Music Streaming App Development: Features, Cost & More

Music Streaming App Development: Features,  Cost & More

Music has become an important part of our life. It always helps us to stay calm and relaxed. This is why music streaming app development is rising.   In the play store, there are many famous music streaming applications are available for the audience to listen to their favorite music. Some of the famous music mobile apps are Spotify, JioSaavn, amazon prime music, SoundCloud, etc.    According to Statista, the music streaming industry’s annual growth rate will be (5.4 CAGR) between 2020 to 2025, and the projected market volume of the music streaming industry will be US$21,315m By 2025.   So in this blog, we will tell you the types of music streaming mobile applications, features, and the cost to develop the music streaming application.   So without more further delay    let’s start   

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Types of Music Streaming Mobile Application

Music Streaming Apps

  These type of music streaming applications allows the users to play their choice of music and songs. The on-demand music streaming applications also have features of recommendations and discovery. These features are basically based on what users really want to listen to.  

Music Learning Apps

  These mobile applications help users to learn and improve their music skills. If any user wants to start their career in music and wants to sharpen their music skills then these mobile applications are one of the best options for them.  

Music storage Apps

  If users do not want to lose their favorite music or songs then these applications help them to do this. They can easily store their songs in these mobile apps and can listen to them anytime and anywhere.  

Features of Music streaming mobile applications

Register and login 

  Your music streaming application must-have the feature of register and login in for the users so they can able to create music playlists and access other exciting features in your music app. You can also give an option to log in with their social media accounts.  

Search option for music

  This feature must be included in your music streaming application. This feature will allow the users to find their choice of songs and music without finding them in thousands of music categories and songs.   

Create Music Playlists

  With the help of this feature, users can easily create a playlist of their favorite music and songs. You can also provide direct access to playlists like “Top 10 Songs of the week” and “Top Releases” so they can easily stay updated with the latest songs and trends.  

Multiple Payment Gateways

  If you are planning to generate revenue from a subscription-based model then make sure you provide multiple payment options to the user to make a payment.   

Share Music on Social Media

  You have to allow your users to share their favorite music and albums on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. This feature also helps your application to get more engagement and downloads.   

Offline Music

  We already know that the main purpose of music streaming applications is to provide music online, but some users also want to listen to their favorite music without the internet also. So you have to provide an offline mode option to users so they can listen to their favorite music without having the internet.   

Song Lyrics

  Now, this is an advanced feature that you have to include in your mobile application. Whenever a user plays a song the lyrics will keep automatically highlighting.   

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Upcoming Events

  With the help of this feature, users can easily see the dates and times of upcoming events and concerts of their favorite singers and artists.  

Able to Create Public And Private Playlist

  Users should be able to create a public and private playlist, in which the public playlist can be accessed by anyone and but the private playlist can only visible to the app users or to those people who have access to it.  

Push Notifications

  With the help of this feature, you can easily send offers and app updates to the users. You can also send an update regarding artist concerts to the users.   

How music streaming platforms earn Money?

  Now, this is the main part that everyone wants to know. There two methods available to earn money from music streaming applications  

1. Advertisements 

  This is one of the common and famous methods to earn money from mobile applications. You can show full ads or banner ads in your application to generate a good amount of money.   

2. Subscription

  This is one of the best ways to earn money from your music streaming mobile application. You can provide some extra features to the users in a paid subscription like ads-free music, music in high quality, etc.   

How much Does It cost to develop a music streaming application?

  It is very difficult to say the exact amount of music streaming app development because development cost depends on many things like features, functionalities, design of the application, the platform of the mobile app, and in the last mobile app development region.    Most of the mobile app development companies charge money on an hourly basis which is $30 to $250.  But if you choose an Indian app development company for your music streaming app development then the cost will be around $15000 to $20000.   This is an estimated cost which I tell you the overall cost of music streaming app development will depend on you like how many features you want to add and what kind of design you wanted for your application.   There are more factors available that affect the mobile app development cost but these are most important.  


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