Google, Gmail, Youtube, Down: Google Services Crashed Worldwide

Google and its most popular services Gmail, Youtube, Google docs have been got down worldwide after servers got crashed. According to the down detector, the problems has started at 5 PM and affected Worldwide. 


Still, Google has not issued any statement. 


Whenever Users try to login into their Gmail the error message appears to read “oops the system Encountered a problem”.


And when users try to open youtube an image appears of a cartoon monkey with text written: “Something went wrong”.


There is also another error when users search on Google a 400 error message reading “The server cannot process the request because it is malformed”. It should not be retried.

“A cartoon image of a monkey appears when users visit youtube”


The people who reported the issue with youtube “54% say they could not access the website, 42% unable to watch videos, and remaining are unable to log in. 


The people who reported the issue with Gmail, 75% said they are unable to login, and remain 25% are not able to access the website. 


Many people have expressed their frustration on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. 

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