Features and Cost to Develop An App For Trucks Like Uber

Features and Cost to Develop An App For Trucks Like Uber

The Logistics industry is growing at a very fast pace. Many startups are developing mobile apps for trucks like Uber and providing better logistics solutions to businesses and customers.    In recent years we have seen a rise in on-demand delivery services. This is the reason startups are moving to mobile application development to provide effective solutions.    Many companies are developing their own mobile app for trucks like Uber. But sometimes they find it difficult to get an idea that which features they have to include in the application and how much does it cost to build the app.   So in this blog, you will get to know the basic and advanced features for a truck application like uber and also get an estimated cost to develop an app like uber for trucks.  

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You will find answers to these questions in this blog:

  • What features you have to include in your application?
  • What are the benefits of developing an app for trucks like uber?
  • How you can earn money from your application?
  • What is the cost to develop an app for trucks like uber?

Question: What features you have to include in your application?  

Features of the Truck app like uber:

Driver’s Application

Signup And login

With the help of this feature, drivers can easily signup for your application with their email id or phone number. You can also give an option to register with their different social media accounts to make the registration process easier.  

Details of Shipments 

This feature will help the drivers to get important information about cargo before they accept any delivery. The information can include weight, dimensions, pickup location, drop location, date, etc.  

Sort & Filter

You have to ensure that all delivery details can be sorted easily. This feature will help the drivers to filter the deliveries by date, location, time, etc. This is one of the helpful features for the drivers.   

Able to request cancellation of shipment

If drivers involved in an accident or they have some emergency then this feature will them to cancel the delivery. But do not forget to inform the users about the cancellation.  

Location tracking And the root optimization

With the help of this feature, drivers can easily optimize their roots. They can adjust their routes according to traffic or road construction. This feature helps the drivers to make the shipment process faster.   

Live chat

If drivers face any kind of errors in your application or they have some queries related to the shipment then this feature allows them to chat with your executives live.  

Delivery proof

Once the driver transports the shipment they have to provide proof of the delivery to the shipper. This feature helps them to upload a photo of the shipment.  

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Shipper’s app features 

Login & Signup 

Just like the driver’s application, the shippers will also able to register in your application with an email id or phone number.   

Available vehicles 

This feature helps the users to see the available vehicles in a particular area for shipments with all necessary details.   

Advance booking 

This feature allows users to book their shipments in advance and they can easily schedule their deliveries according to their requirements.  


This is one of the crucial features of the application. It helps the shippers to stay updated with the time and date of their shipment.  

Add Multiple Payment Gateways

You have to integrate multiple payment gateways into your application so the users can choose the best payment option for their transactions. You can add e-wallets, card options, COD(cash on delivery),etc.  

Reviews and Ratings

Allow shippers to rate and give reviews to share their shipping experience with them. This feature also helps you to calculate the overall performance of carriers.   

Question: What are the benefits of developing an app for trucks like uber?  

Benefits of developing an app for trucks like uber

Benefits for businesses

  • Modernization and digitization of business.
  • Increase Your business productivity and efficiency.
  • Real-time tracking of vehicles in the mobile app.
  • Can grow their business fast and reach a wider audience.

Benefits for Truck drivers

  • Can receive new requests anytime.
  • Drivers can track their performance or payments easily.
  • No delay in payments.
  • Huge growth opportunity

Benefits for Shippers

  • Shippers can easily track their shipments.
  • Can easily book a truck for delivery.
  • If they are not satisfied with the carrier they can give reviews and ratings.
  • Easy payment process.

Question: How you can earn money from your application?  

How You will earn money with your truck application?

After developing the application for trucks like uber one thought will come into your mind that how you will earn money from this? So don’t worry we tell you the best 3 ways to make money from your application.  

  1. You can promote local businesses, shops, websites on your application. But remember do not show multiple advertisements in your app because it can harm the user experience.
  2. You can charge fees to both shippers and drivers to earn a good amount of money.
  3. You can make weekly, monthly, yearly, packages for shippers and can charge them according to the subscription or package.

 Question: What is the cost to develop an app for trucks like uber?  

Cost to Develop an app for trucks like Uber

This type of application requires lots of time and effort. You will need expert and experienced mobile app developers for your project.   If you choose the android application for your startup then the estimated cost will be $15000 to $20000 for a single app.   If you want to develop the application for ios then the cost of the app will be $10000 to $15000. This is an estimated cost for both platforms. The exact amount of cost will depend on you how many features and functionalities you want to add to your application. 


If you are also planning to develop an app for trucks like uber then you will need a team of expert mobile app developers. If you choose a less experienced mobile app development company then your mobile application might face different kinds of bugs and issues.   

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