Get FREE Connects to Do More on Upwork:Upwork December Update

Get FREE Connects to Do More on Upwork:Upwork December Update

Upwork is for connecting the clients and talent. Upwork keeps improving itself by bringing new updates every now and then. So, this December, Upwork is coming up with an update of “FREE Connects.”  This update is for enhancing their virtual currency, connects, and for freelancers to connect with more clients and get more work. Let us look at what is new in the upcoming update!!

What’s New?

This new update of Upwork is all about “CONNECTS”!!  The Connects is being introduced for the freelancers or agencies to help them get more jobs and also to keep the spam away from the crowded job posts. It was important for the company to do so to continue the Trust and safety of clients and freelancers/ agencies.  Now, you will have more Connects and you can connect with more clients. These changes will come into effect in early December 2020. Take yourself to next level with Connects.

Changes To Connects

  • When the freelancers and agencies will submit proposals, win an interview, and respond, then they will get 10 connects for each interview. In this way, they can earn up to 50 Connects in a week.
  • The new talent will now get 80 Connects which were 20 before. Also, when they will take Upwork Readiness Test, then they will get 40 more Connects.
  • For Freelancer Basic Plan, the monthly free Connects will be from 0 to 10.
  • The Freelancer Plus Plan can earn 80 Free Connects monthly.
  • For Freelancer Basic and Plus, the monthly free Connects will be from 140 to 200.

Connects For New Members of Upwork

A new Freelancer when registers the Upwork account successfully will get 80 Connects to grow themselves. They will also get more Connects if they take Upwork Readiness Test and earns a Rising Talent Badge.

More Connects to Reach Out

Freelancers will get FREE Connects Every month. Freelancer Basic Accounts will get 10 FREE Connects every month. While the Freelancer Plus Accounts will get 80 FREE Connects each month. A new rollover limit of 200 Connects will also be provided. Just for your information, these Connects will expire in a year if you don’t use them. So, enjoy these FREE Connects from Upwork and reach out to the new clients and opportunities.

FREE Connects to Help You Unlock Your Potential

  1. Submit a proposal for a job.
  2. Receive an invitation to interview from the client.
  3. Respond and win a bonus of up to 50 Connects every week!

Note: Direct offers and invitations from clients will not receive any Free Connects credit from Upwork.


We love the work you do.And we’re building the place where you can do even more. November 23, 2020 - I have known a fundamental truth from my very first day as CEO: that your talent is what makes Upwork special, and I’m proud to have witnessed many incredible professionals launch and grow thriving, independent careers on Upwork. Now, as more and more companies embrace remote work, our team remains focused on a single goal: building the singular destination where you take control of your career, form deep and profitable relationships with clients, and grow an independent business where you do the work you love. I have personally seen the passion and commitment that every independent professional puts into their work here, and we take the responsibility of supporting your talent—and your business—seriously. That’s why we’ve created tools and journeys that enable you to develop your skills, address your goals, and give you the control and freedom you need for success. This year, we’ve been developing a steady stream of enhancements to make Upwork work better for you, including additional ways to earn with Project Catalog, faster payouts, Direct Contracts, enhanced Job Success Scores, and our integration with Zoom. But we’re not stopping there when it comes to supporting your success. We want to give you more ways to expand your relationships and accelerate your career, and that’s why starting in December, we’re changing our program to provide you with free Connects each month and bonus Connects for interviews you win. Every relationship unlocks more opportunity, and you’ll now have more Connects to reach out to clients, win the jobs you want, and make next year your best year on Upwork yet. And stay tuned—we are working on even more improvements for 2021. These enhancements are just a few of the many ways we're building the best home for you to do the work you love.  Thank you for contributing your valuable time and energy to our awe-inspiring, thriving work marketplace. It is your contributions that make it amazing. Sincerely, Hayden Brown Chief Executive Officer