Facebook: 6 Projects Picked From India for AI Ethics Research

Facebook: 6 Projects Picked From India for AI Ethics Research

It has been announced by the social platform- Facebook that the group stories feature will soon disappear and will be shut down.   This feature allows the members and administrators of the group to post photos and videos that disappear automatically in 24 hours.   Facebook groups are an online space where users come together and chat about common interests.   According to the reports, more than 1.4 billion people on Facebook use groups every month.  

When will the feature shut down?  

According to the reports, this feature will be shut down on 26th September 2019 due to which no one in the group will be able to post any status or new stories.   A Facebook spokesman said- "We're sunsetting group stories because we want to make sure that features in groups enable people to connect in fun and useful ways, and we are always looking at ways to improve the overall experience for communities on Facebook ".  

 What Else??  

Also, keeping in mind the importance of AI in today’s era, Facebook announced that it has selected the best six projects from India to encourage research on Artificial Intelligence (AI) ethics.   The key areas that we're focused on are- governance, cultural diversity, and operationalizing ethics.   Facebook announced about the Ethics in AI research awards in June 2019 with a regional focus of India.   The winners were declared 20th September 2019, Friday in which Facebook choose the top two submissions in each category.   It is said that the proposed budget will be between Rs. 10,00,000 to Rs. 20,00,000  

Winners- Category wise  

  • Governance
    1. "Ethical Implications of Delegating Decision-making Journey to AI Systems" by Rahul De from the IIM Bangalore (Indian Institute of Management).
    2. "A‘Public Law of Information' for India", by Sudhir Krishnaswamy (principal investigator) from the Centre for Law and Policy Research.
  • Cultural Diversity
    1. "Mitigating Bias in Face Recognition for Vast Regional Diversity in India" by Richa Singh (principal investigator) from IIIT-Delhi (Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology).
    2. "Regulatory Impact Assessment of the National AI MarketPlace of India" by Varadharajan Sridhar (principal investigator) from the IIIT-Bangalore (International Institute of Information Technology).
  • Operationalizing Ethics
    1. "Patient-Centric Frameworks for the Evaluation of AI-Enabled Medical Tests" by Amit Sethi (principal investigator) of the IIT Bombay (Indian Institute of Technology).
    2. "Targeted Bias in Indian Media Outlets" by Animesh Mukherjee (principal investigator) of the IIT Kharagpur (Indian Institute of Technology).