Top 10 Ways To Create An Effective Landing Page

Top 10 Ways To Create An Effective Landing Page

Do you have a landing page?   If yes, then does it successfully convert visitors into subscribers, buyers, or leads?   If no, then don’t worry because this blog is for you and also for the people who said yes because it will them to get more benefits.   We all know that the most important elements of lead generation are landing pages and lead-capture forms. Because of them, the website visitors are converted into leads due to which reconversions are generated.   You might be thinking about how this happens? Let me tell you.   That's because landing pages enable us to direct site visitors to better-targeted pages that can capture leads at a much higher rate than forms on other web pages.   To help you get started creating an effective landing page that works, we’ve collected the top 10 tips from conversion experts around the web. The more the tips you will use, the better the conversion rate will be.  

 1. Optimize Your Opt-In Form  

It is very important to optimize your landing page’s form because the visitor submits their information in exchange for the offer. It is the most critical part of the landing page as it converts the lead.  

 2. Include Social Share Buttons

  Google “likes” a highly shared page so make sure that your social share buttons are highly visible on your landing page and also encourage people to share your content.  

 3. Include Your Contact information

  The inclusion of contact details increases the trust factor between the customer and you. Details such as- name of your company, location, and links to your social networks.

  4. Display Trust Symbols

  Gain trust from visitors by displaying trust symbols such as accolades and awards, or any other credentials your website or brand have. Also, add logos of the leading brands to your page which you have worked.  

5. Share Customer Testimonials

  The visitor's mindset changes mostly by seeing the testimonials. So it is very important to share the quotes from existing customers. Testimonials act as social proof (people’s tendencies to rely on the decisions of others in their decision-making) and are a super way to increase the conversion rate of your landing page.

  6. Add Video  

Increase the “know, like, trust” factor by adding a video to your landing page. A video can help you better connect with viewers and educate them on the benefits of your product or service.  

 7. Add Images  

Images make your landing page more visually attractive. Stock images are appealing, but the landing page will be more powerful if you show your face, or your team’s or customers smiling faces. Most case studies indicate that photos of real people improve the conversion rates (often by up to 50%) overstock or model images.  

 8. Make it Mobile Friendly  

 Almost every person uses a mobile now and does their work on it. So make your landing page responsive.  

9. Optimize for SEO

  Get your landing page found by search engines by optimizing it for SEO. Increase the chance that your landing page appears prominently on a search engine results page (SERP) by using relevant keywords in the page’s URL (web address),headlines, and throughout the text.  

 10. Keep Your Navigation Simple

  Keep your landing page navigation simpler, with the most important content placed “above the fold”, i.e. the important content immediately visible on the screen before scrolling down.