Top 10 differences b/w iOS and Android App Development

Top 10 differences b/w iOS and Android App Development

The biggest question that arises is which platform to choose i.e. iOS and Android. For developing mobile apps, only two platforms are available that are mentioned above and developers must have knowledge of iOS and Android App Development.   These two platforms are completely different and have different processes. The thing that is similar between iOS and Android app development is architecture while both have differences in development and maintenance. Even the design and marketing strategies for both platforms are different.   Before you come to the conclusion, let me clear out to you that you can build your app for both iOS and Android. So, today we will see the difference between iOS and Android App Development.   If you want your app to be developed in any of the platforms then by the end of this blog, you will get to know which fits your project the best.  

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Stats of iOS and Android App Development

  • More than 2.9 million apps available in the Google Play Store.
  • Around 4.4 million apps are available in the Apple App Store.
  • On monthly basis, more than 100,000 new Android apps are released in the Google Play Store.
  • On monthly basis, more than 30,000 new iOS apps are released in the Apple App Store.
  • Google owns the majority of mobile apps on the market today.
  • Apple App Store apps make almost double the revenue from the Google Play Store.

Difference Between iOS and Android App Development

Developers have the option to be an Android developer or iOS developer and there are a few who prefer both. If you are among the developers who want to pursue their career in mobile app development or among the people who are confused about which platform to choose for their mobile apps then you have come to the right place.    In this blog, we will see the difference between iOS and Android App Development.  

1. Target Audiences

Android devices are affordable while the loyalty of iOS customers cannot be doubted. It is obvious that the number of iOS professionals is lesser than Android experts. But to be very precise, we know that the market share of Android is bigger but if we talk about income then it is higher for iOS users.   

2. Programming Languages

There is a huge difference between Android and Apple in terms of programming language. For Android apps, the developers must know languages such as Java, C++, Kotlin. While on the other hand for iOS apps, developers must know is C and in the year 2014, Apple introduced Swift as an official language for iOS apps.   

3. Development Tools

In terms of development tools for iOS and Android App Development each have different tools. At the start, for Android development the tool was Eclipse but later Google launched Android Studio that made all the Android developers shift from Eclipse to Android Studio. While on the other hand, for iOS apps, developers must use XCode  

4. Cost Development

If we talk about development cost then there is no difference between Android and Apple as both the development tools are free. So, if any developer wants to try any of the platforms then can test both the platforms. There is no cost while coding and it will happen only when you hire a developer. But the pricing will matter when we will upload the app on the Play Store and App Store. For Android apps, there is a one-time fee of $25 while for iOS apps the payment must be done of $100 per year.  

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5. Approval Process

The designers of iOS and Android platforms will approve the iOS and Android app development. They must ensure that the application runs smoothly on its platform and does not cause cross-use issues with other applications. The instructions for Apple applications are incredibly specific.    All Apple devices have a fairly clean and smooth look, and they like the look of all the apps they offer. You may be able to escape the somewhat confusing interface that is difficult to navigate in the Google Play Store, but Apple will not approve your app until it meets some very demanding standards.  

6. Design Principles

Both iOS and Android have set their official guidelines. The designers must focus while developing apps as it must meet all the guidelines as mentioned. Google has its own criteria for simpler designs and this is the reason companies are adopting Android over Apple. But people who are loyal to iOS are not wrong because Apple provides clear and precise aspects of the apps.  

7. Monetization Strategies

When we make any app live or have any business idea, we obviously invest so that we can get high returns. So you have to choose the right platform for this. If we talk about iOS, then the main focus is on purchased apps while many Android apps owners earn from advert monetization. For iOS, go for paid or premium apps as through this option, you can get returns.   

8. Testing and debugging

It turns out that developing applications for Android and iOS does not withstand the motto "one size fits all". To develop a successful application for Android and iOS, it is essential to change the design according to the characteristics of the operating system.   To make sure the app is working properly, it's likely to be tested using an iOS simulator and an Android emulator for iOS and Android apps respectively. You must perform various tests on real mobile devices as it will help to understand the application interaction flow and identify possible errors.  

9. Development Process

Before starting, it is important to choose the right platform on which you want your app. You want your app to be developed for iOS only or Android only or for multiple platforms.    If you want to develop an application for multiple platforms then you need a multi-purpose platform like Adobe Air or Marmalade. For Apple app development, they will be involved in the design process much earlier than Google, and they will be much more practical throughout the process. If you're planning on Apple, you'll want to create a standard "Hello World" app and push it to your iPhone or iPad early. Otherwise, you need to find out when you reach the quality assurance stage. You also want to join their Apple Developer Program early.  

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10. Development complexity

It is said that iOS app development is easier if we compare it with Android app development. The reason is that the Android Operating System has a wide range of devices. While iOS has a limited selection of devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod, or MacBook. However, developing Android applications is quite difficult to develop for mobile applications because it has a wider choice of operating systems.  


Choosing between iOS and Android application development is not an easy task. So, the app owner must analyze their capabilities, requirements, budget, and go accordingly.   Calculating the time and manpower to build applications for both operating systems is critical to the success of a project. If you are looking for an Android developer or iOS developer or both, then you can contact the best Mobile App Development Company for your help. Don’t hesitate to call our executive at +44-1256-274012 or drop your inquiry at [email protected] or Free Quote at-