How To Patent Your Mobile Application: A Complete Guide

How To Patent Your Mobile Application: A Complete Guide

A Good mobile app idea is always difficult to find. The mobile app market has also become very competitive in recent years. You should have a unique app idea to grab the attention of the audience. Because without a unique idea you cannot get a large customer base for your mobile application. After developing a unique and creative application it becomes important for you to patent your Mobile application.    It will protect you from copycat companies if they want to steal your app idea. But you also have to make sure that your mobile app idea is unique and new.    Your mobile application should not be a clone of other apps in the marketplace. So if you also have an app idea then you should patent your mobile application. In this blog, we will clear all doubts regarding how to patent your mobile application.    Let's get started  

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What Is The Meaning Of Patenting An App Idea? 

  In easy language, a patent is an intellectual property law that protects your app ideas from being used by other people for their benefit. It will also not allow other people to sell your app idea in the market without your permission. With the help of this law, none can claim your idea as his/her own.   

Is It Possible For You To Patent Your Mobile App Idea?

  Yes, you can also patent your mobile app idea because it is an element of various ways of interaction. But you cannot patent the mobile application code because it comes under the law of copyright. But it is possible to patent the method of the application that it is performing a unique and specific task.  

How To Qualify For A Patent?

  These 3 main points will decide the eligibility of a patent for your mobile application:  

1. It Should Be An Invention

  The patent's main motive is to protect the inventions. According to the world intellectual property organization (WIPO) patent is only given to the invention which provides a solution to any problem.    We all know that mobile application is not a physical object so it will be considered an invention. But you have to make sure that just like other inventions your application also should solve the problems.  

2. Your Mobile Application Idea Must Be Unique And Creative 

  Many people think that if their mobile application resolves a problem of users then they are eligible for the patent but it is not. Your mobile application idea must be new and creative.    In other words, Your mobile app ideas should not be disclosed to the public before including Pending patents, books, blogs, Through youtube, and other platforms. If your mobile app idea already exists then you will not be able to patent it.   

3. Mobile Application Should Be Qualified As Useful

  Your mobile application should be qualified as useful. But qualifying for a patent also does not mean that your application cannot be under an entertainment group or anything like this. It also means that your mobile application should work in theory.    It constrains the people from patenting mobile applications which are useless for the audience. So it is becoming very important for you to describe and explain your application thoroughly. 

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How Will You Check If Your App Idea Is Patented By Someone Or Not?

  If you want to check if your app idea is patented by someone or not, you have to start looking into the existing and pending patents on mobile application ideas. You can also access this data of patents in your country because every country has this operational data of patents.   

Steps To Patent Your Mobile App Ideas

  Here are the steps which you can follow to patent your mobile app idea  

1. You Have To Register With Patent Lawyers

  If you want your app idea patent to be chosen by the authorities then you have to consult with a patent lawyer who has experience in this. You can consult with them and get an idea of the patent procedure.    Don't try to do it by yourself because it is a legal procedure. To find the best lawyer and the patent procedure done.   

2. You Can File Provisional And Non-provisional Patent Applications

  Patents applications are two types of provisional and no provisional which you can use for your mobile app idea to patent according to your needs.    In a provisional application, you can easily file without a formal patent claim, declaration, and even data disclosure statement. It also allows you to use patent-pending on mobile application terms. It will take 12 months to create the MVP.    But in non-provisional applications, you are allowed to file a patent without any claim which you have created on the application. In a non-provisional application, a well-written invention description would be needed.   

3.Submit Your Patent 

  After doing all the things you have to submit your patent in the country with government authority for the legal process. In this procedure, lots of paperwork will be required. The document which you will need when you submit your patent for mobile app idea is as follows:  

  • Mobile application specification
  • The declaration of the oath
  • Statement of data disclosure 
  • Your claims
  • Mobile app Data Sheet
  • Sheet for Fee
  • Your entity status form

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How Much Will It Cost You To Patent The Mobile Application?

  The cost of patenting your mobile app idea will depend on the category of the patent. A provisional patent cost you between $2000 to 5000$. The validity of provisional patents is 1 Year.    The Non-provisional patent will cost you higher and the cost is around $10000 to $15000. But an admin entity can check the patent application for a few years.  


  Now you get to know that patenting a mobile application is not an easy process. But if you think that your mobile app idea can become an invention then you must patent your app idea. The process will not be easy for you to submit a patent. So make sure that your mobile application can solve the problems of users.