Guide To Develop Mobile App Like Khatabook

Guide To Develop Mobile App Like Khatabook

Mobile applications are making the life of people very smart and easy. Entrepreneurs are creating new and innovative ideas every day and the khatabook mobile application is one of them.    Khatabook is an Indian digital ledger mobile application with more than 10 million+ downloads on the Google play store. This mobile application helps small business owners and shops to maintain their transactions with Customers.   It is very hard for shop owners and businesses to keep a record of the transaction in a physical book because if the book once gets damaged all the data of customers’ transactions will be lost.   But with the help of the khatabook application, they can easily maintain their customer’s transaction data digitally.   The Khatabook application also allows sending a text message or WhatsApp message of due payments to customers. There are many businesses available which are developing their own digital ledger mobile application like khatabook.    So in today’s blog, we will talk about the features, revenue model, and cost of developing an app like khatabook.   Let’s get started  

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Features of ledger mobile app like khatabook

Login and signup 

  The Application must allow the merchants to signup in the application with an email id and phone number. They should also be able to login with their social media account.  

Edit profile

  Merchants and users must be able to edit their profile like name, business name, address, phone number, email id, transaction history, etc.  

Allow to Add business 

  This feature allows the merchants to add their business to the mobile application. They can edit their business name, address, logo, or their own name with the help of this feature.   

Add Customers to Application

  Merchants must be able to add their customer’s information like address, name, pictures, phone number, etc.   

Request Money from customers

  This feature allows the merchants to request pending money from the customers. It will also help the merchants to remind the customers of their due payments.   

History of payments 

  With the help of this feature, merchants can easily see all the essential details of transactions that they have done in the past. They can also filter the transaction details based on time, date, amount, etc.  

QR Code Scanner

  Digital ledger mobile application must allow the merchants to scan QR Codes. It will help them to make better payment Systems on the mobile app.  

Easy Data Back-Up and Restoration process

  This is one of the most important features of the digital ledger mobile application. This feature helps the merchant to restore their important and crucial data of customers in the mobile application.  

Business card for merchants 

  With the help of digital business cards, merchants can easily expand their business. It can include business name, address, Phone number, the tagline of business, email address, etc. They can also share their business cards with customers.  

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Revenue Model of an application like khatabook

Subscription Based-Model

  This is one of the best methods to earn money from an application like khatabook. You can provide some additional features to both merchants and customers and charge them a certain amount of money.  


  Advertisements are basic methods to generate revenue from a mobile application. But remember one thing show only those advertisements which are related to the services of digital ledger mobile applications.  

Charge Commission

  This revenue model can help you to increase your application profitability. You can charge fees to both merchants and customers whenever they do a transaction on your application.  

How much Does it Cost to Develop an app like khatabook?

  The cost of mobile applications like khatabook depends on many things. The design and features are the main part of a mobile application and they also decide the cost of the application.   No mobile app development company and developers can tell you the exact amount of cost for a mobile application like khatabook.  

Mobile platforms

  There are lots of mobile platforms are available in the market, but android and iOS have the largest market share. So you have to decide on which platform you want to make your mobile application. You always have to remember that the cost of android applications is higher than ios apps.  


  This is the main part of a mobile application. If you want to include multiple and different kinds of features in your mobile application like khatabook then the cost of the application will be higher. So we can say that the features of the mobile app play a crucial role to decide the cost of the application.  


  If you want to add an attractive and good looking design to your application then developers will charge you a higher amount. But the amount you are paying for a good looking and responsive design is worth it because users do not like a complex design in the mobile application.  

MVP or full Fledge Application

  Choosing from MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or full-fledged application is your decision and also depends on your requirements and purpose. The cost of the MVP mobile application is lesser than the full-fledged mobile app.   But if your budget is high and wants advanced features, Engaging and good-looking UI/UX designs, Attractive animations, and other features that engage the users then a Full-fledged mobile application will be best for you.  

Hourly Rate of developers

  The hourly rate of mobile app developers will also decide the cost of your application. If you hire expert and experienced mobile app developers then the charge would be $75 to $160.    These are the factors that decide the cost of a mobile application like khatabook.  


  Now you might get an idea of what features you have to add to your digital ledger application.   if you are also planning to hire a mobile app development company to develop an application like khatabook then JPloft is best for you.   Jploft is one of the best mobile app development company in India with over experience of 10+ years in the mobile app development field. Our developers will build a perfect mobile application like khatabook with extraordinary features and functionalities.