The Journey Of Google: From The Garage To Googleplex

The Journey Of Google: From The Garage To Googleplex

We are living in a world where we can't spend a single day without using Google. From children to older people, every generation is well aware of its existence. Google has brought all the world on one platform and connected it through web pages. But it is not just a  search engine page; it is a teacher, a guardian who stood by our side with its quick solutions, and with its virtual assistance feature, it is a friend also. It has won the trust of its users by resolving their every query with 100%  accuracy. Today, on the 25th birthday of Google, this article will take you back in time to show you the journey of Google.

Inspiring Success Journey Of Google 

The origin story of Google started when two Ph.D. students named Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford decided to do a research project called "Backrub, "which focuses on understanding the link structure of the World Wide Web. This idea crossed their mind while they were working on Stanford's digital library project with the motive of utilizing technology to build an integrated, single, and universal digital library. Finally, there was a version of Backrub on the Stanford website in 1996. It was a search engine that used links to decide the importance and relevance of individual pages on the World Wide Web. Google was officially registered in August 1998. During its early years, between 1998-2000, google search was a captivating tool for finding any details about any topic, but sometimes it failed to give accurate results. By the end of the 20th century, Google revamped its logo and entered the millennium era with the spirit of "DON'T BE EVIL." From the years 1999 to 2010, it went under several iterations for its Search engine ranking pages (SERPs),including the launching of AdWords and Google Images. Google covered several milestones throughout its middle years.  Here is the timeline of the milestones achieved by Google in its journey of 25 years 



1996 Larry and Brin created and released Backrub on the Stanford University site.
1998 Google Inc. was officially born after receiving funds of $1000,000 from Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim and then incorporated their first office in their friend Susan Wojcicki's garage in Menlo Park, California.
1999 outgrew the garage and shifted into its current headquarters, 'The Googleplex' ,in Mountain View, California.
2000 started selling Adwords i.e. advertisements associated with search keywords with pay per click model and rose to stature while generating revenue
2002 released the beta version of Google news 
2004  launched Gmail with a story capacity of 1 terabyte  Introduced Orkut, a social networking site
2005 Acquires mobile startup Android Commenced Web mapping platform Google Maps
2006 Bought online video service YouTube for $1.65 billion Launched Google docs and google calendar
2008 Launched Google Chrome web browser
2010 Commenced Google+ social networking service, which was shut down in 2018
2012 Launch of Google drive and Google play 
2013  Started a brand of smart glasses, Google Glasses
2015 Announced alphabet Inc. while restructuring of Google and made it as a parent company of google 
2016 Launched the first Pixel smartphone and first Google Home smart speaker 
2019 Announced a cloud gaming platform called Google Stadia  
2020 Alphabet hits $1 trillion in market capitalization
2023 Launched Bard which is conversational generative AI

Incredible Growth of Google

Google has faced several challenges along its way, but its growth has been unstoppable since its establishment. Google offers a multitude of products and services beyond Google Search, and many of these rule the market. These products offer a wide range of uses, including email (Gmail),navigation ( Maps),cloud computing (Cloud),web browsing (Chrome),video sharing (YouTube),productivity (Workspace),language translation (translate),photo storage (Photos),video calling (Meet),smart home (Nest),smartphones (Pixel),operating systems (Android),cloud storage (Drive),wearable technology (Pixel watch & Fitbit),music streaming (YouTube Music),video on demand (Youtube TV),artificial intelligence (Google Assitance),navigation ( Maps),cloud computing (Cloud) machine learning APIs (TesnorFlow),AI chips (TPU),and more. Despite having such a vast product variety, the majority of the revenue of Google is generated through online advertisements on Google network websites and via product licensing. Incredible-Growth-of-Google SOURCE: STATISTA

Take a look at some insightful figures that will depict Google's growth

  • Started as a research project, Google gained traction, and now, it owns a 91.85% share of the search engine market, making it the world's biggest search engine the world
  • According to the data Satista, Alphabet was the biggest internet company across the globe, with a market cap of over 1.6 trillion U.S. dollars.
  • Since its launch, the volume of searches on Google has increased by 10% every year
  • It is estimated that 35% of product searches start through Google 
  • The top search results of Google have a click-through rate of 37.1%
  • Google processes 99,000 searches per second, which amounts to 8.5 billion searches every day worldwide.
  • Every day, Google processes 15% of unique keywords that have never been searched before.
  • Google holds a surprising index of over 40 billion web pages.
  • Approx 86% of the users use Google Maps to find out local businesses
  • By the end of 2022, Alphabet had 190,234 full-time employees


Over the course of 25 years Google has undergone a transformation. It started as a research project carried out in a Stanford dorm room and has since become a tech giant that impacts the lives of billions every single day. The story of how it evolved from a garage operation to the sprawling Googleplex headquarters, in Mountain View, California is truly inspiring. From its days with Backrub in 1996 to its establishment as Google Inc. In 1998 Larry Page and Sergey Brin had a visionary idea to organize and make sense of the vast World Wide Web through link analysis. This laid the foundation for what would become the worlds powerful search engine. What sets Google apart is its commitment to innovation. In 2015 the creation of Alphabet Inc., which positioned Google as a subsidiary opened doors for possibilities beyond their core search business. It supported many mobile app devlopement companies around the world. With Google's assistance companies have seen boom in market of mobile app development services. This strategic move led to ventures like the Pixel smartphone, Google Home and Google Assistant—establishing their presence in both hardware and AI domains.

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As we celebrate Googles anniversary we not recognize its past achievements but also eagerly anticipate what lies ahead. With initiatives like Bard—a generative AI—Google continues pushing boundaries and exploring what technology can accomplish. The journey from beginnings to establishing the Googleplex serves as a testament, to ingenuity and showcases the limitless potential of our digital era. Google has not brought people together through web pages. It has also opened up a world where technology has limitless possibilities.

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