Top Apps Like Telegram

Top Apps Like Telegram

Welcome to the world of texting applications in 2024, where there are a ton of alternatives and a constantly changing virtual universe of digital media. As communication serves as a keystone of our routines, relying on an authentic app like Telegram to meet our needs is of supreme importance. As technologies advance, creative features and dynamic user needs are becoming highly considerate, and the era of finding an ideal chatting app has never been so thrilling. 

This blog will let you embark on an exciting journey of exploring top apps like Telegram that are running in the market. Though Telegram has satisfactorily placed itself as a popular contender in the messaging realm, ample substitutes are offering special benefits, high-grade security, and a happy user experience. Whether you like to text casually, are a working business expert, or are cautious of privacy, there is a texting software out there catered to your unique needs. 

What is Telegram? 

Telegram is a cloud-supported quick messaging and voice-over IP platform recognised for its top-notch privacy and safety. Telegram was launched by Pavel Durov and Nikolai in 2013. Since then, it has acquired esteem globally for its high-tech features and adherence to consumer data protection. The service enables consumers to send chats, media files, and voice notes, either singly or groupwise. Telegram also backs encrypted video and audio calls, shaping it into a modern communication app for users worldwide across distinct devices. 

The app leverages end-to-end encryption to safeguard data, guaranteeing that messages and files transmitted remain secure. Moreover, Telegram provides options like disappearing messages and confidential conversations, which act to amplify user privacy. Beyond safety features, Telegram has a user-convenient interface and personalisable options. Users can form groups or channels to broadcast texts to many people at a time or start community interactions. There are bots that help users to automate activities, access details, or play games on the app. For individuals and businesses searching for a reliable messaging app, Telegram is a top option due to its devotion to security, innovation, and user privacy.

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Top Telegram Alternatives in 2024

1. WhatsApp 


You are familiar with WhatsApp to some extent. Even if you are not a regular user of the standard texting app, you might be acquainted with someone who uses it. Undoubtedly, 2 billion individuals use WhatsApp actively on an international scale. This is one of the apps like Telegram, which allows free messaging, either one-to-one or group chats, and making calls. Users can share media, take a text backup, and even format text on iCloud or Google Drive. For those looking for something different from Telegram, WhatsApp can be a good option because of its high level of popularity. WhatsApp is more concerned with end-to-end encryption of conversations, calls, and media than Telegram. Users can conveniently access their discussions across many devices by using both Telegram and WhatsApp on different platforms, including web browsers and iOS and Android. 


  • End-to-end encryption protects Secure Chats.

  • It operates without ads. 

  • The interface is user-friendly for easy navigation. 

  • Smooth performance irrespective of the network condition. 


  • Internet connection is mandatory. 

  • Obstacles in managing privacy settings. 

  • Concerns of data usage and battery. 

  • Privacy issues regarding law enforcement 

2. WeChat 


WeChat is a telegram alternative that is used as a multifunctioning service. Tencent, a Chinese firm, developed it. WeChat, especially for the Chinese audience, has become a fundamental component of people's lives, with over a billion users registered on the platform. It allows the sharing of voice messages and texts with single people or communities. Similar to a social media timeline, Moments will enable users to post images, videos, and updates for their friends to see. It functions as a medium for members of the WeChat community to interact socially. Mini Programs are little applications that operate on WeChat. It is one of the apps like Telegram that offers a large number of features, such as games, utility tools, shopping, etc., without downloading or installing apps separately. Companies, groups, and famous people can establish official accounts on WeChat in order to engage with their audience, distribute news, and offer assistance to consumers. 


  • Allows payment integration for companies. 

  • Extra features like in-app games, QR codes, and social media profiles are present. 

  • China has a substantial number of users, making it an attractive choice for firms with many Chinese customers. 

  • Provides end-to-end encryption. 


  • Created for Chinese speakers, which makes it restricted to other users. 

  • It doesn’t have a broad global reach. 

  • Businesses are invoiced for payment integration and extra features. 

3. Viber 


Although Viber does not have as many users as WhatsApp, it is counted as one of the apps like Telegram, which is impressive. Every aspect of the app is encrypted at zero cost to the end consumers. Viber allows you to chat with your friends individually or in groups; you can choose your desired mode of communication. You can either hide chats or talk publicly with unique stickers and emojis that add a fun touch to online conversations. Viber also allows outbound calling to non-subscribed users in return for a fee. The latest versions support community video calls for 60 users and group chats for 250 people. While there may be some occasional issues with call quality on WiFi and 3G, as well as ads, Viber is a good telegram alternative. In general, Viber offers a robust messaging platform that closely matches numerous features and principles seen in Telegram.     


  • The interface is simple to use. 

  • Encrypted and safe messaging. 

  • Cheap alternative to old SMS. 


  • Battery drains due to background use. 

  • International calls require a paid subscription. 

  • Safety issues with audio recordings. 

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4. Messenger 


Messenger is no different to the texting field. Apart from acquiring WhatsApp in 2014, being one of the widely used apps like Telegram, it also has a comparable user base of almost 1.04 billion. Similar to the competition, Messenger not only fosters individual and group chats but also calls of upgraded quality. The app offers access to GIFs, games, and sharing of location, along with Facebook and other applications like Apple Music, Pinterest, Kayak, etc. Customers can link their debit cards and make payments to anyone. Messenger is a go-to solution for people looking for seamless interactions. As a consequence, Messenger stands out from the competition by leveraging a strong user base and continuously innovating the app to maintain relevance among the contenders.     


  • Rapid communication 

  • Users can share images and files. 

  • Voice calls can be enabled in groups. 

  • Speedy message delivery 


  • Privacy problems 

  • Compulsory usage of the Facebook app. 

  • Lack of privacy because of terms and conditions 

  • Uses storage on mobiles 

5. Threema 


Threema secures a spot here because it is on the list of common open-source apps like Telegram that utilise the Networking and Cryptographic library for encryption. Encrypting files and all types of messages, Threema supports multimedia and location sharing. The app is different from many competitors because it has a clear privacy policy. Also, the app is focused on something other than collecting metadata, as the device itself regulates contact lists and memberships. Threema is very particular about user anonymity and the protection of private information. It does not request any personal details like email or contact number for account creation, thereby saving privacy from being hindered. It asks for identity verification through QR codes, just like other apps similar to TelegramTelegram using a “Telegram Passport” feature.    


  • Anonymity is maintained while using an app without sharing contact details. 

  • Does not store messages on servers. 

  • Advanced versions for business purposes. 


  • It asks for a one-time fee. 

  • Absence of advanced features as compared to other telegram alternatives. 

  • Concise user base

  • The desktop app presents bugs and might need a restart. 

6. Mattermost 


Mattermost is an independently hosted messaging service serving as a telegram alternative created with the intention of companies and teams to come up together. It resembles the functioning of Slack and Microsoft Teams to the most extent. Though you need to deploy it on the server, Mattermost provides a range of customised choices across desktop, web, and phone apps. It extends the ability to insert encryption at both server and interaction levels, login page design and branding, and the capability to personalise languages available on the UI to promote easier collaboration for international teams. Created with the goal of targeting the enterprise field, communication is shaped through direct chatting or in private/public groups. Therefore, it is a highly preferred selection among high-profile businesses seeking secure apps similar to Telegram that can cater to their preferences. 


  • Robust integration with other apps 

  • Encryption is on both ends, i.e., server and communication 

  • Helpful features like groups and search 

  • The system console is used to form groups and manage users. 


  • Deployment is essential for technical knowledge. 

  • Some features are only accessible via paid plans. 

  • It does not deal with end-to-end encryption. 

  • There is no group video chat element. 

  • The search feature is poorly built. 

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7. Google Chat 

 Google Chat 

Google Chat manages conversations by enabling direct messaging with any colleague or friend, group collaborations, and integration with different applications. It fastens the process of file sharing because it unites with Sheets, Slides, and Docs. This allows users to design and share content without being stressed about extending permissions. Similar to other apps like Telegram, users can talk in a common space in groups by sharing chats, files, and tasks with support from the platform. Chat combines with Google Meet, which eases the scheduling of meetings. When an attendee is tagged, and a date is mentioned, a particular date appears on the calendar automatically. For initiating a video chat once, it can permit upto 250 participants. Providing a variety of bots that can connect with external apps, Google Chat is one of the best telegram alternatives to suit the demands of modern users of Google Workspace. 


  • Smooth integration with apps of Google Workspace. 

  • Intuitive interface and easy navigation 

  • For quick scheduling of meetings, it partners with Google Meet 


  • Not many features as compared to contenders 

  • Interface might seem to be sluggish in the web app 

  • Limited benefits if a company uses non-Google tools 

  • Mobile apps can get lagging performance at times 

8. Signal 


Signal is an app like Telegram that is recognised for its solid commitment to security. Providing encryption for messages and calls from start to finish, Signal ensures that users’ communication stays private and secure from snooping. Introduced by Open Whisper Systems, the company that collaborated with Facebook, Singal is an open-source app. This allows experts to investigate the app to ensure it functions as desired and in the intended manner. Signal also makes it certain that the messaging and calling are end-to-end encrypted. Chat functionalities include group, single, and voice/video calls. Signal is primarily a basic chat application, and this is intentional due to the focus on security. Although it may not have the same features as Telegram, it is a competent, and possibly even more secure telegram alternative. Being one of the prominent substitutes, Signal attracts users who look for robust and privacy-oriented solutions.


  • Free software and highly transparent and secure. 

  • Automatically disappearing chats for improved privacy. 

  • Logs only essential data to protect user privacy. 


  • Registration is confirmed through the contact number. 

  • Some issues might occur with sending/receiving messages. 

  • Small user base 

  • Users cannot use it simultaneously on different devices. 

  • Restricted integration with third-party operators. 

9. Flock 


Flock is an app like Telegram that is designed for team collaborations and business meetings. Flock serves as a modern solution for corporate communications, possessing an impressive interface and integration abilities with prominent productivity tools. Other than being a standard communication tool for calls and chats, Flock has established a strong link with Google Drive so that file-sharing can be managed in the chat. Default polls are used to allow users to vote based on the best course of action by the team. Moreover, users can set reminders and prepare notes and to-do lists to efficiently allot and keep a record of activities. Even though Flock has a free version, it is restricted to 10,000 searchable messages, sole one-on-one video chatting, and 5GB of team storage. Flock is highly inclined towards executing safety measures for user data protection, although the specifics might vary.  


  • Connects with Google Drive to share files. 

  • Polls for rapid voting in teams 

  • For tracking activities, reminders and notes can be utilised 


  • Used majorly for internal communication rather than consumer interactions 

  • Audio or video quality might get disturbed due to disrupted internet. 

  • Restricted personalised options compared to other apps 

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10. Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams 

The most compelling selling point of Microsoft Teams is its connection with Microsoft Office. Within the Teams app, one can freely share, access, or edit documents via Office or OneDrive. It provides all basic features, such as voice, video, and chat. Teams arrange chats, and each chat has a reply button, transforming discussions into threads. For long messages, Teams has a text editor with which an email-style message can be pinned down, mentioning a proper subject. It suits perfectly for large-scale firms or companies already aligned with Business Essentials of Microsoft or premium packages for businesses. As one of the esteemed telegram alternatives, it also operates similarly to Telegram in a lot of aspects. However, the unique part is that it can go beyond chatting by linking with Office Suite and offering tools for managing tasks, sharing files, and starting video calls, making it a reliable solution for workplace activities. 


  • Standard communication features of text, audio, and video are present.

  • A unique texting structure where conversations can become threaded. 

  • Supported by Cloud and can be accessed on any device. 

  • Enables quick teamwork, easing out the process for new people. 


  • Difficulty transitioning from Outlook for some people 

  • Non-suitable for people who have no technical knowledge 

  • Needs a stable internet connection 

  • Subscription to Microsoft 365 is mandatory 

  • Pricier as compared to its competitors 

11. Line 


Line is a freeware telegram alternative designed for quick communications. Line subscribers can exchange different kinds of media, including texts, calls, and images, and conduct VoIP interactions. Line is a cross-platform app that can be accessed on various PCs, such as MacOS and Microsoft Windows. You can add friends via a QR code and by shaking phones continuously. It features a text box that pops out directly for convenient communication through reading and replying. It can also aid in sending locations, voice notes, emoticons, and stickers to the followers. Users can view confirmation of messages received in real-time using a hidden chat element, which can conceal and remove the chat history after a specific time set. Up to 500 persons can join the groups at once. There are bulletin boards as well where consumers can comment, like, or post. Users can change their Line theme to one of the ones that are free to use in the theme shop, or they can buy other popular cartoon characters that they like.


  • There are ample stickers, GIFs, and emojis to use. 

  • The audio and video quality is top-notch. 

  • Line has regional popularity in regions including Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Japan. 


  • It is globally not very well-known. 

  • Though there are a lot of stickers in the library, some users may find it pricey to buy them. 

  • Occasional performance issues and glitches might occur in the app. 

  • It faces fierce competition from WeChat and WhatsApp. 

12. Skype 


Skype is a proprietary app like Telegram, originally handled by Skype Technologies, called out for voice calls and video conferencing. It features rapid messaging, file transfer, and more. It is accessible on mobile, desktop, smartphone, and video gaming console spaces. A Skype ID recognises users. Voice chat enables users to have phone conversations and group calls, utilising a specialised audio codec for communication. The text chat feature also allows the usage of emoticons, saving chat history and message editing. In 2019, Skype added a new feature, background blur, to the video chat backed by AI algorithms, although most webcams do not have a depth-sensing camera. Skype also added a Bing AI chatbot feature for users who can actually access the chatbot. Skype to Skype calling requires no cost, though operator data costs can be charged. Therefore, users should use WiFi or unlimited data plans. 


  • Used widely and globally recognized

  • Video chat at zero cost for 50 participants without a time limit. 

  • Extra features such as image creation and surveys. 

  • Meetings can be recorded. 


  • Sluggish user interface 

  • Sometimes, shared screen lags 

  • The text search feature is weak and slow for matching results 

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13. Slack 


Slack Technologies created Slack, a cloud-based platform for team communication, which has been under the ownership of Salesforce since 2020. A freemium model supports Slack. Its primary clients are businesses and have operable features for the same. Persistent chat rooms are called channels organised by direct messaging or groups. Similar to other apps like Telegram, it offers a number of common features. You can view the message history for messages saved up to the last 90 days on a free plan. Users can join a group or a community via an invitation link sent by the owner. Through direct messages, users can talk one-on-one or in groups with 9 people. Slack also partners with outsider services. Aside from these integrations, Slack also offers users the option to include and customise chatbots called “Slackbots”. These can be programmed to issue alerts and prompts or offer customised replies to certain phrases, among various other capabilities.          


  • Paid plans provide automated workflows 

  • Easily navigating interface 

  • Advanced search functionalities are present 

  • Different communication choices


  • Message records become hidden 

  • Plans are not affordable for all users 

14. KaKaoTalk 


In South Korea, KaKaoTalk, also referred to as KaTalk, is a dependable Telegram alternative as a mobile messaging program. It started in 2010 and is highly used on the desktop and mobile. It can be accessed in 15 distinct languages. Like other contenders, users can share different kinds of media. They can either engage in private or public communications. It permits the syncing of contact lists to reach out to friends who are also using the app. Specific people can be searched by typing in the unique ID, even if the contact number is not mentioned. The messages can be exported and saved for viewing later. It was initially used as a messaging platform but has now evolved into a hub for sharing third-party content, such as games that users can download and play with friends. With the “Plus Friend” feature, people can follow celebrities and brands to get messages and coupons via chat rooms. They can buy goods in real life via the messenger’s “Gifting” element. 


  • Supports a wide user base 

  • Accessible in 15 languages 

  • Requests mobile phone for identification 


  • Calling or messaging is not allowed for app outsiders 

  • Encryption and privacy protocols are absent 

  • Not a vast number of emoticons 

  • Maximum user base is from Korea .

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Concluding Thoughts 

Before determining which chat app to use and recruiting a social media app development company, you should assess your requirements for the app. You should ponder over the nature of the interaction, the type of data you would be sharing, and whether the people you are looking to connect with are present on the platform. For work related discussions, use a business instant messenger. If your conversation is confidential, you may find a secure messaging app designed for the general public to be suitable. Ensure that all conversations are automatically encrypted where encryption is necessary. By performing mindful research and trying new, hands-on platforms, you will learn that there is a bundle of authentic apps like Telegram that can satisfy your communication preferences.