Guid to Developing Indoor Navigation Mobile Application

Guid to Developing Indoor Navigation Mobile Application

People are keen to use the latest technologies and want to know how it can be useful. This is the reason why companies are involving technologies in development. Companies are involving technologies in one of the most less known but beneficial indoor navigation mobile application development.   These tricks help the businesses to grow in the competitive market and to take it to another level developing an indoor navigation mobile application is the best idea. I am saying this because it has been increased with time.   The rapid advancement in technology and smartphones has increased the use of GPS for making our lives easier.    In today’s world, people have to travel a lot for their work or for vacation, and for this outdoor navigation fits very well. But outdoor navigation helps people to reach only to their destination. People also want an app that can help them in finding ways in big indoor areas.   But the question that ticks our mind is will the indoor navigation mobile application be effective the same way as an outdoor navigation app. Will these apps be accepted by people who are going to crowded malls, theaters, markets, and many more indoor places where finding ways is difficult.   The answer is obviously YES!!   Everyone needs an indoor navigation mobile app just like the GPS outdoor navigation mobile app to find the shortest way to reach the shops in large malls or buildings. This is not possible by GPS outdoor navigation app.   

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  But the question is that how indoor navigation app is different from the outdoor navigation apps?   GPS outdoor navigation apps work with GPS satellite signals, which are usually lost in crowded places or inside large buildings.    Indoor navigation apps are specifically designed for augmented reality-based smaller areas that display your location with easy access to integrated GPS maps. With access to built-in GPS maps, they offer the shortest routes to your destination.       If you are among the people who are keen to know what exactly indoor navigation mobile application is, then keep reading.  

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What Is an Indoor Navigation Mobile Application?

  Indoor Navigation Mobile Application or Indoor Positioning Mobile App works like GPS System and works the same as an outdoor navigation app but works indoor. The indoor navigation apps are used to locate people, objects, small shops inside malls, and a lot more things.    Also, these apps are flooded with advanced features leaving behind the outdoor navigation applications. Due to the advanced features, it is becoming a popular choice in industries such as hospitals, malls, airports, large buildings, etc where navigation is required to reach a destination.  

Why Do We Need an Indoor Navigation Mobile Application?

  First, it's important to know that these apps work in augmented reality and display your location on indoor maps. The mobile application for indoor navigation has GPS maps that show the shortest route to your destination.    [video width="800" height="800" mp4=""][/video]  

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How Indoor Navigation Mobile Application Is Useful For Business?

  The mobile app development companies are moving towards the technologies at a very fast pace and are adopting it in every app that is possible. The question that arises in the mind of businesses is how it will benefit them if they go for the development of indoor navigation mobile applications!!   If the businesses have their workspace in a large area then they can hire mobile app development company and ask them to develop an indoor mobile app for you. Provide your requirements and just wait for the results. Your employees and people who will visit your company will surely download the app for finding the ways.   Not only this, but you can also ask the company to build an indoor navigation application for you, and later you can provide that app to the person who needs it at the price that is suitable for you and the other person.   Through this app, the person who is visiting a large area place will not disturb anyone else and can reach their destination quickly. The navigation and positioning application is extremely helpful for major locations such as airports, railways, malls, hospitals, offices, universities, warehouses, etc.  

How Indoor Navigation Mobile Application Is Useful For Users?

  You have seen in the above section how indoor navigation mobile application is helpful for businesses and if you find any problem feel free to contact us or comment down in the comment section.   Now let us see how this app is helpful for users:  

  1. The maps can be in real-time due to easy navigation.
  2. Users can easily search and reach their destination.
  3. The app contains a voice destination option through which the user will not have to see their smartphone and just have to listen to the instructions.
  4. Shortest route is shown on the map.

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Technologies Required for Indoor Navigation Mobile Application


1. Beacons

  Beacons are one of the fastest-growing technologies in the world. Mane companies are using beacons for indoor positioning and indoor navigation. Beacons can be placed at several positions in the building.   Beacons send signals through Bluetooth to mobile devices. In mobile applications, people can interpret the signals. Beacons cost in the market is somewhere between 3 to 25 dollars and the battery of the beacons lasts for some days to several years.  Beacons easily span up to 40 meters inside the building.  

2. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

  In the era of smartphones, everyone uses smartphones not just for calling but also use wireless technologies. The demand for wifi bases services on the rise these days. With the use of wifi and Bluetooth users can easily detect the signals in their android smartphones.    Most of the indoor positioning is dependent on wireless technologies like Bluetooth and wifi for indoor navigation. By using these wireless technologies companies can achieve better indoor positioning for their clients.  

3. AI in Indoor Navigation Mobile Application 

  Artificial intelligence can provide a seamless experience to the users. Many companies are using AI to get the maximum benefit from an indoor navigation application. Companies can make better planning With the help of Artificial intelligence.   AI can be a game-changer in the navigation app. Artificial intelligence provides very advanced and unique features to the app which makes it easier for the users to find an accurate location.  

4. Magnetic Imaging and Light

  The green light technology in the boom these days. Many companies are also attracted to indoor positioning technology. Many companies are using light-based indoor positioning to achieve a higher accuracy    In recent years, lighting devices have got lots of attention due to the low cost and the long lifetime of the devices. Magnetic imaging and light devices can be very much helpful for indoor positioning.   

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Working of Indoor Navigation Mobile App

  The indoor navigation applications basically work with augmented reality and display the location to the users with the help of a map on indoor levels. The application shows the shortest route towards the destination. By using this application users can easily find the destinations at unfamiliar locations also.   Indoor navigation apps also help people to navigate in indoor spaces. In the indoor navigation application, users will be able to see the map of space in which the user wants to navigate. Mobile applications are very helpful in big spaces like hospitals, malls, and airports to find a specific location. These mobile applications are basically linked with mobile sensors which makes it easy for users to find a certain location. Companies can also improve the user’s experience with help of navigation mobile apps.    Many companies are developing indoor navigation application with advanced features to improve the user’s experience. These applications are also used at warehouses, colleges’ offices to find the shortest route for the destination. Benefits for companies by having the indoor navigation app:  

  • Users can receive location-based notifications.
  • Users are able to share the location with other people.
  • Indoor navigation apps can easily compile the data.

Features Of The Indoor Navigation Mobile Application

1. Positioning

  This feature helps in locating the real-time location of the user.  

2. Mapping

  This feature shows the easiest and shortest routes to users. It also provides analytics of the visitors present in the building.  

3. Administrative Capabilities

  It helps admin to maintain the beacons. They can also set up promotional campaigns for businesses.  

4. Navigation

  This feature guides the users by providing the shortest and fastest route with high-end accuracy.  

5. Analytics

  This feature provides information about the number of visitors inside the area where you are present.  

6. Push Notifications

  The push notification feature guides the user to the exact location of their destination.  

7. Voice Command

  Through this feature, the users can find the exact destination easily through the voice command.  

8. 3D Map Visualization

  This feature shows the map in 3D effects and for this ask the developer you hire to use Augmented Reality Technology.  

9. App Login Using Social Media Accounts

  Through this feature, the users can easily login with their social media accounts.  

10. Custom Design

  This feature provides the structure of the building or places accurately. You can hire a mobile app development company that customizes the design as per the building.  

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Development Cost Of The Indoor Navigation Mobile Application

  Knowing the exact price is a bit difficult and even the developers cannot provide you the price until and unless they know the complete requirement.   The cost of the development of Indoor Navigation Mobile Application depends on various factors such as features, functionalities, app size, app platform, app size, developers team, etc. You will not find the exact price by going through blogs or articles. For this, you will have to contact the company and discuss your project in detail.   The average cost to develop an indoor navigation mobile app is between $40,000 to $50,000 and the time it will take to develop is 10 to 12 months. Apart from this, a few services for which you will need to pay for once after the development are:  

  1. Third-party services
  2. Paid subscriptions to get the locations and for PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) 
  3. For servers 
  4. For BLE beacons to send the push notification to the users. 
  5. Devices/ Updates to avoid glitches.


  To develop an indoor navigation mobile application is not an easy task. You should be familiar or experienced with the technology. Because in this type of application developers have to put their maximum efforts to give a perfect app. Businesses can take the maximum benefits of these applications to improve their customer experience.    If you want an indoor navigation mobile application or have any doubts regarding it then you can contact us.     Give us a call (+91 6350220215) or send us an email ([email protected]) to learn how we can help.