Features and Development Cost of Video Editing App

Features and Development Cost of Video Editing App

Videos are one of the fastest-growing digital content in the world. Many businesses are using video content to drive more traffic or sales to their website. But we have to keep one thing in mind that videos should be attractive and unique for the users. Now many companies are developing video editing app for the audience.    These video editing applications help businesses to make their video more attractive and good looking by adding more filters and designs. These video editing applications are very easy to use and anyone can use it and edit their videos according to their needs.   Now we cannot refuse that videos are becoming a part of marketing for businesses to attract more audiences. So they will need a brilliant and rich feature enabled video editing application to edit their videos.    In this blog, we will talk about video editing app development, what features and functionalities will be used in video editing applications, and how much it costs to develop a video editing application.  

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Feature of the video editing application


1. Add attractive filter & effects with music

  This is one of the most important parts of the video editing app. You have to add a feature of effect and filters for the audience while video editing application development. Your app users should also be able to add music effects in their videos.   You can give an option to the users to add their favorite music or soundtrack to make their video more interactive. The combination of music and filters will help the users to make a creative video. These two features will also help you to increase your app engagement  

2. Allow users to save and share video

  In your video editing app users should be able to save and share their video creatives with other people. You can allow your users to save their videos in HD or SD quality. After saving the video allows them to share their creatives on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin.   

3. Login with social media

  Many users prefer to login with their different social media accounts. So do not forget to give an option of login with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.  

4. Allow users to Mix videos

  This is one of the most trending features of video editing apps. This feature allows the users to mix two or more videos to make a perfect creative video according to their needs. Users can make their videos more attractive and creative by adding multiple videos and also increase their engagement of videos.  

5. Allow users to create videos using photos 

  This feature allows the users to select multiple photos from their phone library and use them to make a video. Users can combine their best and beautiful photos in a video editing app to make memorable and valuable videos.   

6. Allow users to Adjust video quality

  By using this feature users can save their videos in HD quality with a great experience. You can give them an option OF SD OR HD quality So they can choose their video quality according to their needs. To improve your video editing app engagement you can allow the users to watch their video in Ultra HD quality.   Also Read: 10 Best Marketing Automation Tools Every Digital Marketer Should Use  

7. Integrate payment gateway in your app

  You can integrate a payment gateway in your video editing app so whenever users take a subscription in the application they can make payment safely.   You can integrate multiple payment gateways in your application which will make it easier for the users to do a transaction.   

8. Add stickers in your application

  This is one of the most engaging features in video editing apps. You can add multiple beautiful and attractive stickers in the application so the users can use them in their videos.   

9. Use artificial intelligence 

  You can use artificial intelligence in your video editing app which will improve the user experience. By using AI it will automatically choose the images and videos to make a movie.   

10. Add Notification Option

  This feature will help the users whenever you add a new feature or functionality in the application it will notify them. It will help the users to stay connected with your application for a longer time.   

11. Add trim, Crop video option

  These two are some of the basic features of video editing apps. Developers always remember these features while video editing app development. By using the trim and crop option they can easily adjust their videos according to their needs.   

12. Add special offers and coupons

  You can give multiple offers and discounts on your subscription which will help you to generate more revenue from your video editing application. Offers and discounts will help your application to get more subscriptions.   

13. Add private album option

  Users can easily add their important videos in private albums. Whenever users open their video editing application they can easily access their videos in this album.   

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How much does it cost to develop a video editing app?

  The cost depends on the features and functionalities that you want to include in your video editing application. If you are also planning to develop the application for iOS users then the cost would be much higher. It is also important if you want to get a larger audience for your application you will need an appealing design and advanced features for the app which will increase the cost of the application.   The cost to develop a video editing app is $15k to $20k and time will be 2 to 3 months.   You also have to remember that video editing app development is not an easy task. You will need an expert and experienced mobile app developer. However, the cost of the video editing application is  


  To develop a rich feature enabled video editing application you will need a company of expert developers with the highest experience. So if you are also planning to develop an attractive and great user interface video editing application then you should select the best mobile app development company.   JPloft has experience of more than 10+ years in mobile app development. Our expert mobile app developers will develop a video editing application with advanced features and functionalities. JPloft developers always use the latest technology to build mobile applications.