New Feature Of Whatsapp Allows To Share The Status Updates To Facebook Story

The most anticipated feature of Whatsapp has been rolled out and can be seen in most of the Whatsapp of Android and iPhone.  What’s New In This Feature?  In the new feature, users can share their status updates to Facebook Stories as well. It can be confirmed because an updated FAQ page has been released on the Whatsapp website which gives details about the latest addition.   This hints towards the debut of the new Whatsapp feature for all users in the coming days.   This has been done to let you easily share the status updates to Facebook Stories. This can be done just by tapping a “Share to Facebook Story” button which appears just below the Status tab on Whatsapp.    A WhatsApp spokesperson confirmed the rollout and said "If you share your status update, the content of your status update will be shared with other apps and won't be protected by end-to-end encryption. When sharing your status update, WhatsApp won't share your account information with Facebook or other apps".   The new feature has been updated on the WhatsApp for Android version 2.19.258 and WhatsApp for iPhone version 2.19.92.   Both the latest versions can be downloaded through their respective app stores.   It was also seen on an earlier stable Android version (v2.19.244) and the current beta (v2.19.262).   The company wrote on its updated FAQ page "On Android and iPhone, you have the option to share your WhatsApp status updates to Facebook Stories and other apps".   It is also written that the feature is only available if you have Facebook & Facebook Lite for Android and Facebook for iOS installed on your device.   In May 2019, Whatsapp started testing this new feature and some beta users also spotted its existence in June but were not available to all the users.
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