Top Korean Drama Apps

Top Korean Drama Apps

A Korean drama app is a software designed for mobiles to stream Kdramas as well as other entertaining Korean content. These apps are a bundle of a broad range of Korean movies, series, shows, and even TV channels broadcast live. Users can enjoy their favourite content with subtitles in their understandable language and can view content offline, too. These apps tend to cater to the international fanbase of Kdrama, offering access to the latest and classic releases and making sure fans can stream their desired shows on any device, as per convenience. 

Are you a Kdrama fan and bored of searching each episode separately on Google? Take a look at this list of trending Korean drama apps curated for you. Watch subtitled, original language, or dubbed Kdramas on your mobile devices anytime, anywhere. You can also view Kdramas in offline mode in case you can’t access the Internet. Even though you are not in the network range, you can keep yourself entertained by finding pleasure in the media you have saved on your phone. 

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List of Top Korean Drama Apps 

1. Viki 


Viki is one of the good Korean drama apps that enables users to access a unique collection of famous K-dramas, Asian series, movies, shows, music performances, and much more. The highlight of this Korean TV app is that you can enjoy preferred shows and movies at no cost, with no advertisements. They also allow a subscription service to access, known as Viki Pass using which the viewers can watch exclusive video content in HD quality. Moreover, Viki offers distinct features to use. You can explore subtitles in your preferred language. Also, it proudly celebrates a user community which is a common platform to discuss favourite shows, reviews and other insights. Watch free Korean drama on this app, be it romantic, comedy, or horror; it is your call. Viki has a consumer-friendly interface, which makes navigation easy and enjoyable. You are at the right place if you are looking for rich storytelling or wish to explore the richness of the culture of Asian shows.  

Notable features: 

  • You can stream content with over 150 subtitles. 

  • The content is completely ad-free.  

  • You can stream popular Kdrama shows at no cost. 

2. OnDemandKorea


OnDemandKorea is another famous Korean drama application for accessing all types of Korean dramas and shows. For Korean drama enthusiasts, the app is excellent for watching Kdramas for free. However, the downside is their lack of English subtitles due to the low demand. It is an entirely legal and authentic app to stream a rich bundle of Korean dramas, both for iOS and Android users. The app is not just restricted to Kdramas but also offers an extensive range of guides, documentaries, etc, to watch. You can learn deeply about the lifestyle and religion of Korean people through the content provided by OnDemandKorea. In addition, there are also ODK Original titles available. This program is ideal for anyone who is interested in learning Korean, regardless of whether they are Korean native speakers. Because it is well-known around the nation, you can also learn about the viewing preferences of the local people.  

Notable features: 

  • One of the free Korean drama sites in the market. 

  • Offered in two languages: English and Korean 

  • Watch free content with fewer ads and premium content without ads. 

  • In the premium plan, you can view content on 4 different devices simultaneously. 

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3. Kocowa 


Kocowa is a Korean drama app that helps users discover a variety of shows and classic dramas along with K-POP from broadcasters such as SBS, MBC, and KBS. You have the opportunity to freely watch the most recent episodes of Korean dramas within 24 hours of their airing. The app makes sure to save your spot among the devices so that you can resume from where you left off. Unlike other Korean drama apps that shower ads on the users, Kocowa keeps their viewing experience optimised and intact. As for quality, users can view content equivalent to the TV’s expertise and the platform ensures subtitles and video are synced to each other. AI backs the search to show the exact content users desire. You can access unlimited content with over 25,000 hours of Korean dramas, shows, movies, K-Pop shows, and more with an All-Access Pass. You can start a 14-day trial with one of the memberships and discontinue it anytime you want without getting charged for cancellation fee.

Notable features: 

  • You can stream content at no cost for 30 days with a monthly plan of $7.99. 

  • You can link 4 devices to the account. 

  • Watch shows in full HD and get an ad-free experience. 

4. Viu 


Viu is yet another esteemed Kdrama app that enables free streaming of thousands of user-preferred shows. This streaming app for Kdramas has a large following, with fans enjoying shows in various subtitles and languages. It is a one-stop solution for users who are fans of Kdramas. The Asian app frees its users from a cycle of watching old content on repeat by bombarding them with a great variety of shows. But Viu is not solely restricted to Korean dramas. You have the opportunity to discover anime, Thai shows, Chinese dramas, and other content. The app’s database gets renewed with new shows frequently. This ensures the users have new content, like Korean dramas online, to look forward to. The app has an engaging interface to make navigation and discovery of content stress-free. If you are a traveller, you can download shows to watch offline as well. With a diverse array of content and transparent options for viewing, Viu tailors to different tastes. This makes it a reliable choice among the users.  

Notable features: 

  • Helpful suggestions are provided. 

  • Using and understanding the application is simple. 

  • Shows are available with subtitles. 

  • There are numerous options for subtitles. 

5. KorTV 


KorTV is one of the prominent apps to watch Korean drama today which hosts a large scale of movies, shows, and programs in top-notch quality. The app’s intriguing feature is its ability to save your watching history, allowing you to find and rewatch past shows quickly. You can do this by creating a separate folder named “see later”. The Kdrama app transforms your gadget into an entertainment hub that can be carried anywhere and is free to stream. You can expect timely updates to the content list on this particular Korean drama app. This list is constantly updating with the fresh streaming choices periodically. This is a critical part if you are seeking to finish shows at a quicker pace. You can get a TV experience from your home’s comfort and stream common K-dramas and blockbusters as per demand. The subscription plans are simply structured with zero hidden conditions or fees. You can watch shows on KorTV either on your phone, tablet, or TV. 

Notable features: 

  • 11 Korean television channels are available for live streaming. 

  • Users can also watch recorded broadcasts. 

  • You can access it on all devices using one account. 

  • Provides an unlimited subscription.

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6. Hulu 


Hulu is one of the exceptional Korean drama apps to binge-watch your favourite shows. Hulu is a leading star in the Korean drama app sector that assists you with a personalised TV experience and offers a library to explore recommendations for movies and shows within. It provides both on-demand and live TV shows and films, with the option of ads or without. Surprisingly, you can create up to 6 accounts through the Hulu app. It makes sure that each member of the family gets tailored recommendations. Whether you are a fan of romantic comedies or action-packed sequences, Hulu is your ultimate partner for diving into the vast entertainment world. It is not merely a streaming app; it is a gateway for storytelling. Here, you aren't just exploring shows; rather, you are going deep into the stories you admire. Furthermore, with Hulu, you can go through the abundant library once you are a part of the free trial. This way, you can figure out if the content to watch korean series online is likeable to you or not. 

Notable features: 

  • You can watch shows on up to 6 devices. 

  • It is considered a good substitute for Netflix. 

  • Users can opt for a plan for an uninterrupted viewing experience and download them for watching offline. 

  • You can go with your preferred subtitles. 

7. AsianCrush .


AsianCrush is a great Korean drama app for enjoying your beloved Asian films and Korean television programs, and it doesn't require payment. To play your listed shows without ads, you need to pay some amount to become a premium member and enjoy exclusive benefits. This free application provides a wide variety of Asian content from different regions of Asia. People who like to stream content of multiple genres tend to come to AsianCrush. The feature of offline storage allows retrieval of the preferred content no matter when or where. This also prevents frustrating delays in streaming caused by inconsistent network speeds. Watch Kdramas free, along with Japanese, Malay, and Chinese video content, and explore extended stuff. Ranging from iconic dramas of Korea and anime to blockbuster award-winning shows, AsianCrush has special content for each of its users out there. 

Notable features: 

  • You can view shows endlessly without ads with the premium version. 

  • You can explore the library in the free trial, and also you can cancel it, if you don't wish to proceed. 

  • It is high in Asian content in comparison to Korean. 

8. WeTV 


WeTV is an excellent Kdrama app for Asian dramas where you can enjoy watching Korean dramas without any cost. The platform offers a wide selection of top K-dramas and films in high-resolution. It is again a reliable alternative to other big applications, and possesses a uniform interface and lesser advertisements. The subtitles bridge the gap between languages and make WeTV a leading app outshining the market. Subscribers of WeTV can additionally receive other benefits. The app is always updated with content that guarantees people can find brand-new shows or movies. Apart from this, the individualised suggestions as per the viewing history simplify the process of seeking programs that align with your preferences. With a beautiful interface design and perfect playback, it offers a unique watching experience. The users can pick it due to its sleek design and seamless streaming performance.     

Notable features: 

  • The content is categorised on separate pages. 

  • Users can continue from where they left off last time. 

  • You can apply relevant picture quality according to demand. 

  • You can access screen controls, such as swiping up or down to adjust brightness/volume and swiping right or left to forward or rewind the video. 

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9. SBS 


SBS is counted among inexpensive Korean drama apps that offer boundless TV series, movies, and event viewing. One can access streaming channels through the official website. SBS also commits to extend services of impressive quality. You have hands on high-grade video and audio content. Alongside Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, Egypt, Turkey, China, and other nations, SBS offers content from these locations as well. The customer-oriented interface supports subtitles, permitting global audiences to access it. Users can watch videos without the internet and get tailored recommendations that enhance their satisfaction. Viewers may easily find fresh content and maintain a readily accessible connection to their beloved Korean programs. The Korean drama application is a medium to access good resolution and budget-friendly content. There are also other categories within this content. Apart from this, if you decide to become a part of the premium plan, you are eligible to enjoy an ad-free experience.  

Notable features: 

  • You can watch the video in its original format or by choosing subtitles from a list of over 200 subtitles. 

  • The app has "watch later" functionality. 

  • You can view behind-the-scenes episodes and get updates on future releases. 

  • It is designed to improve watching convenience for both domestic and foreign viewers.          

10. Tubi      


Tubi is an ad-backed streaming Kdrama app supplying a huge selection of TV series, films, and live channels. Established in 2014 and taken over by Fox Corporation, Tubi is a rich bundle of content across several genres, including classic series and niche classifications. Dissimilar to subscription-supported apps, Tubi does not require a fee on a monthly basis. To further increase its attractiveness as a free entertainment option, Tubi also makes content collaborations with big studios, a user-friendly design, and custom ideas. Tubi is currently among the most watched streaming services and is dedicated to providing access to stories of the world. The company uses a tailored approach, the most extensive content library in the world with over 200,000 movies and TV shows, a growing lineup of Tubi Originals, and about 250 FAST channels to engage a wide range of audiences. 

Notable features: 

  • The users can access new content weekly. 

  • Tubi operates on more than 30 devices, and you can access it wherever you go. 

  • It is a free app, and no charges are involved. 

  • Save your watching progress and get recommendations accordingly. 

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What is the Reason For the Global Popularity of Korean Drama Apps? 

K-dramas have attracted a large audience in the past few years. Numerous factors contribute to their growing fame day by day.  

  • K-drama apps are known for their good production values and storylines, as well as for the genres they offer. High-quality acting, filming, and narrative skills frequently fascinate audiences and cultivate loyal fans. 

  • With the emergence of common platforms, Korean drama apps have become easily accessible to people globally. These platforms facilitate the viewing of Korean dramas by non-Korean speakers by providing a wide range with many language subtitles. 

  • Kdramas give insights into Korean culture and other traditions, which can be intriguing for viewers. This fosters an emotional connection among users from distinct backgrounds. 

  • A Korean drama app offers features such as ratings, discussion forums, and fan interaction. These generate a community sense among the audience, allowing them to share emotions and moments with others.   

  • Korean companies actively promote their dramas cross-borders via marketing strategies, such as fan meetings, social media campaigns, and press conferences. These help raise awareness for dramas internationally. 

Bottom Line 

Numerous streaming applications have emerged in response to the global K-dramas' spike in popularity, each offering different features and content options. Viewers have an abundance of options, ranging from high-end services like Netflix and Hulu to free Korean TV applications like Kocowa and Viki. The popularity of Kdramas has triggered competition among apps in the sector. So, it is pretty evident that the success of these platforms is driven by their ability to offer types of content and an immersive watching experience at users' ease. These leading kdrama apps are on track to redefine entertainment as the digital landscape develops, putting K-dramas at the fingertips of interested viewers everywhere and establishing them as a global phenomenon. Amidst all this, a video streaming app development company plays a crucial role in the creation of Kdrama apps to ensure a high-class user experience, delivery of content, and the spirit of competitiveness.