Top 20 SEO Tools for Digital Marketing- Part 1

Top 20 SEO Tools for Digital Marketing- Part 1

Digital Marketing Service providers have changed the world in a significant way over the years and now they are part of our basic life. It has become one of the most essential requirements. They have impacted the way we see and understand things, therefore, various fascinating technologies can be seen in every profession. From traditional marketing to digital marketing the brands have covered a long way. As it is now available to everyone, the need for digital marketing services has increased in an abnormal way. Not only that, Digital marketing service providers can be found everywhere across the globe and is now one of the fastest-growing industries. Well, digital marketing, in a nutshell, is all about planning the right strategies with tools to promote and bring the desired results. For that purpose, we have got a ton of tools containing all the features one can think of at a very affordable price. But there are also free tools available for that which can be used by business owners and professionals. Those who are not sure whether to invest in a paid tool or not can try them. Given below are 20 free tools that can be used before consulting an agency that provides digital marketing service. Also Read: Best Platform for Android Application Development 2020

1. Small Seo Tools 

It’s a website where you can get the following tools-

  • Text content tools,
  • Image editing tools,
  • Keyword tools,
  • Backlink tools,
  • Website management tools,
  • Website tracking tools,
  • Proxy tools,
  • Domain tools

There are many other useful tools for almost all the basic and advanced functions of your project. The best part is that it is absolutely free.

2. Keyword Hero

As the name suggests, this tool can be very useful for your business practice in terms of issues related to the keywords. The best feature along with many other features it provides is that it tells you from which keyword a user lands to your website. This could be helpful in focusing on more targeted keywords for lead generation. This tool is available in the free and paid version. The paid version is also available for free for 14 days.

3. Beamusup

It is one of the best free tools to solve the issues related to on-page SEO. Beamusup is useful in recognizing the basic problems related to H1 tag, duplication, metatag descriptions, and many others. The best feature it offers is that it allows you to export the report to your google drive or excel.

4. Link Redirect Trace

This tool can be very useful with issues like redirection, on-page, track links, competitor’s details, dangerous sites, and many others. This tool is actually an extension that can be added to the chrome and firefox browser for free.  

5. Screaming Frog

The screaming frog is a tool one of its kind. It acts as a real-time crawler and can crawl small and big websites with ease. It tells about the overall SEO of the site in real-time so that you can make changes quickly. This tool comes in a free and paid version.  

6. Technicalseo

It’s a website that provides free tools that are listed below-

  • Robot.txt tester
  • Sitemap Generator
  • Fetch & Render
  • Pre-rendering Tester
  • Mobile SEO
  • International SEO
  • Schema Generator
  • SERP Simulator
  • Local Search tools

It’s absolutely free and a great option for technical SEO. Also Read: Top 10 Application Development Companies in the UK

7. Ubersuggest

It is one of the most famous SEO tools available on the internet. The tool was provided by Neil Patel, one of the most renowned digital marketers. It is a very good tool to get the SEO and traffic analysis of the competitor website. The best part is that after login with Gmail id user can access more features of it. To get the advance and detailed features, the user should go for the paid version.

8. Seoquake

It is a must-have extension in your browser. It can provide you with the following features:

  • SEO bar
  • Keyword Analysis
  • SEO Dashboard
  • Vast Data
  • SEO overlay

It is absolutely free and available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer browser.

9. Gtmetrix

It’s a website that can be used as an SEO tool. Gtmetrix is useful in determining the following things:

  • Load Time
  • Page Speed
  • Page Size

That’s not all, it also shows how websites can be optimized further. It is free but for advanced features, users can buy the pack. Also Read: Top Easy Steps to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2020

10. Free Moz Seo Tool

MOZ is a trusted name in the digital marketing field. The free tool that MOZ provides is good for checking DA , PA, and top keywords. The Free tool could be a good trial before buying the paid version.

11. Semofo

Ever wondered how your blog or website will look like on the SERP. Semofo is a website which provides the facility to see how the website will look on SERP. It’s a small tool but quite helpful in optimizing title, description, and slug for better results.

12. Mozcast

As mentioned earlier, Moz is a trusted name in the world of digital marketing. MozCast is one of the best tools provided by Moz. It shows the data as a weather bulletin. MozCast is a good tool to know about the changes in web algorithms. It also shows how the algorithms are affecting the best on the basis of SERP. MozCast is a paid tool but it surely worth it.

13. Seoscout

Seoscout provides paid tools for SEO Testing, Rank testing, Keyword reports, etc. It also provides free tools for digital marketing service. Given below is the list of tools provided by Seoscout-

  • Keyword Intent Categorizer
  • Google SERP Simulator
  • Keyword Combiner
  • Schema Generator
  • Keyword Grouping Tool

It’s a good platform for keyword research and experiments. Also Read: Top Features To Consider While Developing An Android App In 2020

14. Webconfs

Webconfos is another website that provides SEO tools for digital marketing. There are 46 tools available on the website for Technical and off-page SEO .

15. Mozbar

Mozbar could be your last destination for the search of a perfect SEO extension. Along with features like PA, DA, Spam Score, and Root Domains, it also provides the following features-

  • Custom Searches
  • Markup and HTTP Status
  • Link Type

Mozbar can be added to the chrome and firefox browser.

16. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is basically a tool for email marketing purposes. It is available in both free and paid versions. It is better to use the free version if somebody has just started the business. For practicing email marketing this is a good option because of the many automation features it provides.

17. Followerwonk

Followerwonk is a great tool for those who want to connect with the potential audience of twitter. The tool provides various useful features, some of them are as follow:

  • Checkin Authority Ranking
  • Followers and their Location
  • Compare follower
  • View loss and gain
  • When followers are active

The tool is available in both free and paid versions. Also Read: Important Features To Consider While Developing An iOS App

18. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a paid tool and yes it is worth it. This tool is very useful in getting an idea of what content/keyword is ranking well on different social media platforms. That’s not all, the tool can also be used for the following purpose:

  • Create High Performing Content
  • Monitor Your Performance
  • Identify Influencer

19. LSIgraph

LSIgraph is a great tool for your queries related to the keyword. Through this tool you can do the following things:

  • Find best LSI keywords for your niche
  • Get information on which LSI keyword you should use.
  • Know your best content
  • Search different keywords for different languages.

LSI is a paid tool but some of the features can be used for free.

20. Hemingway Editor

In the world of digital marketing, content is the king. Hemingway is an amazing text editor tool that can be very helpful in creating amazing content for the website along with the amazing presentation. Along with text editing, it provides many amazing features like

  • Can be used without internet
  • Publish directly to WordPress & medium
  • Can be export to Microsoft Word

It’s a paid tool and is available for the windows and Mac OS.


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