The Best Rates in the UK For Ecommerce App Development

The Best Rates in the UK For Ecommerce App Development

Today's world revolves around mobile apps and most of the businesses are taking advantage of this. But eCommerce businesses have taken their business to another level with the help of Ecommerce App Development.   So let us understand what is Ecommerce!!!!   Ecommerce stands for Electronic Commerce. The online presence of stores is Ecommerce Business whose business transactions run over the internet.   We know that the number of internet users has increased. So, the businesses are increasing Ecommerce App Development. This has changed the way of shopping drastically for both customers and retailers.   It is growing rapidly because of the smooth user experience and it is a great way to gain optimum profits. Not only this but the customers are accepting the eCommerce apps with open arms.   Also, the businesses having eCommerce apps have gained trust from the customers which is a great factor for growing their business. By this, we can easily say that mobile apps are a significant way to attract customers.   You will find many talented mobile app developers who are experts in Ecommerce App Development. They will provide you the out-of-the-box eCommerce app for your business according to your requirements. They will also add additional features that will help you grow your brand among customers.   We all know that E-commerce platforms are increasing and are a boon in today’s industry.   So let us understand the importance of eCommerce App Development in detail!!   

Why E-commerce App Development is Important for your Business?  


If you want to grow your business from traditional to modern then the best way to do is through e-commerce business. This is the biggest advantage a businessman can have for their business.   Let us see the importance of Ecommerce App Development for your business.

  1. Convenience  

Ecommerce Apps are very easy to use for customers and sellers. They both can connect on a single platform for their requirements. Customers can order their products by just clicking on a button and sellers can operate their business very easily from an eCommerce app.  

2. Round the clock service  

Ecommerce has many benefits and one of the best benefits is that it is available 24/7 for customers. The customer can order any time and from anywhere as per their wish as it saves the time of the customer.  

3. Wide Platform

  If you want to take your business globally and want to reach the maximum people then eCommerce will help you to do that. Ecommerce apps have been used globally so businesses have an opportunity to sell their services and products to the maximum people.  

4. Business promotion  

Ecommerce also helps you create a brand image globally and do the promotions of your business. Having an eCommerce app and website creates an opportunity for your business to reach maximum people across the world because of its easy to use services.  

 The Best 10 eCommerce Platforms   

ShopifyFor all three1. In Shopify, you will find an easy-to-use drag-and-drop store builder. 2. Shopify provides 10 free themes and 61 paid themes 3. It gives you the option to customize the free themes. 4. Shopify provides a $9 lite plan for selling on social media platforms.Shopify gives you 14 days Free Trial. Its paid services start from $29/month. Shopify Also Charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction in Shopify’s basic plan.
SquareFor all three1. Square is the best platform for selling in person and online. 2. You can easily access to all your current and past orders, deposits, your customer lists, and your sales reports. 3. Square has the best tool in which they help you to design your marketing campaign.It’s paid services start from $12/month. They charge 2.9% + $0.30 per every square transaction.
OpenCartFor all three1. This platform provides you the total customizations. 2. OpenCart is similar to the WordPress of eCommerce. 3. OpenCart has almost 13,000 extensions in which some extensions are paid and some are free.Opencart gives Free services for unlimited products. Their paid extensions start from $20+ each. The transaction fees of OpenCart depends on the payment gateway.
BigCommerceFor all three1. You can access multiple storefronts in one place 2. In BigCommerce you won’t have to make the same changes multiple times. 3. In BigCommerce there are more than 10,000 free designs or over 100 paid themesBigCommerce gives you the 15 days free trial. The Standard plan starts from $29.95/month for the unlimited product. The transaction fees of BigCommerce depends on the payment gateway.
GumroadFor all three1. Gumroad is the best platform for selling digital products. 2. It has a simple interface to use. 3. Gumroad also has license keys, if you decide to sell your software.Gumroad gives you a free plan to start. Its paid plan starts from $10/month. The charges 3.5% + $0.30 per every transaction.
Big CartelFor all three1. Big Cartel is the best platform for small stores 2. It is very simple to set up the process of big cartels. 3. The Big cartel is free for those who have five or fewer products.Big Cartel gives you a free plan for 5 products. Its paid plan starts from $9.99/month. The transaction fees are dependent on the payment gateway.
WooCommerceFor all three1. In WooCommerce you can add a shopping cart to an existing WordPress site. 2. WooCommerce is a WordPress platform and a similar interface like WordPress so you don’t have to learn new things in WooCommerce if you have knowledge about WordPress. 3. WooCommerce has many paid and free options.WooCommerce is Free for standard features on a self-hosted WordPress site. Its paid plan starts from $29 for additional extensions. The transaction fees are dependent on the payment gateway.
PrestaShopFor all three1. You can build a great online store using PrestaShop. 2. PrestaShop is a free and open-source platform. 3. PrestaShop has a simple interface like WordPress. 4. You can also take care of product payments and shipping details on the platform.PrestaShop is a free self-hosted store. Its paid Addons starts from $23.99+ each. The transaction fees of PrestaShop is dependent on the payment gateway.
EcwidFor all three1. If you want to sell your products on social media then Ecwid will be the best platform. 2. Ecwid automatically syncs your products to the Facebook Marketplace and it allows you to link your Ecwid store through Instagram tags. 3. Ecwid provides you the one control panel where you can manage all the sales platforms. 4. It also provides free plans for up to 10 productsEcwid is free for standard features. Its paid plan starts from $15/month. They also have a Venture Plan for professional features. Their transaction fees are dependent on the payment gateway.
WixFor all three1. Wix provides free hosting in its platform 2. Easy to use a drag-and-drop website builder for your store. 3. Wix provides customizable designs for your store or business.Wix gives you a free 44 days free plan. Their paid plans start from $23/month. The transaction fees of Wix is dependent on the payment gateway.

Best Price for Ecommerce app development in the U.K.  

The price of eCommerce app development totally depends on the features and requirements of the client. So here we have discussed the prices of Ecommerce app development in the U.K.  

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 1. Single vendor 

  In a single vendor,  only one seller can sell their product on the application to the customers. You cannot offer a variety of products to the customers in a single-vendor. It is the best option for small businesses and stores.   Time Duration: 40 Days Pricing: $2200 to $2800 + client’s requirements (It also depends on the features of application)  

2. Multiple Vendor  

In multiple vendors, it allows many sellers to create their profiles on the platform and sell their products. It gives a variety of options to the customers in products. Multiple vendors are allowed to register on the platform to sell their products.   Time Duration: 75 days Pricing: $4200 to $5000 + client’s requirements.  


E-commerce Apps have been used globally so it creates an opportunity for a business owner to reach their target audience.   So, if you are having any queries or confusion about this then you can contact the best Digital Marketing Service provider company. Don’t hesitate to call our executive at +44-1256-274012 or drop your inquiry at [email protected] or Free Quote at-