Get A Free SSL For Your WordPress Website

Get A Free SSL For Your WordPress Website

If you go to a website and see a “Not Secure” message on the browser then it means that you do not have an SSL. So if you want to change this symbol into a secure lock symbol then you need to get an SSL for your website. So this will make your visitors trust your website. So let’s get started.

How To Get A Free SSL For Your WordPress Website?

Step 1: Log in to WHM 

Visit the site: and then log in to WHM (Web Host Manager) page will display. Note: When trying to visit your WHM login page you may get an error message "Your connection is not private" or something similar. This is caused by your login page using self-signed certificates by default. Please disregard this and proceed with the error message.

Step 2: Enter the Username and Password

To login, enter your Username and Password.

Step 3: Go to the Homepage

After Login, the Homepage screen will appear.

Step 4: Click SSL/TLS

Now click the SSL/ TLS button to proceed further.

Step 5: Click “Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain”

After Clicking the SSL/ TLS button, a page will be displayed from which you have to choose “Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain”.

Step 6: Enter Your Domain Name

In the domain field, enter the domain name you want to secure with your SSL Certificate.

Step 7: Copy and Paste your Certificate Files

There is a box of Certificate and in this box, you have to copy and paste your Certificate Files.

Step 8: Click Install

After inputting the Certificate Files into the appropriate boxes, click “Install”. Congratulations! Your SSL certificate has been successfully installed. If you want to check your work, you can visit https://yourdomain.tld and can view the certificate/ site information to check whether HTTPS/ SSL is working properly or not. If the changes have not come into effect, then restart your server. It will surely help. Note: You should not enable “SNI for Mail Services”. Server Name Indication (SNI) should only be enabled if multiple hostnames are being served over HTTPS from the same IP address.