Complete Guide To On-Demand Laundry Services App Development

Complete Guide To On-Demand Laundry Services App Development

Mobile applications have become an essential part of our life and on-demand laundry services app development is one of them. This platform helps people to wash and clean their clothes when they do not have time to do it themselves.  The laundry services applications are saving the time of lots of people. Entrepreneurs are also developing their own laundry services mobile application for the audience to serve them better.  According to Grandviewresearch, the laundry and dry cleaning services market was estimated at $60.88 billion in 2019 and this industry will grow at 3.4(CAGR) from 2020 to 2027. So today we will clear all your doubts regarding the laundry services app development like what features you have to add to the application and how much does it cost to develop the laundry service app.

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Features of laundry services app 

1. Register and log in

Like any other mobile application, this feature must be included in the laundry services app. Users should be able to create their account in the laundry services mobile app with mobile numbers and email id. To make this process easy allow them to log in with their social media accounts like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.

2. Different services

People love to select from different options. The clothes are made of different materials so laundry workers have to work according to them. So the app users must be able to select the type of clothes, detergent power, or they need hand wash or machine wash, etc.

3. Approximate Cost

Once the users have selected the number of clothes and materials, they should be able to see the approximate cost for the service. 

4. Favorite option for laundry persons

The users of the application are should be able to add the laundry person in the favorite option if they satisfied with his services. It helps the users to select the same laundry person for services when they book laundry next time. 

5. Arrange Pickup

Users must be able to select the timing of pickup according to their comfort. They just have to select the timings and date for the pickup in the mobile app and their clothes will be picked by the laundry man from their doorstep. 

6. Able to check the status of orders

This feature will help the users to stay updated with their orders. They can track their orders in the mobile application to check whether it is completed or not. 

7. Cancellation of Orders

Sometimes users want to cancel their orders due to some reasons. The laundry service mobile application has an inbuilt feature if users want to cancel their order. It will also instantly notify the delivery guy about the cancellation. 

8. Ratings and reviews

Users of the application should be able to give reviews and ratings to laundryman and delivery person based on the services they have got from them.

9. Push Notification

With the help of this feature, users will get notified whenever a change is made in their orders. It will help them to stay updated with the orders throughout the laundry service.

10. Integrate Different payment options

Add multiple payment gateways into the application for users to make a secure payment. You can add e-wallets, debit cards, credit cards, net banking, for transactions.

11.Track driver

This is one of the crucial features of the laundry service mobile application because it allows the users to track the driver and check the status of their laundry.

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Revenue Model of on-demand laundry service application

Charge commission on customers

The owner can easily charge a small number of fees from the customers whenever they book a laundry on the mobile application. 

Charges according to the material of cloth 

Laundry app owners can Charge the customers based on the materials of clothes. 

Monthly, weekly, yearly packages

The app owner can also provide monthly and weekly packages to the users and charge them a certain amount of money. 

Benefits of laundry service mobile application 

Here are some of the advantages of the laundry service mobile app:

1. Safety

Everyone knows due to covid 19, social distancing has become very important. But with the help of the laundry app users can easily get the laundry without visiting the laundry place. 

2. Advertising 

There are lots of laundry rooms are available in the market which makes it tough for the small laundry owners to generate revenue. But with the help of a laundry service application, they can advertise on it by just paying a small amount of money. 

3. Handle orders easily 

The laundry service application helps the owners to handle multiple orders at one time. 

Cost of on-demand laundry services app development

The mobile application cost depends on many things like design, features, functionalities, etc. The cost of the android application is higher than iOS because of its simplicity and user base and one more thing You have to remember that experienced and expert mobile app development companies will charge a high amount of money from the owners if they choose them.  So here we will tell you the estimated cost of On-demand Laundry services app development. So the cost of an android application is between $15000 to $20000 and the cost of an iOS application is $10000 to $15000.  The cost that I tell you is an estimated amount if anyone wants to include multiple features in the application then the cost will go higher. In the end, we can say you have to do lots of research before developing a laundry service mobile application.


After reading this blog, hope you will get an idea of the features and cost of laundry Services app Development. But if you are also planning to develop an application for your Laundry business then you will need an expert and experienced mobile app development company. JPloft has experience of more than 10+ years in mobile app development. Our qualified and expert mobile app developers build the perfect laundry service app for your business. Jploft developers will add features and functionalities according to your requirements.