they charge a fixed amount of commission fee from their service providers. 

When users send a request on the platform, the app company cuts the commission fee and sends the remaining amount to the service provider. Usually, the on-demand app platform charges up to 20-30% as a commission fee. 

  • In-app Marketing

Marketing is an essential part of the on-demand mobile app business. In-app advertisements can generate a fair amount of revenue for the on-demand handyman app. Multiple businesses can advertise their services on your web and mobile app platform to reach out to your audience. It will give them exposure and you get paid for it. 

  • Offers, Deals, and Discounts

Another way of generating fair revenue is by offering various attractive marketing deals to handyman customers. The on-demand handyman app platform can offer various offers and seasonal deals. Usually, push notifications, SMS, and emails are great ways to advertise your offers. Coupon codes are also another scheme to generate revenues. 

  • In-app Promotions

Every on-demand service provider wants to stay on top of the home feed. When users login into the app platform, they get to see those businesses first. In this way, more users get to know about them and their service. Thus, it increases their online handyman business revenue. 

The longer they stay on top of the home feed or the recommendation list, the better it will be for their businesses. For they get more orders. The online handyman app platform, in response to it, also releases many marketing offers to local handyman service providers. For it helps with revenue generation.

  • Delivery Charges

The handyman app company provides various handyman services. They associate with local handyman businesses and promise to provide the best on-demand service nearby. You can charge a delivery fee with every order confirmed. 

Now, you know multiple revenue generation models for your handyman app business. It is a suggestion to do more intense research to gain in-depth knowledge. Sure, you’ll find more ways to generate revenue. For initial years, it is advisable to find investors or fundraising platforms. It will help you set foot in the competitive market. 

Top 5 On-demand Handyman Applications

top handyman applications

Study your competitors before you look for the best on-demand handyman mobile app development company for your app. Though, you can find many handyman apps in the market. Yet, it is hard to find such apps that fulfill our needs. 

So, let’s discuss the five best handyman apps in the market-

It is one of the most popular and easy-to-book handyman services mobile apps. The app company offers trained professionals. Since its launch in 2014, the Handy app provides handyman and home services in 40 cities across North America, the UK, and Canada.

1. Handy- Cleaning & Handyman Tasks

Handy App

The Handy app is free to install and search for the best handyman services. The app company provides a variety of handyman services that include- 

  • Home and office cleaning
  • Various handyman services like installing, moving things, painting, & mounting
  • Plumbing and electrical services

Download- iOS | Android

2. KnockNok

KnockNok Handyman

It was released in 2021. It is one of the fastest-growing handyman app companies in the USA and Canada. Users can find the best-trained handyman professionals in their locale. 

To grab the attention of their target audience, they offer KnockNok’s service card. The benefits of the service card include,

  • $250 Service Card for $9.9
  • 60-Day Warranty
  • Transferrable
  • Up to 95% savings on the Service Cost

KnockNok is popular for providing an array of handyman services, including-

  • Home Maintenance services
  • Appliances Repairing
  • Heating & Plumbing
  • Furniture Assembling
  • Boats & Auto Repairing
  • Cleaning & Moving Services
  • Snow Removal services

The KnockNok app is free to use. However, they have an in-app purchase option to use more advanced features. In-app purchases range from $4.99 -$999.99. 

Download- iOS | Android

3. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit App

Whether you’re a new homeowner, tenant, or resident in your locale. Hiring experienced home services & handyman taskers is always a good idea. TaskRabbit relieves the burden of finding the best taskers in your local area. The app platform also helps you negotiate the best deals and offers in less time.

TaskRabbit offers various services, such as mounting, plumbing, cleaning, moving, installation, yard work, and more. Other services they offer include interior designing, research, event planning, shipping, grocery shopping, baby-proofing, personal assistance, etc. 

With over one million downloads, TaskRabbit is free to use and accessible to both iOS and Android users. 

Download- iOS | Android

4. Thumbtack

Thumbtack App

After its launch in 2017, Thumbtack has become a household name for providing one of the best handyman services to people. The app platform manages all, including one-on-one chat, customized pricing plans, and receiving quality services from pros.

Along with most fundamental handyman services, Thumbtack offers-

  • Commercial and wedding photography
  • Data entry and business logo designing
  • Animation
  • Pet services
  • Arts and craft services
  • Event planning
  • Repairing, writing, transcribing, and personal consultants
  • Painting, lawn care
  • Concrete and floor installation, etc.

Download- iOS | Android

5. Homee 

Homee App

Whether you’re a property manager or homeowner, the Homee offers to take the burden of completing home tasks off your shoulder. The app platform offers the best professionals in your locale and provides services within 30 minutes of your booking. 

The services provided by the Homee app are-

  • Plumbing, 
  • HVAC services
  • Electrical services
  • Handyman and home services


Key Features to Consider during an On-demand Handyman App Development Process

Before deciding on the key features of the handyman app, we must understand the different handyman app services panels. You must discuss all the necessary features with your on-demand handyman mobile app development company. 

These panels in handyman apps are specifically categorized. So, everyone can work with ease at every level of the handyman & home service app business.

  1. Admin Panel- For Handyman app company owner
  2. Service Providers App Panel- Local handyman app business panel
  3. User App Panel- For customers
  4. Delivery App Panel- For delivery personnel/professionals

Let’s discuss all of them one-by-one-

1. Admin Panel

  • Login

As an admin, you get the mobile app login credentials. Now, the admin can log in and fill in the necessary details. The only thing that needs to be done is the shifting of work accessibility from offline to online. 

  • Database Management

The complete managerial tasks get automated. The company assigns and manages tasks through the app. The handyman app company performs all business operations through the web and mobile app. 

  • Team Management

Every business needs talented teams to work effectively. The in-app features in the admin panel help them to coordinate with each other. From task assignments to real-time performance evaluations, the admin app oversees everything in one place.

  • Inventory and Surveillance

Now, handyman app owners don’t need to keep a logbook and update details. Admin only needs to transfer data and start monitoring daily tasks and goals. Equipment maintenance, monitoring usage hours, and accessing inventory data have never been easy. The in-app camera helps you keep an eye on inventory from anywhere. 

  • Finance Management

Loans payments, customer payments, financial data, company costs, service fees, and commissions are easily manageable with an in-app logbook. The data is completely safe and an in-app reminder helps you keep track of it. 

  • In-app Communication

Chats, audio/video calls, emails, and SMS are a few communication options. These methods will help you coordinate with the team and build strong relationships with customers. Also, they provide the best marketing medium to promote services. 

  • CRM and Marketing

Building an army of loyal customers is important for businesses to thrive in the long run. A strong marketing team helps you get better user engagement whilst promoting handyman services to large audiences. Also, they help build the image and brand value through customer service.

  • Customer Support

The marketing team deals with customer queries. They also get feedback and improve customer satisfaction by solving their queries. The admin also gets real-time updates on the web and mobile app. 

  • Push Notifications

They are the fastest way to get real-time notifications. Mobile app developers use third-party software to incorporate this feature in the app for all service providers, admin, customers, and delivery persons. 

They are most useful in marketing the top sought-after services on the platform. If a customer is using your services for a long time, you can also release loyalty programs. Push notifications help you reach out to customers faster than any other medium.  

2. Service Providers App Panel

  • Handyman Registration

Service providers need to register using their business email and complete the verification process. Then, they can fill out basic information to start the business. 

  • Profile Management

This section tells users about the service provider and what handyman services they are offering. The service providers also get to choose the business plan offered by the handyman app company. The profile includes information like business name, logo, profile picture, introduction, etc. 

  • Handyman Service Listing

Now, it is time to list the services based on the plan local businesses have chosen. The app company offers free and premium plans for local businesses. Both plans have their own limitations and benefits. 

  • Order Management

Service providers manage their orders using the order management feature. Whenever they get new orders, a notification pops up and they see the details using this feature. It allows them to schedule, accept or reject orders based on the services available at that time.

  • In-app Marketing

The app company offers various marketing schemes for local handyman businesses to promote their services. Thus, they can stay before the eyes of their target audience when they login into the app. 

  • Payment Gateway

These days, people prefer cashless transactions. Hence, numerous online transaction methods such as eWallets, Net Banking, UPI, and credit & debit cards will be the added bonus. Also, the payment system must be safe and secure. 

  • Live-tracking Feature

Transparency and trust build when users get to know about the whole process. Real-time updates play a huge role in the handyman service industry. Users stay assured about the completion of the project on time. 

  • In-app Chat/Video

When service providers send a handyman team to finish the work, they stay connected to users via various mediums. In-app videos help people get real-time on long projects. House painting, remodeling, and maintenance are such works that require such things.

  • Feedback and Ratings

When users are happy with the services, they leave a good review on the company site and app. And when there is dissatisfaction, the app company learns and strategizes its business modules. Hence, another chance to grow and improve services. 

  • Social Media Sharing

A social media sharing option offers many benefits. It helps promote the brand by users, provides credibility, and brings more users to the platform. Hence, the app company must provide social sharing options to users. 

  • Notifications

The push notifications are a sure way to market various offers, and deals and send real-time alerts to all service providers at the same time. Your mobile app developers use third-party services to incorporate into the service provider app panel. 

Local handyman service businesses can also send alerts about loyalty programs, discounts, and various offers in much less time.

3. User App Panel

  • User Registration

Users need to register using an email id or mobile number. Users also need to go through the verification process. It is to make the place more secure for users and keep bots or fake accounts away from the platform. 

  • Location Setting

The location is important to set on the handyman app. Before requesting services, users need to provide their current location or field address. The app company must incorporate in-app navigation or location-tracking software or google maps for setting up the right location. 

  • Home Page Listing

The navigation process must be easy and quick to increase the customer retention rate. Thus, all the essential services must be present on the home page. A careful categorization will be better. 

Users can look at various handyman service providers, offers, discounts, service fees, details, and more. Then, choose the best service provider according to their needs. 

  • Reorder and History 

Also, customers can order the same service using the history section. They don’t need to search for services again. It will save them time and money. Every mobile app in the handyman/ home service app industry must have this feature. 

  • Multiple Payment Options

A safe and encrypted payment system in the user app will surely attract more customers. You must ensure to provide the multi-payment system as well as a currency conversion option. Thus, you can have global user engagement on your platform. 

  • In-app Chats/Videos

When the project is big like interior designing or home painting, in-app chats/videos keep the clients updated. The handyman team can share the daily work report with the clients via in-app chat options, audio/video calling, and media sharing. 

  • Real-time Tracking Options

Your handyman/home service app must have an in-app tracking system. Some handyman applications like movers & packers require assured transfer of goods. Thus, handyman customers can track the vehicle via the on-demand app. 

  • Help & Support

After delivering the handyman service, users leave reviews and feedback. If anyone has a query, then they can ask for a solution using the in-app help feature. Also, the in-app security feature helps build trust between service providers and customers. 

  • Push Notification

Here, users get multiple real-time activity alerts, offers, & discounts on many desired services, notifications about loyalty programs, and recommendations via this feature. 

4. Delivery App Panel

  • Login/Registration

Every delivery person needs to log in using an Email ID or mobile number. The multilevel verification process will be the next to follow. After that, the handyman individuals can start the profile setup process. 

  • Profile Setup

Handyman individuals get to access their accounts. They can now set up their profile which includes their name, profile picture, experience, ratings, etc.

  • Delivery Scheduling

The handyman services team can see their schedule of the day in this section. Now, they need to collect their equipment from inventory and leave to provide services on the field. They keep the app company updated about their activities.

  • In-app Navigation 

The GPS system helps the handyman team get to the exact location on time. The most common third-party service used for navigation services is Google Maps. 

  • Delivery & Payment Verification

The client pays the bill via the in-app payment system. The team gets the payment confirmation via the mobile app. The team also updates the status of work periodically.

  • In-app chat/ call

The in-app chat options are to keep the clients and service providers updated. These mediums are audio/video calls, SMS, text messages, etc.

  • Push Notifications

After the handyman individual gets the job done, the user can give their opinion and feedback. The handyman gets the notification regarding ratings, next delivery schedules, and more.

Advanced Features to Develop a Prominent Handyman App Solution

Advanced features of Handyman App

So far, you have understood the necessary features a handyman service app must have. You can get these basic features in every white-label software. Now, it’s time to look at a few advanced technological features that will help you stand out in the market. 

1. Advanced Search Bar

 A search bar that offers multiple layers of filter options. Users can narrow down their search with precision and find the best handyman business in their locale within the right price range. This advanced feature has the potential to boost the user experience. Hence, you can incorporate this feature in every futuristic mobile application

2. AR/VR Technology

Augmented reality or virtual reality is a recent advanced feature. It is widely used in real estate apps. When it comes to interior designing or home painting, it can help clients visualize the final outlook of their homes. Thus, they can make better decisions without any hassle.

3. AI-based Chatbots

For any query raised by a user, the AI chatbots help people to solve them without any manual help. This saves time and gives an accurate result. Though it is still an emerging technology, still, many app companies are incorporating it into their mobile app. 

4. Crypto-based Payment System

Blockchain technology has been dominating many sectors and bringing worthwhile changes. You can hire dedicated developers to incorporate this feature in your handyman application. Many fintech mobile apps are already introducing cryptocurrency payment systems. And, people are adopting this new revolutionary change.

Required Steps to Build the Handyman Apps

1. Market Research

No doubt, knowledge is power. The more you know about your field, the more you become wise and mature. Moreover, you can experiment and make good decisions. The business world is all about knowledge and experience. 

You need to do extensive market research to be successful in the field. You will be ahead of the competition and focus on deciphering customers’ pain points. Your valuable time will be focused on improving your services. In return, you will get deep knowledge in your field which is a key contributing factor to success.  

2. Choosing the Right Handyman Business Model

Systematic planning will keep you a lot ahead of your competitors. You need to choose the right business model for your business. If you already have a successful handyman business, then choosing a business model is only a piece of the cake. 

Established businesses can choose a third-party aggregator platform for their online presence. Or, build an app and market themselves as a personal brand. 

Hence, you need to carefully decide on the business model. Because the app features and cost depend on the business model. 

3. Finding an On-demand Handyman Mobile App Development Company

You have two ways of building an effective handyman app solution. First, hire your personal handyman mobile app development team. Though, this method can cost you a lot. Also, it is time-consuming and unaffordable to many. 

Second, hire a professional on-demand app development company. You can find a good handyman mobile app development company through Upwork & Fiverr. They offer on-time economical solutions for your handyman and home services business.  

Hence, the second method is the more flexible and fastest way to build handyman mobile apps. Further, you can also hire your local on-demand handyman mobile app development company. You also have the option to choose an Indian handyman app development agency as India has a paramount reputation in the Technology world.

These Handyman mobile app development methods are cost-effective and less time-consuming. Hence, they are beneficial for long-term projects. These days many companies are choosing cross-platform like Flutter and React Native frameworks for app development.

4. Acquiring the Necessary Handyman License

You need to follow a certain process and follow regulations to get the license. Only then, you can provide services to your customers.

  • First, you need to contact the state board of contractors or any similar government agency. Then, find their website and gather the required information. 
  • In some places, you need separate licenses for different services. Thus, apply for the licenses for the handyman services you will provide. 
  • Gather the required handyman certifications you need for your business and your staff. 
  • After submitting all the documentation, you get your handyman business license and state contractors’ license
  • Your handyman experts must also have their professional handyman license to work.  

For new handyman professionals, it is advisable to work under licensed handyman professionals while you wait for your license. It will improve your skill and give you adequate experience. 

5. Design and Functions in the Handyman App

UI/UX designers will design the final look of your handyman app. Therefore, you can choose the required function, widgets, features, and icons. You can also oversee the handyman mobile application development process while waiting for licenses. 

Further, the user-centric handyman app ought to have an easy navigation process. The number of features and functions must not increase the storage capacity of the app. Otherwise, customers won’t download the app. 

Further, the mobile app must adhere to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store regulations. The on-demand handyman mobile app development company must keep this in mind while developing an uber for handyman app. So, both Android and iOS users can use the handyman mobile app.

6. Hiring a Marketing Team

The real work starts after the on-demand handyman mobile app development process ends. People need to know about your services, visions, and solutions. Also, your idea must solve their problems. Only a robust marketing team can spread your vision to the masses. 

Their tasks range from organizing a memorable launch to building strong customer relationships. It is important to reach the target audience with the right vision and tactics. Then only you’ll be able to convert them into your customers. 

Further, you must stay in contact with your handyman app development company. It is to fix bug issues and upgrade the app with new technologies.

Tech Stack Required to Develop an Exceptional On-demand Handyman App

A quality tech stack plays a major role in handyman application development. Therefore, you need to ensure that your professional handyman app development company incorporates the best and premium third-party software in the app software.

Also, the app platform must be compatible with the latest smartphone models. Further, there will be fewer bug issues with quality softwares. Let’s look at the most used technology stacks-

Web Development
Mobile App Development(Android & iOS)          
Backend Development      
Frontend Development        


Third-Party Services-

Payment Gateway        
Push Notification    
Social Media 

Team Structure Organization by Handyman App Development Company

The success of any project heavily depends on the team structure. A technical team can make or break a good project. Thus, it is vital to choose the best handyman mobile app development company to build your unique handyman app idea. 

In the handyman app development process, the technical team will consist of-

  • Project Manager

A project manager works as the bridge between the development team and the product owner. The main role of a PM is to keep the team motivated and the client happy. Their duty also includes the completion of the project within budget and time. 

Thus, they are always in contact with the client. And, monitors the project while ensuring that the project stays on track all the time.

  • Team Leader

A team leader is in charge of the functions of the technical team. A TL oversees the complete on-demand mobile app development process from scratch. Its job is to ensure smooth coordination among team members. So, the project gets completed on time. 

A team lead also sets the tone of working and goals for every member. Besides managing and organizing various tasks, this person also ensures the flow of complete information among team members. Hence, a team leader is also an excellent communicator. 

  • Full-stack Developers

Like other developers, full-stack developers are not specialized in one field. They contribute to the complete project development process from scratch. Their main duties are to write user-centric code for optimization, create user-friendly interaction for both front-end and back-end operations, and oversee automated testing. 

They are usually programmers who also provide guidance and feedback to the team and management during the handyman app development process.

  • Frontend and Backend Developers

In the handyman app development cycle, the backend developers have hands-on experience with Git. They have extensive knowledge of programming languages Ruby, Python, Java, .Net, PHP, etc.

Their main duties include managing operational logic across devices, cloud storage, working on APIs, and building frameworks & app architecture. They also help manage secured third-party softwares to provide the best user experience with front-end developers.

The front-end developers are responsible for attractive and interactive web and mobile applications. They work on the client side of website optimization which includes providing the best user experience, managing load time, writing user-friendly codes, etc.

Their area of expertise includes creating prototypes and quality markups using programming languages like HTML. They also have expertise in Java, CSS, and jQuery. During handyman mobile app development, they also handle debugging and browser testing. 

  • UI/UX Designers

The UI/UX designers are responsible for creating an easy-to-use design for clients. They use illustrative design ideas such as storyboards, and sitemaps, and take the help of wireframes tools. They are also responsible for creating sleek graphic designs using widgets, tabs, and menus. 

So, their duty is to create a visual representation of the final product, conduct layout adjustments for better navigation, and keep the client’s demands in mind. Apart from using designing tools like photoshop, the UI/UX designers are experts in programming languages like HTML and PHP. 

  • Quality Analyst

A quality engineer in the mobile app development company is responsible for checking the quality of the software at every stage. They ensure the industry standard level quality during the on-demand handyman mobile app development process. Their periodic quality tests help the team save time and extra costs after the completion of the project.

  • Test Engineer

A test engineer is responsible for determining product performance by conducting various tests. These tests usually occur during either design or production stage. Sometimes, they test the mechanical part of the product if there is any. 

Hence, a complete team works in harmony to provide the best quality product in the end. 

Cost of Developing an On-demand Handyman Application

Cost of developing a Handyman App

It is impossible to estimate the on-demand handyman app development solutions cost with accuracy. Since the mobile app development cost depends on various measurements. We can only speculate by considering those major cost-affecting factors. 

The factors affecting the cost include app model, mobile app development company location, number of features, app complexity & platform, third-party softwares, technology incorporated, etc. 

However, one factor is certain. And that can help you estimate the average overall cost of app development. Some other factors also depend on this one cost-determining factor. That factor is the handyman app development company's location. 

If you choose an Indian on-demand handyman mobile app development company, then the overall app development will cost you about US$15,000-US$25,000 for 3 to 6 months. Other factors that you can get estimations of are-

S.No. Name Cost Hours
1 Front-end and Back-end Developers $4000-$15000 500
2 UI/UX Designers $1600-$3500 55-70
3 Technical Documentation $1100-$1600 36-48
4 QA and Test Engineers $2000-$6000 72-80
5 Debugging $1200-$3300 37-45

Moreover, The handyman app development solutions cost also depends on the on-demand mobile app development company’s hourly rate. 

  • Small Handyman App Development Company Cost: $20 – $40 / Hour
  • Intermediate Handyman App Development Company Cost: $40 – $100 / Hour
  • Enterprise-level Handyman App Development Company Cost: $100 – $200 / Hour

What Are the Benefits of the On-demand Handyman App Development?

Besides, expanding your business to reach more users, there are several benefits of an on-demand handyman app development. These benefits provide growth to both the handyman mobile app company and the local service provider. 

The study also shows that users are more inclined to use handyman services apps simply because they prefer professional assistance to avoid unnecessary hassle and time. Also, a professional handyman has deep knowledge and experience regarding the job. 

Easy Business Operation

The biggest benefit of having an on-demand handyman app is the smooth operation of the business. The mobile app will help you oversee all the departments without any hassle. Even if you are away, you can still work effortlessly. 

Further, all real-time updates are only a few clicks away. You can work remotely. The in-app camera will help you keep an eye on your inventory. You get reminders for meetings, routine equipment repair, and meeting schedules. 

Hence, you don’t miss anything. Also, all your necessary documents and licenses are safe in the cloud storage. So, you can retrieve them anytime you want.

Wider Reach to Target Audience

With globalization, your target audience is only a few clicks away. You can give your physical handyman business an online presence. The more people know about it, the more they will reach out to you.

Study shows that more people use mobile apps for home service tasks. You can market your business and encourage people to use your handyman mobile app for all home service and handyman tasks. 

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You can also hire a marketing team to spread your vision to more people. And establish trust and transparency in people’s minds. 

Instant Customer Service

The best part of using an on-demand handyman application is users get their desired services within a few clicks. People don’t need to wait for office hours to book their schedules. They can schedule their services at any time. 

Hence, it is necessary to ease customers’ lives that you offer a 24x7 order booking facility. Customers also get to use an in-app communication facility for queries. Nowadays, AI chatbots also help people instantly and in an accurate manner.  

Secure Payment System

An online payment system is the new normal of this 21st century. Now, most people don’t carry cash. They prefer various online methods to make payments. For it is easy and fast. Therefore, providing secure and many online payment methods will attract more customers. 

These days, people use eWallets, UPI, internet banking, and cards to make payments in on-demand mobile apps. They are easy to incorporate and revenue generators for businesses. 

Improved Customer Relationships

Building a loyal customer relationship is vital for any business to be successful. Usually, it is the duty of a marketing team. They expand the company vision using various methodologies. As a result, it encourages target audiences to use the app more. 

Moreover, customers get all the information about company services in one place. They also get various deals, offers, and seasonal sales via push notifications, emails, and SMS. These real-time updates encourage people to take the benefits of the latest deals.

Increased Work Efficiency of Staff

An online handyman app prevents overlapping of schedules. People don’t need to wait in the queue to book a schedule. Whatever service they want, they get all the details in the app. With healthy competition on the app platform, they choose the best deal.

Therefore, your staff takes less amount of time to fulfill customer demand. They instantly start working on delivering services. As a result, your business saves extra time and money. Also, improving staff efficiency by making them focus on the necessary task at hand. 

Now, you've understood the cost and benefits of an on-demand handyman mobile app development solution. Moving on, let’s understand how much time mobile app developers need to build an efficient Uber for handyman application-

Time Needed to Develop an On-demand Handyman Mobile App

Although it takes about 3 to 6 months to build an on-demand handyman app from scratch. However, there is another way to get your handyman mobile app fast. You can choose a white-label app to develop an uber like handyman app. 

Here, the white-label app is pre-configured software with all the necessary features. You only need to add a few more advanced features that your handyman mobile app idea needs. It is a cost-effective approach to have the handyman app in less time. 

Generally, the white-label app costs around US$10,000-US$18,000 with all the pre-configured basic functions. The handyman mobile app development company also provides debugging facilities after the app launch. 

Further, if you want to add more features, then it takes extra time and cost. Hence, the project can take more than a few weeks.

Summing Up

At last, you’ve reached a point where you have all the information you’ve been looking for. Now, it is time to give canvas to your imagination. That is, start developing your on-demand handyman mobile app solution.

It is safe to say that you will need an experienced mobile app development company. If you choose an Indian handyman mobile app development company, you will get economical and quality on-demand mobile app solutions. 

Further, as more people are investing in real estate, they will need a reliable handyman app development company to help them. Also, homeowners choose dependable home repair services and professional handyman experts. 


Q1. What should be considered before developing a handyman application?

Certain things required undivided attention before developing a handyman application. They are- 

  • Pre-development planning
  • Handyman Certifications and licenses
  • In-depth research
  • Pre-determined services and price ranges
  • Security aspects for both business and customers
  • Assertive marketing strategy

Make sure that you check out all these before contacting an on-demand handyman mobile app development company. 

Q2. Will you provide post-technical support post the app launch?

Yes, we provide post-technical support for a limited period. If you wish to continue, you will need to subscribe to our services for an extended period.  

Q3. Can you develop an on-demand handyman app like Uber and TaskRabbit?

Yes, you can get apps like TaskRabbit and Uber for the handyman app. We develop the app from scratch within six months. In addition, we also provide white-label software adorned with all the necessary features. You can get further information from our business analysts. 

Q4. Why should I choose the JPLoft solutions to develop my handyman app?

You will find many reasons while visiting our official business website. Yet, You will know the most important reasons why you should choose the JPLoft solution.

  • Comprehensive experience of 10+ years
  • Satisfied and loyal global clients
  • World-class handyman mobile app development services
  • Top-quality mobile app solutions at affordable prices 
  • Cost-effective solutions and on-time delivery