GPS Tracking App Development in 2024 is New Advancements

GPS Tracking App Development in 2024 is New Advancements

The Global Positioning System, or GPS, is a vital modern-day tool that has made tracking easier and more convenient. Launched by the United States in 1973 to make its navigation mechanism smoother, the GPS has seen immense growth and innovations.   According to Yahoo Finance, the global GPS tracking device market was estimated at 1.78 billion USD in 2020 and is projected to reach 4.93 billion US dollars in 2028. Thus, GPS would continue to be a highly useful and beneficial tool moving ahead.   The GPS tracking system is now available in smartphones, automobile navigation systems, and many other consumer devices. The system is primarily used by the following industries:  

  • Logistics and Delivery Tracking
  • Rental Services for Travel companies
  • Fitness and physical activity tracking businesses
  • Defense Industries
  • Manufacturing Process Management, etc.

  We at JPLoft help build various mobile, web, and E-commerce software for your businesses that help you track different activities and movements using the latest GPS tracking. Our apps help you easily locate and track anything that you wish to by using our latest GPS navigation tools installed in the apps that we build.    

How does a GPS Work?

  The GPS works like a digital clock that responds to different signals. For example, if we want to track the location of a vehicle through GPS, then the GPS chip connected to that vehicle sends a signal to the receiver via satellite.   The receiver gets signals from at least 3 satellites and finds its location on the earth’s surface. Maximum accuracy can be established when more satellites come into force.    The current GPS technology predicts the location that is accurate to about a meter. With further advancements coming into play, the limitations are set to change as a new variety of GPS known as GPS III is set to be launched soon.    

Features to Improve in GPS Tracking in 2022

  Several features of the GPS are going to be updated that will enable the users to access the tracking and positioning system better. Some of the changes include:  

  • Enabling Real-Time Alerts

  The real-time alert is going to improve significantly in 2022. This would enable users to get faster and better real-time tracking details of their shipments, traffic, weather, etc. The countries are also aiming at improving real-time alerts in defense and maritime security.   

So, in the coming days, we would see further enhancements, including better positioning, tracking, and supplying of goods and services using a more advanced GPS tracking system.  

  • Live Maps

  Maps are an essential feature used by millions of people worldwide. People depend a lot on maps to move from one place to another. Still, the maps do not provide a holistic approach to travel, as it does not have the entire data of every place on earth that needs navigating.   With better satellite coverage and more added features, the efficiency of the maps could be drastically improved for a better customer experience.  

  • Security

  GPS ensures better positioning and tracking that further improves security. The security systems could range from the security of personal property to the defense and maritime security of a country.    There are three categories of GPS products available in the market that are used for security purposes: GPS Asset Trackers, GPS Vehicle Trackers, and GPS Personal Trackers. All those trackers will have their respective updates   

  • Geological Research and Mining

  Scientists are finding more ways to enhance geological research and mining fields that would help locate hidden treasures and help save the lives of miners. Using GPS, scientists could easily track the minerals and resources situated beneath the Earth.   But the system is not fully-proof and requires plenty of enhancements and modifications to deliver the expected results. Therefore, it has become essential to make these changes to succeed in this modern world.    


  The GPS is a modern-day asset that has provided people and organizations with comfort and ease to do business. It is the fastest method present currently, that helps people navigate, measure speed, and find exact locations.   The GPS has enabled new businesses to grow as well. But the system is not fully-proof and scientists are working on modernizing it as per the current market. Thus, in the coming days, we will hopefully see more enhancements and updates in the GPS.