How to Develop an Handyman App Like TaskRabbit? Cost + Features

How to Develop an Handyman App Like TaskRabbit? Cost + Features

In today's speed, demands for quick, reliable, and dependable home service have never been more critical. Handyman app development has become an innovative way to manage home repairs and renovations. TaskRabbit has been a leader in this area, offering an extensive system that connects highly skilled technicians with those who need assistance around the home. This article will help you make a handyman app clone that matches and surpasses the features and user experience provided by TaskRabbit.

Why Develop a Handyman App

Handyman app development can be smart for various reasons, providing both service providers and their clients with a wealth of advantages. This article explains why handyman on demand app development is an excellent idea.

The app for handyman convenience makes it easier for users to find and schedule handyman services. Instead of calling several service providers or searching various websites, users can locate every service they require at one spot, book appointments, and even pay for them through the application.

Efficiency and time-saving

 For handy people, this app can assist in managing schedules, receiving reservations, and efficiently planning routes, which can reduce downtime and travel costs. It also allows for automation of administrative processes like paying and billing, which allows them to concentrate more on their jobs.

Market Expansion

 Handyman app development will allow service providers to expand their reach to a larger public. Local and traditional advertising isn't always practical, but an app can increase a business's visibility and allow handymen to promote their services more effectively over the entire geographic area.

Customers' Engagement, Retention, and Apps may offer features to increase customers' engagement, such as alerts for service deals, reminders for maintenance, and the capability to post reviews. These tools can increase customer satisfaction and the probability of returning customers.

The Quality Control System

 The Quality Control System and the Trust, by incorporating features such as ratings and reviews from customers in the handyman app development, will ensure high service standards. This transparency helps build trust among users as they can confidently make their decisions based on other customers' feedback.

Data Insights

Apps can gather data about users' preferences and peak times for popular services, which is valuable for strategic marketing and planning. The data collected can aid companies and handymen in personalizing their offerings, dynamically modifying prices, and enhancing overall service quality.

Competitive Advantages

In a highly competitive market, a user-friendly and rich app is a way to differentiate a handyman-friendly app from the competition. This not only adds an element of professionalism but also proves that the company is modern and customer-centric.

Scalability with an online platform means expanding the business is easier to manage. When demand increases, the app infrastructure can be modified to accommodate more users and provide services without massive physical expansion.

Market Research to Build an On-Demand Handyman App

Conducting thorough study and research is crucial before beginning the process of developing an app for a handyman on-demand marketplace such as TaskRabbit to establish an effective base for successful development.

Market research concerns the collection and analysis of data about the market, consumers, and competitors to make educated decisions and guide the handyman on demand app development.

Industry Overview

Begin by examining the broad landscape of the market for on-demand services and the role that handyman services play in it. Examine trends, projections of growth, and the key players in the market for insights into the market's dynamic and potential.

Analyzing Target Audiences

 Research the demographics, preferences, and frustrations of the intended audience, such as homeowners, busy professionals, landlords, and small-scale businesses looking for solutions to their maintenance needs. Conduct surveys, interviews, and market research studies to gain relevant insights that will help shape the app's features and user experience.

Analyze Competitor Analysis

 Examine current platforms such as TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, and Handy to determine their strengths and weaknesses and strategies for market entry. Examine their prices, user reviews, and market penetration to determine areas of differentiation and competitive advantages.

Niche Identification

Examine opportunities in the market that are niche and targeted to certain geographic regions, providing specific services or catering to less-served segments. By identifying and leveraging the niche market, you can create a distinct place in the marketplace and target specific customers' wants.

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Must-Have Features for a Handyman App

Handyman app development

After you've learned the steps for handyman app development, here are some essential features that will make users feel welcome and offer an enjoyable experience.

Let Customers Easily Find a Handyman Nearby

Your app is not complete in the absence of this attribute. This is why it should be available in your handyman app. A service provider is not going to travel 300 miles for work. Also, no customer would be willing to wait such an extended period of time to complete the job.

Thus, the essential feature for handyman app development lets users locate the handyman as quickly as possible.

Additionally, it should show at least a couple of service providers, not only one. Thus, customers should be able to see all the options with precise information to select the most suitable one.

Multiple Payment Options

Customers only make use of the same payment methods to pay for services. Thus, your application must offer multiple payment options to ensure an easy user experience.

Furthermore, it should be simple to use. Customers don't wish to be stuck with a confusing payment method that confuses them. So, the more the payment process is easy to use and easy to understand, the more convenient.

It is essential to be able to accept payment from a debit or credit card, online banking, as well as other methods of payment. In addition, a reliable payment processor such as PayPal or Stripe is necessary to make it simple and easy for clients to pay. Profit from the $1.65 billion home services on demand industry. 

Live Tracking is a Must

This feature allows users to follow the handyman's movements in real time. Additionally, they will receive specific details regarding the handyman to confirm their handyman's authenticity.

Customers also receive full reports on the handyman's activities.

After the task is approved and completed, the user can follow the handyman's progress and when he will reach the client's location to provide the services.

Appointment Scheduling

The app you use must include this feature for busy people who cannot search for reservations.

Your handyman on-demand app development should offer the possibility of scheduling appointments. This will enable customers to book an appointment anytime they'd like. Furthermore, they don't need to go to the app time again to verify the availability. Schedule the appointment, and then leave it.

In addition, your app should notify them to remind them of their appointment. This will let them know about the appointment no matter the time of day they are.

Keep the Prices Transparent

The app you use as a handyman on demand app development must provide complete customer transparency. There should be no hidden pricing because it typically turns off customers.

Your customers must be aware of the price they must pay. In addition, they should view every coupon, discount, and deal on your app (if there are any).

There should only be a fee for cancellation or services after the client decides to engage your services.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Customers tend to stay with apps that offer something new to do. Therefore, you must incorporate loyalty programs within your handyman on demand app development so your target audience will return frequently.

Distribute promo codes and discount coupons to your customers. Use push notifications to alert users about these offers and referral codes, which will bring new users to your application.

The best way to understand what a potential customer wants is to be one. Download your rivals' applications and check out what they're doing. Review all features and elements that help them maintain their customers' content.

Cost to Develop a Handyman App

The cost of handyman on demand app development is based on many elements. The first is that the platform determines the price of the app it's intended to work on, which is Android, iOS, or Web. Other elements include:

    • Time to develop the application

    • The number of features that will be included in the application

    • The complexity of UI/UX

    • Management of products such as product management, etc.

The approximate cost could range from $15,000 to $60,000, but it is subject to change based on the above variables. In addition, the price is contingent on the team you choose to hire, the skills of their team, their experience, the technology they utilize, and more.

Steps to Develop an App Like TaskRabbit

Handyman app development

To create an app such as TaskRabbit, it is necessary to possess technical knowledge and a grasp of the iOS/Android application development process involved in the process. For your convenience, we've compiled the seven most straightforward steps to build your custom app to ensure you are ahead of the pack. The steps are as they are:

Start With the Market Research

Begin developing your application (web application, iOS apps, PWA, or Android) by conducting thorough market research. This involves studying the demand for handyman on demand app development you want to target, finding possible TaskRabbit competition, and learning about users' preferences and behavior.

Market research can help determine gaps in the design market that your app could fill. It also shows the potential of your concept. Therefore, your app will remain up-to-date with the competition for the long haul.

Define Features and Functionalities

Moving forward, you must determine the functions and features of your app, which include user registration and authentication, assignment posting and management, domestic helper search and matching and scheduling, real-time messaging, secure payment processing, etc.

Also, ensure that you add the capability of background checks to ensure the dependability of your app and GPS tracking for users to aid in locating the TaskDoers and TaskPosters.

Choose the Right Technology Stack

When selecting the right technology stack for front-end and backend development, several factors must be considered, such as security, scale, time to market, and handyman app development cost. The most popular frameworks for creating an app, such as the TaskRabbit application, are React Native and Flutter, which develops apps across platforms, and Node.js and Dj, which use mango as backend developers.

Design the UI/UX of the App

UX and UI provide an effortless and enjoyable experience for every user. Therefore, you must work closely with the UI/UX designers to create prototypes and wireframes. The focus is on accessibility, navigation, and aesthetic appeal.

Focus on the most important aspects, such as typography, color scheme icons, etc., to ensure consistency across the app.

Develop an App Like TaskRabbit

When developing a handyman app clone like TaskRabbit, the backend infrastructure of the application is developed, and the core features/functionalities are implemented. To do this, you'll need to follow an Agile approach and then test the app thoroughly.

After you've built the front end as well as the back end for the application, ensure that you permit it to receive rapid feedback and the possibility of iteration. Handyman app development company can be hired, and designers and stakeholders can collaborate to ensure the application meets your specific requirements and specifications.

Quality Assurance and Testing

After handyman app development, it is essential to conduct rigid testing and quality control to ensure it is working flawlessly. QA includes functional testing, usability tests, performance tests, compatibility tests, and security testing across a range of platforms and devices.

If you encounter any bugs, glitches, or problems within the application, quickly resolve them. Thus, Quality Assurance and Testing ensure that your app is error-free and flawless at launch.

Launch the App on The App Stores

Once you've developed and thoroughly tested your app, the next step is App Launch. To publish your iOS or Android application on the App Stores/Google Play Store, You must sign up for a developer account on both platforms.

Make sure you have the necessary assets ready, such as screenshots, icons for apps, and descriptions. Follow the guidelines of each platform for app submission. Then, upload the app pack (APK to Google Play Store and IPA for the Apple App Store) and finish the process of app submission.

Following this, you will need to wait for approval from the relevant platform to be sure that they comply with their app submission guidelines. After your app is approved, it will become available to all users worldwide for download.

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Strategies to Lower Costs to Create an app similar to TaskRabbit

Handyman app development

It's a long process to develop an app such as TaskRabbit. The development costs for the app could be decreased by collaborating with an expert handyman app development company. This can help you enhance the development process and reduce unnecessary expenses. Additionally, there are many methods by which you can lower the costs of developing apps. The strategies are described in the following paragraphs:

Cross-Platform Development

If you're developing an app, you should consider using a cross-platform development framework and tools. Handyman app development company can write their code once and then implement it on different platforms. Thus, it cuts down the amount of time and resources required, which in turn helps lower the cost of developing an app similar to Taskrabbit.

Freemium Model

If you want to lower the expense of creating your application or making money, consider offering a free version and additional features that users can buy. This is not just for earning revenues but also to attract more customers.

Create a paid version for users who wish to benefit from greater functionality. This will give your mobile application a steady income and boost its performance.

Agile Development

It's among the most effective methods to cut costs for developing a handyman app clone similar to TaskRabbit. This method encourages flexibility and allows collaboration throughout the entire project duration. It breaks down the development process into smaller components, resulting in a shipping product increment, which allows you to evaluate and improve the features of your application throughout the development process.

Open Source Technologies

Open-source software is one whose code is available to anyone to modify, use, and distribute. When creating an app, it is recommended to use open-source libraries and frameworks since they can reduce the costs of development. For example, if you are planning to develop a handyman app clone similar to TaskRabbit, open-source libraries will assist with user authentication, database access, and integration of complex user interface elements.

Choose Right Platform

Building your app for several platforms can be costly. To cut down on development costs, consider the nature of your app and its target users to decide which platform you should prioritize. In addition, creating cross-platform applications with tools such as React Native or Flutter can be affordable and allow you to reach a broad population with just one codebase.

Types of Services Offered by Handyman App

Customers frequently require a variety of well-known services. People utilize mobile apps to avail of Handyman services when they need them. Handyman app development usually offers the following primary services:

Plumbing Services

There is a tremendous demand for plumbing services, which include clearing drains, repairing leaks, constructing or maintaining plumbing fixtures, and fixing or replacing pipelines.

Electrical Services

Electrical services are a well-known area, which can include fixing lighting fixtures, installing outlets, switches, and circuit breakers, and addressing electrical wiring issues.

Carpentry and Woodwork

Many customers ask for assistance in carpentry or woodworking tasks, such as fixing doors, installing cabinets and furniture, fixing windows, and designing custom shelves.

Painting and Decorating

Painting services are sought after for both exterior and indoor surfaces. It includes painting trims and walls as well as putting up and removing wallpaper, ceilings, and doors.

Home Repairs and Maintenance

Fixing floors or walls damaged and replacing broken tiles, replacing damaged appliances, and taking care of normal wear and tear issues are a few of the main home maintenance and repairs that are often requested.

Furniture Assembly

The assembly of furniture, including tables, beds, chairs, and shelves, is a popular service that customers frequently request through handyman apps.

TV Mounting & Installation

As flat-screen TVs become more popular, People often seek assistance with mounting and installing them safely on the walls.

HVAC Services

This includes installing air conditioners, maintaining HVAC systems, cleaning air ducts, and installing thermostats.

Appliance Installation and Repair

Dryers, fridges, dishwashers, dryers, ovens, and washing machines are just a few of the appliances clients frequently ask for assistance when installing or fixing.

Home Security Services

Handyman apps can also be used to find home security services, like fixing or installing locks and doorbells, security cameras, or alarm systems.

Future Trends and Innovations

The market for handyman on demand app development is constantly growing, driven by advancements in technology as well as changing consumer tastes. A few of the emerging technologies that will shape the direction of future developments in the online economy include:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

AI-powered algorithms improve matchmaking between customers and service companies, enhance price strategies, and enhance user experiences based on their preferences and habits.

Internet of Things (IoT)

 The IoT devices and sensors enable remote monitoring and predictive maintenance of appliances and home systems, allowing the delivery of proactive services and preventive repairs.

Augmented Reality (AR) Virtual Reality (VR)

 The AR and VR technology could transform the way that users interact with handyman on demand app development by providing an immersive experience and projects to improve their homes, virtual consultations, and remote troubleshooting.

Blockchain technologies

Blockchain can provide possibilities for secure and transparent payments, verification of identity, and management of supply chains, which can increase trust and transparency in a market for on-demand services.

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Predictions for the Future of Handyman App Marketplaces

Handyman app development

In the near future, the market for handyman app development is predicted to undergo significant changes and growth due to changing consumer behavior and market dynamics. Some of the predictions regarding the future of handyman marketplaces for apps include:

Specialization is growing

Handyman app development may develop to provide specific segments and services, such as eco-friendly home renovations, art home installations, or emergency repairs.

Sustainability initiatives are integrated into the app

Environmental sustainability and sustainability could become more important for users, leading to the inclusion of eco-friendly practices and green solutions within handyman app development.

The adoption of subscription models subscription-based models of service may become popular, providing customers access to regular service maintenance, prior scheduling, and reduced rates for recurring annual or monthly fees.

Expanding the gig economy worker pool

The gig economy worker pool, which includes contractors and freelance handymen, is expected to increase as more individuals search for flexibility in their work and the demand for services on demand increases.

Opportunities for Expansion and Diversification

As the handyman apps on-demand market grows, there are many opportunities for diversification and expansion into new markets to satisfy changing customer demands. Potential areas for expansion and diversification are:

Geographic expansion

Consider expanding into new geographical regions and markets, locally or internationally, to reach a wider customer base and connect with underserved communities.

Vertical integration

Consider vertical integration by broadening into other verticals, such as landscaping, home cleaning, or property management, and give users a wide range of home services on one platform.

Collaborations and partnerships

Create strategic alliances with Real estate agencies, or property management firms and home improvement stores, to provide high-value, cross-promotions, and bundle services.

Innovation in the service offerings

Always develop and modify your services to stay ahead of the competition and maintain with the demands of customers, such as providing services specifically designed for people who are aging in place modifications and home office setups.

By adopting new technologies, anticipating future market trends, and identifying opportunities to expand and diversify, the handyman on demand app development can be positioned for steady expansion and growth in the ever-changing and competitive on-demand economy market.

Handyman app development


Developing a handyman app clone like Taskrabbit requires meticulous planning and careful consideration of different elements to stay within the budget. To figure out the cost of such an application, you can talk to a handyman app development company or hire developers to estimate the price of every feature.

Additionally, it's essential to consider the cost of an app's maintenance, consider the cost of an app's maintenance and the hiring of developers for the price of developing your budget. These factors make it challenging to create an app similar to TaskRabbit. If you'd like to use the app's development services, get in touch with JPLoft. As a mobile application development firm, we can help you bring your ideas to existence. Our highly skilled and experienced developers with years of experience in Android and iOS apps have developed a number of marketplaces on the internet, such as Taskrabbit.