Top Mistakes to Avoid before Hiring an App Development Agency

Top Mistakes to Avoid before Hiring an App Development Agency

With the rise in digitalization and availability of smartphones and cheap data connections, more and more companies are looking to create mobile applications to further expand their businesses. A good application ensures better availability and customer reach. It is because consumers are spending more time on their mobile phones than anywhere else. Thus, it has become convenient for companies to reach their consumers using this route. 

According to a recent report, the total revenue in the Application Development Software market is estimated to reach USD 149.70 billion in 2022. So, a better-designed mobile application ensures better consumer engagement, hence better viewership and sales. We, at JPLoft, are one of the leading app development agencies in the world with over 400 global clients and over 550 projects delivered on or before the deadline. We have high expertise in-

  • iOS application development
  • Android application development, and
  • React Native development

For a bit of expert advice on how to build your application and how to market the same, feel free to Contact Us. Now, before you start researching for the best application development agencies available in the market, there are a few red flags that you must keep in mind before hiring one.

1)  Preferring Cost over Quality

The first thing that comes to mind while hiring an App Development agency is the cost factor. If you are an owner of an upcoming startup or a budget enterprise, you would go for a low-budget agency. But, it is something you must avoid. Prioritizing cost over expertise could lead you to regret it in the future. With a low-cost advertising agency, you would get a less skilled developer, who might not understand your instructions well. This could lead you to huge losses, as a poorly developed application would not attract enough viewership. So, when you hire an app development agency, always check their portfolios first. You must also ask them to develop a prototype first before building the entire application. Otherwise, to save a few pennies at the initial stages, you might end up spending big bucks later, while making revisions to your existing app. 

2)  Focusing on Agencies nearby

Initially, due to the unavailability of the internet and social media, people used to hire companies that are located in their vicinity for better communication and coordination. But in the present world, you would fall behind if you go by this philosophy.

There are different global application development companies present worldwide that provide premium services and full customer support. You can find a better talent pool that has better industrial experience when you widen the scope of your research. Another option is to go through their portfolios and expertise on their websites and verify their credentials online. You can also negotiate with them to find a suitable price and pay them online, once you are satisfied with their services.

3) Not considering Product Life Cycle

Sometimes, we are so busy designing and implementing new features in an app that we do not give much attention to its life cycle. The Product Life Cycle is the total lifespan of a product, starting from development to the delivery of the product. Thus, the application needs to be updated timely and bugs need to be fixed to ensure smooth operation. Application Life Management, known as ALM, is used to control the product life cycle of an application. The ALM consists of six stages of growth:

  • Development
  • Induction
  • Growth
  • Maturity
  • Saturation, and
  • Decline

All these features must be considered while creating an application, as an outdated application would lead to a decline in sales. So, hiring an app development agency that has prior knowledge and expertise in dealing with the entire product life cycle of an app.


A successful application is the most effective way of expanding your business globally, thereby, increasing your sales. There is a lot of competition in the market, and if you want to stay ahead in the race, then an effective application becomes a must for your business. So, while hiring an application agency, you must have a clear conscience and perform a thorough background check. The above-mentioned points would assist you in making the right choice while going for an application development agency.