Features and cost of Fitness app development

Features and cost of Fitness app development

In 2020, due to covid 19, many fitness academies and gyms are unable to open. A number of people are dependent on these gyms to do their workouts to stay fit. So we can see the increase in fitness app development. But in these situations, fitness mobile applications can help these people to continue their exercises and maintain fitness. There are many companies and businesses available that are giving fitness solutions through Fitness app development.   

Fitness mobile applications are able to tell people about healthy food eating to smart exercise sessions. So now we can say that your fitness mobile application is your fitness trainer.   But developing a fitness app is not an easy task. You have to do lots of research for fitness app development to get an exact idea of what users want.   So in this blog, we will talk about the features of the fitness mobile app, development cost, types of fitness mobile app.   So let’s get started   

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Types of Fitness Mobile applications 

1. Workout And training Applications

Workout applications work as a personal fitness coach on your mobile phone and you can easily do your workout session without any problem. The main objective of these applications to show people which exercises they have to do and how to do them.    You can also able to search fitness coaches on workout applications by their name, expertise, and their physical training experience.   In Fitness mobile app you can set a timer in the application when you do cardio or yoga. You can easily set the time length of your exercises.  

2. Healthy Diet applications 

If you want to stay fit then a nutritious diet is one of the most important things. Healthy diet applications help the users to control their weight and also show how many calories they have taken or burnt.    These applications also help the users to control their water balance. Users can also able to create their personal healthy diet goals to stay fit.    A healthy diet application can also provide users a healthy diet plan according to their needs by just adding their (Age, Height, and Gender).  

3. Fitness Activity tracking apps

Fitness activity tracking application can track users’ physical activities which they have done throughout the day. Such a fitness tracking application can track the number of steps taken in a day, sleeping hours, calories counting, etc.   It can also track the distance walked by users with the help of geolocation.    All these data are shown on the app screen and can also build the charts of users for better understanding.  

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Features of Fitness App Development

So now we will talk about what features you should add to your application during fitness app development.  

1. Create Account

Users must be able to create their account on the application with their respective mobile number or email id.  You can also make the signup process easy for the users by allowing them to integrate their social media account with the application.  

2. Add Personal Information

Fitness mobile application users should be able to add their personal information like age, gender, weight Height, etc. The user’s personal information will help the application to keep a track record of exercises, diet plans, etc.  

3. Notification

Sometimes users skip the workouts due to laziness or other reasons. But your application should have a feature of notification so you can notify the user to don’t skip the workouts or diet. You can also provide the option of adjusting notifications like on or off so users don’t get annoyed by them.  

4. Able to share their results on social media

Users must be able to share the results on social media they have got with the help of your mobile application. It will also help your application to reach more audiences.   

5. Live streaming on application

This is one of the most interesting and attractive features. It will allow users to broadcast their workouts on the application and can also ask queries to the fitness trainers online during the workout process.  

6. Geolocation

Geolocation is one of the most important features in fitness mobile application. Because tracking applications are all about maps so you should integrate the geolocation feature in your application.   

7. Set Goals

Users must be able to set their workout and diet goals on the application. They can set how many calories they have to take in a day, Sleep hours, Number of steps, etc.   

8. Able to connect with wearable devices

Your application must be able to connect with maximum tracker devices if you are planning to support wearable gadgets. There are lots of wearable manufacturers APIs are available in the market which you can use in your application.  

9. Add a Barcode scanner

This feature will help the users to log in faster and easier in the application.  With the help of a barcode scanner, users will get all the important information like calories, ingredients by just scanning the barcode with a smartphone camera.  

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Cost Of Fitness mobile application

No company or individual can tell you the exact amount of cost on fitness app development because the cost depends on many things like features, functionalities, time to develop the application, hourly rates of the mobile app development company, etc.   But here we will tell you the estimated cost of a fitness app development. So the estimated cost of a fitness mobile application is $10000 to $15000. But if you also planning to develop the application for both iOS and Android users then the cost will go higher. One more thing iOS applications are costlier than android.    Remember! This is an estimated cost if you wanted to add some extra features and functionalities to the application then the mobile app development company will charge you more.  


If you are also planning to develop a fitness mobile application then you will require an experienced and expert mobile app development company. Because fitness app development is not an easy task.   Jploft has experience of more than 10+ years in mobile app development. Our expert and experienced mobile app developers will build a perfect fitness mobile application with new and advanced features.