Location Tracking Apps For Android and iPhone

Location Tracking Apps For Android and iPhone

Modern tracking applications have become an integral part of life. From food delivery to taxi rides, tracking is used everywhere, from food deliveries to ensuring our loved ones' safety in real-time. While these are examples of commercial use for Location Tracking Apps, you can also use personal applications for monitoring loved ones' lives. Opt for cost-effective hardware when tracking loved ones; rather use Android or iPhone smartphones along with family Location Tracking Apps as cost-cutting measures to track whereabouts of those closest to you.  Such apps leverage GPS technology built into both phones to deliver precise real-time location data delivery; mobile app development services may offer personalized apps tailored precisely to meet individual requirements for tracking devices and services. Some apps provide real-time location tracking of people still connected to the network, giving you peace of mind if someone you love is late or simply keeping you safe by installing one of our top Location Tracking Apps; we have chosen these on criteria such as features, ratings, and reviews. 

How Do Family Tracking Apps Work?

But how exactly does a family tracking app work? Well, it is a straightforward process. Your GPS phone uses its location data to provide precise updates. GPS-enabled mobile applications can pick up signals from multiple satellites orbiting Earth and then use these signals to calculate the distance by measuring how long waves from those satellites take to reach our receiver. GPS receivers use this data to calculate their exact position on Earth and provide real-time updates to their users.

Why Use Family Tracking Apps?

GPS tracking apps can be invaluable tools in keeping an eye on those you care for - this may include children, elderly parents, spouses, or vehicles - enabling you to ensure their safety as well as efficiently address emergencies. Here are a few reasons to utilize a mobile tracking application for yourself and your family.

Track Your Loved Ones

 Family tracking apps provide peace of mind because you can keep tabs on where your loved ones are 24/7. They give a sense of security that gives them peace of mind as their presence can always be detected. So even when you are apart, you will remain connected. Additionally, they won't need to answer their phone now and again, and you can have peace of mind knowing your child or spouse is safely where they should be. However, mobile GPS applications may cause complications; not delivering accurate positioning data could leave you confused and panicked if installed on their smartphone suddenly displays incorrect data - leaving you wondering where your child went when they're still safe and sound in school. Utilizing an accurate tracking application on mobile phones can help prevent such confusion.

Locating Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023

Through technological innovation and wearable gadgets introduced every year, we can significantly increase the safety of those we love.  While Android app development continues its rapid progress, more phone Location Tracking Apps than ever are becoming available; but finding one may prove challenging; to assist your search for such applications we have put together this list of our recommended location-tracking apps readily available on both the iOS and Android stores.

  1. My Family Locator, GPS Tracker

My Family Locator is a practical GPS-tracking application designed to track loved ones in real time. Parents using it to ensure the safety of their children, elderly relatives, or spouses by monitoring their movements can use geofencing and location history features in conjunction with over 25 features like SMS texting calls and GPS tracking to keep an eye on everyone's vital signs. Parents can install an app on their child's phone to keep tabs on them throughout the day without them knowing. The GPS location recorder records their real-time position. It sends it back to parents, making tracking more straightforward. 


  • GPS Tracking is a powerful tool for tracking real-time locations.
  • Call history can be viewed, including contact names, times and dates, numbers, and duration of calls.
  • Tracks their online activities and monitors text messages sent/received.
  • You can see the photos and videos that your child has saved to their gallery.

Available on Platform

  • Android, iOS


  • It helps to monitor children, older people, and loved ones' location.
  • Peace of mind
  • Simple to Use
  • Customizable settings

Ratings out of 5.

  • Google Play Store Version 4.2


  • mSpy Ltd
  1. mSpy

Since 2010, mSpy has become one of the best Location Tracking Apps worldwide. As a free phone tracker, this application enables parents to monitor their child's smartphone activities without their knowledge or permission - tracking everything from GPS location records, sending real-time alerts for monitoring purposes, and real-time location updates all day! Furthermore, this is one of the top phone tracker apps with 25+ features, including calls, SMS, GPS tracking, etc. Install one of the top free phone tracking apps on your child's phone to monitor their activities without them knowing.

 mSpy - the best free phone tracker app

  • GPS Tracking: Real-time Location Monitoring
  • Get phone numbers and contact information, including call histories.
  • Track their online activities and monitor text messages sent/received
  • This best location tracking free app allows you to restrict incoming calls
  • Browse photos and videos in your child's gallery
  1. Intelius

Intelius is an easy and hassle-free phone monitoring app to keep an eye on your children remotely without worry. Set a geofence, receive alerts whenever your child enters or leaves an area, and track a device visually and clearly on Google Maps. 

 Ratings out of 5.

  • 4.9

Supported Phones

  • Android, iOS, Windows

Support #24/7

  • You can say that.

Free trial

  • Five-Day Free Trial


  • Access your mobile files from anywhere.
  • You can sync data in real-time via 3G/4G or WiFi.
  • Security and confidentiality of enterprise information - supervision
  • You can record calls on your child's mobile phone.
  • Support multiple languages.
  • You can capture remote screenshots. Obtaining data, passwords, and other information about the person using this system is possible.

What you can monitor using the Intelius app

  • Phone Reverse Lookup: No Search for People: yes Search by Name: no
  •  Search for Criminal Records: "Yes"
  •  Background Check: Yes
  1. Google Maps (Location Share) 

The free GPS tracking app, Google Maps, is an efficient solution that saves time and money regarding routing plans. Plus, its real-time location tracking feature lets users know precisely where others on the map are at any moment.  Pros

  • Google Maps provides better verbal instructions than any other map
  • They are visually superior
  • Check battery life


  • Sometimes, the estimated arrival time is not accurate

Supported Phones

  • Android, iOS, Windows
  1. FollowMee GPS Tracker

FollowMee GPS Tracker is an Android phone application that enables real-time device tracking with geofencing, location history, and alerts when your device enters or leaves certain areas. Plus, this tracker is suitable for monitoring multiple devices from a single account - an excellent solution if monitoring numerous locations simultaneously is a must!


  • It works even without an internet connection
  • Completes data privacy
  • Allows monitoring location via website

Total Downloads

  • Google Play Store: Over One Million Downloads

Available Platforms

  • Android and iOS


  • Helps locate lost or stolen devices
  • Find out where your family or colleagues are.
  • Battery levels can be monitored, and much more.


  • App Store: 4.5 out of 5 stars, Google Play Store: 4.2


  • FollowMee LLC
  1. Map My Run by Under Armour

Map My Run from Under Armour is an app specifically created for runners, joggers, and walkers who wish to track their workout progress and map out their routes. Boasting one of the best location tracker features available today with wearable integration capabilities, this application makes tracking workout progress a breeze! Map My Run is a superb workout tracker app that tracks locations and routes and allows users to set goals and connect with a supportive community of fellow fitness enthusiasts. Popular among runners, Map My Run will enable them to track essential metrics from their workout, such as ground contact time, foot strike angle, and stride length, for analysis purposes and to make necessary changes to achieve better results. Map My Run is highly compatible and easily synced with wearable devices such as Suunto, Google Fit, Fitbit, Garmin, and Android Wear. Furthermore, its under-armor-connected shoes allow users to track workouts more accurately. Overall, Map My Run is an invaluable app for anyone seeking to improve their fitness or track progress simply and effectively. Historically, it was developed specifically for running. Features

  • Outside Magazine has named this application as one of the top wearable technologies for 2019.
  • The app offers visual and haptic updates in real-time
  • The app tracks your workouts and routes.
  • The company offers a free one-year trial of premium features.

Total Downloads

  • More than 10 Million downloads on Google Play Store and AppStore

Available Platforms

  • iOS and Android


  • Motivates and holds users accountable for their fitness goals
  • Tracking progress allows you to improve your performance.
  • Encourages friendly competition and social interaction


  • Google Play: 4.6, App Store: 4.8


  • Under Armour, Inc.
  1. Eyezy - GPS Location Tracker

Eyezy GPS Location Tracker is one of the top apps offering reliable solutions to enhance safety and facilitate connections. With powerful monitoring features that access any mobile phone activity reports, Eyezy provides real-time location tracking and sharing.  Whether protecting loved ones, optimizing travel routes, coordinating meet-ups, or organizing demonstrations, Eyezy delivers a user-friendly interface that bridges security with connectivity.

  • Eyezy is one of the most popular apps for monitoring your child's mobile phone.
  • The Pinpoint function gives you accurate information about someone's exact location
  • Social Spotlight allows you to save and track your conversation.
  • It is possible to capture each keystroke on the target device
  • Geofencing and real-time location tracking will be available for creating custom alerts.


  • Google Play 2.4, App Store 4.5
  1. OtoZen - Best Tracker App for Mobile Phones

OtoZen is one of the top Location Tracking Apps designed to ensure driver safety and reduce accidents caused by negligent and dangerous driving practices. Along with location tracking capabilities, OtoZen facilitates hands-free connectivity between family and friends. OtoZen helps reduce distractions while driving by sending regular alerts about overspeeding and excessive mobile phone usage, helping drivers stay safe on the road without surprises while keeping them aware. With OtoZen, you'll remain knowledgeable and informed without distractions or pitfalls getting in your way of having an enjoyable driving experience.

OtoZen: A simple app for tracking your location

  • Automatic accident detection
  • Distractions and Driving
  • Privacy and Data Safety
  • Driven insights for improving behavior
  • Hands-free communication is made possible


  • Google Play: 5.0, App Store: 4.4
  1. Glympse - Share GPS Location

Glympse is an iOS app development that empowers users to share their live location effortlessly and quickly with family, friends, or colleagues in real-time. Carefully constructed for real-time sharing capabilities allowing recipients to select recipients as they share.  In addition, users have the freedom to personalize its aesthetics according to individual preference - and all for free download across both iOS and Android devices! Glympse provides instantaneous location sharing.


  • This app offers a real-time location-sharing feature with dynamic maps.
  • Signup is not required
  • This is a courtesy notification with an ETA
  • Offers direct emergency

Total Downloads

  • 5 million+

Available Platforms

  • Android, iOS, Web


  • Location sharing for the safety and security of loved ones
  • Meeting coordination made easy
  • Quick updates on ETA

Ratings out of 5.

  • 4.3


  • Glympse Inc.
  1. TrackView - Find My Phone

TrackView is a mobile app developed specifically to track lost or stolen phones, provide remote access to its camera and microphone features, and ensure safety and security without asking permission of those involved. Families will find this helpful app to ensure their loved ones remain protected without their knowledge or consent being needed for every aspect of life. TrackView allows users to monitor family members' real-time locations, transform devices into IP cameras with GPS locator capabilities, and gain remote access to a web interface for monitoring the sites. In addition to location tracking capabilities, TrackView features geofencing, stealth mode, and social media feed access as additional tools. TrackView provides users with a free basic version; premium plans start from just $2.99, and an ultimate edition can be upgraded for $54.99. TrackView is an effective and reliable tool to stay in contact with family and friends while staying secure online. Our features allow TrackView to do just that - stay connected.


  • Remote access to microphone and camera, real-time tracking of location
  • geo-fencing
  • Alerts
  • Two-way audio/video communication

Total Downloads

  • Over 10 million downloads.


  • Android devices and iOS devices


  • Monitor children and elderly relatives


  • Google Play Store 4.3
  • 4.7 Apple App Store


  • TrackView.net
  1. Apple Maps

Apple Maps includes:

  • Real-time traffic information.
  • Public transit directions.
  • Indoor maps of select airports and shopping malls.
  • Favorite locations that can be saved to custom lists for easy access and integration with Siri for hands-free navigation.


  • Turn-by-turn directions are provided
  • Real-time Traffic Information
  • Location Sharing
  • Offers a 3-D flyover of selected cities

Total Downloads

  • All Apple Devices come with the app pre-installed

Available Platforms

  • iOS iPad macOS


  • It has a friendly interface that integrates with Apple's other applications seamlessly
  • Maps and traffic data are accurate and current.


  • 4.5


  • Apple Inc.

What Does the Future Hold for Location Tracking Applications?

Here's an advanced vision of an app with features that will transform the navigation experience:

Enhancing AI-Powered Navigation

The app utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to continually adapt to user behavior and preferences, offering highly accurate navigation suggestions tailored to them. It considers historical data, weather conditions, real-time events, and historical events for optimal routes that are both efficient and dependable.

Sustainable Navigation 

The app incorporates eco-conscious features that suggest eco-friendly routes that reduce carbon footprints while encouraging green transportation alternatives like walking, bicycling, and public transit.

Multilingual Support 

To appeal to a global audience, this app offers seamless multilingual support so users from various regions can navigate easily in their native tongue.

Accessibility Features 

 This app was designed with accessibility in mind, with features like voice-guided navigation for visually impaired users and intuitive interfaces for those with motor disabilities.

Users Can Share Real-Time Data 

Users can help make the app even more dynamic by providing real-time data regarding road closures, traffic conditions, and point-of-interest updates - creating an immersive navigation experience aimed at building communities of users around you.

 Emergency Assistance Integration

 In emergencies, the app can automatically recognize when assistance is required based on sudden changes in location or other vital signs and alert emergency services or designated contacts of their site.

Seamless Integration With Smart Cities

 The app seamlessly integrates with innovative city initiatives by accessing real-time information about city infrastructure, like traffic signals and parking availability, to facilitate smoother navigation in urban environments.

AR City Exploration

Beyond navigation, this app features an engaging AR city exploration feature where users can point their cameras at landmarks to get historical and cultural insights, plus compelling narratives about their surrounding environment. 

Ephemeral Location Sharing

 Users can share their location for a limited time with friends and family members for easy meet-ups or group navigation while maintaining privacy.

 Virtual Travel Guides 

 This app acts as a virtual travel guide for travelers by offering itineraries, local events, and cultural experiences tailored to the user's interests.

 Gamification for Commuting 

 To make daily commuting more engaging and fun, this app offers users rewards such as points, badges, or special offers for choosing sustainable transportation options or optimizing their routes

. Intelligent Parking Assistance 

The app assists users in quickly finding parking spots by drawing upon real-time data on available locations, shortening search time.

Weather Integration

Real-time weather updates are integrated into the app, providing users with current conditions along their route and ensuring they are well-prepared for any potential weather-related challenges.

Cross-App Integration

Our app seamlessly integrates with other travel and lifestyle apps, enabling users to plan trips efficiently while enriching their overall travel experience.

Conscious Data Sharing

While sharing is necessary for app functionality, the app ensures transparency by giving users control over how much personal information they want to share, thus upholding user trust and protecting user privacy.


Prior to engaging with any Location Tracking Apps from GPS tracking app development company, it is vitally important that one acquires a complete understanding of all possible risks involved with location-tracking applications. Our choice of applications was informed by factors like customer reviews and ratings as well as convenience and affordability considerations. All the apps featured include various spying tools that combine many parental control features. While many tracker apps mentioned are free options, others may require paid subscription plans tailored specifically for each part offered by each tracker app mentioned. This list provides an easy way to navigate various Location Tracking Apps with numerous features, making selecting the one best suited to your purpose more straightforward. Are you in search of a location-tracking app? Reach out to us. We specialize in app development that creates efficient, scalable mobile solutions. Here is some more information:


1. What Are Location Tracking Apps, and Why Am I Needing Them? 

Location Tracking Apps are mobile applications designed to monitor the real-time location of devices or people. You might use these applications for various reasons - keeping an eye on family safety, recovering a lost phone, ensuring the well-being of employees in an organizational context, etc.

 2. Are Location Tracking Apps Legal to Use? 

Yes, location-tracking apps can be legally utilized with the express consent of those being tracked. It is essential to abide by privacy laws and obtain permission before tracking anyone's location.

3. Which Location Tracking Apps Are Available for Android Devices? 

 Android offers various Location Tracking Apps, such as popular options like Google Maps, Find My Device, and Life360, that provide multiple levels of accuracy with their tracking services. These applications provide features tailored specifically towards location monitoring.

 4. What Are My iPhone's Location Tracking App Options? 

For iPhone users, Apple offers its "Find My" tool to track location. In addition, third-party applications like Find My Friends and Life360 are available from the App Store.

 5. Do Location Tracking Apps Drain My Battery Quickly? 

 While Location Tracking Apps can potentially use up battery power quickly, modern versions are designed to minimize their effect. Continuous tracking may still lead to increased consumption over extended periods.

6. How accurate are Location Tracking Apps at pinpointing a device's exact location?

 Location Tracking Apps vary in accuracy depending on various factors, including technology, device GPS capabilities, and environmental considerations. GPS-based apps typically offer better accuracy - often up to several meters

! 7. Can Location Tracking Apps function even when the GPS function of my tracked device has been turned off? 

 Location Tracking Apps usually depend on GPS to provide accurate location data. Still, with this technology, they may use more precise techniques like WiFi triangulation or cell triangulation, which results in more detailed results.

 8. Are there any privacy risks associated with location-tracking apps?

Privacy concerns arise with using Location Tracking Apps, but to alleviate them, obtain consent from those you intend to track and use tracking apps responsibly, be mindful of data-sharing and privacy settings in apps you use, and comply with relevant privacy laws and regulations.