E-Scooter Sharing App Development: Features & Cost

E-Scooter Sharing App Development: Features & Cost

Electric scooters are one of the affordable ways to commute. They are very easy to control in the comparison of gear vehicles. The biggest benefit of using e-scooters is they are environment friendly.  There are lots of countries available that are promoting the use of electric vehicles to make their country pollution-free. Many governments are also providing subsidies or incentives for electric vehicles.  This is why businesses are using E-scooter sharing app development to provide a better solution to commute. Many companies are developing their own e-scooter sharing applications to generate a good amount of revenue in the market. So in this blog, we will talk about the features and the cost of e- scooter sharing app development.  So let’s get started

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Features of E-scooter sharing app 

Sign Up And Login Page

You can make your signup process easy for the users So they Can start riding the electric scooter right away. You can add tutorials on your app of how to use the application and don’t forget to add safety tips while riding the scooter.

Maps Integration 

Map integration is one of the most important features of the e-scooter application. This feature helps the users to find nearby electric scooter on the application. You can use Google Maps API for your android application development and for iOS MapKit framework is also available to integrate into the app.

GPS Tracking

This feature will allow users to track their path and get the right directions. For Android applications, Google APIs enable the GPS functionality feature. iOS app developers can use Corelocation framework.’

Able to scan QR code

This feature helps the users to lock or unlock the electric scooters by scanning QR codes. You can add this feature to Android and iOS with the help of scanner SDKs.

Identity Verification

Users have to prove that they are 18 years old or above. They can provide their driving license on the application to prove that they are eligible to drive the electric scooters. The driving license can be scanned with the help of an in-app scanner SDK. 

Multiple Payment options

You have to add multiple payment gateways for your customers into the application so they can choose the best payment method according to their requirements. 

Able to share their experience 

Users must be able to share their ride experience on social media with their friends and family. This feature will also help your application to drive more engagement through social media.

Ride History and stats

This is one of the basic features we have to include while E-scooter sharing app development. This feature allows users to see their ride history and other stats.

Advance Booking

With the help of this feature, users can book their rides in advance of your application. They can plan a trip with their family or friends and can book your e scooter in advance if you have this feature in your application.


You can tell the users about your upcoming offers, events, updates, with the help of notifications. Android developers can use google cloud messaging to send notifications or iOS developers can use the apple notification service. 

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Advantages of starting an electric scooter sharing company

Development Cost is Low

A scooter-sharing startup is less risky in comparison to a car-sharing business. Scooters are available at affordable costs so businesses can easily acquire them. But when it comes to cars they are more costly and need big funds to acquire.

Maintenance cost is low for electric scooters

The maintenance cost of electric scooters is low and affordable for businesses. Their parts can easily available at a low-cost price. But you have to keep many things in your mind while starting an electric scooter sharing business. If your team is knowledgeable and the technology you are using is advanced then your startup can become successful. 

Environment Friendly

The electric scooters are environmentally friendly because they do not release any kind of toxic smoke like other geared bikes or scooters which is very harmful to both humans and animals. 

How You Can Monetize Your Application?

Everyone wants high returns when they invest in a particular business. So here we will tell you Two ways to monetize your electric scooter application:


You can show your audience advertisements in your application. You can promote restaurants, shops, hotels, and local businesses and can charge them money for showing ads in your app.


You can offer weekly, monthly, and yearly passes to your audience. They can use them to ride your electric scooters for a certain period of time.

How Much does it cost to develop an e-scooter sharing app?

E-scooter sharing app development depends on many things like features you want to add to your application and also the hourly rate of your app development team. If you hire an experienced and expert team of mobile app developers then your development cost will go higher.  You also have to decide the platform of your application like android or iOS. If you choose both platforms then your e-scooter application budget should be high. Android apps are more costly than an iOS application because of their market share.  So we can say the development cost of e scooter sharing app is between $10000 to $15000. This is the estimated cost of an e-scooter sharing application if you add multiple features in your application then developers will charge you more.


The electric scooter sharing app market is growing at a very fast pace and the market is getting competitive day by day. So we can say that this is the right time to invest in e-scooter sharing app development If you also have an idea e-scooter sharing business and need a mobile application to start then get in touch with our expert developers. Jploft has experience of more than 10+ years in mobile app development. We have a team of expert android and iOS app developers who will build high quality and rich feature enabled e-scooter sharing application for your business.