Guide To Real Estate App Development: Features and Cost

Guide To Real Estate App Development: Features and Cost

In the world of technology, everything is changing very fast. There are many industries available that are taking advantage of it and the real estate industry is one of them. Many companies are available in the market which is developing real estate mobile app to serve the audience better.    Now there are many users available who use real estate mobile apps to find properties according to their needs. Dealers and property owners can also sell their property on the real estate mobile app.    The companies are also using artificial intelligence to enhance user experience. Artificial intelligence also improves the user experience. It helps to drive more users to the application when you add interesting and useful features to your real estate mobile app.   Users can easily rent and buy properties on the real estate mobile app. It's become very easy for the users to find properties in their budget easily.    In this blog, we will talk about real estate mobile app features, benefits, and development costs.   

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Benefits of real estate mobile app 

  Real estate mobile apps connect the buyers and sellers regarding the properties on a single platform. Users can easily access the mobile application to get extra information about the properties. These are some of the benefits of real estate mobile apps:  

  • Mobile applications will help you to make your online presence stronger.
  • Real estate mobile application helps you to get more leads for your business. 
  • Most of the real estate businesses do not have a mobile application so you can also create a monopoly in the market by creating your application.
  • Real estate mobile apps will also help you to generate more revenue. 
  • You can also increase the customer satisfaction rate when you give full information on the property through a real estate mobile app. 

Features of real estate mobile application

Able to login with social media account

  Many mobile app developers do not add this feature in their mobile applications. But make sure you provide this feature to your users so they can easily log in on the application with their social media account like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.  

Able to manage their properties

  This is one of the most important features of real estate mobile apps. The owner of the property should be able to manage their listings on your mobile application. The owner should be able to remove, add, and edit the information of the properties.   

Add filter & Sort option on the application

  Users should be able to search the properties according to their needs like price, size of the property, No of rooms, etc.   

Contact option 

  Buyers should be able to contact the owner of the property via phone call, email, and messaging to get more information regarding the property.   

3D Property view

  This is an amazing feature for buyers. With the help of this feature, users can see the entire property from different angles and get a perfect view of the mobile application.  

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Map View of property

  This feature will help the users to find the properties in their location and area. By integrating this mobile feature will help the users a lot.  

Add option for the owner of total earning

  You can add an option of total earning for the owner which is earned through property deals. This feature will help the owners to see their total earnings.  

Social sharing 

  Owners should be able to share their properties for rent/sell on different social media channels to get more customers for their property.  

Live showing of property through the app

  This is one of the newest and attractive features of real estate mobile apps. It allows the user to see their shortlisted property live through a video call with an agent.   

Interest rate calculator 

  If any buyer wants to purchase the property on loans then the interest rate calculator will help them to see the real interest rates for fixed terms.   

Add a currency converter

  The currency converter will help the users to see the rates in different currencies. International app users can easily calculate the amount with the help of this tool.   Also Read: Matrimonial Mobile App Development Key Features and Cost  


  You can add an extra option of reviews in your mobile application so the other users can easily see the real and authentic reviews given by the other people. It will also increase the trust between the company and its customers.   

Add Monthly EMI calculator

  You can add a monthly EMI calculator for the users. It will help the users to calculate their monthly EMIs if they purchased a house on the loan.  


  You also have to add a favorite property option in your application so the users can easily shortlist multiple properties at once.   

How much does it cost to develop a real estate mobile application?

  The cost of a mobile application depends on various things. First, you have to decide the OS version of the mobile application whether you want to develop the application for android users or iOS users. If you choose both OS versions then the cost of the mobile application would be much higher.    The cost of a mobile application also depends on the interface and design of the application. If you want an attractive and robust design for your app then the cost will go higher. You will need experienced mobile app developers for real estate app development.    The estimated cost to develop a real estate mobile app is $15k to $20k and the time will be 2 to 3 months. This is an estimated cost so if you add some extra features to your application the amount will also change.   


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