Top 10 Website Development Trends To Dominate The Year 2021

Top 10 Website Development Trends To Dominate The Year 2021

The year 2020 has come to its end and due to COVID-19, the economy has been impacted worst. But the boom of Web Development Trends could not be affected but has hiked up during this crisis. The technology never leaves any stone to astonish us and the progress it is making in web development is beyond our imagination.   Over the years, the ingredient that has made the organizations reach new success heights is the “web development”. Now, it is the time where we cannot think of a company without a website.   It would not be wrong to say that this year, web development trends have seen a boom and next year will welcome more of the trends. Let us look in detail at the stats and top web development trends that will rule in 2021.  

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Web Statistics In 2021


  • Around 89% of consumers will shop with the competition if the user experience is poor.
  • The website must load in 2 seconds or less and 47% of them expect it from a website or else they leave.
  • 88% of online customers do not bother to return to a site if their experience is bad.
  • 44% of website visitors leave the website if there is no contact information and it is obvious.
  • Keep your product or services pages up to date as 47% of visitors check these pages first.
  • After the homepage, 52% of people like to go through the “About Us” page of the company’s website.

  These statistics show that the website load time, user experience, products/ services pages, and many other things are very important for a website. Web development is necessary and today we will look at what are the top web development trends that shouldn’t be missed out in the year 2021.  

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Top Web Development Trends That Will Rule in 2021

1. Blockchain Technology For Preventing Online Crimes

  Who does not know about Blockchain as it is not a new term now but as the time is evolving it is spreading in every industry? Blockchain’s in the world of Web Development Trends is the latest. The working of Blockchain has made its availability in Web Development now.   It is considered among the safest way to transfer money as it helps in preventing cybercrime, scandals, and others.  

Key Features-

  • Decentralized Technology
  • Immutability
  • Increased Security
  • Faster Settlement
  • Simple and ease of use

2. Chatbots With New Experience

  Chatbots are replacing humans in many industries to chat with customers. There has been an increase in the usage of chatbots as the years are passing and slowly and gradually industries are realizing the importance of chatbots.   So, many of them want to know how to develop chatbot from scratch and the development cost. For this, they can either hire IT company or can even ask their developers to do so.   Chatbots is among the most underrated innovation in this modern time. These are software applications that use NPL (Natural Language Processing) for human to human interaction. Not only the sales company is using chatbots but it is now used in various industries. It helps in solving the queries of the customers quickly and leads to higher customer satisfaction.  

Key Features-

  • Chatbots executing multiple tasks
  • Multiple Channel support
  • Natural Language Processing (NPL) and Speech Support
  • Industry Experience and Domain Knowledge
  • Ability to bridge with the platform

3. Dark Mode Websites Are Trending

  Dark mode in the mobile application is nothing new now but in websites, it is trending and will be accepted by almost all the industry in the coming years. Why not? The dark mode gives a classy look and it does not irritate or strain our eyes. People are accepting dark mode because it improves the visibility pattern of other colors.   Dark Mode is featured in top web development trends for 2021 and upcoming years as it is beneficial for users to stay on a website for a longer duration. Many top companies are using dark mode which includes Facebook, Whatsapp, Apple, YouTube, and others.  

Key Features-

  • Lesser battery consumption
  • Easy to understand and use for developers
  • SEO and user friendly
  • Less strain to eyes and highlights the required text
  • Availability of online guidance

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4. Combination Of Solutions With Artificial Intelligence

  Artificial Intelligence is going all around and has been used with web development for many years. And in the upcoming years, we will see that many new things will emerge. We can say that the solutions will be integrated with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.    Artificial Intelligence is the future of Web Design and Development undoubtedly as it is offering many great web development techniques. Artificial Intelligence Solutions such as facial identification, pattern identification, voice search, chatbots, etc are accepted widely. The "Artificial Intelligence in Web Development" improves business productivity and profitability.  

Key Features-

  • Chatbot — Better Reply Predictions
  • Greater User Experience
  • Voice-based Search — Rise in demand
  • Users Store Experience
  • AI as a UX element

5. Internet of Things (IoT) Integrating With Other Technologies

  IoT is being used personally as well as professionally and is a very big name in today’s world. If we consider IoT in Web Development Trends then it is used to track data from IoT-based smart devices. IoT along with Web is going very well together and apart from that, it is also integrating with other technologies.    Cloud-based devices, serverless technologies, wearable are among them. Almost every business domain is welcoming this technology for the growth of their business. This can be said by seeing the IoT market, It is estimated that the IoT market will cross $1.6 Trillion by the year 2022.   IoT helps in faster loading websites and apps and this can be done by using the server-less technologies that is encouraged by IoT. The businessmen can look for IoT-based web development solutions to improve their business processes.  

Key Features-

  • A Boost to Efficiency and Output
  • User-Experience
  • Supported Devices
  • Pushing Innovation in Businesses
  • More Data, Better Insights

6. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)- The Future of Web Development

  Progressive Web Apps is modern technology and we can say that it is the future of web development. The functionalities PWA offers is matchless as it enhances the client experience. PWA is the first choice of almost every organization who consider the mobile-first approach as it works smoothly on desktop as well as mobile.   Progressive Web Apps behaves like Native Apps but provides a higher conversion rate than them. It has advanced options such as responsive web, interactive web, offline mode, and many others. To provide high-end web applications, this web development trends uses HTML, CSS, and Javascript web technologies.  

Key Features-

  • Behave Like Native Apps
  • No Store Required
  • great hardware integration
  • Improved Page Speed
  • Instant Application Update Deployments

7. Push Notifications In Website Development- A Great Combination

  Push notifications are in the mobile app since forever and now it is making its way in web development. This feature is considered as very important in the mobile apps and now in web development no one able to refuse its importance.    It is like the popups and this feature comes with higher clicking rate. This helps in giving better results that the marketing efforts people put on. Through this feature, the business can be in touch with the client worldwide and enhance the user experience.   

Key Features-

  • Stimulate user engagement
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Target the right users
  • Enhance brand consistency
  • Enhances your customer care strategy with useful content

8. Security Of Data Is Gaining Popularity

  People are moving towards newer technologies every now and then. But we must give data security the same level of importance as with time it is progressing and gaining popularity. Newer methods are accepted to keep the data safe, secure, and accurate.   There are many monitoring tools in the market that keep an eye on the security of the data. Such tools are emerging as people need these tools to secure their data. For data security, many technologies such as AI, Blockchain are considered as they are best in this field.  

Key Features-

  • Choose Your Content Management System
  • Get A Web Host with Hardened Servers and Managed Services
  • Implement A Web Application Firewall
  • Encrypt Your Connections
  • Keep Your Logins Secure

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9. Single Page Websites- Target Audiences With Limited Content

  Why create a complex website when a single-page website can provide you with all the benefits that even a complex website cannot provide. There are many companies that provide single page websites and also have a single page website for themselves as well. People consider such websites because they are simple, smart, concise, and secure.   Single-page websites are the best option for the upcoming startups in many ways such as short on time, cash, and content. WordPress is among the most powerful platform for single page websites and why not as it is affordable and easy to use. So, I would say hire a WordPress development company for your single-page website and it is never a bad idea.   We have included Single Page Website in top Web Development Trends as it will be trending in coming years as specific audiences are targeted with limited content. Such websites give the information what a customer needs with least clicks or navigation.  

Key Features-

  • Boosts user engagement
  • Simplicity makes for easy navigation
  • One Page Website Works well with images
  • More affordable to build and maintain
  • Higher conversion rates

10. Voice-Enabled eCommerce Ruling The Market

  Voice commerce is the most wanted and amazing technology that no one can resist themselves in using. We can say that the boom in the video related functionality can be seen as people are using functionalities such as voice search engine optimization, voice enabling, and voice commerce.   Technologies that are ruling the market are smart speakers as they have boosted e-commerce by integrating speech recognition and cognitive intelligence. The customer can know about the product in detail through the smart speakers.   Voice-enabled eCommerce is ruling the market and when such features are combined with websites then it improves the business undoubtedly. Many big businesses are using this technology to expand their business.   It is reported that by the year 2022, voice commerce will reach $40 Billion. Adding such advanced and innovative technology to your website keeps you ahead of your competitors.   

Key Features-

  • Offers Personalized Shopping Experience
  • Time-Efficient
  • Easy to Review
  • Enables Smart Shopping
  • Frictionless search, shopping, and customer service

Not-So Ending Note

  Pandemic has changed the way we work and has forced everyone to work from home. This is where these web development trends have helped businesses to cope up with the evolving time even during shut down.   Even during this time, technology is astonishing us with remote and smart solutions. With the changing time, it will be interesting to see these web development trends. Also, we will see how it will reach new heights with newer advancements and best experiences.