Car Parking Finder App Development: Features, Cost & More

Car Parking Finder App Development: Features, Cost & More

In today’s world, everyone has their own car to commute. Many people use their cars for vacations, traveling, personal, and professional work, etc. But sometimes it becomes difficult for them to find a parking space for their cars.    This is why many startups and companies are using car parking finder app development to provide a better solution to cars for parking.    There are already more than 3.2 billion smartphone users in the world according to buildfire. So companies can target a huge audience for their car parking finder mobile application.   Today in this blog we will talk about car parking finder app development. You will get to know what features you have to add to the application and how much does it cost to build the car parking finder app.   So without any further delay let’s start:  

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Features of car parking Finder app

1. Register And login

  Allow your users to sign up in your car parking finder application with email id and phone number. In extra, you can add different social media platforms for signup.  

2. Better communication Mode

  This is one of the key features of the car parking finder mobile application because every parking system needs an effective and secure way of communication. It will help the drivers to find a car parking space easily.  

3. GPS Integration

  It is necessary for you to integrate GPS in your car parking finder application. This feature will allow the users to find nearby available parking spaces.  

4. Booking Option

  Make sure you add the booking option for parking so users can book their spot. People can easily find the perfect place for car parking in their budget and can pay the amount on a weekly, monthly, or daily basis. They can avoid the daily reservation for parking with the help of this feature.  

5. Compare the prices

  This feature will allow the users to compare the prices of parking spots and help them to find the cheapest place for parking nearby.   

6. Multiple payment options 

  You have to integrate different payment gateways in your application to make the payment process easier for users.   

7. Push Notification 

  It is the most important feature for user engagement. You can easily send discounts, updates, coupons, with the help of push notifications. You can also notify them about the expiry of their parking spot.    

8. Option for different cities

  Many people travel to different cities for vacations and business work so it becomes important for you to provide a parking place in different cities or locations.  

9. Able to optimize the routes

  The users of the application should be able to see the busy routes like traffic or construction in real-time. It helps them to make a decision on which parking slot they have to book.  

10. Save Location

  This feature helps the users to remember the location where they have parked their car. Users can also able to share their location on different social media platforms.  

11. Security of Data

  Your first priority should be the security of the users’ data. You have to ensure that no third-party platform is accessing the user’s data without your permission.   

12. Ratings and Reviews For Parking Space

  Users must be able to give ratings and leave reviews for the parking spots. They can share their experience with a particular parking space with the help of reviews.  

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How you will make money with the car parking finder application?

  There are lots of methods available in which you can make money with your car parking finder application but remember one thing revenue of your app will also depend on how many downloads your mobile application has.  

1. Charge Commission

  This is one of the best ways to make money with your application. You can charge money from parking owners when they receive a booking from your application. It is also a high revenue-generating method for your app.  

2. Promotion of Parking Space

  You can run marketing campaigns for parking owners to promote their parking space in your application and charge them a good amount of money.   

3. Show Advertisements

  You can promote other car companies or car services centers on your application and charge them a fixed sum of money. If you have 1 million+ download for your app then you can earn a high amount of money from the advertisers.  

4. Packages for car Parking

  You can provide your users monthly, weekly or yearly packages for parking spots and charge them a certain amount of money.    There are more methods available in which you can make money from your application. But these 4 are the best ways to generate good revenue.  

Cost to develop the car parking Finder application

  The cost of developing an application always depends on which type of features or mobile app you want. If you want to add lots of features to your application then developers will charge a high amount of money.   

The development cost also depends on which type of company you are hiring less experienced or experienced. The design and features of your car parking finder mobile application will also decide the cost.   But here we will tell you the estimated cost of a car parking finder application for both Android and iOS. The android application will cost you between $15000 to $20000 and the iOS app cost will be $10000 to $15000.   It is an estimated cost of a car parking finder application the exact amount will depend on how many features you want in your app.   So now you might an idea of the cost of developing a car parking finder application.  


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