Feature and Cost to Create an App Like Airbnb

Feature and Cost to Create an App Like Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the world's most popular apartment rental services and travel apps. It took the Airbnb founders more than nine years to make a sustainable income from their product. Many travel apps, such as Airbnb, make it easy for people to compare prices, buy tickets, or book accommodations with just a couple of taps on their smartphones. This is why the online travel industry has grown so popular.  This is a great investment for those who want to get into the travel industry. This article will take you through the entire process to develop an app like Airbnb. We'll eliminate potential losses and calculate travel mobile app development services costs.

What Is Airbnb?

Airbnb is an online travel service offering rental apartments globally. As such, this platform acts as a great marketplace connecting landowners who wish to rent out their vacation properties with those seeking short-term housing solutions or short-term lodging needs. When creating an app like this one for users to utilize, it helps connect those renting their holiday homes to those searching for accommodations - providing both parties an ideal online platform with which they can connect.

Airbnb has revolutionized how people search for apartments. People now receive so many attractive offers compared to before; when traveling visitors rent rooms from families in foreign countries, the experience resembles Airbnb in terms of the quality of hospitality provided. Culture immersion and feeling authentically at home in a place and neighborhood are two benefits they will experience through the online peer-to-peer marketplace. People can rent short-term and long-term residential properties. Airbnb is an accommodation broker that makes renting accommodation for private bookings simpler for individuals worldwide. By 2023, this global platform will operate across 191 countries!

Airbnb’s Funding Airbnb is spread out over 191 countries, 65,000 cities, and more than 45,000 listings. Airbnb has received $4.4 billion in funding from 15 companies. Airbnb's services have been expanded in the last few years to include a list and reviews of restaurants and accommodations for travelers. The company also plans to enhance its user experience with the addition of local guides and sightseeing tours offered by Airbnb hosts.

How does Airbnb work?

Airbnb is a platform that caters to two different audiences: service providers who act as hosts and guests. The functionalities of the app are other for each type of user. Here's a look at how Airbnb works for both guests and hosts.

Airbnb Workflow for Hosts:

  • Register on Airbnb using their email address, phone number, or social account authorization.
  • Enter their personal information and accommodation details to create a profile.
  • Please provide accommodation details, including the location, type, and amenities of your accommodation, as well as the number of guests you will be hosting.
  • Upload images taken by a professional to show the apartment's location and price.
  • Keep in touch with your guests and accept or decline bookings as soon as possible.
  • After 24 hours, the guest can check in and pay.
  • The damage protection and liability insurance are provided free of charge to the hosts.

Airbnb Workflow for Guests:

  • Sign up and log in to the Airbnb App using your phone number, email ID, or social media account.
  • After authorization, you can create a profile. Enter your personal information.
  • Set the location you want to stay in at the specific time. Mention the dates and days of any unexpected extensions.
  • Mention how many guests you have, including adults, children, elderly, and pets.
  • Search directly or use filters to find the properties you want within your budget.
  • Also, guests are able to view accommodation on a map along with the price. This is followed by a listing of accommodations and their price per night or day.
  • Clicking on the property will display the following details: address, image, hostname, contact information, reviews of previous guests, and more.
  • You can request the booking service and receive confirmation via push notifications or SMS.
  • After booking confirmation, pay using your preferred payment method.
  • Then, arrive at the destination for the date you have scheduled and enjoy.

Fascinating Market Statistics of Airbnb

Airbnb is now a global phenomenon.

  • More than 150 million users
  • Bookings exceed 1 billion
  • Six million listings worldwide in 100,000 cities
  • Airbnb hosts earn an average of more than 13,000 US Dollars
  • Every second, 6 guests check in.
  • Airbnb accounts for 19% of all lodging demand in the United States
  • Airbnb is preferred by 50% of people over traditional hotels
  • Airbnb's total revenue in 2021 will be 5.99 billion dollars
  • Valuation of $113 billion by 2021
  • There are 66,000 listings in the US and more than 100,000 listings in Europe

Follow These Steps to Create an App like Airbnb

It can seem like a daunting task to develop an app such as Airbnb. But by following right development process and mobile application security tips, it is possible to proceed successfully with the execution to create an app like Airbnb.

Set an Idea

If you don't have a plan and an idea, then you will float and not get anywhere! The first step to create an app like Airbnb from scratch is having a vision. Write down your business plan and high-level strategy for the booking service. There are hundreds of apps for home rentals and travel in different niches. However, only a few of these apps have a significant impact on the booking Airbnb business model. Create significant goals to help you target your app audience.

Select a Platform

A cross-platform product will only get you a small user base. It's safest to choose Android or iOS app development at the start to create an app like Airbnb. By selecting one platform at the beginning, you can provide a better device environment. After you have analyzed the market and the response of your target audience for your product, you may also want to build other mobile app platforms, depending on user experience. According to Statista, Android is the most popular mobile operating system, with a market share of 70%. iOS was only 25%.

Build UI Design

You can design your app with professional app designers or app developers once you have your idea and your platform set up to meet your goals. This step involves,

  • Sketch,
  • Wireframes,
  • Mockups,
  • Prototypes, etc.

You might wonder why you should design the UI before coding. One of the main reasons for this is that it allows you to achieve your goals and visions of the graphics app. Software developers from the backend team can use the visual guide as a guide when writing codes to make the different visual features usable. You can contact a leading UI/UX company to create an app like Airbnb. This will help you save time and money.

Integrate Unique Airbnb Features

Nowadays, it's common to begin the process to create an app like Airbnb with a list of Airbnb features. Airbnb's app features are divided into three main categories, such as:

  • Host Features
  • Guest Features
  • Admin Features

#Host features Take a look at all the features available in the Airbnb app for hosts.

  • Sign up/Login: Firstly, the property owner must sign up for the app or site by providing all the required details, such as their name, email, ID number, etc. The host must log in with their ID if they are already registered.
  • Manage Account: This feature allows users to edit or update their personal information on Airbnb, including changing their password.
  • Registration This is where property owners fill out the details about their property, such as location, price range, and facilities.
  • Manage list: This function allows the host to update information about their vacation properties.
  • Booking list This is where the owner of the property can manage their past and future bookings.
  • Request: Allows the property owner or traveler to accept or decline the booking request.
  • Chatbot: This tool allows the host to communicate with the owner of the property before booking it on Airbnb.
  • Chat Notifications This feature provides notifications when there is a message.
  • Account details: This function allows the host or guest to track their bookings, payments, and transactions.
  • Review: This feature allows the host to give their opinion about the app and their guests for better reference.
  • Sharing: Developing a feature to allow hosts to share apps with friends or invite them to download the app to improve marketing is important.

JPLoft has the experience to build an app similar to Airbnb. We can create an app with the same functionality and features as Airbnb while overcoming wide challenges in mobile app development for your business needs. Our expertise is in creating high-quality, user-friendly apps.

#Guest Feature

Here are some features that guests should consider when developing a vacation rental app similar to Airbnb.

  • Sign up/Login: First, the user must sign up for the app or the website by providing their necessary details such as their name, email, ID number, and so on. If the user has already registered with Airbnb, they will need to log in using their Airbnb ID.
  • Manage account: This function allows users to edit or update their personal information, including changing their password.
  • Filter Search: Filters allow users to find the property they are looking for by using filters such as available dates, price ranges, property sizes, amenities, etc. This feature allows the user to save time by finding the property that meets their needs.
  • Wish list: If a desired property is not available on Airbnb, you can add it to your wish list.
  • Chat Notifications: This function notifies the user when they receive a message from Airbnb.
  • Chatbot: This tool allows the user to communicate with the owner of the property before booking it on Airbnb.
  • Maps: Airbnb offers the facility to locate the property on the map so that the user can view the surrounding area.
  • Booking: The booking feature allows users to select the property they want and displays the previous booking history.
  • Payments This payment feature allows you to pay your property owner once the stay is complete. The user can also view the transaction history and payment details and choose currency and payment methods.
  • Help: Despite the many user-friendly features of an app, users still need help working with vacation rental applications. This section will help users with any problems they may have using the Airbnb website. It also includes a short FAQ to understand the app better.
  • Review This feature allows users to leave feedback on Airbnb and their hosts.
  • Sharing It is important to develop a feature that allows users to share apps with their friends or invite them to download the app to improve marketing.

A successful vacation rental application is built on the foundation of effective product management. It's important to focus on features that improve the user experience and streamline booking processes in order to make your app stand out. Our product management consultants will work with you on custom features and integrations to make your app stand out.

#Admin Features

  • Admin Panel & Dashboard: This section and function allows the system administrator control over all microservices and operations of outsourcing companies. All service requests can be viewed on one page, including all necessary information, such as the name, payment method, and time for travel destinations.
  • Manually Assign Requests: One of the core features that allows the admin to delegate service requests manually on behalf of customers to the delivery driver or service provider. This is done from the admin panel and based on guidelines.
  • Project Management of Fares: It enables the administrator to manage the cost of services with only a few mouse clicks, which improves scalability.
  • Admin Reports: Admin can review the full report of the company, including the number of queries received, the approved fees, the participants, the user behavior, and the drivers.

You can work with a travel app development company to integrate these unique features. If you want to test out your app on the market, you can also have the MVP created by our app developers.   After the MVP, some advanced features can be included to build an app exclusively like Airbnb.

Launch and Test

Once your team has developed the travel app, it is time to start working with the testing team. The team of quality assurance analysts ensures that the developed solution, similar to Airbnb, is working smoothly. It is important to eliminate any bugs and test again in order to ensure that users have a good experience. The mobile application can be launched for users once it has been tested for debugging. Step 6 is important if you want to stay in the market longer. This involves maintaining the app clone based on the latest technology and demands.

How Much Will It Cost to build a Travel App Like Airbnb?

Many factors affect the cost of developing an app similar to Airbnb. These factors include:

  • Platform selection
  • There are many developers with varying levels of expertise and experience
  • Outsourced or in-house development?
  • Use of advanced features and functionality
  • Technology stack
  • Customization level of the design

The cost to create an app like Airbnb with minimal features and simple design can range from $25000 up to $35,000. Apps with advanced features and tech stacks will vary in price depending on the number of features and functions to be added. This is because experienced developers and experts are required to work together. Here's how much an app like Airbnb costs for different platforms.

The cost of developing an app for each platform is also affected by several factors. App development costs are accurately calculated by comparing the hourly rates of different companies and the time it takes to develop a set of features for a mobile application.


Today, traveling has never been easier. There are many options for travelers to select from, including hotels, modes, and amenities. Travel companies are always looking for innovative ways to improve the experience of travelers. Online ventures are a great way to ensure your business's future, as people love to do their shopping from the comfort of their sofa. Build a travel application like Airbnb with new features or functions that can add value. Keep in mind that the app is used differently by the Hosts as well as the Travelers. If you need help with how to proceed with your app, it is best to seek professional advice. Connect with a mobile app development firm to hire remote mobile app developers to create an app like Airbnb. With our unique mobile app team, we have helped a lot of companies take their travel businesses digitally. Send your inquiry for the required consultation on Vacation Rental apps like Airbnb.


1. What features are essential for an app like Airbnb, and how do they impact development?

Essential features for an Airbnb-like app include listings, booking, user profiles, reviews, and messaging. These features significantly impact development complexity and cost, as they require extensive coding and testing efforts to ensure seamless functionality and user satisfaction. .

2. What's the cost breakdown when creating an app like Airbnb?

The cost breakdown for developing an app like Airbnb is comprehensive and encompasses several key aspects. These include software development, design and user interface creation, server hosting and maintenance, marketing and user acquisition, and ongoing operational expenses. The specific cost breakdown will depend on the scale and complexity of the project, with more intricate features and a larger user base leading to higher development costs.

3. How does integrating payment systems affect app development and cost?

Integrating payment systems into an app like Airbnb is a critical but complex task. It affects development by necessitating the inclusion of secure payment gateways and robust transaction processing mechanisms. This integration adds both development time and cost, as it requires careful implementation and extensive testing to ensure smooth financial transactions and user trust.

4. What role does user security play in Airbnb-like app development?

User security is a fundamental consideration in the development of an app like Airbnb. Protecting user data and ensuring safe transactions are paramount. To achieve this, developers must implement stringent security measures, such as data encryption, user verification processes, and compliance with data protection regulations. While these security measures add to the development cost, they are essential for user trust and the long-term success of the app.

5. How can I estimate the overall development cost and timeline for an app like Airbnb?

Estimating the overall development cost and timeline for an app like Airbnb requires a detailed analysis of project requirements and objectives. To obtain an accurate estimate, it is advisable to consult with experienced app development professionals who can assess your specific needs and provide a comprehensive breakdown of costs and a realistic timeline for project completion.