Best Location Tracking Apps 2023

Best location tracking apps 2023

If you need location tracking app to track the live location of your loved one then here is a list of the best location-tracking apps in 2023.

Times have changed. People need not worry about their loved ones’ safety for any reason. Technology advancements have eased all worries and created the best location tracker apps. With one click, you can track the location of your family & friends from the comfort of your home. 

But is it enough?

You can have the best location tracker app, but you’ll need more. Some phone tracker apps provide more than just tracking a location. They will guide you to the nearby safety point or destination using the most effective GPS services, even with a weaker network. The top location tracking apps have successfully become a guide that lives with you 24×7. 

Most Phone tracking apps scan the nearby area and contact the authority in times of need. Every tracking app strives to provide the best phone locator services to its consumer. People no longer feel lost anywhere they go; their GPS-enabled location-tracking apps provide the best locator services in real-time. 

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Benefits of Using Location Tracking Apps

Location tracker apps allow users to locate their family, friends, lost devices, and many more things using GPS. You can easily track and inform authorities with live location updates during an emergency. Many high-end mobile phones use GPS tracking to track a missing device with real-time location updates every second. Several kinds of tracking software have come into the market, such as time tracker, vehicle tracker, family tracker software, etc. All tracking software uses GPS or geofencing to extract necessary data and send the report to users or concerned authorities via SMS or Email. 

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of using location-tracking devices- 

Personal Safety

Personal safety will always be the primary concern wherever you live, go, or whatever you do. These days where technology has taken a front-row seat in functioning our day-to-day life, it is apparent that it will offer safety tools to take the extra stress away. GPS tracking has now enabled people to use a one-tap emergency button when in danger. Google Family Link, Glympse, FamiSafe, etc., are some of the most popular third-party location-tracking mobile applications. Many cases are present where victims shared their location via location-tracking software to authorities and got help in time. 

Device Safety

The tracking tools are not limited to monitoring and tracking people. People can locate and find their lost devices without much hassle. The GPS receiver of the lost device helps high-end mobile phones determine locations. People can share their whereabouts with nearby authorities and ensure the safety of the device and the sensitive data inside it. 

Vehicle Monitoring

GPS tracking software has helped organizations track vehicles. GPS Tracker helps monitor the driver’s driving skills, vehicle location at any time, unauthorized use, leisure time of drivers and places, etc. If a vehicle gets driven outside the authorized area, the GPS can track its location and alert the concerned person. It also helps with in-vehicle health monitoring, inconsistent use of bracks, accelerator uses, etc., on time.

Improved Customer Engagement

The GPS tracking system helped many on-demand services to improve their productivity, offer better customer services, and offer transparency. Users from their on-demand mobile applications can track their orders. The GPS has helped drivers find the best route, reach the exact delivery location, and update the progress to both customer and company in real time. 

Better Productivity & ROI

The tracking software has become an essential function of the on-demand app development process. GPS tracking software plays a significant role in increasing productivity in the online delivery service industry. The increased productivity established a better customer experience and brought more sales to customers. These days, on-demand apps are in high demand due to their fast services and high ROI thanks to GPS tracking systems. 

Market Insights of Services using Geolocation

Location-based tracking software has seen inflated demand in the on-demand apps market as they get incorporated with the latest technologies, such as AI, IoT, ML, advanced sensors, etc. 

The United States leads the demand and usage of location-based services in the market & is likely to lead throughout the forecast period, resulting in the growth of the use of Geolocation technology in various sectors. Such sectors are defense, telecommunication, architecture, space and satellite, automobiles, manufacturing, mining, IT solutions, etc.

Best Location Tracker Apps for Free

Since you are looking for the best locator app, the most common question that comes to mind is, what makes an app one of the best phone locator apps? What qualities must we look for? What features make it unique and the best tracking app for family and friends? How to choose which app will provide all the information you need? 

No worries! Your search has come to an end. This article will tell you about some of the best location-tracking apps being used globally and their unique features. It will help you decide the best app you must have on your phone. 

Let’s start the discussion. 

1. Waze – The best location tracker app

Waze is a community-driven location tracker app. Along with tracking locations, it helps navigate the best route with less traffic by analyzing other users’ data to save time. It will show the best route & available parking spots, add a list of friends to share the route details, and track them in real time.

It was developed by an Israeli company and later owned by Google in 2013. The app stands in 2nd position after Google Maps with over 100 million downloads.

Download- App store | Google play store


  • On-route real-time alerts like Police stations, construction, etc
  • In-app messaging within Waze community
  • Music, podcasts feature
  • Live trip planning and mapping
  • Shows the on-route restaurants and other amenities 
  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Real-time sign detection
  • Offline 3D map


  • Work on both iOS & Android
  • Shows the best route available in real-time
  • Carpool option for people taking the same route
  • Gives real-time route hurdles and checkpoint information
  • Free to download


  • Drains battery faster
  • Only car-centric
  • Large data consumption
  • Doesn’t work in less populated areas
  • Rerouting at any time
  • Ad pop-up while driving

2. Glympse – The best free phone tracker app

Glympse is one of the best phone tracker and location-sharing apps that offer real-time location navigation & tracking, location sharing, and in-app messaging using GPS tracking. The app’s unique feature is that you don’t have to download the app to your family’s devices to track their location.

Clicking on the ”New Glympse’ button will send the receiver a link as a message or email. Once they open the link in the browser or on any other web service platform, it will start tracking the location using GPS. 

Glympse phone tracking app allows users to decide whether they want to share their location with family and friends or not. 

Download- App store | Google play store


  • User management
  • Sharing Glimpses for a specific period
  • Social media integration 
  • Tracking Statistics 
  • Location-sharing requests
  • Third-party verification like Facebook


  • Work on both iOS & Android
  • No need to download the app on every device
  • Free app
  • Great GPS tracking
  • Easy location-sharing app


  • Only GPS-based tracking
  • No location alert
  • No capabilities in remote areas
  • No social media monitoring

3. Life360: The best family tracker app

Life360 is one of the most dependable and user-centric family tracker apps. The location tracking app came into existence with the goal of keeping friends and family’s safety in mind. You can track your kids’ location at any time of the day. The app also keeps the tracking history safe, alerts authorities in need, and in-app messaging lets you communicate with family and friends in your “Private circle” list. 

The app is available to use for free. However, its premium version starts at just $4.99, offering advanced features such as 30 days of location history, unlimited place alerts, priority customer support, etc. 

Download- App store | Google play store 


Location Safety-

  • Advance location sharing
  • “Private circle” feature to add contacts of family and friends 
  • Location History
  • Personalized places
  • Custom neighborhood area setting
  • One-tap Navigation
  • Help alert
  • Ghost mode

Driving safety-

  • Family driving summary
  • Individual driver reports
  • Drive details
  • Real-time speed monitoring


  • Available for both iOS & Android
  • No permission is needed before tracking family and friends
  • Private & customizable contact list
  • Lowest battery drain of all locator apps
  • Direct and single-tap direction viewing
  • Free version available


  • Can create mistrust between parents & children in a long run

4. Phone Tracker by Number – The best phone tracking app

Phone tracker by number is one of the fastest and most accurate phone GPS tracker apps. It gives you the most accurate tracking result in much less time by tracking the whereabouts of your family using a phone number.                      

The location tracking app enables GPS location tracking in a private network. It sends a request to track the number; once the receiver accepts, it starts tracking their exact location and battery percentages and offers in-app messaging between both parties. 

Download- App Store | Google play store


  • In-app messaging
  • Location History
  • On-route status alert 
  • Battery status alert
  • Accurate location pinpoint


  • The app is free to use
  • Available for both iOS & Android
  • Can track lost phones using the number


  • Drains battery

5. Find My Kids- The best phone monitoring app

Find My Kids is the best phone monitoring app to keep your children safe and secure in every situation. Even if their phone is silent or on low battery; the app will alert them via notification. The GPS tracking app keeps an eye on the movements of your kids all the time and gives you accurate results. 

The unique quality of the phone app is that it rings the loud bell if the phone is mute while letting you hear your surroundings and keep track of app usage and give you real-time status. 

For premium features, the app offers a subscription option. The in-app purchases start from as low as $0.49 to as high as $134.99 per item.

Download- App store | Google play store


  • Battery status control
  • Real-time location monitoring
  • Application control option
  • Loud signal remotely
  • AI-based GPS tracker
  • Security control 
  • Sound around option
  • Family Chat option


  • Available for both iOS & Android
  • Exact location tracking
  • Battery status viewing
  • Loud bell feature if kids don’t hear the call
  • SOS button for emergency


  • Limited free trial
  • Premium version required for advanced results

6. Google Maps- The best phone navigation app

We are all familiar with most Google products. Google maps is one of those most popular location tracking & route navigating apps that use phone GPS to guide you towards your destination and help your family to track your location at any time. 

The location tracking app has the largest user database and is the most recommended and downloaded app on Google Play Store & App Store. Google Maps stands firm in the first position by providing quality navigation services such as timely updates, precision and accuracy in navigation techniques, transparency, strict policies regarding reviews, and excellent customer service. 

Download- App store | Google play store


  • Geographical visualization of on-route amenities
  • Recommendations and reviews from locals, experts, and Google
  • Customization of the private list of people & places
  • Follow must-try places
  • Unique categories: hospitals, restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, etc.
  • Trending, must-try, and new places updation
  • Group planning
  • Real-time navigation with traffic updates and alternate route recommendation
  • Offline map option in case of weaker network or absence of it


  • Accurate real-time location tracking
  • Offline map for navigation
  • Complete navigation and street view
  • Geographical view of insights into public amenities 
  • Personalization and custom setting 


  • Some features are unavailable in some countries
  • Navigation isn’t for oversized & emergency vehicle

7. Microsoft Family Safety- The best kids monitoring app

When it comes to the best kids monitoring app with location tracking specifications, Microsoft Family Safety is recommended the most. The tracking app monitors the kids’ activity inside the house and keeps track of every movement and digital activity in real-time. 

The tracking app keeps an eye on every digital activity of your family in detail and tracks their en route location with various premium driving activities. It keeps the report, helps you customize the desired setting, and blocks inappropriate websites.

The digital monitoring app is available only in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Spain, and Switzerland. 

Download- App store | Google play store


  • Enroute location alerts
  • Parent control & screen time
  • Activity Reporting
  • Digital insights
  • Family location tracking


  • Advanced premium features
  • Affordable premium subscriptions
  • Location tracking with advanced driving safety monitoring
  • Real-time location tracking with accuracy 


  • Available only in a few countries
  • Advanced feature access only to premium users

8. Sygic -The best GPS navigation app

Sygic GPS-enabled navigation apps can easily be a replacement for Google Maps. The tracking app provides accurate & detailed navigation with a 3D street view, an offline map in case of a weaker network, various local amenities, and more.

What makes this tracker app the best is its on-time updates for free. The free version of the app provides offline search, offline navigation, speed camera detection, access to POIs (Point Of Interest), and more.

However, It has an affordable premium subscription that provides voice instructions, lane assistant, head-up display, real view navigation, mobile speed cameras, display of permitted driving speed, traffic information & route customization, monthly map updates, step-by-step navigation, dashcam recording mode, etc.        

Download- App store | Google play store


  • Premium Android Auto connectivity
  • 3D offline Street view & search option
  • Smart navigation feature
  • Multiple safety features
  • Offline map
  • Nearby amenities recommendation
  • Advanced premium features with detailed tracking reports
  • Premium built-in dash cam recording


  • Easy to use
  • Quality maps and routes visuals
  • 3D offline map 
  • Most Accurate traffic analysis
  • Advanced safety details
  • Advanced features like petrol stations with price rates, EV charging stations, parking spaces, AR navigation, etc
  • Can download maps of the whole world
  • Best for longer trips, traveling


  • No free voice instruction option

9. FamiSafe-The most reliable Parental Control App

FamiSafe is the most reliable kids monitoring app alternative for parents regarding kids’ safety in the digital and physical world. Along with monitoring and tracking digital activities on various social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp & other digital platforms, FamiSafe also offers screen time regulations, reports on places kids visit in the physical world, blocks inappropriate websites and links, etc. 

Download- App store | Google play store


  • Screen time control
  • Phone activity report
  • Device rules
  • GPS map
  • Games blocking
  • Website filter
  • App-specific control option
  • Drive report
  • Parent alerts


  • Accurate social media monitoring
  • Multiple Family awards as the best app for parents and more
  • Strong analytics 
  • Accurate location tracking
  • Geo-fence alert


  • Sometimes less user-friendly 

10. GeoZilla – The best Family monitoring & tracking app

GeoZilla is one of the most usable family tracker apps that use GPS and artificial intelligence (AI) to track location. The app has an easy user interface and works wonders on different OS, and wearable devices such as Apple Watch, Android wear, Fitbit sense, and Tesla. 

Five expert collections use GeoZilla services- Digital health, Artificial health, smart cities, smart homes & consumer electronics, and wearable computing. Even if you do not have any devices, GeoZilla offers a GPS tracker device. 

Download- App store | Google play store


  • Drive safety report
  • Private location sharing
  • SLC (significant location change) feature
  • Emergency contact list
  • In-app messaging
  • Crash detection
  • Real-time GPS tracker


  • Works with wearable OSs
  • Saves battery life by putting the app on sleep mode
  • Accurate location detection
  • It has its own GPS tracker device
  • Uses advanced technology such as AI


  • Poor SOS performance
  • Privacy concern
  • Premium location history feature

11. Find My Phone – The top Family Locator app

Find My Phone is one of the top family locator apps that keeps your family safe and secure. The locator app alerts your family whether you are on the move, visiting a place, or catching a flight. It uses GPS to store all the information and update the family in real time. 

The premium version of the locator app consists of features such as an unlimited number of location alerts, location history of all family members, automated SOS calls, tracking family members’ location faster with AR, etc.

Download- App store | Google play store


  • Family locator alert
  • Create private group 
  • Setup GPS-safe zones
  • GPS location sharing
  • Flight Radar to share flight status w/ family
  • Custom location setting


  • Accurate location tracking
  • GPS location sharing is possible after mutual consent


  • Location sharing is a must for tracking

12. iSharing: The best Friends & Family locator app

iSharing is one of the top friends and family locator apps to ease your worries regarding locating your loved ones and ensure their safety. The family locator app has proved itself as one of the most reliable apps to depend upon.

The tracking app keeps the connected people in the loop via a private map displaying accurate location, real-time alerts in times of danger, free voice messages, etc. In times of danger, you can send an SOS signal by shaking your phone. If the app is installed on the phone, you can also track your phone.

Download- App store | Google play store


  • Location finder
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Real-time panic alerts
  • In-app messaging
  • Private map with contact list


  • Available for both iOS & Android
  • Group messaging
  • Instant notifications
  • Adding multiple members
  • Sharing media
  • Social sign-in


  • Not a free app version
  • Drains battery
  • No offline location detection

13. TrackView Viewer- All-in-one locator app

TrackView is an ALL-IN-ONE locator app. It is an app for Find my iPhone, iPhone tracker, Find my friends, Home security, and video surveillance without additional cost. The locator app claims to be Find My iPhone + Life 360 + Ring Video Doorbell + Nest + ADT Pulse for FREE & all in one. 

The app turns smartphones, PCs, or tablets into an IP camera that lets you track the GPS locations of family & friends gives access to Emergency buttons and helps you keep the cloud & route recordings in real-time. You can monitor the devices and digital activities with just one click remotely. 

Download- App store | Google play store


  • Family & friends locator
  • Mobile & automobile security
  • GPS tracking
  • Diver monitoring
  • Video surveillance 
  • Home security
  • Instant alert
  • Cloud record
  • Motion & sound detection


  • Easy installation
  • Multi-purpose
  • Supports all networks such as 3G, Wifi, 4G, LTE etc.
  • Low latency & Real-time tracking
  • Control everything remotely
  • Video/audio monitoring
  • Secured access  


  • Contains ad
  • Drains Battery as GPS runs in the background

14. Find My iPhone- Top free phone location tracking app

Find My iPhone device is used to locate lost or misplaced iOS devices such as iPhones, mac, iPod touch, or iPad. You can set a sound when devices are either lost or misplaced to find them if they are nearby and even get a notification. 

The tracking app requires registration using a free Apple ID you use for iCloud. It allows you to view the lost device’s recent location, lock it using a passcode, and delete all the data remotely if required. 

Download- App store


  • Locate the iOS device on the map
  • Lost mode
  • Remote lock control
  • Custom messaging
  • Location history & navigation
  • Remotely erase history
  • Battery charge indicator


  • Available for iOS devices only
  • Tracks AirTags
  • Location-sharing


  • An Internet connection is required
  • Requires iOS 8 or later & iCloud to install the app

15. My Family – The most efficient Family Locator app

MyFamily app works efficiently to track the location of your family, share your location within the app, and prioritize your family’s safety at any time. It must install on every device that needs tracking and the one that wants to track.

The tracking app also tracks people’s driving habits and shows the statistics along with at least 30 days of location history. 

Download- App store | Google play store


  • Real-time location tracker
  • Location History 
  • Statistics
  • GPS location finder for stolen/lost phones
  • Automated location alert
  • Battery alert


  • Easy to use
  • Consensual location sharing
  • In-app messaging


  • Only in-app location sharing

16. FollowMee- The best companion locator app

FollowMee phone tracking app is the most reliable app that works for personal and business purposes. After registration on the website, users can track their family phones, employee mobile devices, and company phones.

The tracking app tracks the phone devices using GPS. The best part of this app’s phone tracking process is that it also works without a wifi/ cellular connection & updates the map once the internet connection is established. Some notable features include Geo-fencing, setting up tracking schedules, ad-free tracking, tracking multiple OS devices, etc.

Download- App store | Google play store


  • Location monitor
  • Data privacy
  • Configurable app setting
  • Tracking multiple devices
  • Business Features
  • On-demand update remotely
  • Opt-in sharing
  • No-internet contingency


  • For both personal & business use
  • Data protection
  • Offline tracking
  • Ad-free tracker
  • Tracks Android, iOS & window phones
  • The free app version is available


  • May use the location when it is not open
  • Drains battery

17. Familo: Best Phone Locator app

Familo is one of the most reliable phone locator apps that tracks your mobile device and eases the anxiety of family members by sharing the location with them. The locator app offers a private in-app chat option to keep your location safe & private. It offers a timed location-sharing feature with whoever you want from a private group or multiple people. 


The app also works perfectly anonymously. From check-in to tracking the real-time location of your family & friends, the app displays all the data on a single map with a 360-degree view. It is exclusively useful for family and parental monitoring. 

Download- App store | Google play store


  • Automatic tracking notification
  • Multiple group creation
  • SOS alert 
  • In-app messaging & media sharing
  • Voice chat
  • Privacy features
  • Feedback


  • Works for both iOS & Android
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Automatic location update
  • Low battery consumption
  • Budget-friendly


  • GPS runs even after the app is closed
  • Drains battery

18. Geo Tracker – An Android-exclusive tracker app for travelers

The GeoTracker app works wonders for android devices. It was specifically created for travelers. The tracker app also works well without an internet connection, considering remote areas where the internet connection is not satisfactory, and provides a detailed map view along with satellite images of the desired area using Google and other services.

All tracking analysis can be saved on the device locally in the form of GPX, KML, and KMZ files & shared later on Google Earth or any other explorer sites. You can also share the route details, favorite locations or points, and colorful screenshots of your travel with friends on social media. 

Download- Google play store


  • Route marking on the map
  • Route sharing with friends
  • Analysis & Statistics
  • Data storage
  • Satellite view
  • Offline navigation
  • Voluntary donations to support the app
  • Customization of the app
  • Social media integration


  • Available for android devices
  • Data privacy
  • Offline maps
  • Ad-free services


  • Not for iOS and window phones

19. mSpy- The best GPS-enabled kids locator app

mLite (on Google Play Store) or mSpy (on App Store) is one of the best child locator apps for child safety and monitoring. The GPS-enabled app lets you track your child’s daily activities with real-time precise location tracking, keeps you aware of your child’s surroundings with specific sound identifiers, an alarm button in case of emergency, and more.


The mSpy offers a family package subscription plan with advanced features for monitoring and tracking all your family’s activity throughout the day without letting them know.

Download- App store | Google play store


  • Kids location alert
  • Automated notification
  • Location History
  • Alarm button
  • Contact list monitoring
  • App Usage monitoring on the tracked phone
  • Location & contact sharing
  • The “Child” option in the kids’ version of the app


  • Available for both Android & iPhone
  • Connect both android & iPhone devices
  • Lost/misplaced phones can be tracked


  • Separate app installation on every device

Market analysis

The location-based services market is thriving and will be on the rise in the coming years. Many apps are providing notable app features with utmost accuracy & precision in real-time location tracking. The increase in mobile app usage can be a significant contributing factor to the rising demand for location-based services.

location tracking app market share

Revenue forecast worldwide

The market size of navigation services was $1.08 billion in 2022. However, it is estimated to grow to $1.54 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 9.37%. 

Market analysis of location tracking app

Revenue by type

While in-app purchase revenue is expected to reach $345.60 million by the end of 2022.

Our digital life is indeed incomplete without mobile apps. Many apps have emerged since mobile phones started dominating people’s lives. Mobile apps have completely taken over our lives from recalling a date or time to establishing a business.

Technologies Useful In Developing Location-Tracking Apps

Geolocation technologies come under various categories shown below-

  • GPS (Global Positioning System)
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
  • Cell Phone Triangulation
  • WiFi & Internet Tracking
  • Satellite Imaging
  • Geofencing
  • Radio Tracking

GPS (Global Positioning System)

GPS is a U.S. government-owned satellite-based navigation system that consists of a group of 24 operational satellites. Today most devices have built-in GPS receivers as they give the most accurate tracking result due to multichannel designs. GPS systems offer the most precise result with a 10-meter difference on land, while in water, they give more precise results as there are fewer obstructions due to other signals.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

RFID uses an electromagnet field to provide accurate data. They allow businesses to track their assets and employee movement in real-time throughout a monitored area. Companies can monitor the internal activities inside their offices, employees’ whereabouts, and more. 

The active RFID uses battery-powered tags to send out a strong, continuous signal that other RFID devices and locators can track.

Radio Tracking

It uses the RFID concept of tracking the object. The only difference between RFID and Radio Tracking (Radio Telemetry) is that RFID uses an external battery to power the device while, Radio tracking has a built-in power source which increases its signal range. Scientists have been using radio-tracking systems to track animals and monitor their activities. Radio telemetry consists of invisible and silent electromagnetic waves to emit radio signals for location-tracking. 

Cell Phone Triangulation

It is another technique to track the location of a cell phone. In this technique, a cell phone signal gets picked up by nearby at least three cell towers. It makes the triangulation work, and using the distance of the cell phone from the cell tower, the approximate location of the mobile phone gets determined. The accuracy rate of this technique is 500 meters to 1500 meters. Accuracy rate increases in urban areas where cell towers are present within a few meters of range.

WiFi & Internet Tracking

The wifi and internet tracking are other ways of determining the location of electronic devices. Every electronic device has a built-in optional tracking system that can establish a connection with a remote server. The built-in software system will help you track the device if the device gets stolen or lost.

Every mobile phone has a wifi positioning to track data using the triangulation technique or with the help of GPS. The strength of wifi in a particular area will help companies like Google and Apple to track your device using wifi hotspot.

Satellite Imaging

The most powerful and revolutionary tracking system these days is satellite imaging. They have transformed the data collection and location-tracking system using high-tech drones, aerial photography, and satellite sensors. These satellites collect the most accurate data in the form of images from thousands of miles away from the object using million-dollar hi-tech inventions. For example, Google Earth uses satellite imaging technology. Apart from that, Agriculture, livestock, forestry, and the military use this technology. 


It is a location-based service that uses Cellular data, wifi, RFID, or GPS to send an electronic message. When a targeted message gets delivered to a particular location, it creates a virtual boundary around it to enter and leave; it is the concept of geofencing. It is done to typically perform text services like in-app advertisements, text messages, email, app notifications, etc. By targeting a specific geographical area, businesses get the upper hand with better customer experience, more accurate data collection, targeting specific customers, etc.


You have, by now, become familiar with the importance of having a Navigation app in daily life. It has become an integral part of our life to keep everyone around us safe and happy. The apps mentioned above have proved themselves in the market by providing the best services and adopting improvements over time. 

 We suggest you read and analyze carefully before choosing the best locator app for you and your family. 

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