Event App Development to Unleash the Power of Technology 2024

Event App Development to Unleash the Power of Technology 2024

There are numerous sporting events like conferences, festivals, exhibitions as well as meetups and exhibitions across the globe. They could be dedicated to different causes and involve individuals from diverse backgrounds and tastes. One thing they share is that they all benefit from technology.

Software for planning events has proven to be a powerful way of engaging the audience and delivering a better experience and increasing the effectiveness of the work of an event organizer. According to Mordor Intelligence, the market for event technology is anticipated to grow in the range of 10.65 percent between the years 2019 to 2025.

A growing quantity of organizers and event managers are choosing to build apps for event planning and organizers. Non-professionals can also utilize these applications to plan their events without difficulty. The results of event-planning applications are promising. If you're considering about pursuing the event and ticket app development you’re in right spot.

This article will show you how to make an app that is based on events. Before we do that, let's provide an outline of this app's features to be used for events.

What Is an Event Planning App?

This organizer and planner application is created to assist users in organizing or planning their events. These apps assist users in managing their events while focusing on their day-to-day life.

The most important goal of every event is to ensure that it has flawless and consistent control. This is where the applications are useful. They can help us achieve what we require by utilizing efficient tools, and incorporating advanced functions and features to assist in making events more productive.

Different Types of Event Planning Applications

There are many kinds of events you need to be thinking about when developing an event-booking application. Each has its own requirements. This means that they need software that is tailored to the requirements of their users. Here are three mobile applications that address occasions.

Local Events

Everyday, there are local events in our communities. But, how can the businesses and their clients keep up? Companies like Meetup and Eventbrite have a significant role in this regard. They allow users to look for local activities by entering their precise location, or by browsing categories and also facilitate the communication between users and others with similar interests.

Festivals & Events

The holidays are celebrated all through the year across the globe. An opportunity to inform users of planned events within their local area in the holiday season has become now available. Once all the information is made available everyone can sign-up without any difficulty.

Corporate Events, Conferences & Meetings

Corporate gatherings and events can be disastrous without the right event software. Large-scale events are simpler to plan and arrange with the help of professionals and will help you reduce time with guests. Businesses can be targeted through the development of apps for booking events using specific features. You can focus on only one of these options or develop a software for managing events which includes all of the features. Select the one that is going to best suit your needs depending on your business nature and the type of clients you want to attract.

How Can Businesses Benefit From Event Management and Planning Applications?

The benefits of using the Event Management Software application are numerous and depend on the kind of attributes and functions you'd like to add. From a simple seating booker app for planning events, to the ultimate event management app the possibilities are endless in the creation of an application that can be utilized on mobile devices for various events.

Here are a few benefits:

Business Network

The event is attended by many people, as well as service providers like microphones, staging and equipment as well as sound equipment. Food and drinks in certain circumstances. Event management software is able to create a professional network of different businesses and service industries. In addition, entrepreneurs will be able to connect directly to influential people like politicians, athletes and singers, actors, and musicians.

Feedback and Reviews

In the eyes of a lot of organizations, feedback and reviews can be the most effective method to enhance your product or service, and develop foolproof strategies to run your business. Reviewing feedback regularly received from customers or users can help you identify the gray areas within your software for managing events or your business. With these tips you'll be able to adjust your strategies and plans for business and work to address the issues uncovered by people who use your application. This will enable you to take your business's management of events to higher levels.

Better Engagement

Management of an event is the symbol for glamour and splendour. Television stars, film stars, music, and the entertainment industry attend a variety of occasions. So, applications for managing events are designed to look appealing with vivid colors and easy navigation. This increases engagement of the user and a greater conversion rate.


As your event management business app grows in popularity and expands your list of potential sponsors may also increase. But, you may also get significant sponsorships from well-known companies and organizations. In addition to the sponsors listed in the application, there are also advertisers. This will allow you to earn some cash.

Assured Revenue

In any industry, you must ensure an ongoing flow of income is essential and event management software online will help you to achieve this. There are numerous ways to generate revenue for your event that you can integrate into your software. If you use the right methods of monetization, you can be able to ensure that you have a steady stream of income from a variety of sources.

Business Models for Event Management App Development

Let's make it clear that a single event application is not able to meet every need of a business. Event apps are available in a variety of styles and designs that are based on their purpose. Three business models could be employed to develop developing apps for events according to your requirements:

Dedicated Event App

Events, festivals or conferences utilize their branding apps to provide attendees access to all needed information in one place. Usually they perform a number of tasks to prepare for the event, as well as taking part in the event. These include

  • Tickets are purchased and authenticated

  • Accessing the venue using the barcode scanner or QR code

  • Participating in online activities, like Live streaming and chat rooms and even voting

  • The program of the event, as well as an outline of the location

  • Notifying you about the start of the program

  • A virtual wallet may be used to make purchases on-site, including snacks or other products

These are the essential elements required to build an event app that can allow attendees to access it easily.

Event Aggregator App

The most widely used event app is one that acts as an aggregator. These apps for local events function as a way of bringing diverse events together and selling tickets for them. Event aggregators function as intermediaries between event organizers and those looking for an activity they can take part in.

They typically allow the inclusion of events of any kind and size, in size from world-class rock concerts to small ceramic workshops. The majority of these apps have filters that allow users to find events by their place of operation, date or even subject matter.

Event Planning App

Book club or wedding events or corporate conference workshops for crafting, and with an event app for private events, participants can make lists of tasks as well as send invitations, set up guest lists, create reminders and much more. While sometimes, an event planning app is a universal solution that can be adapted in accordance with the kind of event or the size of the event. Other apps are tailored toward a particular type of event, such as weddings or conferences.

Steps to Follow for Event Management App Development

 Event Management App Development

Let's take a look at the process of creating mobile applications to create an event-specific app.

There are simple steps you need to take. The steps are as follows:

Analyze the App Market

First, examine the trends in the market. If you're thinking of developing your company, consider its potential and competitiveness. When you conduct your research you could discover that the market is overrun by competitors who offer the best options.

Find out about market trends and come up with new ideas that could be turned into amazing mobile application features. Studying competition can aid you in understanding how to outdo them. Additionally, it will aid you in determining how to get your users.

Decide Development Tech Stack

The technology you select to employ affects the performance of the app development. In the context of the project you're working on, developers can employ a variety of technologies for mobile apps, such as Flutter and React Native. A detailed requirement for your app will allow you to select the right tech stack to meet your needs. In this stage you must identify the features you'd like to include in an event application and then organize all your requirements, and then allow analysts and developers to create the ideal mobile application for occasions.

UI/UX Design

UX/UI design is vital in making your platform accessible to the user and appealing to customers. Designers create wireframes for future platforms with Figma, the Figma app for mobile devices. UI design software. It helps to see the layout of features as well as overall sketches. It is important to select an appealing palette of fonts, colors and imagery that are in line with the theme of your event and its brand. Make sure you realize that an effective event mobile app isn't just about functionality, but also providing a memorable and enjoyable user experience.


The process of development begins once the criteria have been established in place and Figma UI prototypes have been completed. The engineers have to design an elegant platform, based on the requirements of the client. Clients are provided with short times, known as sprints. Engineers track their progress during each sprint. The client analyzes the results and, along with the team members, they review the development and decide on which step to take.

Then, you'll be able to develop your own digital product and collect valuable feedback from those who have already purchased the product and further modify your product based on their comments. To ensure that your product is clear it is recommended to partner with a reputable business to design an app for events that will oversee the project from beginning until the end.

Data Safety

The online usage of tools for planning meetings requires sharing sensitive information. To ensure that no leaks of information occur, take into account the security of your data when developing applications for conferences. Making a mistake in this area could result in penalties or fines. Hiring application developers to help you deal with these issues prior to they become a problem could be a possibility.


Quality assurance specialists check software for vulnerabilities, bugs and system flaws and then report the findings to the developers of the event management app team. It is vital when creating software since it ensures that there are no data leaks or issues which could affect users.

Top Strategies for Monetizing Event Planning Applications

The benefits of using an app to organize events are clear but how do you make money through it? There are many strategies that work with various kinds of applications.

In-App Ads

The most popular method of making money from the application. But, there are two essential conditions to be met in order for it to work. The first requirement is that your application must be well-known, popular and widely known. If you don't, the advertisers will not generate a lot of prospects for your application. Also, you should ensure that your ads' subject matter is similar to your application's style. For example, if the app is a wedding planning application and the advertisements are centered on wedding-related products and services. Additionally, it's crucial that the ads aren't distracting customers. If they are, they'll leave the application for the purpose of planning events.

Promoted Listings

This method of monetization is suitable for apps that promote events and permit users to purchase tickets. For instance, certain event organizers might advertise their events, and increase the prominence of their ads on the main page for a longer period.

Fees and Commissions

The second method could be used in conjunction with this method to generate income through your event app or as a separate app. In this case you'll get a percentage of money for every event you hold and can also sell tickets through your app.


You can also permit customers to sign-up to your app and gain access to the advanced features, or provide unlimited usage options. This type of monetization method is perfect for event planners that are B2B like the wedding planner application previously mentioned, and is used by professional businesses.

Must-Have Features to be Included in Event Management Software

What features do you want to have within your Event Management app? You can seek the guidance of experts in market research or talk to an expert from the developer of the ticket reservation app company you choose. It is important to incorporate elements of your app that distinguish your app from the competition. Offering users something distinctive will make you a winner in the field of event management. Here's a list of things you should include in your event.

Event Information

The information about events is an important component of any software for managing events. This means that you need to thoroughly explain the details of your event such as the venue, location, timings, dates as well as the main guests or participants. Proper information should be made available to the users or patrons and any error could result in negative consequences. Therefore, those who are responsible for putting together details about events must be informed and honest.

Event Sessions and Schedules

Users are informed about upcoming events and events that will be held in the near future, so that they can prepare. For instance, events on Christmas Eve can be announced and available for reservations up to two months ahead of time. This will give guests more choices or book in advance to avoid stress at the last minute.

GPS-Enabled Services

Mobile event management apps with GPS capabilities can assist people get to the event with ease. The integration with other APIs like Google Maps and Calendar can allow your customers to access many options such as reminders for events, as well as guidance about the most effective route (along with a time estimate to arrive) to get there. This will allow you to organize the event better.

Reminders and Notifications

As we mentioned, 3rd-party API integration as well as built-in features of reminders and notifications can help patrons set alarms or establish an email a few hours or two before the event. In addition, notifying of modifications to dates could be an effective feature to inform users of any change and assists users save time and energy. For those who run businesses, triggering notifications for new registrations, which will help in coordinating the event better.

Search and Book

Customers who are looking for specific events are able to book seats. Although the function for managing the event first displays the content highlighted for users, it is suggested to let booking and searching for seats on top of the interface. Accessing the event's details directly is easy enough that all users are able to use the app. Just a few taps and a straightforward typing procedure will make this feature be noticed.

Chat and Communicate

Another crucial element that an event administration software is the ability to allow users to talk and chat with the event support staff as well as other patrons and users. If there's delays in responding to questions about events, it could cause discontent and clients may become bored. It is also possible to create teams and then create chatbots as event management software that can respond quickly and efficiently.

Real-Time Analytics

For those who run event management firms it is essential to utilize analytical tools to create and implement efficient strategies for the coming years. The data collected by the built-in analytics functions within the application for managing events will provide a comprehensive analysis of how the events are performing. Utilizing various pieces of information on events and provided by users, it is possible to determine the popularity for an occasion or the genre in a specific area or area.

Social Media Sharing

Sharing content on social media is one of the most effective tools to manage events and planning. It is a fantastic way to market your company and sharing content through social media sites is exactly the same. The availability of these features to both customers and patrons can give your application an edge and give the opportunity for automatic promotion when users are sharing their experiences with their acquaintances via their social media profiles.

Cost of Developing an Event Planning Application

Let's discuss how crucial it is to design an app that can be used for events. There's no one cost for all apps since costs vary based on the size of the project as well as the level of design complexity as well as the set of features and the preferred mobile platform and the location of the team who creates it.

If you choose to work together with an outsourcing mobile app development business, the cost of developing an MVP (minimum achievable app) Event app may vary between $15,000 and $30,000.

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The Key Takeaway

If you follow the steps outlined in this article - starting with the description of the purpose of your app and making sure that you're prepared to launch it successfully, you could create an app for your events that can set your business apart.

The entertainment industry cannot function without tickets or events. Technology is everywhere, from purchasing theatre tickets to scheduling appointments.

A lot of companies utilize online event booking software to oversee their business operations and provide better user-friendly experiences.

It is essential to realize that mobile applications allow businesses to conduct their business through apps and the web in a better way and provide the greatest benefit to their business operations. Furthermore, ticket booking on event applications improves the customer's experience through an application that allows for simple booking and clear transactions.