Develop A Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11

Develop A Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11

Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11 are in trend now and sports fans who have extreme knowledge of sports can win through this app and earn.   Through a fantasy sports app, the user can create their own virtual team for a match. You can go through the Fantasy sport in detail. The user can earn money based on the performance of the team they have created and also depending on strategy and predictions.   There are various games across the world and no one misses the opportunity to see their favorite player and game. This is the reason why the craze of mobile app development of Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11 has boomed.  

With the help of such apps, users can play in an imaginative style. Seeing this, many investors are teaming up to get a Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11. Dream11 boomed during the IPL 2008 and from that time there was no going back.   Betting and gambling were illegal in India but the court of India cleared the ways of Dream11 and now the app has legal and social acceptance. As now the IPL is going on and in near future, there will be other games that will be played.    So it is high time to launch your Fantasy Sports App in the market and to do so contact the best development company.   

Fantasy Sports App- Market Growth And Stats Globally


  • The Fantasy sports app in the USA has more than 200 operators with 21% of the US population. 
  • In the USA, 65% of male sports fans play fantasy sports app.\. 
  • The users in India increased from 2 million to 20 million between 2016 to 2018.
  • 53% of players use mobile devices for fantasy sports.
  • India is on the way to becoming the battlefield of fantasy sports operators.
  • Around 89% of users play Fantasy Sports App at least once a month.

Why Are Sports Lover Attracted To Fantasy Sports Apps Like Dream11?

  Knowing the demand factor is helpful if you want to succeed in any business. And when it comes to the fantasy sports segment, be it the PlayStation, video games like FIFA, PES, etc. or things like Dream11, people want to be in control. It is quite similar; we feel like we are heroes in every movie we watch; it is a psychological factor. That is why we are concerned about that.  

Similarly, fans feel in control of the game when their favorite team wins or players score. So they would give their best to have an almost similar experience. They realize their joy through video games, fantasy applications, and so on.    Dream11 has paved the way for the fantasy sports development segment to become the most important fan market in the world, i.e. India, for all kinds of sports.   

How Promising Is The Fantasy Application Today?

  Fantasy Sports Application is one of the fastest-growing companies globally. The growth and attractiveness of this segment are so great that by 2025 it will be a market of $ 33.2 billion.   The regional distribution is now very different. The Indian market, for example, is the most promising, and revenue growth is growing almost three times every five years.   Some fewer users use mobile phones for casual gaming than massive gamers. It shows the current user behavior and pattern in the mobile gaming applications market today.   

The next doubt that many investors keep in mind when developing their solution is why a mobile application? Why not go for a simple and straightforward website?   And chances are you can ask the same question now. The simple answer is that users love mobile phones. Today, the global reach of smartphones is almost 65%. And if we look at the 2019 statistics for India, almost 85% of users played fantasy sports applications on their mobile devices.  

Points To Consider Before Building A Platform Like Dream11

1. Platform scope

  Dream11 organizes fantasy games in four sports. Always define the scope of your website or application for a variety of sports and types. This will help you set your budget later while keeping your development partners on track.  

2. Choose Experienced Development Partners

  Choose partners who have created successful fantasy sports platforms and who also have partnerships with relevant industry leaders.   

3. Think Of The Whole Product, Not Just The Website

  Your development partners should be able to guide you through the entire process of creating an MVP and help you build a whole fantasy sports product. Once you've issued an MVP, your targeted customers will have clear validation to help you determine your launch strategy.  

4. Scalability

  Scalability is essential as it contributes to competitiveness, efficiency, reputation, and quality. Fantasy sports companies need to pay particular attention to scalability, as they have the greatest growth potential and need to maximize returns with resources. Your product should be able to manage traffic smoothly and have an excellent user experience.   

Features And Functionalities To Develop A Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11



Additional Features

Registration/ Login Login Live Score
Landing Screen Interactive Dashboard API Integration
Contest User Account Manager CRM
Join Contest Manage Matches Push Notification
Create Your Own Contest Manage Games Category Data Analytics
My Contest Contest Manager GPS Tracker
Profile Setting View Earnings Mail Reminder System
  Manage Payment Mode Image Gallery
  Manage Rewards Commentary Feed
  Manage Cash Prizes Live Chat
  Report Manager  


Leaderboard Architecture Of Dream11


How Much Will It Cost To Make A Fantasy Sports  App Like Dream11?

  Before preceding further with a mobile development game, every customer wants to know the cost of development. The cost varies from company to company and customer’s requirements. Every customer has unique requirements and when the requirements are different and unique so it is very important to provide them the best resources.   The cost depends on:  

  • Design and Wireframe
  • Back-end Developer
  • Your Requirements

  If we talk about approximate cost and time to build a fantasy sports app like Dream11 then it is $27000 to $35000 while time is 5 to 6 months.   The Bottom Line:   Fantasy Sports App is dramatically increasing. Take a step forward and find a company that will help you with the fantasy sports app like Dream11. Search for the company that will provide you a robust app at an affordable price.