Top Courier Delivery Apps

Top Courier Delivery Apps

Day by day, as competition is increasing in the e-commerce industry, it is essential to stick to the challenges as each user wishes the product to be delivered to the desired place at the requested time. Most importantly, a courier service app is expected to work error-free, be it the outcome or packaging. In layman's terms, a courier service is an offering that transfers goods to the ideal address. It is an authentic method to transport different items to and fro. In the past years, the industry has observed a tremendous expansion. As a result, the courier delivery sector greatly serves as a growth opportunity in the market. 

Courier delivery apps are a medium to automate the complete process and offer users advantages in keeping track of the shipment. It allows consumers to stay updated with the tracking information in some clicks. The sector is anticipated to rise continually in the upcoming years. Courier business represents a loaded solution to product delivery worldwide by extending support to customers to perform any urgent shipment to a location. 

Top 10 Courier Delivery Apps 

  1. FedEx 

FedEx was founded in 1971 and is one of the well-known and best courier apps running at a global level. It is actively operating in more than 220 countries and recruits nearly 600,000 individuals. As it maintains an expanded network, it enables it to develop associations with numerous courier brands to offer seamless delivery, regardless of the location. It manages six subsidiaries that cover different logistic factors to provide time-efficient and cost-friendly delivery services. It deals with all types of shipments, whether they are heavy or lightweight, express or less urgent, and many more. 

Key features: 

  • It holds expertise in shipping and provides the most reliable options for package delivery. 

  • It assists businesses and users in tracing unique ID packages through the advanced tracking system. 

  • The company has service centres in different locations all over the world that are available every time. 

  • Different services that are offered here are: platform integration, customised business, and branded/custom packaging. 

  1. Bluedart 

Bluedart was established in 1983 and is considered an express transportation parcel delivery app providing deliveries in nearly 220 countries. The brand's API documentation lists diverse services, such as supply chain solutions, customs clearance, air express, and freight forwarding. The domestic services designed by the company cater specifically to businesses that are critical of time. There are more than 11,000 vehicles present in ground support. Also, with under 31,663,9 million in revenue, Bluedart offers exclusive package deliveries. Bluedart also maintains a policy of quick return for initiating rapid resales and reducing the number of losses in the business. It also runs in the form of a regional courier service app. 

Key features: 

  • It allows free pick up from the mentioned location. 

  • Shipments are tracked in real-time throughout the process starting from pickup to delivery. 

  • The app allows cross-border shipping which is cheap and accessible to any person. Anything can be shipped without regard to the place. 

  • A professional is always onboard to solve queries regarding regulation and clearance. 

  1. DHL Express 

DHL Express is an internationally operating logistics firm based out of Germany. It has a presence in more than 200 locations and collaborates with most eCommerce companies to simplify delivery. For over 50 years, the company has strived to work through different aspects. It covers an enlarged network of courier delivery enterprises possessing more than 26,000 different pincodes. Its courier app offers express courier services by air, rail, and road thanks to its extensive national and international network. Moreover, it provides same day deliveries via different platforms such as Same Day Jetline, Same Day Speedline, air logistics, flagship ground, and Same Day Sprintline. 

Key features: 

  • Quick options for delivery are available for the users in addition to the delayed cut-offs. 

  • It is one of the courier delivery apps offering specialised logistic services per business requirements. 

  • It offers warehousing solutions to accelerate the firm's response in the firm and improve efficiency. 

  • Different services for last mile delivery are designed to guarantee frictionless shipment delivery without delays. 

  1. Aramex 

Aramex is based in the UAE and came into existence in 1982. It is a globally accredited brand with an on-demand courier delivery app offering custom-tailored solutions on a big scale. The firm deals with various solutions such as transportation, supply chain management, freight forwarding, express delivery, and record management for small and large businesses. It hires approximately 9000 people overseas in more than 310 places. Besides, it handles a network of 12,000 offices and 33,000 automobiles. Aramex is also recognised among the original members of the Global Distribution Alliance. Potential value-oriented services the brand promotes are kitting, labelling, and co-packing alongside other on-the-ground offerings. 

Key features:

  • It is one of the best courier apps for shipping documents on an urgent basis or shipments worldwide. It makes certain that the shipment is delivered at the earliest with defined customs. 

  • It imports parcels and documents with a deadline from anywhere in the world. 

  • It is a dependable solution for expeditious packages inside your nation or city. It offers pickup service at any point of time desired and they can be tracked virtually. 

  • It hosts an extensive range of solutions, like real-time stock visibility, inventory management, and faster order cycle time frame. 

  1. United States Postal Service (USPS) 

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of the USA-based courier delivery apps. The company intends to offer reliable and affordable mail services nationwide. It was formed in 1971 in Washington, D.C. It is an independently running agency that is explicitly certified by the US Constitution. More than 500,000 employees in the firm actively contribute to developing highly functional courier delivery services. It operates over 31,00 post offices in different locations in the US and distributes 128.8 billion postal pieces a year to roughly 163 million delivery locations. The USPS is associated with the most extensive civilian vehicle fleet across the globe. The number of vehicles managed is 235,000, according to 2024 statistics. 

Key features: 

  • You can look up any ZIP code in Canada or the USA as a whole.  

  • A call can be scheduled free of cost for pickup the next day from the comfort of your home. 

  • A user can appeal for Hold Mail Service if you’re not available and keep the concerned mail at a local post office to get it delivered via the carrier once you return. 

  • Barcode is present on the labels that are scanned with the camera. The app can then identify the shipment and remind the label number to prioritise your delivery. 

  1. Amazon Flex 

To fulfil the regular needs of users, Amazon introduced Amazon Flex as an on-demand courier delivery app in 2015, and it is now an esteemed platform for gig workers. The program drivers leverage the app to complete the delivery process. The platform is dedicated to courier service, where the drivers deliver the shipments to Amazon Fresh, Prime Now,, and other local stores. The app segregates the deliveries into blocks that are named as shifts. The app then helps in scheduling shifts as per availability. Blocks depict all the required details, such as start time, date, and predicted time frame. The app also shows a recommended route to guide the partner in completing deliveries. 

Key features: 

  • The offer screen in the app shows all the accessible on-demand blocks. There is a range of blocks that are listed out, including Amazon Fresh, Amazon Packages, etc. The block can be accepted just by a single click. 

  • The calendar feature shows the availability screen, but the greyed ones are unavailable. The orange dot shows a scheduled block. To initiate a block, the forfeit block option is clicked 45 minutes before. 

  • The earnings section shows the finished blocks and the gained earnings. To know about deposits/earnings, one can click on specific entries. Through this, a problem can be reported. 

  • The feedback feature is to be used liberally. It allows the drivers to let the app know what you think of the app as a whole. Suggestions can be posted to improve the app. The developers can then work on them to reframe things and resolve issues.

  1. Onfleet 

Onfleet was established in 2012 in San Francisco. The firm is a prominent player in the realm of courier delivery apps, especially in last mile delivery. The app designed by the brand allows a merchandiser to communicate with drivers during service delivery, like route optimization. It deals with SaaS for businesses and charges a fee for software usage. Additionally, it helps its clients to outsource courier delivery by leveraging the app as the standard platform for collaboration. It makes shipment delivery convenient and practical. The driver app allots tasks to the delivery partners, so creating an account is mandatory. 

Key features: 

  • Navigating throughout the app is simple and easy for users. The partners can easily understand the activities to be done with no guidance. 

  • Driving partners can select their preferred GPS app, such as Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, etc, for a perfect experience. 

  • The delivery process facilitates transparency as a matter of proof in the form of barcodes, capturing images, and signatures. 

  • Real-time tracking and routing assist in reducing the chances of delayed deliveries. 

  • Dynamic route optimization enables the driver to take an overview of traffic, distance, and time frame to be time-efficient and limit the usage of fuel. 

  1. Roadie 

Roadie is one of the courier delivery apps that works under the logistics management and crowdsourced delivery sector. It was born in 2014 and is working with all scales of businesses to delegate same-day or next-day deliveries via vehicles throughout the U.S. There are more than 200,000 drivers employed with the company, and it targets to reach above 20,000 ZIP codes. Thus, at present, it is a nationwide local same-day delivery network. The drivers can earn money through local gigs as well as long delivery routes. The drivers can view the drop off location details before proceeding and enjoy the reward directly in their bank account. 

Key features: 

  • The senders are asked for order numbers and quantity of items. It tells in advance if a sign is required to avoid any risks later if an item is to be returned. 

  • The navigation feature is so flexible that it requests the driver to take that route, which is devoid of irritating traffic jams, with an option to opt from different map choices. 

  • It guides at every step and tells if a sign or photo needs to be captured. In relation to this, the app saves the photo or sign’s copy to avoid the risk of losing it in future. 

  • The gigs can be cancelled as per preference, or return gigs can be generated. Click on “Get Help” when prompts need to be followed. 

  1. Shiprocket 

Shiprocket was launched to democratize the experience of online eCommerce shipping for couriers. Being considered the best and most common parcel delivery app by the US audience, the users can leverage the app’s international network of courier delivery to ship on a global level in more than 200 countries. The app offers a robust shipping framework to help track all the orders in one place. The app enables users to send couriers from India to the US. They can be tracked using a code, and numerous orders can be tackled covering global marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, WooCommerce, etc. The orders can be protected against significant damage during transits. The product allows automated workflows, so manual efforts are reduced, and orders can be rapidly transferred. 

Key features: 

  • Shipping rates can be estimated in seconds based on pickup and dropoff locations and the dimensions and weight of the shipment. 

  • A single-view dashboard is there showing analytics for return orders, NDR, RTO, etc. 

  • More than one dropoff location can be added for faster pickups from the nearest area. 

  • No platform setup fee is requested, and you can start for free. Only the account needs to be recharged and pay for shipping only. 

  • Get COD remittance thrice a week, and if a user chooses early COD, it will be received in just two days.  

  1. AfterShip 

AfterShip is among the most reliable courier delivery apps in the USA. The firm started in 2011 and was initially based out of Hong Kong. It offers a shipment tracking service backed by the SaaS model. AfterShip integrates with famous platforms, including Bigcommerce, eBay, Magento, and Shopify. The users who are a part of the app can check their shipment on multiple carriers and get emails at each phase till the product is delivered to the end user. An accurate tracking number is needed to track shipments in real-time. It acts as a powerful tracking tool and helps enterprises manage everything effectively. It has features such as a branded tracking page that guides smoothly tracking orders. It notifies the users about updates at each stage and analyzes performance by performing proper analytics. 

Key features: 

  • Some lines of code can employ a track button on the order history page. It allows users to get acquainted with the status with simplicity. 

  • It dramatically streamlines the tracking process by importing tracking IDs from carts and CSV files. Shipments are synced from time to time after the store is linked. 

  • A custom domain can be applied to show the tracking details and enhance the website’s searchability. 

  • Customers can track the package in their preferred local/regional language. 

Necessary features of courier delivery apps 

Admin panel 

It is an essential feature in every business model ireepstive of the type of application with high access rights. It is mandatorily linked to tools for analytics provided by third parties for tracking app usage and knowing about customer behavior. Big-scale logistics apps have additional choices to combine with the ongoing warehouse management system. 

Courier panel 

  • List of orders available 

  • Courier account 

  • Manual or automated handling of status 

  • Order history tracking 

  • In-app chatting 

  • Sign in for the owner 

Customer panel 

  • Customer profile 

  • Order tracking through enlarged map view 

  • In-app texting 

  • Push notifications 

  • Log in or register via Google or social media 

  • Courier ratings 

  • Integrated payment gateway 

Advantages of courier delivery app development 

  • When drivers face problems during travel, the app will notify them at an instant pace. Moreover, the push notifications keep users engaged and informed about every phase of delivery, like pick up, received orders, shipped orders, delivered ones, etc. Customers feel valued when they are informed about every small thing. 

  • Warehouse management is a crucial part of any courier app. By using the app you can quickly define the location of stored products and track warehouse status within some taps. 

  • Managing paperwork that can create challenges in handling user information is acceptable. Therefore, an on-demand courier delivery app reduces the burden of creating paperwork by saving all details and trace them until they get delivered at the final station. A mobile app helps automate tasks while saving money. 

  • Today’s users prefer payment methods that are reliable and safe. An important step for any courier delivery app development company  is integrating a primary payment gateway into the app development phase. This will help users initiate payments quickly without using cash. Various methods include net banking, internet payments, and plastic cards. This will also enable monitoring and controlling money transfers virtually, eliminating the fear of failed payments. 


The modern generation possesses cutting-edge technology. You need to be updated with the latest trends and technology, regardless of whether you run a food delivery company or a courier service. You need to be precise about how the courier delivery apps work. In addition, various tracking options and payment options facilitate client interactions and increase their sense of pleasure. You should analyse which areas of the delivery procedure need improvement if you include the review and evaluation option. The current generation has access to cutting-edge technology. Whether you run a courier delivery service, you need to be up to date with the latest trends and technology. You have to be confident in the way your courier delivery application works.