Costs And Features Of An E-Wallet Mobile Applications

E-wallet Mobile Applications

It is a digital world and E-wallet Mobile Applications are in high demand. Almost every service is becoming digitized and it is a great step towards making the digital world.


For anything, we look for smartphones as it is the only solution in today’s world whether it is for food ordering, booking a cab, ordering groceries, and the list goes on. In simple words, we can do almost anything just by a single click.


As the years have passed, the electronic devices are in high demand for payment. We have gone cashless because of the e-wallets and digital wallets.


People are utilizing the benefits of e-wallets due to which the demand for E-wallet mobile applications is increasing drastically. 


If you are interested in getting an e-wallet app you can contact an e-wallet app development company to get your work done. For developing e-wallet mobile applications, we need developers who can build a seamless application. 


Also, it is in high demand and we cannot deny the fact that people are preferring e-wallet for payments. For example, Paypal, Google Pay, Paytm, Phonepe, Alipay are the top E-Wallet Mobile Applications.


Therefore, we can say that, if you have an idea then just go for it as you never know that it can become successful. But for this, you must look for technical requirements and the unique features for this competitive market.


Before going in detail about features and custom let us understand what is e-wallet mobile applications and how does it function.


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What are the E-Wallet Mobile Applications?


E-wallet is used for online transactions made through a computer or smartphone. People are becoming used to cashless and by this, we can say that e-wallet mobile applications are successful. To know more about mobile payment, visit the link.



Basic Working of E-Wallet Mobile Applications


Let us know the basic working model of the e-wallet mobile applications:


E-Wallet Mobile applications consist of two interfaces


  1. User Interface
  2. Admin interface


1. User interface features


-Registration/ Login:


This is the basic step that is required to start any app. The user has to register either by providing their details or by social media login. Users have to verify the account details and a few more processes must be completed.




This feature is a must because without this the user won’t be able to make transactions. So, the user must fill up the bank account details for all the purposes.


-Add Money:


The user can add money in the wallet and whenever they want to do make any transactions then the amount will be deducted automatically. With this feature, there is no need to perform the manual transfer. 


-Transfer money:


This feature is for users who want to perform a particular transaction. For example, if a person wants to send money to another person, then s/he can transfer it just by their account number, contact number, or UPI id.  


-Receive payments:


Through this feature, the user can receive money from another user. The payment can be accepted by any method such as contact number, UPI, QR code, Account detail.


-Mobile recharge/ Pay Bill:


This feature allows you to recharge the number or pay the bills just by a click. There are many options to make payments i.e. through third-party members.




The user can see the transaction history which s/he has made. Users can check the history anytime and can also check if the payment is pending or done or received.


-Book Tickets:


With the help of the E-Wallet Mobile Application, the user can easily reserve the tickets of trains, buses, or flights. E-Wallet has eased the bookings to avoid long queues.


-E-wallet to the bank:


 The user can also transfer the money from E-Wallet to Bank and for this only account information is required. After processing and adding account details, send the money and the receiver will receive the money in the bank account.


-Online Shopping


This is among the most useful features to include in your E-wallet Mobile applications. The user can use E-Wallet for online shopping and this will attract them towards your app.


Supports multiple languages


This feature helps the users to access the application in any language according to their comfort zone.




This Discount/ offers feature allows more users to use the app as they will receive an interesting discount or offer with every transaction they make.


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2. Admin interface:




Through this feature, the admin can maintain the details of the users. The dashboard must be configurable as it eases the tasks of the admin.


-Discounts/ Offers:


Admin provides discounts/ offers whenever required and publishes in the application.




The admin can track and monitor the users who have registered in the E-Wallet Mobile Applications.


-Dismiss/ Block:


The admin can block or dismiss the user if they find anything irrelevant.


Other Features


Let us have a look at some of the extra features that are required for E-Wallet Mobile Applications-


-QR code 


This feature allows the user to accept/ pay the payments easily as they just have to scan the QR Code.




The in-app camera feature allows the user to scan the QR code. Apart from this, they can also scan the necessary customer documents whenever required in the app.




These receipts are in digitalized slips type which is sent via e-mail or any other form.


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Factors on Which The Cost Depends To Develop An E-wallet Mobile Applications


Given below are the factors on which the cost of the E-Wallet Mobile Application depends-


1. Features


It is obvious that the E-Wallet Mobile Apps development cost depends on the features you require in the app. If you need basic features then the cost will be less while on the other hand if you want advanced features then the cost will be high.


2. iOS/ Android/ Native


Of course, choosing the platform is the biggest task and according to the platform, the cost also varies.  It is highly preferred to implement the E-Wallet app on both the platform so that you do not lose any user. 


3. Front-End and Back-End Developments


The development cost of E-Wallets Mobile Applications also depends on the back-end and front-end developments.


4. Database


To store the data and for the e-wallet app to function the best database must be chosen.


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Cost Of Tailored E-Wallet Mobile Applications


It is the right time to go for E-Wallet Mobile Applications and people are preferring it over cash. If you want an app then come up with the new ideas. Share your idea with the best app development company and hire the best developers.


If we consider the time and the price then it depends on the features and requirements. The time to develop an E-Wallet Mobile Applications is 10 to 12 months and the cost is $35,000 to $40,000.  




E-Wallets have made it easy for people to make payments. E-Wallet is an easy way to transfer money in every aspect. So, it is a very good idea and a very high time to develop an E-Wallet Mobile Applications as it will provide high returns.


If you want any kind of help regarding E-Wallet Mobile Applications, don’t hesitate to call our executive at +44-1256-274012 or drop your inquiry at [email protected] 

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